Me and Paulie, Paulie and me chp-1

Me and Paulie, Paulie and me chp-1

Well I guess I had better begin this little ditty by introducing my self, my name is
Theo, and at the time this story is set I was seventeen years old. I was built fairly
well with dark eyes and black hair that I had gelled more often than not, my cock was
of a decent size and my ass was pretty nice but I was nothing really special. I knew
I was gay and had recently come out to my close friends but it was still a relatively
close guarded secret to the outside world. Anyway, in the summer of my eighteenth
year I was selected by my school to represent them at an outdoor adventure camp for
the summer lasting a week. Not being particularly keen on the outdoors I was daunted
by the prospect of kayaking and mountain climbing.

When my parents dropped me off I bid them a cold goodbye and began to look forward to
a week of staring at guys asses without having to worry about getting caught and
outed. I looked around me at the most picturesque, if a little stereotypical scene I
had ever seen. There were log cabin dorms, sports halls, park land all surrounded by
rolling mountains and a large reflective lake. In short it was the perfect setting
for the act of beauty that at that time I had no idea I would be involved in.

I sat alone for a while and smoked a cigarette waiting for my fellow campers to
arrive. Several cars passed and left after far more emotional goodbyes that I had
given my parents, this made me feel a little guilty. However, my mind was taken away
from my guilt and on to, "other things". A blue Ford Escort pulled up and out stepped
the most beautiful creature in this picturesque scene. He stood at 5' 11" with a thin
but toned frame, light blonde hair that he had cut very short which reflected the sun
and accentuated his cobalt blue eyes. He was gorgeous and l took several minutes
before I realised that I was staring.

The rest of that day was spent doing outdoor crap that I can't really remember as the
Adonis I had seen earlier that day was dominating my mind. At eleven o'clock that
night i decided to take a shower before bed, and by leaving it late I would be
assured to shower alone. However this was not to be the case as I found out upon
entering the door. As the balmy sensation of the steam washed over me I began to
undress to my boxers when I realised I was not alone, another person was in the
corner of the room wearing a tight pair of white CK boxers, it took me a while to
realise it was him, my Adonis.

"Hey," he said. "You just get here? It's pretty crappy huh?", his voice was sexy and
his accent untraceable.

"Yeah, It sucks" was my ill-educated sounding response.

"Its not the only thing. My names Paul, for future reference." he said, his cobalt
eyes staring straight into mine.

He walked across to me, through the steam and placed his thin hands on my neck which
he proceeded to rub, a chill ran the length of my body and stopped in my loins. My
hands found their way to his hips and down to the perfect bubble which was his ass. I
ran my finger around the hole and applied a slight pressure which was greeted with a
moan that caused my cock to fly into full pulsing erection. I stared into his deep
eyes for a few moments until they began to move down, very soon I was being kissed
along my stomach and watching the top of his head move down to my groin. He ran his
smooth tongue across the band of my boxers and rubbed my balls through my boxers
with his hand. In a sudden sharp moment I felt air getting to my pulsing cock and a
smooth hand grabbing my shaft, precum began to leak from me and dripped onto the hot
floor of the shower room

"We're eager aren't we?" he asked seductively.

I was only able to moan a response as he began to move his hands slowly along the
length of my aching member. When he reached the head he ran his finger then his
thought along the slit. When he brought his head away he had a string of precum
stretching from my cock to his jaw. This sent me wild and I beckoned him to suck me,
he shuffled forward slowly and wrapped his lips around the head of my uncut member.
Slowly, and with expertise his head began a pendulum movement as he took my cock into
the depths of his throat which appeared to be bottomless. I could only manage to
communicate in animalistic lust filled groans of delight as the boy upped the speed
of the blowjob he was giving so expertly. I felt my orgasm beginning in my ass and
moving with fast anticipation forward. I knew I had to stop him.

"Stop… Stop" I panted through the lust I was enveloped in.

"No" he replied through a mouthful, "I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth. I want it, I
need it".

With lightening speed he thrust my entire cock into the back of his thought and
tightened his lips as to increase the friction. I felt the orgasm reach the base of my
cock and rapidly approach daylight. A few seconds remained before I was to explode
and in that time I felt a finger shoot into my ass which spasmed in ecstasy. It was
time. Paul moved his godly boyish face backwards and opened his mouth.

"OOOHHHHH MYY GOD!!!!" I screamed as the first jet of cum flew straight into the
perfect open mouth, the second and third jets hit Paul's chin and he licked it clean,
it was true what he said, he wanted it. My cock was still rock hard and he began to
hungrily suck all the cum he could out of it, even peeling back my foreskin to get at
it. I was in heaven, ever time he touched me, wherever he touched me it felt like an

"Ok, my turn for some fun I think." he said, walking over to his toilet bag and
returning soon after with a tub of lubricant.

Knowing full what he wanted I positioned myself on all fours and parted my legs, my
limp cock beginning to harden again. He moved round to my face and removed his boxers
and exposing his 8" blond haired cut erection. Every vein was a thing of beauty,
every fold of skin in his balls was a work of art, his little patch of pubic hair was
a masterpiece that glistened like a star in the sweaty heat.

Quickly, he grabbed my head and forced his cock into my mouth, the taste was
sensational and it felt divine, the velvety head thundered off the back of my thought
and the hair tickled my face pleasantly, my face had never been fucked like this
before. I was in heaven. I grabbed his perfect hairless ass to stable myself until
the member left my mouth, hungry for more.

Before I could recover he was slathering lubricant in my asshole.

"Hold on" were his words and he entered my.

A thunderous feeling of pleasure overcame me as his cock ploughed through my ass, he
was using me, I didn't care. My cock was fully hard and I began to jack it off until
I was stopped by his firmer hand taking it from me and jacking it off as he did
before. My prostate was being attacked by his golden rod of pleasure, I could feel
every vein, experience every thrust until he began to moan with pleasure. My cock
spasmed and I came into his hand once again. He rubbed my cum into my mouth to show
he was in control, I loved it, I was being shagged rotten and abused but I loved it.
His huge sweaty smooth balls thudded off mine and he brought his cock out of me after
leaving his precum in my bowels. I was instructed to sit up. I obeyed.

"Now, here it comes. Taste it!" he said

I moved my face close to his cock and felt three rocket like jets of cum smash into
my face. I liked them off, savouring their salty ecstasy. He kept pumping cum at me
for a few seconds and I liked him clean as he did me. We then collapsed on each other
and fell asleep, come cum still on my face.


I was being shook awake by a large burly black man whom seemed outraged at me, I
didn’t know why. When I cam too I realised I was lying naked on the shower room floor,
cum stuck to my face and underneath me.

"I'm so.. so … sorry." I stammered "I didn’t know what I was doing" I lied

"We'll you'd better fucking remember white boy!" he said, locking the door and
undoing his belt.

To be continued……

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