Master Ken

Master Ken

I've been having a relationship with Ken for about six months now. We met on the internet at one of those sites where you advertise for romance. We spoke on the phone for over an hour the first time we talked. He said he was strictly a top and that he likes his sex hard and forceful. I invited him right over…

Well, turns out that when Ken said strictly a top, he meant he doesn't suck cock or take in the ass (no surprises so far, eh), or even touch cock in any manner at all. I was to be his cum-catcher yet if I want to get off, I'd have to take matters into my own hands. It made me feel sleazy, cheap, like a meat hole. Fuck, I love being treated like that!

Ken was married. His wife was a real cunt. Jewish princess type, you know. Wouldn't blow him on a bet. She used to, until the day after their first wedding anniversary, when she announced that she found sucking cock to be horribly disgusting, that the last two years she spent trying to get to like it, for his sake, but she just couldn't keep on doing it anymore because it always make her puke afterwards.

He was tickled to death to hear that I like to be face fucked. He had always fantasized about fucking a mouth and he took to it like a cowboy to a horse. I'd been fucked in the mouth before, but this guy was quite serious when he said he liked it hard and forceful. Once he got excited, he was slam fucking my throat at such a rate that my mouth was literally gushing saliva to try to protect itself. It took me what seemed like forever to find his rhythm and I was on the verge of passing out when I finally settled into a matching pace for breathing.

One of his favorite activities is to slam fuck my ass and after blowing his load in my fuckhole, stuffing his cock back down my throat to clean my anal fluid and his cum from it.

This was a great relationship, he'd come to my place, fuck me silly and leave.

One day things got very different…

The bitch told him she was divorcing him and taking him to the cleaners in the process. He came over furious! After all has had done for her, she takes his money and his nephew Eddie (another story) and leaves. The nerve of her! There is fire in his eyes, like he is going to explode! I started to say something comforting. He backhanded me across the mouth so hard every tooth on the left side of my mouth sheared into the flesh of my inner cheek. Blood gushed into my mouth. As I bent forward to spit out the blood, he backhanded me on the other cheek. I spit more blood out. Ken still had that look and I started to back away when he grabbed me by the ears, shoved his cock into my mouth and started fucking my face with a vengence. I had all I could do to avoid swallowing blood while trying desparately to breathe. He was possessed. His pelvis bounced of my face so hard, I got a nose bleed as well.

Suddenly, Ken pulls his cock out of my mouth so fast that it makes a popping sound. He grabs me roughly by the shoulders and spins over. He threw me across the back of the couch, leaving my ass in the air. He crammed his cock into me with nothing more than some of my saliva and blood to lube me with. Gawddd that hurt! His cock seemed to feel twice it's normal size, like it was ripping me apart. Thankfully, at least, I could finish spitting out the blood and catch my breath. Ken was pounding my ass so hard that my poor cock felt like it was going to get the skin rubbed from it against the couch fabric. It seemed the more I moaned, the harder the next thrust would be. Ken was using my pain as a way to lessen his own pain.

I heard a familiar tempo to his breathing and knew Ken was going to blow his load any second. Suddenly, he pulled out of my hole so fast I could feel a rush of cool air in my intestines. I didn't have any time to ponder this new sensation though as I was getting my mouth yanked open and Ken stuffed his shit/blood covered cock into my mouth and continued face fucking me for all he was worth! His balls bounced violently against my nose. He let a very primal sounding scream as he stuffed his cock as far down my throat as it would reach and took two more short, quick thrusts to finish firing his cum cannon and buried his cock all the way down my throat and held it there for what seemed an eternity while I struggled against his weight to try to breathe around Ken's massive tool. He just pushed harder, until he had my airways completely blocked and I passed out from lack of air.

Things have never been the same since that day. Ken doesn't treat my like a tramp anymore, now he treats my like a masturbation toy. He calls me slave and ties me up frequently. Last month, he brought three brand new vise-grips to bed. While I was on my back and he was raping my mouth, he suddenly took the largest vise-grip, adjusted it to the lowest setting and clamped it onto my cock. The two smaller pliers were clamped one to each nipple. I couldn't take the pain! I tried to remove them and he tied my hands using his belt. I tried to scream, but his cum gun was effectively muffling any sounds from me. "You want these off?" he asked while he shoved himself as far down my throat as he could. He thenstarted pulling both the smaller tools (on my poor angonized nips) twisting back and forth at the same time. He continued until the tools finally tore the skin and pulled loose. He immediately re-secured the clamps right on top of the already damaged skin. My renewed attempts to scream seemed to both anger him and turn him on even more. He continued thrashing in and out of my

Next, he turned his attention to the vise grip on my now totally numb cock. (I can't believe I had more pain from my nipples than the abusive clamping of my poor penis.) He tied a clothesline cord to the pliers, and started whipping the cord back and forth violently. Just as I started to scream (yes scream, like a fucking girl!) The pain was more than I could take, suddenly, he is shoving his cock past my screams and plugs my throat with the biggest hardon I've ever seen him have and starts humping like a dog on a bitch in heat.

Amidst all these other sensations, I suddenly realized he was sticking my right nut with something very sharp. A needle of some sort. Just as he was driving the needle out the far side of my ball, his cum cannon fired a long, powerful volley deep inside my throat. I couldn't believe how long he came. He came so hard his cum started backing up and coming out the sides of my mouth fully mixed with the frothy saliva.

Without ever taking his fuck tool from my mouth, he ordered me to jack off until I cum. But, I must leave all the vise-grip pliers clamped to my tender organs and the needle stays in place as well. Through all this pain, I suddenly realized I was about to have the best orgasm of my 35 years. As I came, I screamed in unbelievable agony. Just as I blew my load, I had to have all the torture devices removed from my ravaged sex! The pain seemed to get ten times worse! The trouble was, Ken was not going to cooperate. Quite the reverse, actually. His cock grew. It seemed to have no limit! For the next, I don't know how long, he would alternately twist, pull, and bat the vise-grips. What felt like hours like hours later, my perception of time was currently very distorted, Ken just yanked all the locking pliers from my tender sex, leaving much more damaged skin in the process. Seeing all the blood must've been a real turn on, because I immediately felt him buck as he shot still another heavy load down my already battered and raw throat.

Yet through all the pain, I had this enormous sense of accomplishment at having given my master so much pleasure. My master. I like the sound of that…

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