Michelle flipped her hair and looked over her reflection in the floor length mirror. Not bad for a forty-year-old she thought. She took stock of her appearance and ran her hands over her pert breasts. Only 34B she thought but no one had ever turned them down. She turned and inspected her taught butt and tanned legs. Only five foot two but everything was still in prime condition. Michelle had always been sexually active, if a guy was good enough to date, he was good enough to fuck had always been her motto. If they had a fantasy, she was perfectly willing to play it out. This had played out over four husbands and boyfriends that were getting too numerous to easily remember. She shook her head and reminded herself that she did not have time for this reverie. Today she was having a fifteenth birthday party for her son Nick. She decided to wear the red bikini, as it would go well with her tan. Also, as the party would flow between her house and her parent's house across the street, she would spend some time in their pool. The fact that her son's friends would be checking her out gave her a vicarious thrill. She felt herself getting wet in the crotch and placed her hand down there and used her fingers to excite herself. Her thighs started moving and she lay down on the bed and felt her juices explode as she came. She whimpered and licked her fingers clean. "What's up Hon?" and she opened up her eyes and her husband Ken was standing there. She sat up and he pulled out his hard dick. She felt its head rub against her lips and so she opened her mouth and took his full six hard inches in. As her head bobbed and she sucked his dick and ran her tongue around it. She noted that his hand that was not holding her head was holding a can of beer. This was his second favorite fantasy, getting a blowjob while drinking a can of beer. His favorite fantasy was getting a blowjob while drinking a can of beer and watching a Chicago sports team. She felt him spasm and he groaned and his cum exploded in her mouth. He withdrew his cock and dried himself on a pair of her panties and left. Michelle took a drink of her soda and swished it around in her mouth to get all the cum out and swallowed. The sound of her son talking to one of his friends spurred her. Their house was a small one and Nick had to walk past her room to get to his. She quickly used the same panties that Ken had used to dry herself and pulled on her bikini bottom and picked up her top. She looked to the door and there stood one of Nick's friends Igor. Michelle quickly covered her breasts with her top and tied it beind her neck. She the smiled at the big-eyed Igor and walked past him to start putting out items for the party. She did not see Igor enter her bedromm and retrieve her wet panties.

Michelle dropped onto her couch. She was exhausted. The party had been a huge success and lasted until nine PM. Ken was sleeping in the bedroom and Nick was in the basement with four of his friends who were staying the night. Just then Igor and Steve (two of Nick's friends) walked into the living room. Michelle arched her back and tightened her legs and when she noticed the boy's reaction to this inwardly she felt her heat rise. They asked her how she was doing and did she need anything. Michelle asked if they could bring her a beer and both boys smiled and said OK. This is what they had been waiting for. Earlier they had put Ecstasy in one of Ken's beers and thier friends Jeff and Mark were downstairs doing the same to Nick with pilfered beer. They placed the Ecstasy in a glass and poured the beer over it. When the drug was dissolved they took the glass into the living room and gave it to Michelle. The four boys had all wanted MIchelle since they had become interested in girls. With the invitation for this party the planning had gone into overtime. Now the object of all their plans was being delivered into their hands.

