Ms J.

Ms J.

Part I: Alicia's Story

Everyone wanted to take Ms. Jacobsen's classes. She was a great
teacher and made every subject she taught a lot of fun. My sophomore year
I took Intro to Speech from her and fell in love the first day. How do you
explain charisma? She had it. In fact she was electric. People, adults
and students alike, were drawn to her. I will always remember that first
day in her class.
Intro to Speech was a required class in the 10th grade. Many of my
friends were dreading giving speeches, but they didn't bother me that much.
I had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist which is probably why I had
tried out for (and made) the cheerleading squad. Anyway, there were about
25 students in this class and the first day we could sit wherever we wanted
to so I was in the back with some friends. She was late, and we were
talking and messing around. The chatter continued when she entered room
from everyone except me. Ms. J immediately caught my attention and all I
could do was stare at her as she walked to the front of the room, put her
things down on the desk, and turned to face us. One of the guys was
blocking me from getting a clear view so I had to lean to my right and look
around him. She was looking right at me.
She beautiful in natural sort of way. Her hair was red, about
shoulder length, brushed back from her face. Sparkling green eyes, a touch
of make up and a pen stuck behind her right ear.
I still remember what she said. It was nothing special, but I
remember it all. "Hi, sorry I am late, but my class before this is in the
theater and I forgot the time and we ran late. I'll try to be on time
tomorrow." Then she started explaining the class routine and that tomorrow
she would assign seats. I didn't hear much of the rest of her
introductions as I was busy thinking of a way I could get assigned to the
front row.
After class, I walked to the front of the room and introduced
myself. "Hi I am Alicia, friends call me Leecie." She smiled and I
noticed her lips. They were soft and kind of puffy. Great lips is what I
was thinking. "I need to sit in the front," is what I said. I have a hard
time seeing the board from the back because I am so short." She smiled
again and said that would be no problem. I fell in love with Ms. Jacobsen
then and there.

I was an older tenth grader. I was 16, mom hadn't started me to
school until I was six. I had realized I was attracted to women when I was
just seven years old. The first woman to capture my attention was Mary Ann
K. a dark haired, dark eyed beauty who was in the second grade when I was
in first. We used to hang out together on the playground. Every time she
came near me, I got this tight pain in my chest when I breathed. It hurt,
but I still loved the feeling. Sometimes she would push me in the swings
and the nearness of her made my scalp tingle. That was a wonderful
I first kissed a girl when I was on a sleep over at a classmate's
house in the 6th grade. Gail and I shared the same bed and I convinced her
we needed to practice so that we would be ready for the boys in junior
high. Not that original, but it worked!
I finally got to touch her breasts when she stayed at my house. By
then we were regular kissers and I was determined to get her so turned on
that she would want to do much more than make out. Gail was also a dark
haired beauty. I seemed to be attracted to them. When we got into bed
that night, all I wore was a tank top and underpants. I pulled Gail close
and started to kiss her. We no longer needed excuses, we both liked to
kiss. Usually we just opened our mouths and wrestled around with our
tongues. Tonight I started slowly and was really romantic with her. I
kissed her lips softly and gently licked them with my tongue. I kissed her
nose, her forehead, and cheeks. Gail let out a little moan, and whispered,
"Oh, that feels good." This was going to be a special night!
Gail was wearing a nylon night gown which felt great under my hands
as I let them roam over her back as I kissed her mouth. Her lips parted
and I filled her mouth with my probing tongue, moving slowly to explore
everywhere. My fingers played along her back, sneaking down to the curve
of her butt. She didn't seem to mind. In fact she pulled me tighter to
her and drove her own tongue deep into my open mouth.
I grew bolder and grabbed each of her cheeks in my hands, squeezing
and rubbing them. I started to pull her nightgown up with my fingers so
that I could get my hands on her skin. She whimpered when my hands were
finally on her bare back. There was no pulling back. Her hands now were
all over me too.
I rolled Gail over on her back and pushed her nightgown up above
her breasts and took one of her small buds into my mouth. I had dreamed of
this moment for years. I had imagined what it would feel like, taste like,
to suck on another girl's breast. It was everything I had imagined and I
sucked her nipple until it got hard in my mouth. With my other hand I
rubbed, caressed, squeezed and enjoyed the feel of a breast in my hand.
Gail whimpered and moaned moving underneath me. She slid her hands
underneath my tank top and squeezed both of my fuller breasts. Gail
pinched and pulled at my nipples as I bit on hers.
I had read a magazine article that told how to masturbate and give
yourself pleasure. Every night I put myself to sleep with a nice orgasm
thinking of different women I knew rubbing my pussy. I slid my hand into
Gails' pussy and went straight for her clit. She was wet and slippery and
felt wonderful to my fingers. I rubbed her clit between my fingers and
pulled it just a little making Gail whimper. I pressed gently and started
a slow , steady circular motion as I continued to suck on her nipples.
Gail's hands were on my head, my back, gripping my ass. She was grinding
her pussy hard against my fingers. I knew she was close to coming. I
could feel the muscles in her pussy tighten as she sucked in her breath.
Oh shit is all she said as a tremor shook her body and she had her first
orgasm. I put my fingers in my mouth and tasted the juices that ran out of
her pussy. My first taste of come! It was warm, sweet, salty, even spicy.
I loved it and slid down so I could lap it up as it ran from between Gail's
legs. Then and there I knew that making love to a woman had to be the
greatest thing another woman could do.

