My Aunt Teaches 8 – The Johnstones

My Aunt Teaches 8 – The Johnstones

My two Mistresses, my two wet nurses and myself are invited to a friends house for the day.

It was about a month after Sandra and Sharji came to live with us, that we received an invitation to visit the Johnson family for lunch. All five of us were invited and for me it was the first time that my aunt had arranged for me to appear as a sex-slave outside the immediate confines of the family group, which we had become. Audrey Johnson had been a long time friend of my aunt and Maria, but I had no idea that she too enjoyed the world of sex-slaves. I knew that her husband had left her some years ago and that she lived wit her older sister only about 5 miles away from my aunt. She had one daughter, who I remembered as being slightly older then me, but much the same age. The invitation was for lunch and we all set off at about midday with my aunt driving. I was dressed in my fur cat-suit, with my genitals pulled through the elasticised hole, so that they stood out proud of the dark fur. My aunt has insisted that the zips, which held the arms down to the side of the suit be drawn down, so that I had no use of either arms or hands. The zip controlling the legs was left open so that could walk normally. She also felt that the detachable hood should be left off so that my head was completely bare. A second fur coat was taken along, but again my aunt suggested that it should not be worn, but that I should appear wit my genitals exposed for our hosts to see on first meeting. I had pleaded with my aunt to dress me normally and then even more urgently to cover my genitals, but she would have none of it.

“Don’t be silly, Peter” she said. “Audrey will want to see you in all your glory and I want to surprise her with the lovely way you are dressed.” She then rubbed the end of my cock with the fur jacket, so making it bright red and stiff. The other girls around me all giggled at my discomfort. I squeaked when Sandra grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard.

“Mmmm, I can feel some nice new sperm in there,” she said. I had not been spermed at all during the morning – something which made be concerned, for I was only let off early morning sperming, when there was going to be a day of enormous exercise in front of me.

“OK, lets get into the car,” my aunt said and I was pulled along to the front door where the car was waiting. I should say that this was the first time that I had been outside with my genitals exposed. I knew that the house was not visible from the road, but I was still full of fear that someone might see me in my semi-undressed state. It was a lovely spring day and the cool breeze swept over my cock and balls, sending a shiver through my body. Getting into the car was difficult as my arms were pinned to my sides and it needed both Sandra and Sharji to help me into the seat between them. Once in the car, I was pleased that Sharji covered my lower half with the fur coat, although I noticed that she continued to fondle my cock and balls through the deep fur.

As we swept into the Johnson’s drive, my aunt turned to Sharji and said:

“Sharj, can you harden him up, as I want Audrey to meet him in full glory. I will go slowly, so that you have enough time to bring him to the brink.”

Sharji immediately lowered her beautiful head to my exposed cock and took me fully into her mouth. Her hands encased my balls, fondling and milking them, whilst her tongue swept over the tender head of my cock. Sandra, without having to be asked took my head into her arms and thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth. Both girls kept up this incredibly sexy motion until we arrived at the front of a large imposing house standing in its own garden. My torturers then stopped as quickly as they had started, and my cock sprang free, wet and slick from Sharji’s ministrations. She quickly composed her hair and then pulled me from the car. At that moment the front door opened and a lady, whom I assumed was our host appeared.

“Sue, how lovely to see you – and Maria; welcome to my home – come in all of you.”

We all mounted the steps, with me hanging back, blushing furiously as my rigid cock bobbed and waved in the breeze. My aunt replied:

“Audrey dear, this is really so kind of you. Let me start by introducing Sandra and Sharji, who you will recall are now living with us.” Both my wet-nurses shook Audrey by the hand and then my aunt went on:

“And this is Peter!”

Audrey turned to face me and for the first time I was able to take in this new woman. She was about the same height as me and I would guess about the same age as my aunt. Unlike my aunt however, she had not aged well and was in every respect a big blousy woman. Her mousy hair, which as plied up on her head was beginning to grey. Her face was nicely made up, but her body was thick and saggy. Her breasts were not unusual and her legs were thick and heavy. She approached me looking me directly in the eye.

“So this is your little nephew – how lovely; and well endowed too, I see!” With that her hands swept over my cock and cupped my balls. I sprang back, blushing furiously, but she had a firm hold on my balls and came with me.

