My Aunt Teaches Me 4 – The Party

My Aunt Teaches Me 4 – The Party

For those who have not read Parts 1 – 3, I am a young boy, adopted by his Aunt and Companion, who now is used by then and two wet-nurses as their sex toy. Now read on . .

On this particular morning, Maria wandered into the bedroom just as my aunt had straddled me for a ‘morning ride’. I was plugged into Sandra’s breast, drawing off large quantities of warm milk, as Maria came to stand over me. I looked straight up the length of her dark thighs into her cunt. The pink slash of her inner lips were clearly visible amongst the thick thatch of dark hair and the pouting outer lips seemed to smile down at me.

“My, My,” she murmured. “Sue, you, Peter and I have been invited to a party by Tara who you will recall you once had a phone call from. The invite says: ‘A Mistress and Slave Party. Mistresses to be dressed outrageously, Slaves as their Mistress desires’. The party is in a week’s time”

My aunt was busy riding my cock, with her powerful cunt muscles clenching the length of my cock as she slid up and down on me. Even so, what Maria had said went home, for she suddenly stopped, sitting down heavily on me, so that the head of my cock clipped into the neck of her womb. I gasped at the sensation, so that Sandra’s milk squirted from her nipples all over my face. Some of the milk sprayed onto Maria’s thighs. As it was Sandra merely cradled me more closely into her breast, squeezing the body of the breast to expel extra swabs of milk.

“Fantastic!” my aunt replied. “Wait until I have had my fill of this beautiful cock and then we will plan what we are to wear”. With that she threw herself wholeheartedly into riding me to a climax and only started to calm, when she felt the hot sperm froth and bubble its way up into her tubes. After the exertion I lay panting with Sandra’s heavy breast leaking milk all over me and once my breathing had returned to normal, I was re-plugged into the tit and forced to drink once more.

As the days progressed, so my aunt’s and Maria’s excitement grew at the thought of the party. After much discussion, my aunt decided to wear a thin see-through blouse, which cut away at the waist leaving much of her midriff exposed. Her tits could be clearly seen through the thin material, with her dark aureoles easy to pick out and her protruding nipples peeking through the weave of the material. Her skirt was so short that it only just covered her bush and when she walked, so the dark flesh of her top thighs was clearly visible and wispy hair could be seen brushing against the material of the skirt. She wore black fishnet tights with bright red high-heeled shoes, which enhanced her height. Her hair was piled high on her head and she was fully made up, with dark eye shadow and bright red lipstick. The whole effect was as usual for my aunt – mutton dressed as lamb, for she never sopped trying to seduce younger men.

Maria’s outfit was different, but just as outrageous. She had decided to leave her magnificent breasts exposed, and her top was a simple leather halter, with thin leather straps, which encircled her breasts, pushing them out in a lewd and sexy fashion. The straps continued around her waist, so giving the effect of straps around her torso. She wore a short white leather skirt, with a slit up one side, which accentuated her dark skin. She wore no tights, but high-heeled boots, which came up to just above the knee. The effect was of an Amazon warrior, and of course I, as the slave was to be tied to her all the time. Her face was beautifully made up too, with bright red lipstick showing off her full lips and her dark features. She also had made up her breasts, with her dark nipples coloured with pink lipstick and her wide aureoles smeared with a lightening cream.

My outfit was quite simple. My head was encased in a soft leather hood, with holes cut for the eyes, nostrils and mouth. This came down to my neck and my top was covered in a shorty fur coat. My hands were free and the rest of my body was naked. A thin collar was clipped tightly around the base of my cock and under my balls, having the effect of pushing out my genitals from my body. A chain hung down from the top of the collar and the other end of this chain was attached to Maria’s wrist.

On the evening of the party, we all paraded in front of Sandra and Sharji and I wished I had been chained to Sharji instead of Maria. She appraised me coolly, before wrapping me in a warm embrace and kissing me deeply, with her small pink tongue probing down my throat. I could feel the damp of her breasts pushing against my chest, as she hugged me. Sandra contented herself by inserting a nipple into my mouth for one last suck, whilst she massaged the head of my cock with the bottom of my fur coat. Before we left, to hide my nude lower half, another full length fur coat was slipped over me, both females donned capes and we were off.

The drive took about 20 minutes and we were all silent with our own thoughts for the duration. Soon we were turning off the main road, into Tara’s drive. The long drive was lit by flares and we joined a queue of cars heading for the party. I was surprised at the number, for I had no idea that the Mistress clan was so popular. The drive looped around in front of the house and there was ample parking for all. We got out and mounted the huge steps to the front of the house. There we joined another queue for we were all to be greeted by Tara personally. As we neared the front of the queue, so I got my first glimpse of our hostess. She was tall and slender, with porcelain features and long blond hair. Her long silk dress was a masterpiece. The silk flowed down off her shoulders, just covering her breasts, but leaving the whole of her front naked. Her blond pubic hair had been trimmed into the shape of a heart, and her legs were quite naked, with the light blue silk swirling around them. The effect was completed by matching light blue high-heeled shoes. It was however her hair that crowned her. A mass of blond hair was piled high on her head, but then a glorious swirl came down off her shoulder and ran between her breasts. This long stand of hair ended by being inserted deep into her cunt lips, so that the effect was off the hair disappearing inside her. Her bright blue eyes sparkled as she saw us.

“Sue, Maria – how lovely to see you. So this is Peter!! I look forward to getting to know him later”. While she had been greeting us, my aunt had opened the front of my long fur coat, so that my cock and balls were exposed. Tara eased up to me and gazed deep into my eyes, which of course were half hidden by my hood. Her hand reached down and cupped my balls.

