My Aunt Teaches Me 6 – Impregnating Mary

My Aunt Teaches Me 6 – Impregnating Mary

This story follows on from Part 5, where I was pumped dry at the Sperm Bank. My aunt, her companion and my two wet-nurses continue to make demands on my cock and balls, so now read on . . . .

The day at the sperm bank marked a watershed in the relationship between my 4 mistresses and me. Before that day the emphasis had been on entertainment. They wanted a young boy to enjoy in a sexual manner; someone to suck out cunts, to fill them up with sperm when they wanted and in the case of Sandra and Sharji, to drain their breasts of milk. Little regard was given to my feelings – I was there to service their rampant desires and my exhausted state was none of their concern.

Following the day at the sperm bank I was suddenly a passport to riches – or at least my ability to produce high quality sperm was. My aunt in particular started to lay down rules about how often I should be spermed by my mistresses for their pleasure and also who else should be allowed to share my sperm. The contract with Ellen was going to tax me to the limit and my aunt and Maria in particular were worried that if I was unable to satisfy the demands of the sperm bank, then Ellen would start looking for another source.

Ellen appeared the day after our first meeting with a small, refrigerated container. I grew to dread the arrival of that little container, for it meant that whatever state I was in, I was required to produce a large shot of new sperm. On the first day, my aunt brought me to a climax using her hands and cold cream. Ellen asked that if possible the electric pants be used, as firstly this would produce more sperm, as the electricity would completely drain me, whilst manual extraction relied upon me pumping out the sperm. She also did not want the sperm contaminated with cold cream. I noticed my aunt agreeing, with a degree of reluctance, for even she understood the strain that the electric pants would place on my balls.

The next day Ellen appeared with the pants and my aunt decided that the ‘games room’ should be the place where the daily spurt should be collected. All five women crowded into the room and I was strapped down on the bed. The pants were fitted and plugged in, and Ellen fitted a small hose over the end of my cock, which lead directly to the container. She then switched on the electricity and had it not been for Maria who had me plugged firmly into her breast I would have been screaming. The electric shocks pumped the sperm from my balls in a steady stream, until I was totally drained. Ellen then switched off the electricity and thanked my aunt very much for the offering. She then left, calling over her shoulder that she would see us at the same time tomorrow.

I was left in a terrible state. My balls ached and I was weeping quietly into Maria’s heavy breast. She was obviously concerned at my state and it was clear to all four that I would not be able to keep up this degree of production over a lengthy period. I heard all four quietly discussing how we should approach this, in the hope that I would not overhear.

I sat up suddenly as a terrible thought struck me.

“What am I going to do when Mary appears?” I asked in a total panic.

All four women came over to me to reassure me.

“Don’t you worry about that my darling,” my aunt whispered. Then to Sharji:

“Sharj, can you give him a major comfort session as I know how much he loves you?”

“Of course,” Sharji replied. “Give me a couple of minutes and I will take him off your hands.”

My aunt led me upstairs and snuggled me down into our huge bed. About 5 minutes later, the door opened and the most beautiful sight greeted me. Sharji stood there, completely naked. Her long dark hair was loose and fell over her shoulders down to her waist. Her superb face was freshly made up. Her dark eyes shone, her ruby lips glistened in the soft light and her big dark nipples reflected the light as she had covered them with Vaseline. Her body was totally flawless and as I gazed at her, I wondered how it was that this beautiful creature had not been snapped up by some man. I noticed that she had combed her cunt hairs, parting them to show her heavy lips, from which a small pink gash showed.

Sharji came quickly over to me and joined me under the bedclothes. Her perfume swept over me and I was sure she was the most sexy female that I had ever seen. I noticed that both her breasts were leaking, as a small dribble of milk was running from each nipple, down the underside of each breast onto the sheets. She leant over me, offering one of her nipples to my mouth. Gratefully I sucked the dark flesh into my mouth and proceeded to drink from her. She gathered me into her breast, cuddling me into her warm bulk and the light was blotted out by her lightly perfumed hair falling over my face.

“I love you, Peter,” she whispered. “Don’t you worry about your sperm production, I know that your aunt and Maria will sort something out.”

I snuggled more deeply into the folds of her flesh, determined to make the very most of my time with this girl, with whom I was now deeply in love.

The others left us alone for the rest of the day, and the light was beginning to fade when the door opened and Sandra came in. I had slept soundly with one of Sharji’s nipples wedged in my mouth. We had then spent a considerable time kissing each other in the sexiest of fashions and finally Sharji had begged me to lick out her cunt and bring her to a climax. This I had been more than delighted to do.

“Sorry for butting in,” Sandra whispered as she came in. “But my tits are full to bursting and I wonder if I might borrow Peter for just a few minutes to drain them.”

Sharji moved across the bed and Sandra settled down, unhooking her big padded bra at the same time. Her tits were huge, taught and engorged with milk. As she released a nipple from its pad, milk streamed down her breast and puddled down by her cunt. She took the body of the breast and squeezed. Milk poured from every orifice and sprayed all over me. She then offered me the nipple and obediently I took it into my mouth and sucked. The quantity of milk was so great, I nearly choked, but managed to swallow it down, before drawing another huge mouthful from her overheated breast.