“Don’t be shy, my little sweet,” she murmured. “I won’t bite you – or at least not just yet.” At this all the women laughed.

While all this as going on, I became aware of others gathering in the hallway. Audrey noticed too, for she turned, still holding onto my balls to make the introductions.

“Everyone, this is my sister, Phillippa, my daughter Alexa and her friend Li.”

Even in my shocked state I took in the others who had just been introduced. Phillippa was considerably older than Audrey and I noticed walked with a stoop. She had iron-grey hair and in her time she must have been a considerable beauty. Her face had perfect features, but was very lined. She nodded to all of our party, and appraised me coolly. I was certain that she was embarrassed by my presence, especially seeing my strange attire. She cannot have failed to notice her sister’s hands all over my genitals and her obvious distaste made me more embarrassed than ever.

Alexa was an unremarkable girl in every way. She had a sweet face, but was no beauty. Her body was well formed for her 18 years of age, but her breasts were small and she had virtually no waist. Unlike her aunt, she was obviously fascinated by me and came over to her mother to be introduced specially to me.

“Is this Peter, Mummy?” she asked. “Can Li and I take him upstairs to play?”

Her mention of Li made me notice the final member of the group. Li was a Chinese girl, but one of the tiniest I had ever seen. She must have been less than 5 feet tall and she was like a miniature porcelain doll. She had flawless skin and her shiny black hair fell down almost to the ground. She skipped over to our group and looked up at me with her dark clear eyes.

“Mmmm yes please,” she cooed. “Li would like play with Peter – please Missy Audrey!”

“OK you two, if Sue is happy. But only for a short while as we will be having a drink in the main sitting room in about half an hour.”

My aunt as more than happy and Alexa took a firm grip of my cock and lead me upstairs. I was too embarrassed to say anything but with such a firm hold on my tender cock I had to obey. Li pushed me from behind so that we went upstairs two at a time.

Once upstairs, we turned down a passage and then into a large room, which obviously belonged to Alexa. Li slammed the door and then the two girls faced me.

“So Li, now that we have got him up here, what shall we do with him?” Alexa asked.

“Li want to ride that big cock!!” she replied to my horror.

“Yes, and I would like his tongue deep into my cunt,” Alexa replied.

With that both girls pushed me backwards towards the bed, so that I collapsed onto it, lying on my back. Quick as a flash, Alexa zipped my legs together, so that I was lying on my back completely unable to move.

“Please let me go, both of you!” I pleaded.

“My word he speaks!” Alexa replied. “No you little darling, we are not going to let you go. My mother spoke to your aunt this morning and your aunt ensured her that you are here entirely for our enjoyment. And just at this minute both Li’s and my enjoyment is to use your cock and tongue to give us some real pleasure. OK, Li do you want to start by sucking him?”

Li needed no further encouragement and her face fell onto my loins. Her tiny mouth was completely filled with my cock, but her busy little tongue was working miracles on the nerve endings. I gasped and bucked at the sensation, which was roaring through me. At the same time, Alexa straddled my chest and pulled her long skirt up to her waist. I immediately saw that she was wearing no knickers, and the outer lips of her young firm cunt gaped in anticipation of the sucking they were about to get. She wriggled forward until her thighs were either side of my head and I found myself looking directly past her bush and cunt-lips to her young face which was concentrating fully on placing her cunt into my mouth. The she raised herself up and slowly lowered herself onto my open mouth. Her thick skirt fell over my head and I was enveloped into a dark world surrounded by her damp oily cunt. I stuck out my tongue and brushed against her young immature clit. The sensation was obviously transmitted full bore to her, as I felt the muscles in her legs spasm and a gush of oily love-juice flowed into my mouth.

While all this was going on, little Li was concentrating on licking my cock to screaming point. Trapped as I was in my furry straight jacket, there was nothing I could do to let her know that thick sperm was flowing into my balls. However, the bulging of my cock-head told her that I was close to shooting as suddenly the mouth was removed and my wet cock felt cool against the outside air. I felt the bed sag and then her wiry cunt hairs were brushing against my straining cock. I felt the tip of my cock nuzzle her outer lips, as she transferred saliva to my cock to lubricate its entry. Then I felt her push down and the head of my cock entered her gaping cunt. She pushed harder, but her cunt was too tight for my engorged cock to enter. I felt her bouncing down on me and my cock bent sideways as her cunt refused to allow its entry. Even through Alexa’s thighs, I could hear her moaning at the fact that she could not get her cunt to expand enough to allow me entry. She was just too small for me to slide into her. She came off me and I felt her weight on my thighs, where it seemed she just sat.