“Mmmm nice and full,” she murmured. I was struck by the deep blueness of her eyes, the white porcelain texture of her skin and the musk of her heavy perfume as she moved close to me. My cock bobbed, hard and stiff from being rubbed against the fur and I think she was pleased at my reaction to her.

But there was no lingering, as there were others behind us and we moved on into great hallway. It seemed that there were hundreds of people moving around, but my aunt and Maria moved towards the cloakroom to get rid of the coats. Having shed our heavy coats, we moved back into the hall and then on into the ballroom. I was appalled at the idea of entering a crowded room with my genitals exposed for all to see, but Maria kept a firm hold on he chain and pulled me forward into the room with her and my aunt.

The spectacle that met my eyes was incredible. The huge room was full of folk, nearly all females, all talking in groups and circulating amongst each other. It was clear that most were Mistresses in one form or another, and I also noticed that like me there were some slaves chained to their Mistresses. The Mistresses themselves each vied to outdo one another with their costumes. One large middle-aged woman, who spoke briefly to my aunt wore only an open leather coat with long high heeled boots. Her breasts hung down loose, but pride of place was taken by a huge wooden dildo inserted into her cunt. The dildo extended up to her waist, where it turned into a large horse’s head. The reins from the horse’s mouth were tied around the woman’s back, so holding it in place. However the majority of the pressure and weight were taken by the length of wood inserted into her. She had shaved her pubic hair completely and it was easy to see that her cunt lips were greatly extended by the pressure from the wood. However she made a point of showing how powerful her cunt muscles were, by expelling a length of wood, only to suck it back into her, using the suction from her cunt only. The weight of the horse’s head seemed as nothing to the power of her muscles. Many other Mistresses had objects attached to their cunts, with bottles, dildos and candles being the favourites. Breasts too were nearly always exposed in one form or another. Many Mistresses had metal rings pierced through their nipples and some had jewelry attached to both cunt lips and nipples. But it was clear that there were many more Mistresses than slaves, for there seemed to be a group of females surrounding each slave. Drinks and eats were served by semi naked girls, carrying trays. These girls were easily identified by the special jewelry attached to them. Each had two sparkling ear rings attached to their outer cunt lips, which swung and shone as they moved. Their standard uniform was a pair of crotchless hot pants, and a silk blouse with holes cut to allow their breasts to be exposed. Most smiled lewdly at the slaves and they frequently brushed hard against the front of a slave, so feeling up his cock as they moved by. As the girls circulated, I noticed that the Mistresses took alcoholic drinks, but that the slaves were all handed glasses of a thin white liquid. When I took the first sip of mine, it did not surprise me to learn that it was expressed breast milk. Around the edge of the room were seated a series of female slaves. Each was bound to a chair, with their hands tied firmly to the arms of the seat and their mouths gagged, so that they could utter no sound. Many had clear plastic breasts pumps attached to their breasts, these pumps in turn being plugged into the mains. A soft humming could be heard as the pumps extracted milk from these girls, which ran down into jugs, which the girl servants then took to re-fill the slave’s glasses. Most of the female slaves also had vibrators strapped into their cunts, which were also plugged into the mains. The vibrators could be switched on by any passer by, for each had an on/off switches mounted above their head’s. I saw a group of females move to a series of switches and put them on. In no time the bound females were bucking and groaning as climaxes swept through them, brought on by the incessant buzzing of the vibrators. I saw drips of cunt juice fall to the floor beneath several females as they climaxed again and again. The Mistresses seemed to enjoy this aspect, as several inserted their fingers into the female’s cunts alongside the vibrators, wriggling them around to increase the pleasure and them pulling them out to suck the juice off them. I also saw one male slave forced onto his knees and made to suck the cunt of a climaxing female, his Mistress forcing him to drink down her flowing juices.

My aunt and Maria were greeting many of their friends, and at first no one seemed to be taking much notice of me and I tried surreptitiously to cover my cock with the heavy fur arms of my coat. I also took the opportunity to look around at the other slaves in the room. One in particular caught my attention. He was a small boy attached to a huge African female, who had him on a short chain around his neck but was taking no notice of him at all. The poor lad looked quite grotesque, for he had body piercings in every area of his body. His eyebrows, nose, lips and ears were a mass of metal rings. His tongue had three studs protruding from it; he had rings through each nipple and a series of rings through his foreskin. Many rings were joined by thin metal chains, so that when he moved, he clanked and jangled. I could see a heavy metal ring around the base of his cock, which also encircled his balls, so that his genitals stood out as if to attention. His hands were cuffed behind his back and he leg irons around his ankles so that if asked to move he could only shuffle behind his Mistress. His Mistress was deep in conversation with a group of other females, but there was one young girl who had attached herself to his cock. She was sucking so violently that her cheeks were sucked inwards with the vacuuming motion. The young slave was trying to move away from her, as he, like me had been warned that sperming was simply not allowed. But as the girl’s mouth moved off his cock, so it stood out bright red and heavily veined and it was clear to me that he was nearing a climax. I saw him beg his Mistress to intervene, only to be brushed aside as she continued with her conversation. The girl attacked his cock once more and then the poor lad was shooting. The girl moved away from him, but continued to milk his cock as thick gobs of sperm shot from his livid cock and splattered onto the floor. The lad’s Mistress was furious and yanked his collar hard, so that the boy was bending over her knee. She then proceeded to give him a thorough spanking, from which he emerged red and thoroughly embarrassed. Tara had appeared all cool and sophisticated and arranged for two of her maids to clear up the sperm.

The boy’s sperming seemed to break the ice of the party, for suddenly there were slaves being attacked by females everywhere you looked. Cocks were dragged out of restraints and hundreds of hands seemed to come from nowhere to start milking them to a climax. It was at this time that a group of girls attached themselves to me. Maria smiled easily as one of the girls, all of whom must have been in their twenties started to suck my cock voraciously. Maria brought out a small pair of handcuffs and secured my hands behind my back, so that I could do little to stop the group from fondling my genitals.