My aunt and Maria obviously had hard words with Ellen, for the next day she did not appear and the day after she was quite content with me being brought to a climax by Maria sucking me off and then at the last minute pulling back and milking me into the small container. It was then decided that I should sperm for Ellen every other day, except when I was not servicing any other female for payment, when it would be every day. The electric pants would only be used in extremis and then only with one of the wet-nurses in attendance.

Two days later, we were all having lunch when the telephone went. After a short conversation my aunt appeared and said:

“Mary arrives tomorrow. She finished her period yesterday and wants to ensure she gets every opportunity to get pregnant. She suggests she arrives with her assistant at about lunch time tomorrow, so that introductions can be out of the way before the first sperming during the afternoon.”

“Who is her assistant?” Maria asked.

“Apparently she is to be accompanied by a companion, a young girl called Grace. She is insists that Grace be there to ensure Peter is inserted to the fullest amount when sperming. Grace is a Philippine girl who has lived with Mary for some time and who looks after her. She and Mary are as close as you and I are – they seem to share everything.”

“I hope Grace is not expecting to sperm Peter as well – I think I will just check that out with Mary, as that was not part of the contract,” Maria replied.

Maria strode out of the room and again I was left in amazement at the way these women were treating me and my sperm, as a mere product. Absolutely no thought was given to my desires and the fact that I was being treated as a mere sperm production plant. I looked around at my mistresses and again it was only Sharji who seemed in any way concerned for my well-being. She came over to me and kissed me deeply, with her small pink tongue working its way round my mouth.

“I told you not to worry, darling,” she whispered. “We will ensure you are OK.”

I snuggled into Sharji’s side enjoying her sexy kissing as the most intimate of actions.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent quietly and when we all went to bed there was an air of expectation in the knowledge that this would be the last time we would all be sleeping together for at least a month. Mary had insisted that I sleep with her and Grace, to ensure that I be on hand to sperm her during the night, should she feel the desire. We all snuggled down together, with hands all over my body. In particular I was keen to show my appreciation and love for my aunt and Maria, who I felt were keeping their distance from me, in the knowledge that my efforts and in particular my sperm were focused in a different direction. I gave both their cunts a major licking session, so bringing them both to screaming climaxes, which had their bodies wracked with convulsions as they soared to heights brought on by my teasing of their clits.

I also suckled quietly on my wet-nurses, draining their breasts of milk and fiddling with their cunt lips as I did so. From the sighs and moans that accompanied my ministrations they seemed to enjoy it.

In the morning I as given an extra shave, so ensuring that my whole body was smooth and then I was oiled to make me soft. My cock and balls received an extra oiling, but no one spermed me, knowing that I would need all my strength in the days to come. My aunt spent a considerable time talking to Ellen on the phone, arranging the days when I would sperm for the bank, in the knowledge that these days would have to be negotiated with Mary.

Then shortly before lunch, I was dressed in my fur boxer shorts and plugged into Sandra for my lunch-time feed. It was whilst I was suckling on Sandra’s heavy tits that I heard a car draw up in the drive and I knew that Mary had arrived. Once the feeding was completed, Sandra took me by the hand and we descended to the sitting room. As we came in, I saw my aunt and Maria with two new women, who I had not seen before. They were talking animatedly and looking out of the window. They therefore all had their back to us and did not realise we gad entered the room.

It was quite clear which was Mary, for she dwarfed the other three women completely. Her head was crowned with a shock of dyed red hair and my first impression was that her head was far too small for the remainder of her body. This was because her body was massive to put it mildly. As her back was to me, I could not immediately see her proportions, but her trunk was enormous. She wore a loose sweater, which fell down below her waist, and nearly covered her huge backside. She had on tight elasticated trousers, which allowed me to see that her hips, thighs and legs in general were equally massive. But she was so tall that none of her hugeness seemed out of proportion. She must have been well over 6 ½ feet tall for she stood head and shoulders over Maria, who I had always thought to be very large. I noticed that she on had low-slung shoes, so her height was real, not enhanced by high heels.

With her was a lovely Philippine girl who I took to be Grace. She was typical of that race, olive skinned with long dark hair and superb clear features. It was she who turned and noticed us first, and I was able to take in her long slender legs and pert little breasts. Grace touched Mary on the arm and she turned, so giving me the first look at this woman who was to be my lover for the next month.

She had a remarkably pretty face – clear blue eyes, a wide mouth and a nice straight nose. Amongst my turmoil, I had time to think that if this was to be the mother of my first child, she would be a good choice. She had good breasts, but nothing like the size I had become used to, and as I had already noticed very wide hips, a heavy torso and thick heavy legs. I hoped that I would not spend too much time underneath this massive woman, as I reckoned she might suffocate me with her bulk. She stepped forward:

“So this is Peter. I would like to see him naked, if I may.”