Luckily I am a good student and who doesn't need to study much
because I spent most of my time in Ms. J's class imagining the two of us
making love everywhere in the school. In her office, in the theater, her
car, the principal's office, on her desk. Sometimes I would catch her
staring at me as I was staring at her and wonder if she could read my
thoughts. Then one day I was sure a smile was playing on her lips as she
caught me looking at her nipples showing through her blouse. I gave her a
slight smile and licked my lips. She blushed bright red and I knew she and
I were thinking very similar thoughts. I wanted Ms. J and I was now sure
she felt the same about me.
It was a game day and I was wearing my cheerleader outfit with a
really short skirt. Letting my legs part, I placed my hand on my thigh and
let my fingers slowly move closer and closer to my panties. Ms. J kept
lecturing, but her eyes were following my fingers as they crept closer to
my pussy which was soaking my panties by now. Somehow she had developed a
frog in her throat and had to keep clearing it. Her voice actually cracked
as she watched me pull my panties aside and my fingers disappear between my
pussy lips. I knew I had her so I pulled a wet finger from my pussy and
lifted it to my lips where I surrounded it with my lips and sucked the
juices from it. Abruptly, Ms. J said that was it for the day, made some
excuse about her voice and went to her desk and sat down, taking a long
drink from her coffee holding the mug in both hands. Everyone else started
chatting, but I just watched for some sign from Ms. J. I didn't have to
wait long.
"Alicia, could you come here please?"
"Sure, Ms. J," and I walked up to her desk and innocently asked,
"What can I do for you?"
"Alicia," she said softly. She was having trouble talking. "Can I
talk to you in my office for a few minutes?"
"Of course, Ms. J, now?" I said in my little girl voice.
She simply nodded, stood up, and motioned for me to follow her into
her office. She closed the door after me and locked it. Leaning against
the wall out of view of the window, she breathed, "Come here, Alicia."
I moved close enough to her that she could feel my breath on her
face. Taking my face in both her hands just the way she had held her
coffee cup, she softly kissed my lips. I melted. Absolutely melted. I
had dreamed of this moment so many times and so many ways. It matched
every fantasy I ever had and my knees buckled. Ms. J caught me in her arms
and held me close, my head rested against her breasts. I could hear her
heart pounding as she breathed in short raspy breaths.
Finally she spoke, " Alicia, oh sweet girl, whatever are we doing?"
The bell rang for the final class of the day. She let me go and
seemed to be trying to collect herself. "I have one more class to teach,
Alicia," she said sounding almost desperate.
"I know you do Ms J, and I need to go to math. Can I come back at
the end of the day?"
"Oh, please do, we need to talk I think. Wait about twenty minutes
or so until the commotion dies down. There are always some students who
want help after the bell." Then she added, "Don't wait too long, I will be
afraid you went home."
I'm not going home, Ms. J, I promise you, I am not going home.
"Later." I let the "l" in later linger on my tongue as I looked into her
"Right, Alicia, later." She looked nervous, I was excited.

