More Than Friends – Part 3

More Than Friends – Part 3

About 15 minutes later Lindsey came into my room, she was wearing pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.
“good night” she said
“good night” I replied as she closed my door.
I turned off my TV and lay on my back, staring into the blackness. After some time I heard a quiet mumbling. I climbed out of bed and slowly walked to my door and into the hallway. The sound was coming from the room Lindsey was in. there was a light coming from the gap in her door.
I tip toed closer until I was outside the door, I looked in, the TV was playing, there was 2 women on it, 2 lesbian women licking each others pussy’s. I looked further round to the bed, Lindsey was sitting on top of it, completely nude. She was rubbing her pussy then picked up a dildo. My heart was racing, I wanted to go back to my room but I couldn’t move, my body was on fire, my nipples were hard and I could feel my pussy getting moist.
I cant be getting turned on by this I thought to my self.
The more I watched the hornier I was getting, my hand found it's way into my hot pants, my clit was swollen, I was standing rubbing my clit whilst watching my cousin pleasure her self.
After about half an hour Lindsey switched off the TV and went to sleep. I returned to m room with a moist pussy and confused to hell.
I woke up early, the events of last night still fresh in my mind and one big question which needed answering.
Was I bisexual?
It was clear Lindsey was so I decided to build up the courage and ask her for some advice. I knew I would feel stupid but I felt I could ask her anything.
I went into her room, the covers were down to her hips, leaving the whole top half of her body exposed.
I sat on the bed next to her and shook her awake
“w uh what time is it” she mumbled, still half asleep.
“what” she said, quickly sitting up.
Then realizing she was naked she quickly pulled the covers over herself.
“what are you waking me up this early for” she asked
“I erm….I need to tell you something” I said
“well, tell me”
I paused for a moment “erm.. I saw you last night” I blurted out.
Lindsey’s eyes opened wide, she sat there, shocked.
“erm, I don’t know what to say” she said “sorry?”
“no, no it's all right” I said
Lindsey still looked shocked, she moved round on the bed, dropping the covers so she was now sitting facing me with her legs crossed and no covers on. Her short trimmed pubic hair caught my eye.
“Oops” Lindsey said, realizing I had noticed, she reached down and picked up her pajama bottoms and put them on with a t-shirt.
So is that all you came to tell me” she asked, looking a bit embarrassed.
“not exactly” I said “I noticed the porn you were watching” I informed her.
She looked lost for words, just managing to squeeze out “erm, I guess you’ve found out I'm bi”
This was what I was hoping to hear; at least now I can tell her what’s on my mind.
“please don’t tell anyone” she asked me
“I wont don’t worry, you see the thing is…….i enjoyed watching you last night”
Lindsey smiled a little “so your bisexual as well” she asked excitedly.
“well that’s what I was hoping to find out, I don’t know if I'm bisexual or just curious”
“Oh” she said, slightly disappointed, “erm, I'm afraid I cant help you with that”
“Well we could try stuff” I said in a curious way.
Unfortunately it didn’t go too well.
“urgh, you’re my cousin” Lindsey said
I had completely forgot about that, my curiosity had taken over everything.
“oh shit, I'm sorry” I quickly said
Lindsey said it was ok but I could tell she was a bit miffed by it.
I went in the shower after that conversation, thinking Lindsey wouldn’t talk to me anymore because she thinks I'm some weird freak.
By 9:00 the whole house was up, all 4 of us in it.
To my relief Lindsey was still talking to me, she asked if I wanted to go shopping so I phoned Jamie and told him, he wasn’t too bothered.

Lindsey and I got back from shopping at about 7 O’clock after we missed 3 busses and got in a cab.
My mother had left a note to tell me she had gone to Paul’s for the night.
I took my new clothes upstairs and lay them out on my bed, Lindsey went into her room to try hers on.
I made my way through my skirts and tops, seeing what each one looked like with the other, after about 20 minutes I had tried them all on, I put them away and lay on my bed, I was feeling pretty tired after getting up so early.
I kicked off my shoes and sank into the soft pillow beneath my head.

Lindsey appeared at the door, she was only wearing a black thong and bra which were mesh like enough to see her nipples and pubic hair.
“Well, what do you think” she asked, inviting her self into my room and sitting at the foot of my bed.
“They look good” I said to her as I tried to keep my focus away from her tits. I didn’t know why I felt like this towards her, I had never been like this towards any other girl; mind you I had never seen another girl masturbate.