Before coming into the room, Sandra had rubbed up my tender cock inside it’s fur pouch, so that I was stiff and I knew that when my cock was exposed it would be red and deeply veined. Sandra quickly stripped off my shorts and I stood naked in front of two strange women – something I was actually becoming used to.

I stood completely still as Mary stepped forward and then walked slowly round me, taking in all she saw. When she came round to my front, she moved close and cupped my balls. I winced at the sensation of my private parts being fondled.

“Mmmm nice and full of sperm, I can feel,” she murmured. She then grasped my cock with her other hand and squeezed hard. My cock being stiff swelled under the pressure and Mary smiled at the involuntary way my cock behaved.

“So my dear little cock, you are going to become very well acquainted with my tubes. The question is whether you have sufficient in you to impregnate me.”

She turned to my aunt: “Sue I like him. I will furnish you with a cheque for 50% of what we agreed right now and then I suggest Grace and I get settled in. I am sure I am not ovulating yet, but we might as well start as we mean to carry on, so would one of you be good enough to bring Peter to me in about an hour, by which time both grace and I will be ready to receive him?”

“Delighted!” my aunt replied and she motioned for Sandra to take me out of the room.

Once out of the room, I clung to Sandra.

“Oh my God Sandy, that woman will kill me! Did you see the size of her? She makes Maria look quite puny. How am I ever going to satisfy her? Please will either you or Sharji be with me – surely you could say that I have to drink milk after sperming and then you can save me, if she tries to kill me!”

“Sshh,” Sandy whispered. “We will look after you, don’t worry.”

At this time Sharji came into the room and seeing my distress she came up behind me and wound her arms around my chest.

“We all love you, Peter and we won’t let her hurt you!” She hugged me closely and I could feel immediately the warm damp patches on my back where her milk was coming through the heavy pads of her nursing bra. As she hugged me, so the squeezing action on her breasts expressed fresh milk from her nipples, which ran down my back in twin rivulets.

It was in fact about an hour and a half before I was called to Mary’s room. This had been because my aunt had been explaining about the demands of the sperm bank. Mary was not happy, but eventually agreed that I should produce one climax for the sperm bank every other day, except for the five days when she was ovulating, when she insisted on having all of my sperm.

Mary and Grace were using my aunt’s old room, which had a normal double bed in it. As we did not know of Grace’s presence, all had thought that a normal double bed would suffice. Mary had made light of the matter, saying that the three of us would fit into the bed without any problem. Maria knocked on the door and when Mary answered, I was ushered in.

As I entered, I was met by Grace who was completely naked. I noticed immediately that she had wide aureoles, showing that she had suckled a child in earlier life. Her nipples were quite pronounced, but I also noticed that her cunt was completely shaved. Her vulva stood out, with wide pouting outer lips. Her long dark hair was down and fell in a swathe all over her upper body. She immediately took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. We passed Mary, who was lounging on the bed reading a magazine. She too was completely naked and I noticed her huge bulk lying waiting for me.

When we entered the bathroom, Grace told me to stand with my legs apart. She reached for a bottle, which was part of a set on a shelf and poured some of the oily mixture into the palm of her hand. She then applied this to my cock, rubbing it all over the length of my shaft. I winced at the touch of her hands, but she grasped the length of my tool making it quite clear who was in charge here.

“This make your cock very tender,” she whispered. Then once the oil had been absorbed into my cock, she took another bottle from the same set and again poured a similar amount into her palm. Lifting up my cock with her free hand she massaged the second oily mixture into my balls. Again I gasped at the beautiful sensation of her lightly rubbing my sac.

“This make your balls very active. Make sperm super-active to please Missus,” she whispered again.

The effect of the first oil on my cock was beginning to become apparent. As Grace handled my cock, so I jumped as the nerve endings became extra tender. Also I noticed a distinct churning sensation in my balls, and I knew that the first climax I would experience with Mary would be extremely powerful.

Once completed, Grace led me back into the bedroom, where Mary was awaiting us.

“So little boy, all oiled up and ready for action, I hope,” Mary cooed. I blushed furiously as my cock was bobbing at full mast, with Grace’s expert touch on it’s tenderest part. Mary patted the bed and beckoned for me to join her. Obediently I clambered up onto the bed and then pushed me down beside her. She rolled me onto my back and then leaned over me with her face inches from mine.

“So, now little boy,” she breathed. “I’m going to enjoy you just now, but don’t let’s forget why you are here.”

As her face lowered over mine, so her bright red hair fell over me. Her lips brushed against mine and she sighed. She then started licking all over my face, concentrating on my eyes and lips. Her tongue worked its way between my lips and when I partially opened my mouth her tongue shot in and worked its way around my mouth.

All this time Grace had been gently fondling my balls, working up the sperm, which she was determined I should shoot into her Mistress. Mary’s hand reached round and she grasped my cock in her fist. She squeezed it hard and was rewarded by the member bulging in her palm and the blood surged through me.

“Mmm nice and firm; let’s see how he fits into me,” she murmured.