Alexa meanwhile was thoroughly enjoying her ride. She ground her sopping cunt down into my mouth and wriggled in such a way to ensure my tongue could get as far p her tubes as possible. I meanwhile was concentrating on her clit, which was now engorged with my licking. Her young juices were flowing and in no time she reached her first climax. She screamed and thrashed around on top of me, threatening to drown me with the outpouring of her juices. I licked and licked, hoping to get her well over the edge, so that she would come off me. In this I was thoroughly successful for she suddenly came off me, keening and clutching her cunt as the climax roared through her.

Once she had calmed, she looked down at me and she moved over to me, clamping her mouth over mine. Her tongue invaded my mouth as she tasted her own juices, which were mingling around my mouth. But it was Li who attracted her attention.

“Lexy, I can’t get him into me – will you help, please?” she whispered.

“Of course, darling,” she answered. “Let’s get you into position and I will help get that lovely cock of his inside you.”

Li moved up and over my cock, which by this time had slackened. Alexa took my cock into her mouth and soon had me hard and straining. She then came off me and Li moved into position. She lowered herself down and again pushed the tip of my cock into her waiting cunt-lips. Again she pushed down with all her might, but even with her cunt gaping to its fullest extent, she still as too tight for me to enter. Alexa helped by holding the base of my cock and pushing down on Li’s shoulders, but still I could not enter. I was whimpering at the pressure being placed on my cock, but neither girl seemed to hear at all.

Alexa moved off the bed and went to her wash basin, where I could see her sorting through a series of tubs and bottles.

“This will help, I am sure. Come off him for a second, Li and let’s grease both of you up.”

She then proceeded to rub cold cream onto the whole length of my cock, enjoying the way my cock bulged and became bright red under the massaging of her hands. Li meanwhile had cream on her fingers and was inserting them up her cunt as far as she could reach.

“Now let’s try,” Alexa said as placed the tub of cream by the bed. For the third time Li straddled my waist and Alexa guided her down onto my cock, which she was holding in a vertical position. Again Li’s cunt lips gaped as she strove to accommodate my cock-head and I saw the tip of my cock enter her. Both girls pushed down with all their might, and very slowly my cock slid into Li’s incredibly tight cunt. Li bounced herself up and down, and with each downward movement, she slid half an inch further over me. On and on she went, until she had the whole of my cock inside her. I had felt the head of my cock parting her slithery tubes and felt the definite clip and the tip of my cock was clipped into the neck of her womb.

The sensation from my point of view was incredible, as Li’s cunt held me in a voce-like grip. I gasped and cried out at the sensation, but my bonds held me firm and I could not move an inch. I also felt Li’s cunt muscles beginning to work on my cock as she slowly altered her position to a more comfortable one. She then tried moving up just a little and I saw her cunt lips, which seemed to be stretched to bursting point pulled outwards as Li rose above me. It was noticeable that not one inch of my cock appeared, so strong was the suction of her cunt. She then sank down again onto me, and my cock returned to its it’s original place.

Li herself was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her long black hair fell down over both of us and I could see it covering my legs, which were held firm in my fur straight-jacket. Her eyes shone with the excitement of her position and she was sweating from the exertions of impaling herself on me.

Alexa too was having fun as she caressed my balls slowly turning them over and over in her hands.

“Do you want him to sperm inside you darling?” Alexa asked Li.

Li was too engrossed with looking at my cock disappearing into her to answer, but she nodded eagerly.

“OK, then let’s do it!” Alexa replied and she started to massage my balls furiously. Li herself started to bounce up and down on me, panting with the exertions. I was crying and keening at the sensations that were roaring through my loins, and slowly I felt the new sperm rising inside me.

“Gosh! I can feel his sperm seething in his balls – Li it is only going to be a few minutes before he shoots. Are you ready?”

This time Li was only too happy to reply.