But as quickly as they had started, so the group of girls lost interest and suddenly my cock was bobbing free, albeit wet and shiny from a good sucking, but I had avoided being spermed. I looked around and caught the eyes of a slave who must have been about my age. He was chained to what appeared to be twins, for the two Mistresses were identical in every way. He smiled at me and then received a sharp slap on his bottom from one of the twins for his pains. But the link had been made and every so often our eyes would meet and we would exchange glances.

It was shortly after this that my aunt came back to us hand in hand with the tiny Chinese girl I had met at the Campbells. My aunt went to Maria:

“This is Li and you remember her from the Campbell’s lunch party. Isn’t she sweet?”

I remembered Li, who was so tiny that she only came up to my chest. She was wearing what appeared to be only a length of chiffon, for her body was easily visible beneath the material. She had tiny pert breasts, a pencil waist and thick black hair that hung down to her knees. She gazed up at me with clear dark eyes.

“Hullo Darlin’” she cooed. “You remember me? Would you like to make love to li’’le Li again?” I was appalled at the way everything in the room seemed to revolve around sex, but I knew better than to disagree. By this time Li had my cock in her hand and was turning it this way and that. Her long fingernails were caressing the underside of my sack and I could feel the sperm rising inside me. I wriggled to move away but Li came with me. She reached up to put her arms around my neck and Maria immediately pushed me down so that my face was inches from Li’s. Her arms wound round me and her mouth came down fully on mine. Her tiny tongue invaded my mouth as she kissed me in the sexiest manner possible. Her long hair fell over my head and I was swamped by her gentle perfume. She managed to insert herself into my arms and wriggled into me in the most incredible fashion. While all this was going on I was dimly aware of cries from other slaves who were being spermed by members of the party only then to be punished by their Mistresses for not exercising proper control. Li still had a firm grip on my cock, but she was so busy kissing and fondling my body that at least I was not in any immediate danger of sperming. Li came off me and I noticed that she was extremely flushed. During our embrace she had managed to get one of my hands into her bush and I pushed two fingers up into her slippery little cunt. “I’m not going to sperm you now Darlin’” she breathed. I saw her whispering to Maria, who nodded her head eagerly. I knew then that before the week was out I would be once again pumping my sperm into that hot little Chinese box.

As I looked around so I noticed my aunt deep in conversation with another Mistress. She was a large blousy looking matron, with a big heavy bosom and thick legs. She must have had a pretty face when she was young, for I guessed she was now nearing fifty. She wore what looked like a normal dress, except that holes had been cut in the front and her big fat nipples protruded for all to see. Otherwise she was conventionally dressed, but she had a chain attached to her wrist, the other end of which was attached to a collar around her slave’s neck. But her slave took my breath away, for unlike almost everyone else, her slave was a young girl. Fiona, as I learned she was called, wore only the collar to which the chain was attached and a thin silky G string. The G string had a thick leather belt, but the strip of material that passed between her legs was quite transparent so that her blond pubic hair was clearly visible. As I glanced at the area between her legs, I noticed a black knob clearly visible between her les. As I looked closer, so it was apparent that Fiona had a huge black dildo pushed up her cunt. Her lips strained to accommodate the mass of ebony plastic that was invading her womanhood and she walked stiffly, for movement when she was stuffed so full was difficult. My aunt was obviously making some arrangement to meet with Fiona’s Mistress, but at that moment, Tara moved into the centre of the ballroom clapping her hands and asking for silence.

“Mistresses,” she announced. “I am delighted to see so many of you here tonight and a special thank you to those who have brought along young slaves. Before we get too involved with enjoying ourselves, I hope you will bear with me and indulge me a little. For our entertainment I thought it would be fun if we asked all the slaves present to give us a sperming competition. The rules are quite easy. All the slaves line up here on the stage with their Mistresses and in turn each is brought to a climax. The winner is the one who can shoot his sperm the furthest. You will see I have marked the floor here appropriately and my maids will be on hand to clear up. So can we start by having all the slaves up on the stage and will the Mistresses come round to me, so that we can draw as to who goes first.”

There then followed much clicking as slaves were unhooked from their Mistresses and sent up onto the stage. We gathered together as a sorry bunch, for we were all owned by sex-starved Mistresses and each had his own tale to tell. I moved straight over to the slave who I had contact with earlier during the evening.

“Him I’m Peter,” I said.

“I’m Mark,” he replied. How are you getting on?”

“Not too bad,” I said. “I live with my aunt, her black friend and two wet-nurses, so it could be worse.”

“Wow!” came the reply. “I thought I had it bad, but at least I only have the twins to service. Mind you I never seem to have enough sperm to satisfy them – how about you?”

“Not really,” I replied. “My problem is trying to satisfy them all. They don’t always want sperm, but I am always having to lick someone out, whilst another is riding me.”

At that moment we were joined by the pierced slave who I had witnessed being spermed earlier.

“I’m Jo,” he murmured. “I don’t know about you, but I am totally exhausted. My Mistress got so excited that she rode me to a climax only minutes before leaving. Then that little bitch insisted on sucking me off, so I don’t think I will be producing much more than steam for this competition.”

Mark nodded. “I had a little minx who covered me with hand cream and made me shoot my load into the mouth of her friend. So my balls are pretty dry. Mind you, I have been warned what will happen to me if I don’t do well and I will try and avoid that with all my resources. The twins have recently invested in a milking machine and they have threatened to attach me to it and then leave me to fill the bottle. It will most likely kill me first.”