“Well I think I look better with them off” she said to me.
I was confused as to what she meant by this.
She placed her hand on the top of my foot and slowly ran it up my shin, it seamed to glide easily over my smooth skin.
“W…What are you doing” I asked her.
“Giving you what you want” she replied.
Lindsey’s hand was now on the top of my thigh, inching closer to my pink mini skirt, I lay still where I was as her hand slid under my skirt, she moved up the bed so she was sitting at my waist.
“lets get this off shall we” she whispered
I sat up on the bed and unbuttoned my skirt and took it off, Lindsey pulled my t-shirt off so I was now just in my light blue thong and bra.
We kissed and unclipped each others bra, Lindsey was such a good kisser. I was a lot hornier than usual, probably because now I was with a girl, plus she was my cousin.
I lay back with my legs open as Lindsey kneeled between them, sucking on my nipples as she rubbed my thong covered pussy.
She made her way down to my inner thigh and licked it, teasing me; she licked the edges of my thong which sent my pussy crazy.
I pulled my thong aside to expose my pussy which Lindsey began to lick and suck my pussy lips as she pulled her own thong aside and rubbed her pussy.
She grabbed the sides of my thong and pulled it, I closed my legs and lifted them into the air to allow her to get my thong off before opening them again, a slight breeze blew over my hot pussy which made me feel like I was going to orgasm.
Lindsey began to lick my pussy again whilst still rubbing her own, her tongue flicked over my clit and between my outer lips which she sucked on every now and then.
“You’ve got to try this” Lindsey said and she kneeled up and pressed her foot on my pussy, pushing her big toe into my cunt, I must admit it felt different and strangely good.
She rubbed my pussy up and down with her toes, occasionally lifting them to her mouth and sucking them. Her big toe felt good as it slipped down between my pussy lips and pushed into my love tunnel.
I lifted Lindsey’s foot to my mouth and sucked and licked her toes, I could taste my pussy on them.
She took hold of my foot and did the same, sucking and licking my toes.
“Mmm…sorry I have a bit of a foot fetish….you don’t mind do you” Lindsey said between sucking my toes.
“nope” I replied, it wasn’t exactly my favorite thing but it was a strange turn on and felt really sexy.
We let go of each others feet and I turned over so I was kneeling on the bed, Lindsey kneeled next to my right at a 90 degree angle with her face near my ass.
She put her hand under my right leg so it was rubbing my pussy from below as her face was above.
Her middle finger pressed into my pussy lips as her hand ran down my cunt.
She spanked my ass cheeks for a moment before returning to rubbing my pussy and kissing & biting my ass cheeks playfully.
She pulled my pussy lips open and spat onto her fingers and rubbed it in, it felt lovely and warm against my already warm pussy.
As Lindsey rubbed between my pussy lips I reached my hand over to her ass, spanked her and rubbed her pussy.
At this Lindsey pushed her middle finger into my pussy and motioned it in and out a few times before adding another finger.
She slid them in and out my moist pussy, gradually getting quicker.
I couldn’t keep quiet any more, I started moaning quietly as my cousin finger fucked my sweet pussy.
It wasn’t long until Lindsey added another finger, squashing her middle 3 fingers together and slipping them in my pussy as she spat on my ass hole, the spit ran down to my pussy where it got pushed in with her fingers.
Lindsey spat on her other hand and rubbed her pussy as I spanked her ass.
After a minute or so I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy as we kissed each other, then put them in her mouth and returned after she had sucked them.
Lindsey moved around so she was the came way as me, she kneeled on 1 leg with her body to the side. I fingered her pussy as she fingered mine, both moaning into each others mouths as we kissed passionately.

We shuffled round into a 69 position, I was on the bottom and wasted no time getting stuck in to Lindsey’s pussy which was inches from my face. I sucked hard on her clit and pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her pussy as she rubbed mine, moaning franticly with pleasure.
I licked and sucked her pussy for a good 5 minutes as she returned the favor, sucking just as hard before licking the inside of my thing, she lowered her pussy closer to my mouth and lifted my foot up and started licking and sucking it again as she moaned.

I moved Lindsey off me after a few minutes, she lay on her back and lifted her knees up to her chin, exposing her sweet 16 year old pussy. I lay down and rubbed her cunt with my thumb, pushing it in her hole and fucking her then going back to rubbing her pussy again.
I knelt up and moved closer to her, took her foot and sucked on her toes as I continued to fuck her pussy with my thumb. I did this for about 5 minutes then put one leg over Lindsey’s and rubbed my pussy on hers. I rode her like I was getting fucked off a boy, pushing my pussy forward and back as I pushed down on hers, she instantly began to moan. The feeling of our pussy’s rubbing together was almost as good as having a cock up it.

“Lie down….I’ll be 2 seconds” Lindsey said to me. I lay down on the bed and she ran off into her room, returning moments later with a small bag, she chucked it at the top of the bed and picked out 2 plastic cocks, she handed me the pink one and kneeled between my open legs with the white one.
She teased me, sucking it as though it were a real cock, I put the plastic cock I was holding near her mouth, she sucked on it as she rubbed the end of the white one around my pussy, the plastic was cold and sent a wonderful sensation around my body as it touched my hot pussy.
Lindsey put the plastic cock in my pussy, sliding about 4 inches of it in, I pushed my pussy onto it as she pushed it in, my moans were muffled by the huge pink plastic cock I was sucking.
I rubbed my clit as the huge plastic cock went deeper into my pussy. Lindsey moved my hand and spread my pussy lips as she continued to fuck me with the cock, I lay there, moaning softly as I caressed my tits, holding the pink cock for Lindsey to suck.
After a while I took the white cock off Lindsey and sucked on it to get my juices off.
Lindsey stood up on the bed and leaned forward slightly against the wall, her sweet pussy was in front of me, I took the huge pink cock and rubbed the length down her pussy slit then slipped it in her cunt. I sucked on her clit as I pushed the cock in and out of her hot wet cunt.
“ahh, yes, fuck me” Lindsey moaned as she pushed my face onto her pussy.
I lay down and put the other plastic cock up my pussy as I continued to fuck Lindsey with it.
After a while Lindsey lay on the bed next to me so we were head to foot, I took the pink cock and slipped it in her pussy and began to fuck her with it as I sucked on her toes. Lindsey was soon doing the same and the room was filled with our muffled moans as we sucked each others toes and fucked each other with plastic cocks.