“Oh! Yes Yes YES!!!” she yelled as she climaxed violently on top of me. Little squirts of love juice spurted from around her cunt as she wailed and moaned on top of me. I could feel her cunt muscles working over time on my cock and then suddenly I knew I could hold back no longer. I tried to sit up as the sperm started to coarse out of my balls.

“Oh My God!! I’m coming!” I cried and then I was shooting.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I grunted as thick sperm shot from my cock into Li’s writhing cunt. I could feel the neck of her womb expand and contract as the sperm roared into her. Her eyes were wide and shining as she experienced my seed flooding into her.

“Oh my God, that is the most wonderful feeling!” she cried. “Keep sperming my little boy – fill me up to overflowing with your seed”

But I was spent and in my total exhaustion I collapsed back onto the bed gasping for air. Li’s cunt was still trying to wring the last drops of sperm from me and I was wriggling and squirming to try and get away from her. But she was quite content sitting on me with my cock firmly wedged inside her.

“Are you three coming down for a drink?”

The call from downstairs galvanised the girls into action.

“Coming in a mo!” Alexa called back, and then she came over to Li to help her off me. Li herself had started to rise off me, but as she did so, so her cunt contracted and pulled my cock up with it. I squeaked in pain as my cock was drawn upwards. Alexa came to the rescue by inserting a finger into Li’s cunt and levering my cock out. As I slid out of Li, so her cunt hung onto my cock for all it was worth. Her lips were so distended that it really looked as if she might split, but ever so slowly I withdrew from her. Eventually my livid cock slid out accompanied by a stream of sperm, which Alexa caught with a pad of tissues. She clamped the tissues over Li’s cunt and the little Chinese girl ran for the bathroom.

Alexa then used a damp flannel to wipe down my cock and balls and as a finale she took my slack cock into her mouth, sucking it back to some form of life. Finally she unzipped my legs and pulled me to my feet.

“You are gorgeous!” she purred. “I am going to get my mother to ask for you to come and stay so that you and I can share a bed for the night. By the end you will really know what exhaustion is, as I plan to drain you of every drop of sperm.”

She had been staring me straight in the face whilst making this speech and I began to realise that although not particularly beautiful Alexa could be extremely sexy.

The three of us tumbled downstairs to find Audrey dispensing drinks.

“Girls, would you like wine?” Audrey asked. Both nodded and were handed a glass each.

“Now what about Peter?” Audrey enquired. “Would he like something to drink. Before I could answer my aunt cut in:

“Yes, Peter would like milk, please.”

“Bottled or draught?” asked Audrey.

“Draught is best and I see Sandy is ready to dispense.”

As I had been with the two girls, I had not noticed Sandra seated on the sofa, with her blouse open and the soaking pad covering one tit unhooked. She gazed up at me and then murmured:

“Come on my darling. Onto the sofa and lets plug you in.”

I was yet again going to be humiliated in front of strangers, but by this time I knew better than to disobey. With my arms still pinned to my side, my aunt had to help me into position where I was lying in Sandra’s lap, gazing up at her milk-engorged nipple. She took the body of the breast, squeezed it to express milk and then offered the big nipple to my mouth. I opened and she inserted as much of her big breast into my mouth as possible and ordered me to suck. I did so gratefully as I was very thirsty following my recent sperming with Alexa and Li.

My aunt fondled my slack cock and balls whilst I was plugged into Sandra.

“Looks like you two have had fun up there,” she said. “Which of you extracted sperm from my little slave?”

Both girls blushed, but it was Alexa who answered.

“I’m sorry Sue – it was my idea as before you arrived Li was saying how she wanted to feel hot sperm shooting up inside her. I hope we haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Absolutely not,” my aunt replied. “I am more than happy for any of you to extract sperm from him. After all he is living with us as a mobile sperm bank and if my friends want sperm, that is exactly what he is designed to do. The only stipulation I feel I must make is to allow him time to drain the breasts of his wet-nurses.”

“Does that include me, by any chance?” I looked up in alarm at the new voice and to my dismay saw it was Phillippa who had just spoken.

“I know I am old, but I would still love to experience that marvellous feeling of hot young spunk shooting up into my womb.”

