My Aunt Teaches Me 7 Fiona

My Aunt Teaches Me 7 Fiona

In this story, we all visit Taleesha, who my Aunt met at the Party – the subject of Part 4. Taleesha owns the young slave girl Fiona. Now read on . .

With Mary’s departure my life slowly returned to normal. I returned to the main bedroom and once again slept with my 4 Mistresses. During the night, the wet-nurses would plug me into their streaming breasts, and I would suckle the milk from them. My aunt and Maria returned to my life, each in their own way satisfying their sexual desires by using my body.

It was about a week after Mary’s departure that something strange happened. Although I spent considerable time suckling the milk from my wet-nurses, Maria in particular still loved me to suckle on her breasts. She would sit on the bed, and cradle my head in her lap. Each breast would be proffered and I would suck contentedly on her big dark rubbery nipple. She would fondle my genitals, sometimes reading to me from books, which invariably told of stories of young boys captured by sex-starved females, who then used him for their satisfaction.

On this particular day I noticed that Maria’s breasts were hot and seemed tighter then usual. Her nipples seem to stretch out from the body of the breast and the dark flesh of her aureole appeared to be increasing in size, for they now covered half of the body of the breast. I put it down to the fact that she was probably in a particularly randy state and the following the suckling she would most likely mount me and ride me to a climax.

I closed my mouth around the nipple, holding the body of the breast in my two hands. It certainly felt hotter than normal and as I sucked, so breath whistled from Maria’s mouth.

“Oooohh that is marvellous,” she sighed. “Suck harder little boy!”

I sucked and then I was sure I tasted the familiar taste of breast milk. I drew away from Maria’s breast, leaving the nipple shiny from my saliva and I slowly squeezed the body of the breast. A thin stream of milk oozed from the end of the nipple and Maria sighed once again.

“Marie, you’r lactating!” I whispered.

“At last,” Maria whispered. “I’ve been hoping to come into milk for ages now. I have done all the right things and now it seems to have worked.” She squeezed the body of the other breast and I noticed the way the nipple bulged and grew under the pressure. Again milk oozed from orifices in the nipple and dripped down onto my torso. This explained why Maria’s breasts had grown in size, had become so much firmer and her nipples had grown huge, fat and dark on each breast. It all made sense now and it was not lost on me that I would now be expected to suckle three wet-nurses, instead of the normal two.

I closed my mouth over the bulging nipple and began suckling in earnest as I had done so many times with Sharji and Sandra. As the afternoon wore on, so Maria’s milk started to flow more freely. The other three women came into the room, congratulating Maria on becoming a wet-nurse and being able to have me drink her milk from the breast. Sharji clambered onto the bed, spread her cunt lips wide and mounted me, sliding easily down over the length of my bulging prick until the entire length was swallowed inside her. The sensation coursed through me and I gasped as her cunt muscles gripped and milked my length.

It was a couple of day later that a note came through the post asking all of us to spend the day with Taleesha at her house just a few miles away. My Aunt came into the bedroom, where Sandra was busy expressing milk all over my body as I suckled on Sharji’s fat breast. Maria was, as usual aboard me, with her busy cunt muscles milking my cock. Her proud breasts were leaking milk, which streamed down her body to puddle in her cunt hair and act as a lubricant for my exhausted cock, when she slid up and down me.

“Another invitation as a result the party a few months ago,” my aunt said. “You recall Taleesha, the big blousy woman who had the young girl-slave, Fiona. Well she has invited all of us over for the day tomorrow. I have just phoned back to say we would love to go.”

The next day dawned and before I was aware we were off in the car. I was pushed under Maria’s heavy sweater and was plugged into her massive bosom. I drew on her sweet milk, whilst she cuddled me closer to her bulk. When I felt the car lurch, as we entered the drive-way, I was pulled out from under Maria and generally tidied up.