Before I could answer, we became aware that our Mistresses were joining us and we were being lined up. Maria, looking quite gorgeous led me over to the end position.

“You are on last, darling,” she murmured. “That is excellent, for we will know exactly what we are up against. Tell me have you been spermed this evening since you arrived at the party?”

I shook my head and Maria nodded happily.

“Great, I reckon we have a good chance of winning then,” she said. She started by unwinding the electric cable from around my genitals and tightening the strap around my cock and balls. I squeaked at the pressure from the cord and Maria scolded me for being a baby.

“I want you to hold back for as long as you can, so that when you eventually come, your seed shoots as far as possible, is that clear,” she ordered. “That is why I am tying you up tight, so that when your sperm does shoot, it will come out with maximum force.”

By this time he competition was underway and all the other Mistresses who seemed to number in their hundreds gathered round to watch the spectacle. I was able to see the first boy being sexed up by his Mistress and then Tara applied cold cream to his cock. His Mistresses hands flew back and forth over his cock as it grew long and hard. It was changing colour to bright red as we watched, with the blue veins clearly standing out. Suddenly the slave shrieked as he was brought up to a massive climax by his Mistress. Huge gobs of sperm shot from his cock and splashed down onto the floor near where Tara was standing. The poor boy bucked and fought as his Mistress worked on his cock and balls, determined to make him sperm yet more and achieve a greater distance. Eventually he collapsed across his Mistress, whimpering and keening at the sensation coursing through his genitals.

“Not bad for Number One,” Tara announced. “A distance of five feet. I would hope we would exceed that before the evening’s out.” I noticed the boy panting and sighing as his Mistress wrung the last drops of sperm from him. He seemed totally exhausted, but I also noticed girls crowding up onto the stage asking if they could borrow him, now that he had completed the competition. It was clear that his evening was far from over.

The next contestant was Jo and I could see that his Mistress had worked him up into a complete frenzy before Tara anointed his cock with the cold cream. The huge woman bent over him to grasp his cock and balls as she began the milking process. Poor Jo’s head was thrown back trapped between her huge pendulous breasts as he strained to produce yet more sperm. His mouth moved as meaningless words escaped from his lips and I could see his Mistress whispering words into his ear, although I guessed he was hardly in a position to understand them. As his Mistress moved to get a better purchase on his cock, so a heavy breast fell right over Jo’s head, so that we could not see his anguish. I noticed his cock turning red and angry as he was brought near to a climax and then he was there. Poor Jo, he had been spermed so thoroughly that only a tiny spurt came from his cock, barely making it over the edge of the stage, and no matter how much his Mistress worked on his cock, only a dribble of sperm was produced after that. I could tell his Mistress was furious, for many of the girls were giggling at the small offering Jo had been able to make. I knew Jo’s life would be a misery for the rest of the evening, and he would probably spend many hours with his cock bound to the milking machine.

As the competition moved down the line, so each slave was brought to a climax in turn. The sequence of events repeated themselves, with the cries of slaves as tired cocks were forced into further sperm production. It appeared that nearly all the slaves had been spermed either by their Mistresses or during the party, so the quantity and force that was produced seemed to be disappointing. The first slave who had achieved the record so far of 5 feet, seemed to be the only one with any strength. Some were virtually unable to climax at all and I could hear terrible threats being made by Mistresses, so that I knew there would be some very unhappy and exhausted boys after this evening. It did seem that nearly all the Mistresses had invested in the ‘milking machines’ that I had suffered on the day Sandra and Sharji first came, and these infernal machines would be busy torturing their slaves after tonight.

As the competition moved down the line, so I saw that it was Mark’s turn. Because he was a slave to twins, Tara allowed both the women onto the stage with him. Other Mistresses complained that this was unfair, but Tara was adamant. So I watched as Mark was sexed up by these two very good looking middle aged females. One was behind him, with her hands coming up between his legs and massaging his balls, while the other was stroking his cock, working up his sperm ready for Tara to anoint him with cold cream. Once the cream covered his cock, I noticed that the lady behind him grasped his balls, holding them tight, while the other rubbed his cock until it started to grow red and ramrod stiff. As he neared a climax, so the pressure from the lady holding his balls grew to stop the sperm shooting from him. On and on it went with poor Mark crying and keening at the terrible pressure of sperm in his balls. The twins obviously knew the exact moment when he could contain no longer, for suddenly the hold on his balls was released, with the twin behind him shaking his balls violently, whilst the other twin massaged his cock to a huge climax. Mark screamed as a huge shot of sperm arched through the air, to land just over the 5 foot mark, splashing down onto the floor by Tara’s feet. The audience clapped and I could see another rush of girls crowding up to the stage to try and get their hands on Mark. He in turn collapsed into the arms of one of the twins, who kissed him in a passionate and lewd fashion, as she was sure he had won the competition. Tara was delighted, her eyes shining with the excitement of the competition as she came up to the edge of the stage to speak to the twins. I guessed that Mark had been booked by Tara for a sex-session later during the night.

There was one further man to sperm before it was my turn. Unlike many of the slaves present, who were small and overpowered by their Mistresses, the man next to me was huge. His Mistress by contrast was tiny and birdlike. Not surprisingly, she kept her slave chained to a degree that he could hardly move. His limbs were shackled and every few inches it seemed that there was another collar around him to ensure that he could hardly move. He had a heavy padlock inserted into his foreskin, from which a heavy chain ran to a belt around his Mistresses waist. If he did not react swiftly enough his Mistress would tug at the chain, so making him grunt and stumble. He had been gagged all evening, so conversation with him was impossible.