With that she heaved her bulk up over me and with an effort she heaved up her leg to straddle me. I looked down with real concern, for I was unsure how I would handle her weight, as she was obviously going to lie on top of me. I looked in the bulk of her legs, and noted that her trunk like thighs were almost exactly the same size of my waist. As she lifted herself up, her huge torso and breasts fell down over my slight body and I could feel the heat of her body where it covered mine. Because of the way her stomach covered me, I could not see her bush, but I saw her hand reach down between her legs and there was a squelching sound as she prised open her cunt lips, ready to receive my cock. At the same time Grace grasped my cock, holding it in a vertical position to receive Mary’s waiting cunt. As Mary lowered herself down, I felt her wiry hairs on the tip of my cock. As she lowered herself down, so Grace ensured my cock entered her cunt lips and as soon as Mary felt me beginning to enter the slippery opening of her cunt, she murmured:

“OK Grace, I will take it from here.” Grace obediently let go of my cock, and very slowly Mary slid down onto me. As she went down, so I felt the tip of my cock parting the slippery smooth flesh of her tubes and I also noticed a look of pure delight on her face. Down and down she sank until her cunt hairs spread over my abdomen, moving outwards as she tried to get every last millimetre of my cock into her.

Once I was as far into her as I thought I could go, she wriggled her hips and pressed down even further, and with the extra force I became aware that the head of my cock was clipped into the very neck of her womb.

“Ooohh that is gorgeous,” she breathed. “I am going to sit here for a while Grace, so do feel free to enjoy yourself if you like.”

Grace needed no extra coaxing and quickly crawled around to my head. She cradled my face in her hands and brought her mouth down firmly onto mine. Her busy little tongue worked around inside my mouth, her long dark hair fell down over my face and I was enveloped in her soft perfumed body. She wound her arms around me and kissed me in a way that I had never been kissed before.

The sensations that were roaring through my body are hard to explain. The combination of Mary’s strangely tight cunt that milking at my cock, her hand which had come round the back of us and was slowly caressing my balls, combined with Grace’s incredibly sexy kissing all over my face had me reeling. So much sex was coarsing through my body that I felt the sperm beginning to rise in my loins and I knew that before too long I would be shooing a heavy load of spunk into Mary’s eager cunt.

For what seemed like an age we lay joined in our various ways, with the minimum of movement and all the time I grew closer to losing my self control. Mary seemed to sense my feeling, for she suddenly made to come off me.

“I think our little man is about to shoot his load Grace, so I think we had better come off him, as I don’t want him sperming just yet. I really want him in the “chair” for this.”

“Yes, I understand,” Grace replied, coming off me and so allowing me to see both my women clearly. Mary was sitting upright and I was amazed at the way her cunt lips folded out over my groin and over the top part of my balls. I had never been so far up a woman in my life and the fact that my cock head was help firm into the neck of her womb, mere increased the level of intensity running through my body.

Mary started to pull off me and again I noticed how her cunt lips clung to my cock, as if they were unwilling to release me from their grasp. I distinctly felt the neck of her womb give up my cock head and after that I slid easily out of her. As the length of my cock appeared, all red and shiny, so it was accompanied by a squelching sound, as her tubes gave up the rod that had invaded them.

Grace by this time was off me and as Mary clambered off me too, so both girls came off the bed and stood looking down at me. Both had their hands over their cunts and I saw fingers slowly being inserted and it was obvious that clits were being fondled as both had glazed expressions on their faces and the look of pure enjoyment.

“Shall we go and get Sue to set up the “chair?” Mary suggested. Both girls padded out of the room completely naked, leaving me to wonder exactly what they meant by the “chair”. I guessed it would entail some new method of extracting sperm from me, and as it would entail me entering Mary, I shivered with fright at the thought of this woman vacuuming the sperm out of me.

About five minutes later Mary and Grace reappeared with my Aunt and Maria. They were discussing the best way to ensure my sperm reached Mary’s ovaries and there was much nodding of heads when the “chair” was discussed. Maria then went out with Mary and Grace, leaving me with my Aunt. She came over and smiled down at me.

“Mary thinks you are the most sexy thing she has seen for years,” my Aunt whispered. “She is longing to feel your thick sperm flooding into her, and she and Maria are just getting ready now.”

I curled myself up into a ball and tried not to think of the effort that lay ahead of me.

“W’RE READY, SUE!” I heard Maria call and my Aunt pulled me off the bed and we went into the games room.

An incredible sight met my eyes. Mary was lying in what looked like a dentist’s chair, with her legs raised up and parted in an inverted V position. Her legs were placed into two trays, which allowed her to take up a near horizontal position. Her legs were parted and her hairy cunt was exposed, with her clit standing out for all to see. Her body sloped away, so that her head was slightly lower than her torso. She was lightly strapped into this chair and seemed quite comfortable. Grace was rubbing lotion into her body and Maria was sighing with the sexy feeling of the massage. She looked up as I entered the room with my Aunt.

“I feel incredibly horny – do you think you can strap him to me as quickly as possible?” she husked. My Aunt turned to me:

“Now Peter,” she smiled, “You remember the machine at the sperm bank, well this is going to be fairly similar. We have Mary strapped in here and you are going to enter her and service her. But first we are going to attach this small vibrator to you, just to coax the seed out of you.”

