Movie girl

Movie girl

Well, i was just watchin some tv one night wen i relized i'd forgotten to pick up my videos from the store. I put on a jacket and grabbed my wallet and went down to the store to pick it up.
When i got to the store i saw that it was closed but saw this other lady stanidng there.
I said hi and we exchanged names, next thing i new she was coming over.

I opend the car door for her and on our way home we talked about our friends,family and sex life the most. I started to get hard in the pants listing to her sex stories and fantasies. Next thing i new it we were home and were pulling up my driveway wen she asked if i had condoms.

Instanty my cock was getting harder and she even felt it but i stopped her and said that was for the later night. Her name was Jackie and she was a great girl and i new tomrow i would cancel for work cause tonight was going to be amazing.

We went inside and i offered some drinks. We had a bottle of wine and instanty she was ready to go .

ALl of a sudden i felt her arm graze my back and took her left hand and started to unzip my pants.
I turned arond and started kissing her neck and took off her blouse. She then got on her nee's and pulled down my pants .

I couldnt belive it , i was standing there about to have sex with a beautiful women. I was only in my boxers and shirt wen she said that she wanted to do somehting kinky later b ut woulndt tell me yet. SHe pulled down my boxers and started suckin on my 9 inch dick to the fullest. AS she sucked she placed her hand on my balls and could feel me about to climax. B4 i could she said that she wanted me to cum all ovver her face. Aoubt 30 seconds later she sucked it again and i blew all over her beautfiiul face and into her mouth and she swallowed. By then she was totally naked and had a condum ready to go. After a few minutes of drinks again we were ready , and she put the condom on my already errrect penis.

I started to toy with her beauty ppuussy and it was lall wet for me. I licked it a coulple times then stuc k my cock in her. She started moaning as i started off slowley. once i started pushing hard i could hear her scream "fuck me baby i love your cock" i could feel her orgasim not by the wetness but by the scream she let out "omg i fuckkn love it".

I pulled out and fliped her doggy style and rode her from behind and new it was her first time in her virgin asshole. It was so tight and felt so dam good.

After round 2 she told me the kinky part was that she had a strap on. I never thought of being fucking in the ass by a girl but thought of the feeling it might have. I agreeed to it and she straped it on. She lubed it so it woluldnt hurt that much.

When she was ready i said to her "lets fuck so fuckin hard' and we began. She took the head of the bright pink dildo and stuck in my virigin ass hole. IT hurt but felt so dam good. I couldnt belive i was being rode by a girl. AS i was fucked from behind from Jackie my dick rode high up.

She pulled out and we did 69 with me sucking the gorguious dildo . AFter up we cudddled and had 3 more seisisons that night and mornign!

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