Me and Jim

Me and Jim

I was over at my friend Jim’s house one day. It was a fairly regular, nothing out of the ordinary day. Jim and I were doing the usual things, shooting the shit, playing video games, watching TV, all that stuff.
After about an hour or so, Jim got up and walked over to his bed. He lifted up one of his mattresses and pulled out a couple of magazines. After looking closer, I realized they were porno mags.
“Whoa, cool,” I said.
“Yeah, I found them in my dad’s office,” he said.
I asked if his dad knew he had taken them and he said he doubted it.
“He’s got a whole collection of these things, he wont notice a few missing.”
We looked through them for a while, flipping from page to page ogling the hot girls, when I noticed Jim had his hand down his pants.
“What the hell, man? What are you doing?” I asked, in shock.
“Sorry, I’m just really horny. And, I mean, it’s cool, we’re both guys here.”
“Well…I guess you’re right.”
I looked down at Jim’s crotch. I hadn’t noticed it before, but it looked like he was carrying some major equipment in there.
“Say, man,” Jim said nervously, a few minutes later, “Do you mind if I take it out? I mean, you know, it’s just difficult to do with it in my pants”
“Uh…I guess not. Go for it.”
The truth was, I was I wanted him to take it out. After noticing it, I was curious as to just how big his thing actually was.
He stood up, fumbled with his belt for a moment, and then dropped his jeans. I could see the outline of something huge pressing against his boxers. My god, I thought, it must be fucking gigantic.
The moment of truth came, he put his hands on the his boxers and dropped them to the floor.
I was in awe. It was absolutely monstrous! Not only was it long, but also it was thicker than my wrist, by far. And it was still soft! God, it must’ve been at least eight or nine inches already, and who knows how many around. It was a light tan hue, and had a large vein running across it diagonally. His balls were equally huge too. They looked like they were the size of small oranges.
“What are you staring at man?” he asked.
“You—your dick. It’s huge, man!”
“Nah, man, yours is probably the same size”
“I wish! Your fucking monstrous down there” I snapped back.
“Really? Can I, uh, see yours?”
I was a little hesitant to show him mine. His massive member made me feel kind of dwarfed. I complied anyway and dropped my pants.
Shit. That’s small man.” Jim said upon seeing my hard cock, at six inches not even bigger than his was soft.
“It’s not that small… Yours is just gigantic.” I said embarrassedly
“I never realized that. I never had another dick to compare it too”
I stared at his cock. It was amazing. I’ve always considered myself straight, but I was inexplicably drawn to his cock. It hung so low and heavily. It looked perfect. New thoughts began bubbling up in my head as I gazed at it. My god, I could smell his manly odor from here.
I went out on a limb.
“Can I, um, touch it?” I asked.
“Uh…I guess so.” Jim replied.
I got down on my knees and scooted forward until his intimidating schlong was right in front of me. The heat coming from it was insane. It was overpowering. I reached out my hand slowly and poked it. It felt soft and spongy, and when I touched it, it bounced a little and his balls shook. I grabbed it by the hand.
“Damn, I can’t even fit my hand around it. Not barely! And it’s still soft.”
I did the most daring thing I had done in my lifetime, and started rubbing my hand back and forth over his gargantuan cock, slowly jacking him off. I looked up at him, he didn’t look like he was intending to stop me, so I continued. His cock began to grow; ten inches, eleven inches, twelve inches. My god, thirteen inches! It appeared to have finally reached its full size. His cock was now almost too thick for even two hands to fit around, but I just barely made it. It was thicker than a soda can.
I moved both my hands up and down his colossal dong, taking my time to enjoy every moment. After several minutes of this, I grabbed one of his huge balls and massaged it in my hand and continued jacking off his massive member with my other hand. A small moan escaped his mouth.
After several more minutes, a new side of Jim was revealed. He grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved my mouth towards his immense tool. I wrapped my lips around it as best as I could and tasted his beautiful dick. I had to stretch my jaw so much that it hurt, but it was worth it take this sucker in. I pulled it out for a moment, and spit on it to make this arduous task slightly easier. Then I went for it, I bobbed my head up and down on the first inch or two of his huge organ, and occasionally stopped to lick up and down that beautiful shaft, and down to his heavy balls. I spent a lot of time on those monster balls. They were so big, and smelled so musky. I was incredibly drawn to them. He let out a powerful moan when I manage to fit one of them into my mouth. My jaw would be sore for days later, because of this.
When I brought my head back up to his cock, he did something I didn’t expect. He grabbed my head again and shoved his cock down my throat with so much force that I gagged. He began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth with vigor. I tried to slow him down, but he lost control. I began to panic. I couldn’t stop his attack. Each time his cock hit the back of my throat I gagged violently. I thought for a moment, and eventually did my best to relax my throat, and breathed through my nose as best as I could. It was clear he was far from letting this stop, and far from done. With each thrust his monstrous meat went further into my mouth. Finally, he had reached a steady pace and had pounded roughly ten inches of his cock into my throat.
Several minutes later he tilted my head directly upwards, and before I realized what he was doing he shoved his entire cock into my tired mouth, stretching it to insane measures, and down my throat. He began pumping again, never letting more than four or five inches of his tool out of my throat. His balls would slap my chin each time he got his schlong in the whole way. Spit began drooling out the side of my mouth, as my violent face fucking continued. I tried to stop him at several points, but only half-heartedly. He was much to powerful for me, and deep-down some part of me was enjoying this.

After what seemed like fifteen minutes of his cock ripping into my throat, he rotated behind me and continued his assault. His balls were now slapping into my nose and my eyes, and his thick cock carried on the penetration. All of a sudden, I saw his balls tighten up and he gripped me by the side of the face. Oh god, I knew what was coming.
With one final slam, he pushed his cock all the down my throat and held it there. He let out a powerful moan and I could feel his balls draining what seemed like gallons of cum down my throat. I did my best to take it all, but it was too much, and my throat and mouth overflowed with sperm. Finally, he pulled his cock out and I thought he must be done cumming by now, but I was wrong. He shot a huge load all over my face, followed by several more giant spurts of cum. When he really was done, my face was completely covered in sticky cum.

Nothing was said for several minutes, then finally Jim broke the ice.

“I’m so sorry, man. I just…lost control.”
I thought about it for awhile, and then said “It’s fine…I actually enjoyed it, in a weird way.”

Jim and my relationship changed from then on out and there were many more occasions like this one that followed.

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