Part II: Ms. J's Story

Oh yes, I remember the day I met Alicia," I said as a smile broke
out on my face. "That moment is forever etched in my mind. I was late to
class and scrambling to collect myself. I looked out my room full of
sophomores sort of sizing them up. They were talking and laughing, but I
was relieved that no one was causing any trouble. As I looked up and down
the rows of desks, I noticed one girl leaning to her right so she could
look around the guy in front of her. She seemed tiny, but it was hard to
tell since she was sitting down. Our eyes met for a second or two and I
thought she might be flirting with me. That thought was lost in the effort
to get the students' attention and start class. I don't remember the rest
of that period, but at the end of class, the girl who was looking at me,
came up and asked to be seated in the front row. Her reason was that she
was short and it was hard to see. Thinking of her like that still makes me
smile. She told me her name was Alicia and she was short, maybe 5 feet
tall, but barely. I noticed her smile that grinned at me as her brown eyes
twinkled with a bit of mischief. I remember thinking, "I like her."
I looked forward to seeing Alicia each day. She brought such
energy with her to class and she could make me laugh so easily. I need to
make it clear that I had no physical attraction to her. Well, I mean, she
was cute and had this natural sexiness about her, but she was a student and
I was a teacher and I never considered that she might be something else to
me. Not at first anyway.
It was clear that Alicia had a crush on me. She was the first to
class and the last one to leave. She often had something she needed help
with after school, even though she was a terrific student. I was flattered
and even amused at times. She used a little girl voice when she wanted a
favor such as a ride home, or help with some assignment. I would smile and
just say yes. I never considered saying no. I enjoyed her company.
After a few weeks, I noticed some subtle changes in Alicia's
behavior around me. It is hard to describe exactly. She would stand or
sit closer so that her arm or thigh brushed against me. I would catch her
watching me for most of the class period and she wouldn't look away when
our eyes met. She would smile that magnetic smile of hers and I would
smile back.
It was well into the fall quarter when things started to change.
Alicia became bolder, more daring, more physical. Her blouse was often
unbuttoned so that the swell of her breasts showed. I know she was looking
at mine nearly all the time. I could feel her eyes on me and she would
smile a flirty grin as my nipples hardened. She even giggled as I blushed
red and it spread all the way down my throat and disappeared into my
Alicia made her way into my dreams. My very sexually explicit
dreams. In one, she would walk into my classroom, come right up to me in
front of the other students, take me in her arms and kiss me passionately,
searching my mouth with her tongue. Then she would go sit down as if that
was completely normal. In another, she knelt down in front of my desk
chair, pushed my skirt up, spread my legs wide, pulled my panties aside,
and ate my pussy until I came, right in front of my class again.
I was thinking passionate thoughts about her as well. I imagined
her naked in my arms beside me in my bed. I masturbated each night
imagining my fingers rubbing her tight, young pussy as we kissed.
Alicia sensed a change in me I think. She would often let her legs
fall open so I could see her panties. I tried to concentrate on class, but
at times I couldn't remember what I was talking about. That Friday when
she was wearing her cheerleader outfit, you could say I lost it. How was I
supposed to teach sophomores how to outline a speech, while she let her
fingers play in her pussy? Her obviously wet pussy?
I shouldn't have kissed her, but by now I was falling in love with
this girl. She got close enough to me so that I could feel her breath on
my lips, her nipples rubbing against me. I could smell her hair. I
inhaled deeply and closed my eyes before I took her face in both hands and
kissed those soft, puffy lips. Our lips parted and our tongues explored
each other's mouths. It seemed that she was going to faint, so I took her
in my arms and held her close to me. It was a good thing the bell rang,
because I had lost all sense of time and place. All I knew was I wanted to
keep on kissing her and let what happened, happen.
I felt desperate as I nearly begged her to come back to see me
after school. She assured me that she wasn't going home and literally
bounced out of my office. I slumped into my chair, my legs had suddenly
turned to rubber and were unable to hold me.
I have no idea what I did in class that last period. All I could
think of was Alicia. My god, I was in love with a 10th grader!