“If you want that, then I will ensure Peter sperms you before we leave today.” All the time my aunt had been speaking, she had been fondling my balls and now she gave them a squeeze.

“Work for you my lad before we leave today!”

After we had finished our drinks and I had drained Sandra’s left breast, Audrey announced that lunch was ready. My legs and arms were unzipped and we all moved into the dining room. There a large round table had been set for nine and Audrey motioned for me to sit beside her. Maria sat on the other side of me and all the others found places around the table. Before we sat down, Audrey re-zipped my arms, stating to the assembled company that she wanted to feed me.

“I don’t get much practice at feeding youngsters any more, so please indulge me!” Everyone laughed and started to help themselves to the food which was set around the table. Audrey piled food onto my plate and then pulled her chair close to mine.

“So my little darling, I am now going to feed you.”

With that she spooned a large mouthful of food into her mouth and proceeded to chew it thoroughly. She then took me in her arms and brought her mouth fully down onto mine. Her mouth opened and she transferred the masticated food into my mouth. All around clapped and laughed at the way I was being fed and Audrey continued in this fashion until my plate was clear. The girls all drank wine, but again I noticed that I had a large glass of breast milk, which Sharji had expressed from her tits whilst I was being fed. Audrey insisted that I drink the complete glass, after which she gave me a long tonguing kiss. For most of the meal she had her hands on my cock and balls, fondling and touching until my cock was hard, red and deeply veined.

Desert was easier as Maria fed me with a spoon. Coffee followed and the wine continued to flow. Then suddenly Audrey clapped her hands and demanded quiet.

“Girls, we are now going to play a game which I know you will all enjoy. First I want all of you that are wearing knickers to remove them and get your skirts un around your waists. Then I want both hands on the table from each of you. The game is as follows. Peter here is going under the table and he is going to choose a cunt to lick out. As we will all be sitting close to the table, only the girl who is being licked will know which cunt he is attending to. The rest of us have to guess. Provided the girl being licked shows no emotion, then Peter continues and if she exercises real self-control, then eventually she will be brought to a climax. If however she lets us know, by whatever means, that she is being licked, then Peter has to stop and then move on to the next girl. Peter you can choose whoever you want, but don’t forget to look after your hostess at some stage.”

With that all the women stood up. Those who were wearing knickers removed them and they all sat down again, naked from the waist down. Maria unzipped my arms and pushed me down under the table.

“Down you go my boy and let the game start!”

Once I was under the table, my terrible position once again bore down on me. I looked around at the eight different cunts exposed around me. I knew that if I did not do well, I would be punished, so I determined to try my hardest. I tried to remember who was sitting where. I quickly saw Maria’s cunt, with her dark legs and heavy black bush, she was unmistakeable. So next to her was Audrey. Her thick legs would be difficult to part, but I saw she had a tidy bush and a long tapering cunt, with heavy outer lips. Sharji was easy to recognise, for I knew her neat bush and long tapering legs so well. Also Sandra’s cunt with its gaping outer lips was easy to recognise. I decided to start with Li, for Her cunt still looked widely stretched from our earlier exertions. I crawled over to her and very gently gave her slit a long languorous lick. Immediately the outer lips opened like the petals of a flower and her tiny clit just peeked from between her inner lips. I wiggled the tip of my tongue over her clit, whereupon I heard a shriek from above me.

“Oh Li! You lucky soul. But now you have been disqualified!” That was Audrey speaking.

I then decided that I should go over to Phillippa and see how she reacted. As soon as I touched her legs, I felt her stiffen. Her bush was grey and her cunt was a long even slit. Again I gave her slit a long lick, but noticed that there was little response. Obviously age had made her cunt less sensitive. I decided therefore to fasten my mouth onto her slit and get my tongue right up inside her. I put my hands on her thighs and buried my face into her bush. She smelt sweet and well perfumed, so I then set about slavering all over her cunt. I was soon rewarded with her big outer lips swelling and opening and then I was into the soft inner flesh. Again I searched for her clit and soon found it nestling beneath her ample inner lips. I closed my lips around her clit and swirled my tongue over it. I was rewarded with just the smallest gush of love juice, so I delved further into her tubes. Suddenly her legs lifted up and enclosed my head. I also heard a distinct sigh from above and knew she had been found out. Her legs uncrossed and I was ordered away.