Michelle took a long drink of her beer and sighed. The day had been exhausting and the beer was a perfect end to the day. But the day was not to end yet. Michelle finished her beer with another long swallow and set the glass down. She was very tired and thought that it was time for her to join Ken in bed. She was just so tired though and decided to close her eyes for just a minute. Michelle sighed and lay full length on the sofa. After she had been motionless for a couple of minutes Igor and Steve came out of the kitchen. They approached Michelle and Igor spoke her name a couple of times. When he received no response, He then said "She's out of it, what do you want to see first?" Steve said, "I want to see if her tits are as good as you say they are." They approached and Steve slowly put his hand out and shook Michelle. She gave a little groan and shrug and then lay still. Steve ran his hand over the top of her breast. Michelle moaned and shifted her body again. Earning his bravery, Steve ran his hand underneath Michelle's bikini top and ran his palm over her nipple. He felt her nipple harden and Michelle again moaned and arched her chest up to his hand. Steve was shaking and his dick was as hard as a rock. He untied her top and threw it to the floor and lowered his mouth to her other nipple. Michelle lifted her breast to his mouth. She felt as if she were dreaming, her lover was sucking and stroking her nipples and she felt her internal heat rise and her crotch moisten. Steve removed her bikini bottom and took off his bathing suit. He ran one of his hands down to her moist pubic hair and placed his fingers inside of Michelle. When Michelle felt His fingers enter her, her thighs started moving back and forth and her heat rose. The moistness of her cunt increased. Steve could restrain himself no longer. He pushed Michelle's legs open and lay between them, pushing his dick inside of her. He was too excited and after only a few seconds he exploded his cum within her. Michelle felt the warmth of Steve's juices spread within her. In her drugged state Michelle only felt disappointment that her pleasure had stopped. This soon changed as Igor puled off his suit and took his place between Michelle's thighs. Michelle began pumping her thighs in reaction to Igor's thrusts. Igor was just as excited as Steve had been and in just a few thrusts Michelle felt Igor's warm cum spread through her vagina. At this time Jeff and Mark walked into the room. Seeing Michelle laying spread legged on the sofa, Jeff asked where the camera was. The boys had planned to take pictures of themselves filling their lust. Igor said, "We all get a turn first and when we go again we can take the time to make pictures." Jeff thought this was a good idea and in a few seconds had whipped off his trunks and was between Michelle's spread legs. As Michelle felt his weight decend on her and his hard prick enter her, she automatically wrapped her legs around Jeff. Jeff was just as excited as Steve and Igor and in a few thrusts his fluids exploded in Michelle. Again Michelle felt a few moments of disappointment but this quickly passed. as Mark lowered himself onto and into her. But again being an excited teenager, Mark lasted no longer than his three friends. All the boys were excited though and they quickly set up the digital video camera to record their next turns.

The camera was set up to catch the full length of Michelle on the sofa. The boys were all hard and very excited. The Camera was turned on and Steve approached Michelle. He lay down amd was careful not to block Michelle's face fron the camera. Michelle was turning out to be the perfect victim. She enjoyed sex just for the sake of doing sex. There was not one husband or boyfriend that she had been one hundred percent faithful to. So the Ecstasy lowered her inhibitions so her body could take over. Steve kissed Michelle and pushed his tongue through her lips. Michelle eagerly responded. Finally he pushed open her thighs and used his hand to guid his dick into Michelle's pussy. Michelle's physically frustrated body responded. She started pumping her hips and her face creased with desire. All was faithfully picked up by the camera. Her arms and legs were locked around Steve and her nails were leaving scratches on his back. Finally Michelle screamed and arched her back as she came. Steve was not ready yet and kept pumping away, ramming his dick into Michelle. Michelle started coming multiple times. She had totally lost control and in her drug enhanced sexual world was experiencing wave after wave of orgams spasm through her body. Finally Steve's juices shot out of his dick and apread through Michelle's cunt. Steve kissed Michelle and she grabbed him and made the kiss into a long lingering one. Igor again took Steve's place between Michelle's thighs. Igor pinched and kissed her nipples and Michelle groaned and arched her body. After a couple of minutes, with Michelle responding well for the camera, Igor used his hand to get the head of his dick into Michelle and she arched up to him to get all of his dick inside of her. Again Igor started thrusting his hardness into Michelle. She easily met him thrust for thrust. Michelle was in a sexual nirvana and as long as the multiple orgasms kept up she was content. Finally Igor felt the explosion of his cum into Michelle. He also gave her a parting kiss. Both Jeff and Mark then took their turns with Michelle. Michelle was into one long continuous orgasm and both Jeff and Mark were drained.

The boys then took the camera down and went downstairs to sleep. They were too excited by the success of their plans to sleep and kept looking at the displays in the camera. This excited each boy so much that each one of them went upstairs and screwed Michelle at least once more before morning. The morning when they would start phase two of the plans.

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