While she had been speaking, Maria had been attaching a small pencil like vibrator to the underside of my cock. A thin strap was passed around my balls and pulled tight. Then a small elastic band was passed over the head of my cock, fitting neatly under the bulge at the tip. This had the effect of securing the vibrator neatly to the tender underside of my cock. There was an electric lead coming from the base of the vibrator, which ran to a console on the wall. Maria stood up.

“OK, he is ready now – are you ready Mary?” Mary’s red hair nodded, but her eyes were tight shut.

“Right Peter, forward now.” Maria was behind me and guided me onto a small platform which, when I was standing on it, had me positioned between Mary’s huge trunk-like thighs. My aunt moved a small joy-stick and the platform moved up, so that my cock, which was being held horizontal my Maria, was directly in line with Mary’s eager cunt. I looked down and saw Mary’s cunt lips wide open to accept my cock. The flesh in the lips was pulsating, eager to vacuum in the entering cock. I shrank at the idea of being sucked dry by this huge sex-starved female

Fine!” Maria said. “Now, Peter, lets have you in there.” With that she pushed me forward and I felt my cock slowly sliding into Mary’s slippery tubes. Mary tensed as I felt the head of my cock slide past her clit and she rippled as the shaft of my cock, rubbed against her bulging clit as I forced my way down her passages. On and on Maria pushed, until I was fully inserted and then stepping away, the soft hammock like leather strap was passed around my backside and clipped to the other side of the chair. My Aunt pulled the strap tight and I felt myself being forced another few inches into Mary, until I could feel the head of my cock being clipped into the neck of her womb. I wailed and fought against my bonds, but my struggling merely had the effect of inserting me a few more inches into Mary’s tubes. I was totally unable to move an inch and I looked down at Mary’s huge torso, which was laid out in front of me. I could see Mary’s cunt lips splayed out over my waist, and my cock had completely disappeared inside her. Maria was behind me and she reached between my legs and fondled my balls, ensuring they were hanging loose.

“My God, I feel full of cock!” Mary breathed. “Come on girls, get him going, I want to feel his seed inside me.”

Maria was right up behind me and whispered into my ear.

“OK Peter, now we need an effort from you. Ready Sue!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my Aunt turn a wheel on the electrical console and the vibrator on my cock started to buzz. I saw Mary’s leg muscles tighten, for the vibrator must have been resting exactly on her clit. I too bucked at the sensation of the buzzing hitting the delicate underside of my cock. My Aunt continued to turn the wheel and the buzzing became more urgent. Mary was keening at the sensation, which as coursing through her and my breathing was becoming ragged as I gasped and strained as the new sperm started to boil up in my balls.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the next sensation. I felt hot breath on my thighs and then a mouth closed around my balls. How Grace had found her way down there amazed me, but she was now rolling my churning balls around her mouth and performing the most unspeakably marvellous acts on them. Her hands caressed the delicate area round the inside of my thighs and she then inserted a finger into my anus. I cried out at the sensation, but my cries were drowned by Mary’s shrieks as she climaxed heavily. Her cunt muscles rippled in waves of caressing over the length of my cock and I could feel her juices flooding over my tender cock-head.

But the buzzing went on and on and soon she was gritting her teeth as another huge wave of climaxes thundered over her. I too was getting close to the brink and Grace obviously sensed this, for her tonguing of my balls increased, so heightening the sensation in my groin. Maria was still behind me, pressing her body against mine.

“You shoot just when you are ready darling,” she whispered. But my Aunt knew exactly where we were in the cycle. Suddenly she twisted the wheel one notch further and the buzzing turned to a roar. I flailed out with my arms and shrieked at the sensation coursing through me

“No GOD, I can’t stand this. Please let me free, I am going to be killed by the sucking sensation.”

But on and on the buzzing went and then I was there. “MY GOD, I’M COOOOMMMMING!!” I wailed as Mary fought and bucked beneath me.

“URGH, URGH. URGH,” I grunted as the sperm roared and frothed out of me.

“EEEEEEEEEhhhhh,” Mary wailed. “I can feel his hot sperm shooting into me. Keep him pumping, I want more sperm – MORE! MORE! MORE!” she shrieked as another huge climax rocked her.

I fought and strained against my bonds, as Mary’s eager cunt sucked and vacuumed the sperm out of me. The effect however, was merely to rub my tortured cock against her clit, so producing another wave of climaxes, which had her screaming and rocking with emotion. She sat up from her bed and with eyes ablaze with lust grabbed me and pulled me down onto her. Her wide mouth enveloped mine and her tongue forced its way into my mouth.

Meanwhile Grace had come out from under me and her hands were slowly fondling and milking the last of the sperm from my balls. I was totally spent and collapsed onto Mary, who proceeded to lick all over my face. My aunt had meanwhile switched off the vibrator and we all lay panting from the exertions and emotions of it all.