I knew that it was important for me to ensure that all the important members of both families were sucked, so I then moved on to my aunt. I knew her cunt extremely well having sucked her out on numerous occasions. I knew exactly how to find her clit and was soon awash with her love juices as she fought to remain calm. Eventually she did climax, shrieking at the top of her voice as she came, but she had won this part of the game.

Next I moved on to Audrey. Like her sister as soon as she felt my hands on her thighs she stiffened, but opened her legs eagerly to allow me access to her cunt. Her bush was neatly trimmed and like her sister she had a long slit of a cunt. I proceeded to lick all around the edges of her outer lips, which opened for me before I had even touched them. Audrey was obviously in a state of great arousal. When I licked her inner lips, the muscle in her legs spasmed violently and I was sure she would be found out. But no one said anything, so I continued my search for her clit. I discovered it nestling in the great folds of her tubes, and as soon as I touched it, I was rewarded with a gush of juice. I had noticed how different the juices of various women tasted. Audrey’s was sweet and she started to flow constantly. Juice dribbled down her legs and as fast as I lapped it up, so she produced more. It was clear she as close to a climax, so I left her and moved over to Alexa.

Alexa was hopeless, as she squealed as soon as my tongue lapped at her cunt lips. I had to leave her straight away and I moved on to Maria.

Maria was easy for me as again I knew her cunt so well. She gave herself away by sighing as she approached her climax, so I then returned to Audrey. My breath on her cunt was enough to open her outer lips and soon I was awash again with her juices. She was a master of self-control and I brought her to a gritting climax, without her making any outward show. She eventually gave herself away, but reaching down to push my head further into her cunt for a second climax.

Although I had not touched Sandra, once Audrey had had her second climax, the game was deemed to be over and I was brought up from under the table. I looked a complete wreck, with cunt juice from several women all over my face. Audrey had a warm flannel, which she washed over my face. At this time my aunt made to get up and announced that we must be leaving at we had outstayed our welcome.

“But isn’t Peter going to sperm inside Auntie Phillippa?” Alexa enquired.

“Of course he is – I had quite forgot. Where shall we do this, Audrey?” my aunt enquired.

It was Phillippa who answered and suddenly it was she who took control.

“I think the sitting room first Audrey and then perhaps we can retire to the main bedroom. I fancy some little games – can you get out the woof-woof kit? Also can we have Peter naked? I want to feel that young skin against mine”

This obviously meant something to Audrey for she went straight out of the dining room into one of the other rooms in the house and I could hear her rummaging around in a cupboard. Meanwhile Maria and Sharji were stripping off my cat-suit and in no time I was standing in front of all my females completely naked. Phillippa came over and cupped my cock and balls.

“Come with me, my little sweet. I have longed or this day and I intend to make the very most of it. I hope you are feeling strong – I can certainly feel new sperm sloshing around in these balls.”

Her face was close to mine and I could see her lines so clearly. Her eyes were still a clear blue and whilst looking at me, she removed the pins from her hair and a mass of grey hair fell down over her shoulders. As her face was well make-up, with her hair down she looked quite beautiful in a mature way and I felt the first stirrings in my balls. Taking a firm hold on my cock, she led me into the sitting room.

Audrey was already there and I noticed she had all sorts of equipment in her arms.

“The doggy stuff is here Phil,” she said. “Presumably you want Peter to be the male and wear the tail?”

“Yes, I think so, to start with. Actually Sue, I think we will need yours and Maria’s help here,” Phillippa replied.

My aunt and Maria came forward keen to help in what they saw as another game.

Audrey took what looked like a huge whip from a case and gave it to Maria.

“This you will see if he doggy equipment,” Audrey went on. “The tail is pretty obvious, but we need to insert this part into Peter. There is some cold cream on the shelf there, so could one of you grease him up?”

Maria immediately got the cold cream and stood in front of me.

“Now slave – to attention and touch your toes!!”

Obediently I bent over and my aunt took the top off the cold cream jar. She took a large wadge on her first two fingers and started to rub it around my arse. She then took more and inserted two fingers up my arse, greasing the narrow passage as she went. I gasped at the sensation, and Maria tapped me on my back to warn me to behave.