Part III: After School

"Ms. J?"
"You came back," she sounded surprised.
"I promised I would." I closed my door behind me. Everyone in her
department appeared to be gone for the day.
Ms. J was so nervous that she could barely speak. Everything she
tried to say came out in stutters.
"Shhhh, its ok, relax, we are both feeling the same thing, Ms. J.
We both want the same thing." It seemed a little funny that as a
sophomore, I was feeling more confident than she was. I felt like the
I led the way into her office and locked the door behind us. I
knew exactly what I wanted and I couldn't wait.
"Sit down here in your desk chair, Ms. J." With both hands I took
my sweater off over my head, reached around and unhooked my bra and tossed
them aside. She sat there her body frozen but her eyes watched every move
I made. I kicked off my shoes and socks then slowly peeled off my panties.
Smiling widely, I handed them to her. Then I straddled her lap, wrapped my
arms around her, and let her hold me tightly as we both struggled to catch
our breath.
Ms. J's hands started to slowly feel their way around my back. I
held still and let her explore. I rubbed my cheek against hers, and let my
hands caress her face. She pulled back a bit and looked into my face.
Without a word, our lips met in a slow, soft kiss. My hand stayed on her
cheek as we kissed and I could feel her rubbing her face against it.
Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I felt like I was watching
it happen as an observer. We kissed for such a long time, constantly
changing the position of our mouths, lips, tongues, turning our heads from
side to side, trying to crawl inside each others mouth.
Ms. J's hands slid down my back and found their way under my skirt,
cupping my cheeks, pulling me closer. I pushed her red hair back off her
neck and kissed her there, just below her ear. Her hands grabbed and
squeezed my ass as I nibbled and sucked on her ear.
I could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy and knew I had to be
getting Ms. J all wet. I pulled back and got off her lap, lifted myself up
onto her desk and slid back a bit. Again, Ms. J just watched although her
breasts were heaving with each heavy breath she took. I leaned back on my
arms, pulled my knees up and propped my feet on the edge of her desk.
Letting my knees fall open wide, I gave Ms. J a first hand look at my
young, wet pussy that I had tempted her with in class.
The sound that escaped from her that was both a whimper and a moan.
She was still in slow motion as she reached out and ran one finger along my
pussy slit. Raising her finger dripping with my juice to her mouth,
Ms. J's lips formed a circle and sucked my juices into her mouth. I licked
my lips, wanting right then to kiss her. Ms. J seemed to read my mind and
leaned forward kissing me so I could taste my own juices on her lips.
As we kissed, I felt Ms. J's hands on my inner thighs sliding
slowly upwards. I couldn't stand it, I begged her, "Oh please, touch it,
Ms. J, touch my pussy please."
"My pleasure dear," she smiled, kissed me softly, and leaned
forward to kiss my pussy lips, pushing my skirt up out of her way.
"Ahhhh, oh yes, yes, please, kiss my pussy Ms. J, please kiss it."
Ms. J needed no encouragement from me. She was stroking my pussy
lips with her tongue. She stopped to kiss it long and deep, sucking my
soft, swollen inner lips into her mouth, rolling them around with her
tongue. I felt her tongue probe my pussy hole, flicking in and out. Next
she sought out my hard clit and lapped at it. Back and forth, from my
pussy hole to my clit, her tongue was driving me wild. I moaned in both
pleasure and agony every time she touched my clit so she concentrated at
finding just how I wanted her to lick it.
"Lap it, Ms. J, lap at my clit."
With short, quick strokes she worked me closer and closer to an
orgasm. Her fingers slid up inside my pussy hole, stroking my muscles as
continued to lick my clitoris. She wiggled her fingers around inside me
just the way I liked it. I could feel that slow burn start deep inside me.
"Ms. J, I am going to come!"
"Do it baby, come for me. Give me your come, Alicia, let me drink
it from your young pussy.'
"You like the taste of my young pussy don't you, Ms. J?" God, the
way she said young pussy drove me wild!
"I love the taste of you young pussy, Alicia, and I want to eat the
come right out of your young pussy. come for me baby, give me your young
come, little girl."
That was all I needed, my pussy tightened, I let out a squeak and a
grunt as I exploded in a gush of come that poured over Ms. J's fingers and
into her face. As the climax rushed through my body, Ms. J's tongue found
my erect clit and applied pressure and rubbed it forcing another orgasm
from me. She didn't let go. Her hands grabbed me by the ass as she
continued to rub my swollen clit with her tongue. It slipped in and out of
its hood, as I came again and again.
"Please, no more, no more," I was gasping for breath, "no more,
please." I fell back onto her desk, exhausted.
Ms. J moved to sit beside me on her desk and lifted me into her
arms. I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head on her breasts. She
softly stroked my hair and kissed my head.
In my little girl's voice I said, "I love you, Ms. J."
She let out a long, slow sigh. "I think I love you too, Alicia."
We sat like that for several minutes. I loved how it felt to be
petted by Ms. J. I also love the warmth of her body against my naked skin.
Her breasts were so soft. As I rubbed my cheek against her silk blouse, it
felt so smooth and tender on my face. I let my hands slide up and down her