“Mmmmm, I can still feel his hot sperm sloshing around inside me!” Mary whispered. We lay in each others arms and my aunt and Maria busied themselves around us with clothes and tissues. Grace meanwhile was caressing her Mistresses body, ensuring that my cock stayed inserted into Mary’s cunt, so as to keep the sperm from running out.

Eventually we were done, the leather hammock was untied and Maria withdrew me from Mary. Again I noticed how her cunt was reluctant to let my cock withdraw. But I slid out, with my cock, red and slick from Mary’s copious juices. Maria picked me up in her strong arms and carried me to the bedroom, where both Sharji and Sandra were waiting for me with breasts exposed and milk ready for me to drink. I snuggled into the huge breasts and suckled on my warm wet-nurses.

So we entered into a routine. I slept with Mary and Grace with my wet nurses coming to me during the night to have their breasts drained. In the early morning Mary would mount me on the days when Ellen was not coming for the sperm bank. I would be expected to shoot a huge dose of sperm into her, after which the day started. It was after lunch that we normally had the session with the ‘chair’ and it Mary would stay lying in that position for most of the afternoon to allow my sperm the maximum time inside her tubes. She was meticulous about taking her temperature and after about 2 weeks, she announced that she was ovulating.

The next week was unlike any I could remember. I seemed to spend the entire day pumping sperm into the voracious woman. The morning would start with Grace helping me to mount her and shoot a think stream into her. After a couple of hours at the breast of the wet-nurses, Mary would appear again and I would be expected to give a repeat performance. I would then be allowed to rest until after lunch. We then had the session with the chair, and whilst she as ovulating, I was forced to sperm into her using the pants. Once I was totally inserted, my aunt would switch on the electric current and with me screaming and wailing, my balls would be drained as every drop of sperm was pumped into Mary’s womb. During this period, which lasted for 5 days, Ellen did not appear, so at least I was spared sperming for the bank. After the session on the chair, again I would be allowed time suckling my wet nurses and then Mary would demand another heavy dose of sperm before going to bed. Whilst she was ovulating, she also would climb onto me during the night and draw another climax from me. In all this it was Grace who was able to stiffen me up to enter Mary, by clever use of her hands and when pushed the pressure points.

Mary was very tender with me. She would spend time kissing and caressing me before mounting me and during the work up to my climax, she would do her very best to ensure I found the situation as sexy as possible. She fully understood the need for me to give the maximum effort, so that I shot my sperm as far up her tubes as possible.

Once the ovulating was over, we returned to some sense of normality. I knew that the first day that Ellen appeared after the break would be a difficult one as she would be keen to replenish her stocks of sperm. Mary was happy to allow her to have two climaxes from me on that day and the second was using the pants. I was strapped down onto the bed, Sandra plugged a heavy nipple into my mouth and the current was switched on. Ellen insisted that the electricity was left on until my balls were completely drained and even then she sucked and pumped my cock to try and extract the last drop out of me.

I could not ever remember being more tired in my life. My aunt, Maria and the two wet-nurses did their best to help me, Maria carrying me from one session to another, but the ache in my balls and the strain on my cock were beginning to show. As the month that Mary was staying with us drew to a close, so everyone noticed the amount of sperm I produced started to fall off. I grew listless and withdrawn as I was carried from one sex session to the next. Even Sharji was unable to help me, as my days and nights turned into one unending long session of sperm production. All four women would stay with me, fondling my cock and balls, reading sexy stories to me, whilst feeding me from streaming nipples.

Nor was my predicament lost on Ellen, who I noticed talking earnestly to my aunt. She had come as usual for her daily amount of sperm for the Bank. She noticed that I had allowed Maria and Sharji to milk me of sperm, whilst I was attached to Sandra’s huge nipple. The two women stiffened up my cock and then milked me of sperm. I groaned as my thick seed spurted into the waiting container, but my listlessness was not lost on Ellen/

“Is Peter coping with Mary’s demands?” she asked.

“Only just,” my aunt replied. “We have noticed he is very tired and both his cock and balls are showing signs of being overtaxed. I am not sure exactly what we can do – we are keeping up the amount of liquid going into him, by having him attached to one of the wet-nurses all the time.”

“I have seen this before,” Ellen replied. “Provided he has only a few more days with Mary, he will probably be OK, but we will have to allow him to have a good rest once she has gone. I well remember another sperm-slave, who was overtaxed by his Mistresses. I asked them to reduce the off-take of sperm as I saw just this listlessness in him. They refused and in fact tried to increase his sperm production. They hired him out to frantic females, who vacuumed sperm out of him until eventually his balls stopped producing altogether. Poor little boy, the last I heard of him he as being used to service women, who wanted to have complete sex, but without having sperm shot into them.”

Ellen stood over me, fiddling with her cunt lips and again I could smell oversexed women around me.

“Of course if you don’t mind I will have to keep asking you for my daily shot of sperm for the Bank. Do you know Sue, that since we started this venture, I simply cannot keep up with the demand! Every week that goes by, my waiting list grows and currently stands at just under 100. I have women phoning from al over the country and this is without doing any advertising. It is because Peter’s sperm is so potent. So far we have impregnated 60 women and without one failure. I tell you one thing for sure, we are all going to become very rich provided we can keep those balls working”

She bent down to me, as I was suckling Sandra’s tit and cradled my balls in her hand.