His Mistress however was quite at ease with his huge cock. When his turn came for the competition she unlocked the padlock, to allow better access to his cock. Her tiny hands flew over his cock, massaging in the cream and he soon grew thick and red. In quite a short time he was climaxing, and I was surprised to see how little sperm he produced and with such little force for so large a man. His Mistress was obviously enraged for she took out a short whip which had been clipped to her waist and proceeded to give him a sound thrashing. The man grunted and tried to get away, but his chains allowed him virtually no movement. Eventually he burst into tears – again something that I would never have guessed from looking at him. Tara was obviously less than impressed, for she moved on to me, with hardly a second glance at the man.

While all this had been going on Maria had been slowly getting me prepared for my ordeal. She had a tiny phial of cream with her, which she secretly poured over my cock and which immediately made all the nerve endings spring into action. The slightest touch on my cock produced the most incredible sensation and I bucked and gasped at even the slightest touch.

“Another of Sharji’s secret remedies,” she whispered to me as she stroked my balls and fluttered her hands across my cock.

By the time Tara arrived with the cream, Maria had me fully at the edge. I noticed all the Mistresses and other females crowding around the area beneath the stage where I was standing. I could see my aunt chatting to Tara and all eyes were fixed on my genitals.

The feel of the cold cream made me jump and as Tara applied it, so Maria slipped a thin thread around my balls and pulled it tight. I squeaked as the cord threatened to strangle my balls, but then Maria’s expert hands were fondling and caressing my cock as she worked me up to a climax. I felt my blood beginning to pound in my temples as the sensation in my cock grew. I knew that I was mouthing meaningless words as I neared my climax, but still Maria kept up her expert handling of my cock and balls. I knew I was nearing the limit, so I whispered to her that I was nearly there. She immediately transferred her attention to my balls, massaging them and increasing the pressure of sperm inside them almost to breaking point. As my climax subsided, so she returned to my cock, at the same time increasing the tension on the cord around my balls.

I sensed the crowd beneath me knew I was nearing my climax, for they seemed to push forward and Maria obviously felt the same sensation, for she moved around behind me, still with a firm grasp on my cock.

“We are nearly there, darling,” she murmured into my ear. “You know the score by now. I am going to count down and then I want you to spurt.” All the time she was speaking to me, her hands were flying over my cock, which was bright red, with blue veins standing out clearly along its length. I was close to passing out with the effort of holding back, yet I knew I could not sperm for the cord around my balls stopped any possibility of sperm escaping. I then felt the wiry tickling of Maria’s hair against my neck as she moved her mouth close to me ear.

“THREE, TWO ONE AND SPERM!!” she shouted. At that time her hands both massaged the end of my cock and she pulled the quick release on the cord around my balls. The sensation of Sharji’s ointment, which had made my cock super sensitive, combined with the massaging with the cold cream and the sudden release of pressure in my balls brought me to a super-climax the like of which I could not remember. I gave a great shout as sperm shot from my cock and arched its way towards the onlooking crowd. Tara by this time had moved up to the 6 foot line and even in my climaxing state I could see that the first huge gob of sperm which shot from my tortured cock landed on her leg, well over the 6 foot line and dribbled down onto her foot. On and on I spurted, each dose of sperm going a slightly shorter distance, but even the third still passed the 5 foot line.

The crowd gasped and then everyone, including Tara started to clap. Girls crowded up to the edge of the stage, many reaching up for my cock to try and squeeze one more drop of sperm from me. My aunt was obviously overjoyed with how I had done, for she leaped onto the stage and started covering me with kisses.

“You lovely boy, I knew you could do it,” she whispered as her tongue forced its way deep into my throat. Maria meanwhile was pushing women away from me, at the same time trying to cleanup my cock, by milking the last drops of sperm from me. My ragged breath was returning to something like normal as Tara appeared next to me.

“The undoubted winner!” she cried as she pushed my tired cock forward for all to see.

“Well done, young slave!” she said gazing deeply into my eyes. “I am sure your fame will spread after this, and I expect you will make your Mistresses very rich. With that she turned to my aunt and murmured:

“Sue darling, do you mind if later on this evening I have some time with your slave. I feel he deserves a reward for his efforts and I know just the sort of prize he needs?”

“Of course,” my aunt replied. “You say where you want him and we will deliver him to you.”

“One of my servant girls will collect him in about an hour when I have set everything up,” Tara replied. “It will be a very select viewing, to which of course both you and Maria are invited. It’s just that I want to create something rather special and your Peter is exactly the right person to help me.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I guessed that it would require more effort from me. I turned to Maria and asked if I could have a drink, as I was extremely thirsty after all my efforts.

“We have just the thing,” Tara said, having overheard my request to Maria. “Bring him down to one of the mattresses at the side of the room and I will bring him a drink.”

Whilst everyone had been involved with the competition the servants had been putting out deep mattresses on the floor, so that the females could enjoy slaves in a more comfortable position. Maria led me down to the floor following Tara and sat me down on one of the mattresses close to the edge of he room. Tara disappeared and then re-appeared holding a large blousy woman by the hand.

“This is Ursula,” she said. “She has breasts bursting with milk, for I have kept her for just this sort of occasion. She will be happy to feed Peter straight from the breast, if he wants a drink.”

