Meeting Of Master And Submissive -part 1

Meeting Of Master And Submissive -part 1

We have met for a couple of dates and you decide to make a demand on me tonight to test my willingness to obey your command.

My vibrating egg is wonderful toy, as I put it in my panties just so it is between my lips hugging my clit. I run the wire to the control to the pocket of my pants.

When I arrive at the restaurant you ask if I am ready. I giggle and touch the side that my control is in. You and I slide into a booth with you on that side of me. You occasionally reach over and turn it on and watch as I squirm. You do this through dinner and then we leave to go you have it turned on full blast to watch me try to walk as I am feeling like I will explode any minute.

We get outside the door and you ask me how hot am I?

“What do you think?” I reply.

“I don’t want a question for an answer so answer me, how hot are you?”

I remember my role and answer, “very hot, sir.”

“Good, we will go in my car some place you can release some of the tension that is building inside you.”

I am nervous because we have been meeting and not gone past that level before tonight but what did I think when I agreed for him to test my submissive side to his liking.

“Yes sir” I reply as he takes me by the hand and leads me to his car.

“Do you trust me to protect you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good because I will protect you and not let anything hurt you. I only ask that you obey me completely and not question anything I may ask for you to do. Is that understood?”

Nervously, “You will stay in my limits?”

“We have discussed your limits and I will stay within them but if I do exceed or try to expand your limits you do have a safe word with me.”

“Then I will obey your every command and not question anything you may ask of me.”

We are at his car and he gently removes the egg from my pants and ask me to slip out of my pants and put on the short skirt he is holding up.

I look nervously around the parking lot and do so. As I bend over to remove my pants he tells me to remove the panties too because I won’t be needing them.

I obey and slide into the elastic waist skirt. I pull it down a bit but it is of no use as it is quite short for me.

He opens the car passenger side and I slide into the seat. He reaches into the console and takes out a collar and ask me if I am willing to wear his collar this evening.

“I would be honored to wear your collar.”

He attaches it around my neck and then puts a leash on it. He bends over and unbuttons a few more buttons on my blouse and exposes more of my tits.

I watch as he walks around and gets in the car.

We leave the restaurant and the security of my car behind.

He tells me he has some hand restraints in the glove compartment and he would like me to have them on. I pull out a soft pair of handcuffs. I connect the one to one wrist and then when we stop for a light he secures the other.

We arrive at a house and I notice a lot of cars there.

“You must obey or you will be punished severely for embarrassing me. Do you understand this before we go inside to the party.”

“Yes sir.”

He comes around and we walk up the steps to the house and he tells me to stay behind him not beside him. He is leading me with the leash.

The hostess who is dressed in leather opens the door and kisses my Master for the party. She takes the leash from him and pulls me forward and looks me over like I am a piece of meat.

“Let’s take the cuffs off long enough to get her out of this blouse okay, Don?”

“Sure,” here is the key which he had around his neck.

I am stripped to bra and skirt. She lifts the skirt and strokes the shaved pussy. “Nice,” she says.

My leash is returned to Master and he leads me into a candle lit den.

Sexual acts are going on around the room at different stages but most are women much like me, scantily clothed and on a leash. He parades me around the room it feels as we really don’t sit just walk with me behind him. At times he lets someone feel me up and kiss me. There are a few Mistresses but the majority of this group is Masters with their submissive in tow.

We find a chair and I am told to kneel at his feet. I do so and look around though I know I am to keep my eyes downcast. I see one gentleman sitting alone in a chair and no submissive. I wonder if he belongs to the Mistress who opened the door.

Master leans down and tells me to suck his cock for him.

“Thank you Master, I would love to suck your cock.”

“I want you on your knees and spread your legs to display your holes as you do so.”

“Yes, sir.” I move to the position of all fours and then begin to suck his cock his has pulled out his pants. Someone comes behind me and strokes my ass then my cunt.

“Use my slut for your pleasure if you would like,” Master says.

I am concentrating on sucking my Master good for his pleasure as another strokes my cunt and then shoves his hard cock into me. I almost squeal but resist.

Master is close to cumming and I ask, “may I swallow your cum, Master?”

“You must swallow every drop, then lick it clean for me.”

I feel the person behind me cum and pull out and rub it on my ass and backside.

I am then told to sit at my Master’s feet again. I do so and wonder who just took me but it is not for me to know. I see out of the corner of my eye that the mistress is approaching us.

“Your slut has been chosen for the games tonight. Do you feel comfortable enough for this honor with this slut you have brought with your tonight?”

“She will do as she is told or expects discipline.”

“Good then let me take her and prepare her for the activities to begin.” My leash is pulled forcing me to stand and follow the Mistress to another door…. (to be continued)

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