“My God they are small! Poor little darling, so much strain on your sperm production. But you are so successful, do you know Peter, that before the end of this year you will have fathered over 100 children!! How about that?”

So we came to the final night. I padded down to Mary’s and Graces’ room with Mary holding my hand. Just as we got to the door, Mary stopped and pulled me to her. Her left hand encircled my cock and balls and held them strongly. Her right arm went around my back and she pulled me to her. Her wide mouth came down on mine and her tongue forced its way into my mouth. Her red hair was all over my face as she wriggled and kissed me in the lewdest of fashions. The she came off me and holding me close she looked deep into my eyes.

“Now, Peter,” she whispered. “You have been an excellent mobile sperm bank and I have fallen deeply in love with you. There is nothing I would like more than to spend our last night together, with your cock embedded deep into my tubes. However, by now you either will have impregnated me, or not – one more night won’t make that amount of difference. So tonight belongs to Grace. I want you to sex her up and then shoot your seed deep into her. Do you understand?”

I nodded, by now never being surprised at the lengths these women would go to, to have their way with my cock and balls.

“So you just wait here and I will call you into the room,” Mary whispered and she disappeared into her bedroom.

During the last month, I had got to know Grace well, but having to work so hard to keep up with Mary’s demands, I had never thought about sperming her. She had sucked my cock and balls, but always to harden me up before I spurted my seed into Mary.

Grace had the most flawless olive skin I had ever seen after my beautiful Sharji. Her dark hair came all the way down to her waist and like Sharji’s shone with vibrant health. She had clear dark eyes and a wide mouth with strong white teeth. She was in fact a typical Eurasian beauty and now I was going to spend the evening making love to her. I felt my cock stir at the thought of sliding into Grace’s juicy cunt.

At that moment Mary opened the door and beckoned me in. As I entered the sight that greeted me took my breath away. Grace was lying on her back on the bed, with her legs dangling down. Her hair was spread out on the pink cover and her face was beautifully made up. She smiled as I entered, and stretched out her arms. As I went down to her, so her mouth opened and she rose to kiss me deeply. Her tongue entered my mouth and she squirmed her body against mine, rubbing her wet cunt against my leg. Mat moved behind her and was intent on remaining in control.

Having been sucked my this lovely girl more often than I could remember, I decided to return the favour. I licked down her neck and fastened my mouth onto one of her budding breasts. I felt her nipple stiffen inside my mouth and I sucked hard. Her breath whistled out of her muth as she gasped at the sensation.

Having given both her breasts a good sucking, I moved on down until I was kneeling between her legs looking directly into her pink slash. I parted the soft hair, and as I had done to Maria all those weeks ago, I gave the length of her cunt a long deep lick. I saw the muscles in her legs stiffen and a little cry came from her lips. This time however I knew better and pushed my tongue into her crack seeking out the nubbule of flesh that was her clit. As my tongue washed over it, so her love juices erupted in a torrent into my mouth. My immediate thought was how similar women’s love juices tasted. From the dark African of Maria, to the normal European of my aunt, then to the beautiful Indian of Sharji and now the Asian Grace – all the juices from these women tasted much the same. I lapped at Grace’s cunt and licked her hairs until they lay flat, slicked with my saliva. I thrust my tongue deep into her tubes and licked voraciously as she squirmed and moved under the sensation. Her hands came around the back of my head and she pushed me deeper into her recesses. I could sense her climax nearing and then suddenly she was there. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my head, so that all light was blotted out and I was encased in her rippling olive flesh. I pushed as deep into her tubes as I could, licking and nibbling at her clit until I heard her scream as the full force of the climax hit her. Suddenly she was done; her legs collapsed onto the floor and I emerged soaking with her cunt juices to se her panting and keening with the after shocks of her climax.

“Oh my God that is marvellous,” she whispered and she grabbed me, pulling me down beside her as she kissed me violently all over my face. I noticed a sheen of sweat covering her beautiful olive face, as the climax had obviously been a considerable exertion.

She quickly recovered and made it quite plain that this was just the start of an evening of erotic pleasure. With considerable strength, she rolled me over onto my back, swept my cock into her mouth and sucked me quickly into life. She then came off me and mounting me, thrust my hard cock into her soaking cunt. I slid easily into her and she collapsed onto me, sucking my cock deeper and deeper into her tubes. Once I was fully inserted she clamped down on me, so ensuring that every inch of my cock was embedded into her. She sat up looking down at me. Her dark hair fell across her breasts and her taught body rippled as the sensations coming from her cunt swept over her body.

She was producing the most sensational movement within her cunt, which had the effect of milking my cock and starting the sperm seething within my balls. I reached up and took each of her breasts in my hands. I rubbed her dark nipples which swole under the pressure. They hardened until the nubbules of peaking flesh filled my palms. Grace was sitting quite still, just letting her cunt muscles work on the length of my cock. She smiled down at me as I gasped at the sensation coursing through me. Mary meanwhile had moved around the bed behind Grace, so that she too was looking down at me over Grace’s shoulder. I saw and then felt her hands creep under Grace’s bulk and cup my balls.