Ursula meanwhile had settled herself down on the mattress and motioned for me to come over to her. I knew there was no point in complaining, so obediently I rearranged myself so that my head was lying in her lap. She uncovered her huge tits, pulling out one big engorged nipple, before squeezing it to express some milk. Milk poured from her orifices and then having wiped the nipple, she bent over me and offered the nipple to my mouth. Obediently I opened my mouth and accepted the teat. Ursula hen squeezed the nipple as I sucked and I was rewarded by a stream of warm breast milk. As I drank greedily as Ursula I looked up into her face. She was an unremarkable woman save for her breasts. Her face, which had been well made up showed her age, which I put at about 40. She was heavily lined and her hair was pulled back into a pony-tail, which did nothing to enhance her good features. Her waist was thick and her legs sort and heavy, She was wearing a short dress which opened all the way down the front, so allowing her to bring out her breasts with ease. It was her breasts which made up for everything else. They were big bulbous mounds of flesh, heavily veined, but firm, warm and to me very comforting. She had obviously been a wet-nurse for a long time, for she was very expert at breast feeding. Her nipples were long, dark and pointed, thus making them particularly easy to suckle upon. Her milk flowed easily and strongly and tasted sweet, not unlike Sharji’s. After several minutes she transferred me easily to her other breast, which like its partner, was heavy with milk. She humped the big tit over onto my face and repeated the exercise of clearing her ducts, before plugging me deeply into her. I was swamped in milk, as it flowed faster than I could drink it. Rivulets of milk ran down my cheek, where I was unable to accommodate the quantity. Ursula seemed totally unmoved by this and allowed the extra milk to puddle onto the mattress, where it formed an ever increasing damp patch.

While I was drinking, Maria was standing guard over me, for there was a never ending stream of women wanting to play with my cock. The only one who she allowed near me was Li, who fondled my balls with her tiny hands and sucked the end of my cock into her mouth. She lay down beside us and very gently licked and sucked my cock until I began to stir again. Ursula kept me firmly plugged into her breast, and I was quite content to allow Li full rein on my cock and balls, in the knowledge that I would most likely be sperming again before too long. It would help me greatly if she could get my balls working again. I was aware of the party in full swing around me, but was content to drink my fill of breast milk and have my genitals fondled by this doll-like Chinese girl.

However, before too long, one of Tara’s maids appeared informing us that Tara was ready for me and I was to follow her. Ursula unplugged me and as a farewell kissed me deeply. It only occurred to me later that we had not uttered one word to each other, but this was indeed a strange evening. Maria came with me as I followed Tara’s maid down a corridor and into a dark room. I could make out a large bed in the middle of the room and heavily curtained windows on one side. The other side of the room also had curtains right across it, although it was not obvious what as behind.

The maid motioned for me to get onto the bed and lie in the middle on my back. This I did and to my surprise she then proceeded to tie me by my hands and feet with soft straps, star-shaped to the four corners of the bed. She placed a large pillow under my backside, so that my genitals were raised up into the air and she then moved to the door and switched on a small spot light. Using a remote adjuster she positioned the beam of the light so that my genitals only were lit. Finally she tied a heavy padded blindfold over my eyes and gagged me by inserting a large plastic ball into my mouth and tying it firmly behind my head. She then motioned for Maria to follow her and both of them left the room. The door was closed quietly behind them and I was left in total darkness, save for the pencil beam of light illuminating my genitals.

A few minutes later there was a soft whirring sound and I could hear the curtains at the side of the room moving back. There was no indication as to what was behind them and I lay totally alert surrounded by darkness, with all my senses straining, wondering what was to happen next. A soft breeze told me that the door had opened, but still there was no sound. I tried to sit up, but my bonds held me firm and I slumped back into the folds of the bed. Who had entered the room and what was about to befall me?

I then detected a lovely waft of heavy perfume, which told me not surprisingly that there was a female in the room with me. Then the side of the bed sagged and I tensed waiting for some words – but no, total silence. I nearly leapt out of my skin, when I felt soft hands brushing my hips and then a warm mouth enveloped my cock and I felt long finger-nails closing around my balls. The mouth gave a long steady suck and the owner’s tongue swirled over my cock head. But then the mouth was removed and my wet cock felt cool in the bedroom air. I could also feel hair covering my thighs when the feeling of hot breath on my hips let me know that the female who was torturing me had by no means finished. This time the mouth came around my balls and I flet the whole of my sack being taken into the warm opening. My balls were swirled around inside the mouth until they too were released and my cock was once again pushed down the throat of my companion. This time the sucking continued until I was hard and rampant. As the mouth came off me, so I flet the bed move and I guessed whoever was with me was about to mount my cock. Sure enough I soon felt the weight of a woman over my thighs and then my cock head nudged against the heat of a waiting cunt. I snorted through my nose at the sensation that coarsed through me as she ever so slowly lowered herself down onto my shaft. On and on she went until I felt her wiry pubic hair meld into mine, and the head of my cock was clipped into the entrance of her womb. Only then did I hear a sigh as she settled fully down onto me.

For what seemed like an age we were both quite still. The cunt muscles of my companion worked steadily on the length of my cock, keeping me stiff, but so far I was a long way from a climax. Then I felt hands moving around the back of my head and the cord that held my gag in place was removed. However my blindfold remained, but once the gag was removed I became aware of a huge knot of hair being thrust into my mouth. The hair had the salty tang of cunt juice and I immediately guessed my rider was Tara. This was confirmed when her husky voice ordered me to suck all the juice from her hair. I sucked eagerly and drank down the oily juices that streamed from her hair. As the hank had been inserted up her for the whole evening, there was a mass to be drawn off. Only when I had finished and she removed the hair from my mouth, did she remove the blindfold. I blinked from the pressure of the blindfold and looked straight into Tara’s deep blue eyes.

“Hello Darling,” she breathed. “Did you guess it was me? I reckon you did from my cunt-soaked hair – I hope you liked he taste.”

“Yes Mistress,” I answered in a small voice, for I had been warned by my aunt not to be taken in by Tara’s demure looks. She apparently was extremely strict with all her slaves and never allowed them to be anything other than subservient.

“Good boy,” she breathed. “Now you just keep that lovely cock rock hard so that I can bring myself to a climax, but there will be NO SPERMING! Do you understand?”