“I've got a little surprise for you babe” Lindsey said as she took the cock out her pussy and reached for the bag.
“ohh I like surprises” I said, wondering what toy she was going to pull out the bag.
It was a strap on; Lindsey put it on and stood near the bed. I kneeled down in front of her and began to suck on it moving it aside occasionally to lick the sweet pussy that was behind it as I continued to fuck myself with the cock.
Lindsey went and lay on the bed, holding the strap on up for me to sit on it. I went over and climbed over her waste and lowered my self onto the 8 inches of strap on.
I instantly started sliding my pussy up and down the length of it, taking every last inch up my cunt. As I pushed down I moved my tits to Lindsey’s mouth, she sucked on my nipples when they came close enough as she held the strap on still, rubbing her pussy as she did.
Looking down on her from my angle was amazing, her beautiful face alive with pleasure, seeing her suck my tits and the thought that she was fucking me, I wasn’t thinking of her as my cousin, but when I did it turned me on a little more.

I lifted off Lindsey and her 8 inch strap on and kneeled on the bed, pushing my ass in the air as far as I could, Lindsey stood behind me and guided the strap on into my waiting cunt and began pumping away.
She pulled it out and stood a little further over me, her right leg was close enough for me to lick her toes.
She ran the end of the strap on over my pussy and up to my asshole, the tip pressed onto my ass and sent fireworks off in my body.
“oh yes baby, do it” I moaned to her.
Lindsey pushed gently onto the strap on, it slid fairly easy into my ass and it wasn’t long before all 8 inches were buried deep into my ass.
I grabbed the back of her les and licked the top of her foot as she pumped the strap on in and out of my ass.
My moans got louder as she fucked me faster, sometimes pulling it all the way out then back in; I reached around with both hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart as I moaned with every push.
It was the best feeling I had ever experienced, and the view as I looked back was enough to make anyone want to masturbate, seeing my 16 year old cousin fucking my ass with a strap on made me want to cum there and then.
Lindsey fucked my ass for a while after until I couldn’t hold my cum anymore, I could feel an orgasm building quick so I told her, she quickly took the strap on out my ass and replaced it with one of the plastic cocks we were using earlier, it was slightly wider than the strap and hurt a little bit when it first went in but my ass quickly got used to it. Lindsey was onder me in a 69 position again and was ramming the cock into my ass and slapping my ass cheeks.
“Cum bitch” SMACK “cum now” she said as she licked and sucked hard on my pussy.
My orgasm took over and my pussy exploded with girl cum, straight into Lindsey’s mouth and all over her face.
I moved off of Lindsey and kissed her, getting a taste of my own cum, I licked it from her cheek then put on the strap on.
“Your turn” I said to her, holding the cock in my hand.
She got off the bed and bent over in front of me, showing her tender wet pussy. I guided the cock in which was covered in my pussy juice and began fucking away.
“Ahh, fuck me harder…PLEASE…slam that cock into me” Lindsey pleaded. I grabbed her hips and slammed the strap on in and out of her pussy.
After 15 minutes of fucking my cousins pussy I told her to get on the bed. She kneeled on it like I did with my ass on the air. I stood behind her, my foot close enough for her to suck or lick my foot and toes. I lowered the juiced up strap on to Lindsey’s ass and pressed on it gently. Her ass opened and let it slide in as easy as her pussy, she had obviously been fucked up the ass before.
I fucked her 16 year old ass hard and fast, dying to make her cum so I could taste it.
“Tell me when you’re going to cum babe” I told her as I slammed the cock into her ass.
“Ahh, ok, ahh” she said in between licking the top of my foot.
It wasn’t long until that time came, I got under her like she did to me and continued to fuck her ass with the white cock from earlier, she was fucking my wet pussy with the other cock as she sucked on my clit.
I rammed the cock in her ass fast and hard and got the results I was looking for.
Her pussy spewed lovely, warm, sweet cum into my mouth, I quickly swallowed it and went back for some more. I rubbed her pussy with my hand once my mouth was full again, there was still a small trickle of cum coming from her pussy so when I had a fair amount on my hand a rubbed my own pussy with it, rubbing and pushing her cum into my pussy, which Lindsey did a good job trying to lick it all back out.
She rolled over off of me and lay on her back, panting hard.
I chucked the toys and the bag on the floor and got into my cum covered bed.
“you want to join me?” I asked Lindsey
she didn’t say anything, just climbed in next to me and put her hand on my pussy. We kissed for a while, our tongues swapping each others taste between us, then drifted off to sleep, holding each other.

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