“Mmmmm, nice and full of sperm, Gracie” she murmured. “Not long now before he is shooting for I can feel the hot sperm seething inside these balls.”

Grace smiled with her eyes shut and continued the milking of my cock. I bucked and wriggled at the sensation and then I could start that familiar feeling of sperm beginning to rise inside me.

“I’m going to come any minute now!” I gasped.

“Not yet!” Grace answered. “I want to ride your cock some more before you shoot. Hold back little boy!”

I had not heard Grace speak in these tones before and realised that she too could become a Mistress controlling the sperm production of her slave. I gritted my teeth and concentrated on holding back my sperm. Grace started to rise and fall on my cock, which had the effect of increasing the pressure on my cock and I knew that before long my sperm would erupt without my being able to control it.

Suddenly Grace was mewling as another climax started to work its way from her cunt through the rest of her body. The she was there.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. “I’m there!! Come on little boy, give me your sperm!!”

I needed no second command for already the sperm was thundering up my cock and spurting in long streams into Grace’s sopping cunt. I fought and bucked as she vacuumed the sperm out of me, wringing every last drop and gobbling it into her tubes. I pumped and pumped until I was drained.

“Oooohhh!!” she wailed. “I can feel his hot sperm sloshing around inside me. What a wonderful feeling Mary, I wish I could have this happen every day!”

She then collapsed on top of me and started to lick me all over. My breathing was coming in short gasps, for her cunt muscles were spasming and still wringing the last drops of sperm from me. I noticed a sheen of sweat covering her whole body. The exertions had taken its toll and in a couple of minutes Grace was sleeping deeply on top of me. My cock was still wedged inside her cunt, which was rippling from the after shocks of her heavy climax.

After about an hour she came off me and the three of us made ready for bed. We all bathed and then I was put to sleep between my two females. Our sleep was broken twice during the night, when my wet-nurses came to join us to have their breasts drained. They were extremely uncomfortable, with their breasts hot and taught from the pressure of milk in them. I noticed how the milk streamed from them under enormous pressure and I drank greedily from each of the bulging nipples. As they came onto the bed, so each of us had to move to allow the wet-nurse space to sit with my head in their lap and their streaming nipples hanging down over my face. Grace woke on each occasion and she moved immediately to suck my cock. Once she had me hardened, she mounted me, sliding easily down onto the length of my cock. She wriggled until I was fully inserted and then proceeded to milk me to a massive climax. On both occasions, I spurted thick streams of sperm into her and on each occasion she begged me for more sperm. By the end of the night her tubes were awash with my sperm and as she got up in the morning, so huge gobs slid out of her cunt to splash onto the floor.

So the final morning dawned and I knew I had managed to survive my greatest test. During the month I had noticed a growing antagonism between Mary and Ellen. Mary was determined that for this month, she would have first call on my sperm, whilst Ellen was keen to keep up the supply of fresh sperm to the bank. I had not entered into any of the arguments, for I knew that whoever won, would require my balls to produce yet more thick spunk and I was increasingly concerned at my ability to provide what each wanted. The final time Ellen came, she brought me to a gritting climax, drained me totally and then departed, saying she would see me in two days, and as that was after Mary had departed, she would expect a massive amount of sperm. I knew she normally arrived at about 11 o’clock and it was about that time that Mary was due to leave. Both Mary and Grace were fully packed and Mary even had her coat on. Just as she was about to depart, she pulled me into the sitting room and lay me down on the sofa. She then fell onto my cock, filling her mouth with my member and sucking me voraciously. I struggled to get away, for I knew Ellen would be with us in less than an hour, but Mary, with her huge bulk held me firm. On and on she sucked until suddenly I was climaxing into her mouth. She drank down my sperm and sucked me completely dry.

“There,” she sighed as she sipped the final drop from me. “Ellen is going to be very disappointed in the amount of sperm she gets this morning, for I have had it all!”

I lay gasping at the sensation of sperming into the hungry mouth of this rampant woman and as Mary got to her feet, so my Aunt came into the room.

“Oh you naughty lady” my aunt exclaimed. “So you have drained Peter for the last time, no doubt to get back at Ellen. Oh well, never mind I am sure we will be able to find some sperm from somewhere – these young boys normally have a small reserve which I will tap!”

My aunt and Mary pulled me to my feet and both Mary and Grace gave me long tonguing kisses as they said their farewells. Then they were gone.

Ellen was not pleased when she heard what had happened, but as always it was me who had the real torture. I was strapped down onto the bed, fitted with the electric shorts, plugged into the breast of a rampant Sandra and then with the electric current buzzing through my balls, drained of every last drop of sperm. I keened and fought against my bonds, but the system was too strong for me and I ended by pumping out a full jar of sperm, whist screaming inwardly into Sandra’s milky nipple.

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