I felt my aunt’s fingers withdraw, but then a cold hard implement pushed against by sphincter. It too felt very greasy, and I suddenly realised that my aunt was going to push this implement up into me.

“Please aunt, please not that!” I pleaded.

“You be quiet and take this like a man. It won’t hurt and you will then be exactly right to take part in the doggy story.”

She increased the pressure and I felt a thin rod move up my rectum. On and on it went, filling me up, but then I became aware that the rod was widening. It seemed to get suddenly wider and my sphincter muscles rebelled against it. By my aunt kept up the pressure and suddenly the rod shot in and my muscles closed over the enlargement, which ended, so that it had the effect of a ‘but-plug’. I groaned at the sensation of the rod filling me, but I was not prepared for what would come next. I had noticed that Audrey was holding what looked like a TV remote control and she turned a small knurled wheel on the control. The rod inside me started to vibrate and buzz, with such an effect that I cried out and fell to the floor on my hands and knees.

“Exactly the right position Peter, for you are now a dog. What you cannot see is your tail which is hanging down behind you.” Audrey then turned the wheel further and the buzzing inside me became more pronounced. Apart form the incredible sensation inside me, I also noticed that the buzzing had made my cock rock hard. It stuck out from beneath me and I realised that I must look not unlike a dog.

The door opened and Phillippa entered also on her hands and knees. She came over to me and to my amazement pushed her head beneath my torso and took my rampant cock into her mouth. She sucked me hard, but then released me and turned so that her backside was in front of my face.

“Good doggies always lick other doggies private parts, don’t they?” Audrey said.

I noticed that Phillippa’s cunt as in full view, a long open slash between her legs, with heavy lips on either side. I moved forward and lapped at her cunt. She moaned and pushed her backside back into my face. I nuzzled her open cunt licking and pressing my nose against her inner lips.

“Looks like the she-dog is ready for her mate,” Audrey said and I realised that this was the sign for me to mount Phillippa doggy-style. Keen to keep up the act, I nuzzled her cunt and anus area, before licking her round arse cheeks. I then reared up and lay over her back, inching forward until I could feel my cock-head brushing against her wiry cunt hair. She reached round and grasping my cock inserted the head into her waiting cunt. I pushed forward and felt my cock slide easily into her, right up to the hilt.

I decided to keep up the doggy story, so I nuzzled into Phillippa’s hair until I could get my mouth into her neck. I then started to nibble; I nibbled her neck and then her ears. She in turn clamped her cunt muscles over my cock and turned her head so that we could kiss. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and we kissed deeply. My hands were clamped over her sagging breasts and I fiddled with her nipples to arouse her further.

I then started to pump into her, using the “Exercise” motion that my aunt and Maria had taught me. As I pumped, so I became aware of the buzzing inside my arse. The effect was electrifying, for my cock head bulged with the buzzing sensation and Phillippa started to keen at the rubbing sensation on her clit. On and on I pumped until suddenly Phillippa was climaxing. She collapsed onto the floor, with me still inside her crying and wailing at the sensation of her climax. Then she was done and moved to get me off her.

“Now to the bedroom I think, as I want to feel that thick sperm inside me,” she said in a matter of fact way that totally belied the act that she had just experienced a massive climax.

“Hang on, we had better get this tail out of him first,” Audrey said and with a sharp pull extracted the rod from my anus. I wailed as it felt as it my whole insides were being drawn out. My wailing did not impress my aunt who gave me a sharp slap on the bottom for “being such a baby”.

By this time Phillippa had a firm grasp on my cock and we all rushed upstairs to the main bedroom. There I was placed on my back in the centre of the bed and Phillippa proceeded to mount me. She slid easily down over my cock, for her cunt was still slippery from her recent climax. I also noticed that she had a wide cunt, for she had given birth to four children, all of whom were considerably older than me.

Her loose hair framed her face and her breasts fell forward as she pressed down on my chest wit her hands. She lowered herself down onto me and clamped her mouth over mine. Her tongue invaded my mouth, as she licked around me in the lewdest fashion. She then rose up and gazed down at me.

“How old are you, Peter?” she asked.

“I’m seventeen,” I replied.