I remembered Taleesha as a big middle aged woman, with massive hips and big jutting breasts. Her nipples had been exposed at the party and I remembered them as long and rubbery. I also remembered Fiona as a lovely blond girl of about my age. Both were there to greet us as we entered the house. Taleehsa was dressed fairly conventionally with too tight a blouse and too short a skirt, but otherwise nothing compared to the females I had been used to.

Fiona was another matter. Her torso was wound in rolls of cling film, with her nipples poking through gaps in the material. I noticed that she walked awkwardly and then I saw that the cling film, which ran between her legs was keeping a huge dildo inserted into her cunt. The poor girl must have been in great pain, for I could see her outer lips stretched almost to breaking point by the size of the dildo. As it was black ebony, it stood out against her neatly trimmed blond bush. She blushed as she saw me staring at her crotch and I immediately looked away, so as to save her from further embarrassment. By the width of the dildo, I guessed it must also be very long, so that her tubes would all have been invaded by the huge hard implement inside her.

As it was nearly lunch time, Taleesha ushered us into her sitting room and motioned for us to sit down. Sharji immediately unstrapped her breasts and motioned for me to go over to her. I looked in embarrassment at my Aunt in the hope she would not force me to suckle in front of complete strangers. But as usual I was over ruled and ordered to Sharji’s breast. I lay down on the sofa and Sharji towered over me, with her big dark breasts hanging down over my face. She wiped one of the big nipples, which swole under the pressure of the flannel and then milk streamed from all the orifices. I obediently took the bulk of the nipple in my mouth and sucked her sweet milk.

It was after lunch that Taleesha suggested we have a ‘game’ which would include Fiona and myself. Her study was a large open room next to the sitting room. In the centre of the room she positioned a heavy upright chair and motioned for me to sit down. The chair was of solid wooden construction, as you might find in an old fashioned dining room. The seat and back were padded and the wooden back and legs had many adjoining struts, so that it was firm and would be difficult to overturn.

Fiona was standing close to her Mistress, with her face flushed and her hands fiddling with her hair. She still had the dildo inserted into her, but I noticed an air of expectation in her movements, as if she knew what was about to occur. I certainly did not, but I had learned to be wary of any ‘games’ as they frequently required considerable sperming from me. Once I was comfortable on the chair, she produced straps and proceeded to fasten me to the chair. Straps went around my lower legs, around my waist and chest, tying me securely to the chair so that I was completely immobile. She made sure my cock and balls were free and she fondled them, stroking the length of my shaft as she gazed up at Fiona.

She then proceeded to unwind the cling film from around Fiona, until the young girl was completely naked. She led Fiona over to a sofa in full view of all of us, and proceeded to lie the girl down. I could see her fumbling between Fiona’s legs and then she started to pull out the dildo. I could not believe the size of the massive implement inside such a slender and slight girl. Fiona’s breathing was sharp and shallow as she expelled the thick rod, which had been invading her womanhood. As soon as it was fully out, Taleesha brought it over to me and suggested I lick the rod. As I did so, so I could taste the tangy wetness of Fiona’s cunt juices and I noticed how similar they were to other cunts I had sucked. Fiona stood up, completely naked and I noticed at once how slender and lovely she was. She had pert little breasts and jutting nipples. Her waist was narrow and I noticed that her pubic bush had been neatly trimmed to a heart shape.