I nodded, knowing that I must control the boiling sperm inside me, for shooting into Tara’s hot cunt was obviously not to be the main entertainment for the evening.

Tara by this time was riding me with a vengeance. She rose up full length, so that my cock head was only just grasped by her outer lips and then sank down fully onto me, with a squirming motion that rubbed her clitoris against the full length of my cock. I felt the head of my cock start to grow, as I was brought closer to a climax, and I knew that I had to exercise the greatest self control to give Tara the ride of her life, yet not spurt into her. The juices from her cunt were now flowing freely and each plunge down was accompanied by a squelching sound as my cock forced its way into her sopping tubes. I could see she was enjoying herself, for she was laughing and giggling as she bounced up and down on me. Her long blond hair was waving all over the place and she had both hands firmly planted on my chest as she levered herself up and down. Just as I thought she was about to come she sprang off me, turned quickly around and plunged her sopping maw onto my face.

“Lick me out, you little slave!” she ordered.

I set to work in a hurry, moving into her tubes searching for her clit. I soon discovered the small nubbule of flesh and nibbled at it with my front teeth. I heard her scream as the sensation hit her. I now had the nubbule firmly between my lips and I mashed it back and forth in the knowledge that she must be close to a climax. I was not wrong, for in no time she was mewling and thrashing on top of me as wave after wave of climaxes hit her. Eventually she was spent for she rolled of me onto the side of the bed, sucking my rampant cock as she keened through the final parts of her climaxing. Eventually she was done and she turned to face me.

“Now my little darling, we are not through yet – not by a long chalk. Now I have got a real surprise for you, for now we are going to make a zebra sandwich.”

As if she had been heard, the door opened, the lights were switched on and two large black girls came into the room. They were identically dressed in very little. They both had long jet-black hair and wore only straps around their bosoms and knee length boots; otherwise they were completely naked. They were pretty girls, but extremely muscley. Their open wide faces looked eagerly at my slim body and they both moved over to Tara, obviously intent on pleasing her as much as possible. I was struck by their thick legs, wide hips and heavy breasts. Their nipples had both been pierced and had heavy rings hanging down from them. A thin chain joined the rings so that when they moved the chain swung in concert with their breasts. Tara was clearly enjoying herself.

“Now, peter this is Nina and Zelda and they are going to play with you while the rest of us watch. So girls, I think a zebra sandwich is in order, don’t you think?”

“Mmmm,” both girls said in unison. “Come over here darling and let us see what you are made of.”

With that they moved over to me and Nina stood in front of me, whilst Zelda came up behind. Both girls thrust their bodies against mine so that I could feel their breasts pushing into me and to my embarrassment my cock nudged against Nina’a bush. Nina herself enfolded me in her strong arms and kissed me passionately. Her little pink tongue trust its way down my throat, whilst her hands explored my whole body. Zelda meanwhile was close behind me, rubbing her nipples against my back and her heavy bush against my bottom. Nina’s tongue moved around my mouth and then suddenly she withdrew. Together they spun me around and Zelda inserted her tongue into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around me, putting me through the same routine as her companion. Again I was spun round and Nina’s mouth covered mine as she sucked the juices from my mouth. But then she withdrew and I expected to be spun again.

However, this time she dropped to her knees and while doing so, Zelda wrapped her arms around me, trapping my arms as she did so. Her strength was very evident as she held me tight. Nina was by this time inspecting my cock and balls minutely. She turned them this way and that before taking my cock very slowly into her mouth. I looked down at her beautiful black hair tumbling over her dark shoulders and then I was subjected to the most incredible sensation. Since becoming a slave, I had been sucked by many females, especially my four Mistresses and they were all pretty similar. They would take my cock head into their mouths and swirl it around, moving their tongues over the sensitive glans, so working me up towards a climax. If they wanted me to shoot into their mouths, they grasped my buttocks and held me firm while I pumped thick sperm down their throats. However, my cock had always been in their mouths. Nina however, seemed to swallow my cock down her throat, while her mouth moved right up to my pubic hair. I could feel the head of my cock being stroked by her epiglottis as she forced the length of me down her throat. She obviously knew this would produce a new sensation for while she was doing this, she looked up at me smiling sweetly.

I groaned and threw my head back at this incredible sucking on my sensitive cock head. Zelda took this as a good sign, for her busy little tongue entered my mouth, which was open as I drew in huge breaths of air, trying to come to terms with what was happening to me. Nina’s tight throat caressed my cock in such a way that I knew I would be sperming in just few minutes. My breathing was becoming ragged as I fought to hold back the boiling new sperm in my balls. Zelda obviously realised what was going on for she quickly pulled me off Nina, so that my cock sprang out, wet, shiny and rampant. Nina rose to her feet and grasping my cock in her hand pulled me to her and kissed me all over my body.

Whilst all this had been going on, I had been vaguely aware of action going on in the room directed by Tara. Now that I had time to see, I noticed that a series of wide leather straps had been placed across the bed. The straps were at least four inches wide and most of the length was covered by deep fur. Tara motioned for Nina to come onto the bed, and she happily scampered onto the bed and lay down on her back in the middle on top of the straps. The maids then lay more straps of similar length, also covered with fur on top of Nina, so that they hung down over her body.

Tara then took me by the hand and lead me to the bed.

“Now Peter onto the bed and you go into Nina in the good old missionary position.”

The irony was not lost on me, for in all the time I had been servicing my Mistresses, the one position that was never used was the missionary position. So dutifully I clambered onto the bed and looked down at the lovely dark girl, who by this time ahd her arms out, welcoming me into her. Tara assisted me and soon I was lying full length on top of Nina, with my cock embedded into her hot tight little cunt. She wriggled her hips to get me further in and then wrapped her legs over mine.