“Well, you should know that I am shortly going to be sixty. Do you realise that I was past child-bearing age before you were born. So how does it feel to be about to sperm a woman who is old enough to be your grand-mother. I think it feels very sexy, for I have never got tired of having young sperm shoot up inside me. So come on darling, let’s have your seed frothing up inside me!”

I was able to look up at Phillippa and see exactly what my life had come to. Here I was deep inside this old woman, but a woman who had a sexual appetite of a 20 year old. She was thoroughly enjoying her ride, moving up and down over my cock, with her cunt squelching a slithering over me with each movement. Her body showed the full signs of her age. Slack skin hung down and in reality it was not a sexy sight. But her face was so animated and she was so enthusiastic, that I knew that before too long I would be shooting me seed into this woman.

However I had not reckoned with her sister and whilst I was admiring Phillippa’s body looming above me, suddenly Audrey’s head filled my vision. With no warning she brought her wide mouth fully down onto mine and her tongue swept into my mouth, sucking and licking me all over. She came off me, looking down with a sexy smile on her lips.

“Mind if I come up and ride tandem with your, Sis?” she enquired.

“Not at all – might as well make use of everything he has to offer,” Phillippa replied.

The bed by my head sagged as Audrey clambered up and straddled my head. She still had her long skirt on and as she moved over me, so her skirt covered my face.

“Oh my God! Please no more! Please don’t smother me …. Mmmmmm”. My words were blotted out as Audrey wide cunt came down over my face.

“No complaining, young boy, Audrey said firmly. “Just you concentrate on getting that tongue up my tubes.”

With that her cunt came firmly down on my mouth, the heavy folds of flesh around her stomach fell over my face and she arranged her skirt, so that no light at all penetrated to my head. I was totally enfolded in these two rampant women who were intent on enjoying themselves totally at my expense.

I licked and slurped around Audrey’s cunt and was rewarded with a gush lo love juice that I drank down for fear of being swamped. Meanwhile I became aware of hands around my balls and a cold hard implement pressing up against the underside of my sack. Suddenly the hard implement buzzed and I knew that someone had inserted a vibrator under my balls. With all this sensation, I knew that before too long I would be sperming. Equally it was clear that Audrey was close to a climax, by the quantity of juice flowing from her cunt. I had found her clit and as concentrating on teasing the hard nubbule of flesh with my teeth and tongue. I had no idea how Phillippa was doing, but the squeezing on my cock was increasing, indicating that she too was close to a climax.

As the buzzing around my balls increased, so I felt the sperm rising. Suddenly I was there, grunting and thrusting as the seed shot out of my cock into Pillippa’s writhing cunt. She bore down on me, trying to ensure that the tip of my cock was as far up inside her tubes as possible. At the same time Audrey suddenly climaxed. I felt the muscles in her legs spasm and juices poured from her cunt as she screamed in her ecstasy. Her hands came round the back of my head and pushed me deep into the folds of her cunt, so that breathing was almost impossible. Phillippa meanwhile was squeezing the last drops of sperm from my exhausted cock and I knew that I was spent. Audrey came off me with a rush, clutching at her cunt with both hands as a second climax rocked her. As she came off me, so I was greeted by the sight of my aunt and Maria, who had obviously been enjoying the show. Now that I could look around me, it was clear that Phillippa too had experienced a massive climax, for she was still on board me, wailing and keening with the sensations shooting through her cunt.

“Well done, my little darling!” my aunt murmured as she brought her face close to mine. “You have done well. Once these two sisters have finished with you, let’s get you home and to bed. There are several of us who are going to need bits of you tonight.”

I made to complain, but my aunt brought her hand down over my mouth to quieten me.

“Shhh, no complaining here,” she whispered. “We will look after you once we get home.”

Once the two sisters were off me, Alexa came and washed my face and genitals with warm soapy water. I was then put back into my cat-suite and we were off home. Both my wet-nurses were bursting with new milk and once home I was put to one breast after another to relieve the pressure of milk. I was exhausted, but I still had to service both my aunt and Maria before I was allowed to sleep. The fact that I managed to satisfy them both, even though I was only able to produce a tiny spurt of sperm, showed that I was learning how to look after these rampant females. Eventually I was allowed to sleep, plugged into the heavy tit of my favourite wet-nurse, my gorgeous cool Sharji.

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