Taleesha then beckoned Fiona to come over to me and as she did so, so she fell onto my cock and gathered it into her mouth. She sucked voraciously and soon I became as hard as the dildo that had so recently been inside Fiona. Once I was fully hardened up, Taleesha poured oil onto my cock and then positioned Fiona over me. She stood facing me with her legs wide apart, straddling the chair as if she was about to sit on my lap. My aunt who had been watching the events seemed to know exactly what was going to happen next. She moved around the back of the chair and pulled Fiona’s feet forwards, so that she slid down onto my lap. Taleesha was holding Fiona around the waist, so that the girl was suspended over me. Maria, standing beside us positioned Fiona’s cunt directly over my rampant cock and nodded to my aunt and Taleesha. This time, my aunt pulled Fiona’s feet right forward and Taleesha lowered Fiona’s bulk, so that she slid fully down onto my cock. Her cunt, which had so recently been full of dildo, easily swallowed my cock and she thumped down onto my lap with a gasp. Taleesha handed more straps over to my aunt, who secured Fiona’s ankles to the back legs of the chair, making sure her feet were pointing forwards and were completely off the ground. Taleesha bound the girl’s wrists together and these were passed over my head and with another strap, secured to the horizontal bar, which ran between the back legs of the chair. Meanwhile my wrists were passed around Fiona’s back and bound securely together. We were therefore fully bound to each other, with my cock securely embedded into Fiona’s cunt and the more we wriggled, the more I felt my cock sliding up into her womb. As Fiona’s feet were off the ground, her entire weight was supported where she was sitting on my cock. Any movement on her part merely ensured I entered her more fully.

“There, I don’t think they will be going anywhere in a hurry,” Taleesha breathed. “Shall we leave them for a while and then we can come back and have some fun with them?”

“Good idea,” my aunt replied and with that they all left the room and shut the door.

I was just beginning to understand our predicament. It was quite clear that Fiona was terrified at the thought of me sperming inside her, yet it was clear that all the other women would not untie us until I had spurted great gobs of my seed into Fiona’s tubes.

She looked down at me with expressionless eyes.

“Please don’t sperm inside me,” she whispered.

“I promise to try and not to,” I replied. “But it is going to be awfully difficult, for if they massage me in a certain way, I cannot avoid sperm shooting out of me.

“Oh my God, I don’t want to get pregnant!” Fiona whispered. “We heard about how virile you are from Mary and how she spent a whole month drawing sperm from you until you could hardly walk.”

“Yes, it certainly was hard work, but I will try and not sperm inside you.”

“Thanks anyway,” Fiona whispered and lay her head on my shoulder. Her lovely blond hair fell over my face and I found myself engulfed in her soft heady perfume.

We sat bound together for what seemed like hours, and all the time I could feel Fiona’s cunt muscles working and worrying the length of my cock. Her breathing started to become shallow and when I looked at her face, her eyes were tight shut and there was a sheen of sweat covering her beautiful face.

“Are you OK?” I whispered.

“I think I am going to have a climax – your pelvic bone has been pressing hard against my clit for over an hour now and I am just about to go mad.”

I was amazed at the change that had come over this beautiful girl since our various Mistresses had left us. Before I could reply, she started to grind her hips against mine and I could feel the length of her cunt working against my cock.

“Can you get your hands around my back and push me further down?” she whispered. Although my hands were bound together, I could easily reach her pert backside and as I pushed, so she wriggled further down onto my cock. I felt her cunt suck on my cock further down into her as she ground herself down onto me. I looked down and was amazed at how far inside her I was. Her outer cunt lips stretched down over my pelvis and spread over my groin. I could feel her tubes massaging the whole length of my cock as she rode me towards her climax. Her eyes were tight shut and her small white teeth bit her lower lip as she concentrated fully on the sensation coursing through her clit.

With every move she seemed to swallow my cock even further into her tubes. I was sure my nob was pushing hard against the back wall of her womb, but nothing was going to stop her now. I could tell she was getting close for her breathing, which was right up against my neck was coming is short heavy gasps.

“Oh my God, I’m nearly there,” she whispered. “Please don’t sperm if you can help it!”

I was having a bad time trying to hold my sensations in check. Here was this gorgeous girl working herself to a climax on top of me and I was supposed just to sit there and allow her to use my cock to get herself off. Suddenly I felt her cunt muscles grip the length of my cock and she was panting in even shorter gasps.