back. My fingers played along her spine like piano keys. Ms. J responded
to my touch with moans and an occasional, "Oh, yes!" My hands came around
to the front and covered her breasts, moving in circular motions rubbing
them in opposite directions. I kissed her neck, nuzzling her throat. One
by one, I unfastened her buttons and kissed her skin as it was bared. I
was undressing Ms. J, just as I had fanaticized so many times, and I could
barely breathe.
I slipped her blouse off of her shoulders and found to my delight a
single front hook holding a lime green, satin bra in place. As I unhooked
it and set her full breasts free, I kissed the swell of each one. I lifted
each breast and kissed one and then the other. I pushed them close
together so I could go back and forth between nipples quickly, sucking,
biting, pulling, licking. It was so wonderful to lose myself in her
I got off the desk and pulled Ms. J to her feet. With one hand I
pulled her head down to me and kissed her deep while my other hand found
her belt buckle and undid it and slowly pulled it from its loops. I
dropped to my knees and kissed her belly button, letting my tongue flick in
and out. Looking up at her, I unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid the
zipper down. I loved the sound it made, telling me that her sweet pussy
was so very close! She slipped out of her shoes and I pulled her slacks
down over her hips and helped her step out of them. She was wearing lime
green matching panties. I peeled them off of her and pushed her back into
her chair. Spreading her legs, I went directly to her now very wet pussy.
The smell made me dizzy, as I pressed my face into her rubbing my nose in
her wet slit. As my tongue licked her swollen labia, holding onto the arms
of her chair, Ms. J slid her pussy even closer to me. My tongue explored
every soft wet crevasse of her wonderful pussy. I probed her hole with the
tip of my tongue before sliding deep into her vagina, wiggling around,
stroking her muscles. Pulling my tongue out of her hole, I licked her with
it wide and flat all the way to her clit. God, I wanted to please her so
"Tell me what to do, Ms. J." That came out in a breathy whisper.
"Slide your fingers into me, Alicia. As many as you can. Fill me
with your fingers and fuck me."
My hands are so small that three fingers easily slid into her
vagina. She was so warm, wet and tight on my fingers! It was an
incredible experience. I could feel her muscles pulling on me.
"Oh god, yes, Alicia! Now pump your fingers in and out of me,
slowly at first."
I looked up at her and she was watching me. Her hand touched my
face as my fingers responded to her request. In and out, slowly at first,
a bit deeper with each thrust.
"Yes, baby, yes, that is so good." Her fingers ran across my lips
and I kissed them. "Now, Alicia, I want those lips on my clit. Take it
into your mouth and suck my clit like a straw while you fuck me."
I did exactly as I was told. I split her pussy lips with my tongue
and went right to her clitoris, surrounded it with my lips and sucked it
into my mouth. It was swollen and erect and my lips fit perfectly around
it. Sucking on it was a delight. I let my tongue swirl around it and play
with the tip.
"Oh yes, Alicia, that is perfect. Oh sweet girl. Now fuck me deep
and hard, in and out. Make me come baby."
I wanted Ms. J to come for me. I wanted to drive her completely
wild. I thrust my fingers deep into her pussy, and let my fingers curve to
stroke the very top of her vagina as I fucked her in and out, sucking on
her clitoris as I did.
"Feel it, Ms. J! Feel me deep inside of you fucking your wet, hot
I went right back to sucking her clit, slow and steady. Keeping up
the same motion as she got closer and closer to coming for me. I could
feel her muscles tightening on my fingers pulling me deeper into her.
"Here we go Ms. J, here we go. Come for me. Come for your
schoolgirl. I want to feel your explosion. Come on sweetie."
"Oh god, Alicia, yes, here it is. Baby, fuck me, fuck me. Oh god
Ms. J's legs locked onto my hand and held me tight inside of her.
My tongue pressed against her clit and she let loose with a wonderful
climax that flooded me with her come. Her sweet, warm, hot come. Her legs
relaxed and fell open and I lapped and drank the come as it ran from her
pussy. As my tongue lapped at her pussy, she bent forward and kissed the
very top on my head, then raised my face to hers and licked come from my
lips and nose. With her hands holding my face, she gave me a long deep
kiss. I let my head rest in her lap and she bent over and held me
tenderly. Not a word needed to be spoken.

We both heard the noise at the same time as our heads shot up.
Immediately, Ms. J said, "Its the janitor in my room. We have maybe two
minutes before he is in here."
We both grabbed for our clothes and dressed faster than we knew was
possible. Ms. J looked around frantic for her panties. Quickly I said,
"Go without, I am keeping them."
She slipped on her slacks, shoved her feet into her shoes, slipped
her belt into a drawer and turned to me as I managed to slip on my last
shoe. "You look okay, Alicia. Now go, quickly, out that door." She
pointed to the door to the hallway as she looked over her shoulder at t,he
door to her room from which at any minute, the janitor was going to enter.
It was ending too fast. I hesitated. "Go Alicia, hurry please!
You must get out of here," there was real panic in her voice.
I stepped to her and gave her once last hard kiss on the lips and
then quickly left her wiping my juices from her desk.

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