Me, my four best friends and my sister

Me, my four best friends and my sister

I greeted my four best friends and introduced them to my little sister as we got in the cab to head for the party. We all had on matching mini, mini skirts and halter-tops. I had told my friends about my little lesbian lesson with my sister.

“Us girls have a little surprise for you two for after the party.” Said Courtney looking at me and Sha.
We both looked at each other and smile. As we approached the party, we got out and paid the driver. When we walked in we saw that the party was jam-packed. We found a table for six and quickly took our seats. We got u to dace by shifts so no one would take our table. We had been dancing and gulping down drinks for least three hours and we weren’t even near being tired. Finally, we teared our self from the dance floor to have some drinks together and have girl talk. Not before long, about eighteen gorgeous guys walked towards our table. One of them whispered something in Courtney’s ear and walked away.

“Those guys are apart of ya’ll surprise.” She said to me and Sha winking her eyes.

“What do you have up your sleeve?” I asked suspiciously.

“Well…I was thinking that we…six girls can have some fun with those eighteen totally cute guys.”

Everyone looked at her in aw because we all knew she was talking about having a fuck fest gangbang.

“Well…are all you girls up for having a fuck fest with a whole wrestling team?” She asked.

“MMMM…wrestling…that should mea that they all have humongous monster dicks.” Said Rachel.

“Well we’re with it.” Cooed Rachel, Michelle, and Sarah.

“Cool…how about you two?” She asked looking at me and Sha.

“Well Sha…do you want to?” I asked

“Hell yea!” She practically screamed.

I looked at Courtney and then my other three friends, “We’re in.” I said. As soon as my words came out, we were getting up and following the guys behind them in a cab.

We were let out at a little house that was about five minute away from the hotel that we were checked in at. After we all got out our cabs and paid the drivers, we were on our way up to the house. We all introduced ourselves, sat down, and had some drinks. After a while, we all made ourselves at home by starting to rub up each others leg. Sha was with Michelle, Rachel was with Sarah, and I was with Courtney. Courtney and I began to embrace each other in a wild passionate kiss. We were the first couple to get loose and lose control in front of the guys. When I looked over at them I saw that they each were looking at me and Courtney slightly rubbing their bulges that were growing in the crotch of their pants. Courtney slipped he hand under my skirt and I began taking off her top.
When her top was all the way off, her miniature tits came bouncing out. I immediately start to suck on her twenty-four b cup tits. She had slid my skirt off and reveled my nicely trimmed pussy; I guess it was okay that I didn’t wear any panties. As I sucked Courtney’s whole tit in my mouth, she practically slides her whole hand up inside my pussy. As we were engaging in our moment, three guys came over with their huge dicks hanging out of their shorts. They took us by the hand and led us to this room which looked like set in a movie. It contained a pool table, a couch, and some beanbag chairs surrounded by many self-operating video cameras.

“How would you two girls like to be the stars of our movie?” said one of the guys; Mike.

“What would we have to do?” I asked with a slight grin on my face.

“Well for starters, you came come suck my dick.” Said Mike

“Yea.” agreed another guy named Greg

Courtney and I took our position on our knees and I undid the zipper to his shorts with my teeth. I pulled out his 10-inch dick with my mouth and shoved it to the back of my throat. I stuffed his balls in my mouth along with his dick. Courtney was doing the same thing to Greg when Chris came and sat between us and started fingering both of our pussies. I slide Mike’s dick in and out my mouth making my grip tighter and tighter. As I felt Mike’s pre-cum sliding into my throat he shot loads of cum into my mouth and then over my body. That’s when me and Courtney stated sharing Chris’s dick while the other two came on hard again. Not after while, Courtney was on top of the pool table and I was bent over on it eating her out. Greg was fucking me in the ass and Chris was fucking me in my pussy. Mike was getting a blowjob by Courtney.

“You girls were great, ya’ll look good in this movie, I cant wait to see the others.” said Mike Smiling.

“What?” asked Courtney.

“The other girls are off making movies of their own…when they’re finished we’re all going to sit and watch them.” Said Greg

After all the couples were finished making their movies, we all sat in the living room naked. Me and my girlfriends took turns eating out each other pussies. We were coming all over ourselves by watching the movies of each other fucking. There were pre-cum oozing out of all the guys dicks from watching us and the movie. One of the guys named Nick came over and shot loads and loads of his cum all over Rachel. She wasn’t even expecting it. Soon every guy was shooting cum on all of us; we were totally covered. After that we got dressed, gave the guys our numbers, and took a cab to our hotel.

“Oh my God, that was fucking awesome,” said Sha as we were walking into our hotel room, “I never did anything like that before…I fell so….dirty.” she said with a smile.