“Oh God! Oh God! My GOD – I’M THERE!! EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee Christ I’m coming!! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” she wailed as the climax ripped through her. Then her mouth clamped down onto my neck and she proceeded to give me the biggest love bight as she soared into the heights of her climax. Her cunt muscles spasmed as they clamped and then released the rod that was still invading them, whilst her mouth sucked violently on my neck.

In the room next door, the five women looked at each other and smiled.

“Some one is having fun,” Taleesha murmured. “It won’t be long before she is drawing huge streams of sperm from your slave. I hope he is able to satisfy her, for she won’t take No for an answer. She is a sexy little minx, my Fiona and although she is inexperienced and not had a man before, I am sure she will love nothing more than a good spurt of sperm into her tubes.”

Fiona was coming down from her great heights and was a mass of perspiration. She released the skin of my neck and laid her head on my shoulder.

“My God, that was the best,” she murmured. “Thank you for not sperming and I will try and behave better now.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I just love seeing you enjoy yourself.”

She was now fully back under control and was sitting up on my lap, with my cock still firmly wedged inside her.

Although Fiona could not fold her arms around my neck, she managed to hold me tight as she came down from the heights of her climax. Her breathing, which had been harsh in my ear, started to slacken and she sighed as she began to relax. My cock meanwhile was more firmly wedged inside her than I had ever experienced before. Each time she wriggled in the throes of her climax, so my cock seemed to insert itself further into her tubes. I could clearly feel the neck of her slender womb grasping the length of my shaft and the sensation was more exhilarating than I could imagine. I struggled to contain myself and to stop from nearing a climax myself. I moved to try and ensure she was comfortable.

"Is that better?" I whispered into her ear.

"MMMMmmm, that was lovely," she murmured. Her eyes were shut and a happy smile played across her face. She struggled to move into a more comfortable position and I noticed her pert little breasts rubbing against my chest. She looked down between our torsos.

"My God, you are deep inside me!" she said. "Your cock has completely disappeared – I hope you haven't lost it altogether!"

"I don't think so," I replied. "I am still with you, but I must warn you that I am pretty close to a climax."

Her eyes snapped open.

"Please don't shoot inside me, PLEASE!!" she begged. "I have never had a boy sperm inside me and I really do not want to become pregnant. If I did, I am sure my Mistress would throw me out."

"I will try not to," I reassured her.

We sat in silence for some time, but I was aware that her busy little cunt muscles were still working on the length of my cock. I bucked from time to time as the sensation became too strong for me. Then I noticed that her breathing was becoming laboured again and looking up at her, I saw her eyes shut and she was beginning to grind again.

"I'm sorry my darling," she whispered. "I am going to have another climax, as my clit is still pressing hard against your pelvic bone and every time I move a muscle, your cock presses against the tender underside of my clit."

The sense of urgency in my voice brought her up short.

"Don't, PLEASE my darling. If you climax again, I don't think I will be able to stop myself from sperming inside you!"

"Just try," she answered and then she was off rotating her hips on top of me and sending unspeakable sensations down through my cock. Up and up she soared, with sweat breaking out all over her body. Her nipples were like small rocks pressing into my chest and then she was there.

"OOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhhh," she screamed as the climax hit her like a force 12 gale. She screamed and writhed over me as the tender nerve endings in her clit were rubbed and stoked over the length of my cock. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were glazed as she concentrated fully on enjoying the sensations coarsing through her body.

For my part I was struggling to contain the sperm that was boiling inside my balls. I gritted my teeth and tried my hardest to stop a climax coming onto me. My cock was rock hard and Fiona's tubes were doing their very best to milk sperm from me.

She came down off her climax totally exhausted. She collapsed panting against me and for the next few minutes she was convulsed by the after-shocks of her climax. She started to nibble my ear and then her mouth closed over mine, and her little pink tongue forced its way into my mouth. Her blond hair fell over my face and I was lost in the sensations of her cunt still milking my cock and her mouth sucking and licking my face. I had managed to avoid shooting into her, but I knew I was at the end of my tether. Her slightest movement now created a major sensation through my cock and I knew I was within a hair's breadth of climaxing into her.