“No moving, darling until we are secured,” she whispered. Her hands were holding my head so that she could kiss me deeply, and as she did so, so I flet the straps being brought over my back. There were straps around my chest, stomach, bottom and then a series over each leg. By the time Tara was finished I was totally strapped to Nina, so that neither of us could move a muscle, without the other being drawn along. Nina’s face was inches from mine as she grinned up at me.

Once we were totally secured, I looked around and saw Zelda come into view. She had been busy whilst I was being strapped to Nina, for poking out in front of her was an enormous dildo. Zelda came up close to my face, so that I could inspect the dildo minutely. To my surprise I saw that it was a double ended device, for her cunt lips were stretched wide around the fat shaft that was filling her cunt. The part that was still open narrowed considerably, so that what was poking out was a thin pencil like object.

“Now for the special surprise!” she whispered. With that I felt my arse cheeks being spread and Tara’s voice beside my ear.

“This might be a bit cold, my darling, but don’t worry you will warm up quickly I am sure.”

I then felt cold cream being smeared over my anus and a finger probing up me, oiling my passage as far as it could go. I bucked at the sensation and Nina held me close whispering endearments into my ear. The probing finger delved into me again, with a new coating of cream, and this went on until I was well and truly greased up.

“Now for the fun bit!” I heard Tara murmur. The bed sagged and Zelda’s voice was close to me ear.

“Just relax darling,” she whispered. “This won’t hurt a bit if you just relax.”

With that I felt hands spreading my arse cheeks and a cold rod pushed against my bum hole and then started to probe deep into my anal cavity. As she found the correct spot, so Zelda pushed the dildo further and further into me, all the time, slowly lowering herself onto my back. I cried out at the sensation of the dildo invading my backside, but this was greeted by a giggle from Tara and a sloppy wet kiss from Nina.

“Sshh darling,” she whispered into my ear. You have got to let Zelda get into you and then we can start having some fun.”

I could hear Zelda’s heavy breathing over me as she eased herself further into me and then she was there, for I could feel her heavy pubic bush spreading itself over my arse cheeks and she lay full down over me, nibbling my ear and whispering endearments to me. I felt crammed full of the dildo, which I assumed was strapped to her front. I tried to relax my sphincter muscles to accommodate the large invasion in my backside, and all the time I was gasping at the strange sensation of being filled with a dildo, which was under the control of one of my dark ebony Mistresses.

The maids were meanwhile busy with the second set of straps, which they used to bind me to Zelda in exactly the same way as I was bound to Nina. All the straps were pulled extra tight, so that none of us could move a muscle. My head was turned to one side, but I could see very little as Zelda’s long dark hair was covering me. However, I heard Tara excitedly going around us, checking all the straps.

“There,” she shouted gleefully. “We now have the most perfect zebra sandwich. A young white boy sandwiched between two gorgeous black girls. Come in everyone!!”

As I had my head turned towards the door, I was the first to see it open and the guests from the party pour in. I was appalled that I was now on display to the whole assembled company. I distinctly saw my aunt and Maria in the crowd, but they made no move to come near me.

I was also aware of Nina’s busy cunt working on my engorged cock. By merely squeezing her cunt muscles, she managed to start a milking sensation, which soon had me gasping under the sensation. Her hands cradled my head as her mouth clamped down on mine. Her red hot tongue explored my mouth and throat, whilst Zelda concentrated on nibbling my ears. However, Tara had yet another surprise for us. In her hand she had what looked like a television remote control and I distinctly saw her turn a small wheel on the front. The most incredible buzzing sensation coarsed through my distended arse, so that I bucked, forcing my cock inches further into Nina. Zelda screamed, as the buzzing obviously hit her clit in exactly the right manner. She bucked and thrashed on top of me, whilst Nina merely smiled, working her cunt so that the head of my cock moved into the very neck of her womb.

“Mmmmm lovely,” she whispered. “When you spray, your sperm is going to fill me up completely.”

I knew that it would not be long now, for there were so many sensations roaring through my body that even though my balls were still all but drained from my earlier session with Tara, I knew I would climax before long.

Then Tara switched off the vibrator and Zelda collapsed onto me panting.

“God, I am so nearly climaxing!” she murmured. “Let’s hope that machine is switched on soon, as I am going out of my mind strapped to you, my darling little slave.”

This time the surprise was complete. Tara switched the vibrator to maximum for the buzzing could be heard by the whole room. Zelda screamed again and then was lost in her multiple climaxes. I too was close to the edge and Nina knew that. Her cunt squeezed and caressed the length of my cock and then I was shooting.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I grunted as white hot sperm streamed and frothed out of my cock to be swallowed up by Nina’s eager cunt. She climaxed heavily almost immediately after me and all three of us were struggling to control the climaxes that wracked our bodies that were so tightly bound together.

As quickly as we had climaxed, so it was over. The vibrator was switched off and the three of us lay panting together. The room erupted into applause as the guests looked on to this display of sexual excesses. Tara and her helpers quickly unstrapped us, with Zelda easing the vibrator out of my arse very gently. I rolled off Nina and lay exhausted on the bed. Nina sprang to her feet, upon which a large gob of sperm rolled out of her cunt and splashed down onto the polished floor. There were gasps of delight from the crowd, but it was Tara who stooped down to scoop up the sperm, which she transferred to her mouth.

“Nectar,” she announced. “I could drink this all day long if only I could find a man who could keep my supplied!”

By this time women of all ages had crowded around me and hands were caressing my cock and balls. However, soon both my aunt and Maria announced that it was time to get me home. I was relieved to be escaping from this party, but not before Tara, Nina and Zelda had kissed me openly and asked to see me again.

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