‘Well when you hang with us, what do you expect?” asked Sarah.

“Yea, we’re just a bunch of dirty, sluttish, whores.” said Courtney jokingly.

“And we like it.” said Michelle adding in her words

“Correction, love it.” I said. We all walked into the hotel room smiling and laughing.

“Whoa, look at me, I’m really sticky from all that damn cum.” Said Rachel

“Us too.” We all said.

“I know what about we all hop in the hot tub.” I said
“Yea, great.” Said Sha



We all went into the hot tub to clean off the cum from our body and hair. That’s what we all were doing when Courtney came over behind me and start lathering my body up with soap. She hugged me from the back and start rubbing the soap into my tits caressing them and pinching my nipple with her thumbs and index fingers. I threw my head on her shoulder and slide my finger across her pussy. She placed her hand on my pussy while the other one remained on my tit. The other girls just looked at us.

“Wow, you two are forever at it.” Said Michelle

“For real.” Agreed Rachel

“Did ya’ll forget about us?” asked Sarah

“Yea, we want to join in to.” Said Sha

“Should we?” I asked Courtney

“Sure the more the merrier,” she said getting out of the hot tub,” lets go into the bedroom.”

With her order, we all got out dripping wet, from the water, and followed her into the bedroom. She went into the mini fridge and pulled out some whip cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel syrup, banana pudding and cherry jello. Also she snatched some bananas, cucumbers, pickles, and carrots from off the counter. She told Sha to lie on the floor on her back. After Sha did what she was told, Courtney sprayed whip cream from her lips all the way down to her pussy. Then she put a spoon full of Jello in her ass and pussy hole. As soon as she was done, Michelle started licking all the topping off of her. As she was doing that, Sarah had stuck one end of the carrot up her own pussy and the other end up Michelle’s. I couldn’t believe that my friends were fucking with a carrot. Next, Rachel stuck the banana up her pussy, and then stuck it up Michelle’s ass. I placed some chocolate syrup on Michelle tit’s so Sarah could suck it off. I covered myself with the caramel syrup and grabbed a pickle and cucumber and headed toward my friends. I jammed the cucumber into my pussy and pulled Courtney on to me. I put da pickle up he ass as she bagged it into Sha’s ass. We all start humping each other mad crazy when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. We all stayed in our positions when Courtney yelled out come in. That’s when two men appeared through the doors looking more amazed than ever.
“Yes….Yes…we’re the butlers for this hotel suite and we were wondering if you needed anything…anything.” Said the first man who had on a tag named Joe

“Um…you kind of caught us at a bad time…you see, we were just in the…” Said Sarah before Courtney cut her off.

“Girl what you mean a bad time, there’s a couple of things these two gorgeous guys can do for us. Do u guys mind coming in and taking a seat?”

“Um…sure.” Said the other guy named Fred.

They closed the door behind them as they stepped farther in the room and took seats on da couch. Getting out of her position, Courtney got up and walked over to the guys, sat on Joe’s lap and stretched her legs out over Fred.

“Now tell me…what can you do for us? She whispered in Joe’s ear while Fred’s hand was gliding up her legs to her pussy.

“Nothing from me…I’m gay.” Announced Joe

“Well I have something you might like then,” “what about you Fred are you gay too?” she asked

“I’m bi.”

“Mmmmm, even better.”

“Joe, why don’t you take them clothes off for me while I get your present,” “as for you Fred, the girls will give you a show…and you take them clothes off too.” She said heading for the kitchen. The girls and I reposition and continued fucking when Courtney came back with a box labeled toys. She took a brand new un-opened doubled dildo labeled monster cock out the box and opened it up. She poured a large amount of ky jelly on both ends and asked Fred if he could slam it into her. She lay back on the couch and sprayed her legs wide to show him her tight little pink pussy hole.

“Don’t you think I should take it in slow because it looks like you’re too tight to just slam it in?” he asked curiously

“No, no…I want you to put it all in with one thrust… and don’t worry about hurting me, I’ll be fine.”

With that said Fred shoved that monster in her pussy with one thrust and she let out a monster scream. After that, she told Joe to roll over on his stomach. Then she climbed on top of him and pointed the dildo in the direction of his hairy ass hole. He also let out a yell. Next, Fred climbed behind Courtney and stuck his dick in her ass. I climbed on Courtney’s back facing Fred and threw my caramel covered tits into his chest. He took one of his hands off of Courtney’s ass and started fingering my soaking pussy. We kissed long and passionate as I tongues locked inside our mouths. Courtney was fucking the hell out of Joe’s ass when Sha knelt down besides him and took his dick in her month. Hours after fucking and coming, Joe and Fred left.

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