“So what is going to happen to you, do you think?” she asked suddenly. “I mean will your aunt and the other ladies ever let you go?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. “I simply don’t know what to think. I have no money of my own, no clothes and really no one to go to even if I could escape. There is always someone with me and they keep me permanently exhausted by extracting the maximum amount of sperm out of me that they can. In reality I haven’t given it much thought. I have been too busy just keeping up with the day to day demands on my balls.”

“I know that Taleesha plans to marry me off eventually and then she will find another young girl to play with,” Fiona replied.

Then for the second time, in what seemed merely minutes she was relaxing against me again. Although she kept up a nibbling of my ear and it was clear to me that having given her two major climaxes, she was beginning to have some tender feelings towards me.

We remained fused together for some 30 minutes and then she leant back to look at me.

"You had better know that within the next few minutes I will have to start working towards another climax. I have never had feelings in my cunt like this before and my whole groin area is screaming for more climaxes," she whispered.

"My darling, I am not going to be able to stop myself climaxing, if you come again," I answered. "I will try my hardest, but I have only just managed to stop myself during your last climax and I don't think I will be able to do so again."

Without waiting for any further conversation, she started to rub herself up and down on my cock once again. Her rhythmic grinding was starting up again, but this time her mouth was clamped over mine. Her tongue explored around inside my mouth and she gasped from time to time as she hit a particularly sensitive spot in her crotch. Faster and faster she ground into me and then she started to shudder as the climactic sensations shot through her. Her cunt muscles were gripping and rippling along the length of my shaft and then with a shriek she was there. At the same time, I realised that the red hot sperm boiling inside my balls was about to shoot into her.

"EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeehhh," she screamed. "God I need more of your cock!!"

"I'M COOOOMMMMMING!" I wailed and then I was there.

"Urgh Urgh Urgh" I grunted as thick wadges of hot sperm shot out of my cock into her torrid vagina.


I needed no further inspiration as I emptied the contents of my tortured balls into her. On and on I pumped until I was spent. As I was concentrating on my climax, so she was down off hers looking at me with wide eyes as she felt the sperm sliding up her tubes.

Eventually I was done and panting for air, I focused upon her beautiful face, which was smiling down at me.

Then suddenly the fact that I had spermed inside her hit her.

“My God, I feel full of your sperm. I am bound to become pregnant now – I must get off!”

I could see that she was panicking, but I was unsure exactly how to react. Fiona however was clear that she must wash my sperm out of her cunt.

“Mistress!” she called. “Please untie me as Peter has spermed inside me and I have no protection!”

In the next door room, Taleesha smiled and said:

“So, your young boy has finally succumbed to Fiona’s demanding cunt. She is panicking, but we will leave her for another hour or so until she has drained him of sperm. I want her to get to understand that extracting sperm is what cunt’s are for. Let’s make a cup of tea and after another few climaxes, we will go in and see them.”

“Good idea,” my Aunt replied. “I want Peter drained this evening, so Fiona is doing us a great favour.”

Meanwhile it was becoming clear to Fiona that her Mistress was not coming to rescue her. I also noticed that even though my cock had slackened following my climax, it was still gripped firmly inside her cunt. She was in no mood to release me, even if she had been able, which of course she was not.

I noticed that Fiona was quietly crying onto my shoulder.

“I’m bound to become pregnant now, my Mistress will throw me out and I will be left destitute with a baby,” she sobbed. “Also it isn’t even if you could help me, for it is clear that your Mistresses are not going to let you go. They have got their hooks into you and they will keep sperming you until either you die or more likely your balls just give up the unequal struggle. All the money they get from your sperm makes you such a lucrative deal for them – No you are going to belong to them for the rest of your life.”

Her words were not lost on me and even in my current state I realised that everything she said was probably true. With my virility factor so high and Ellen already moving to expand her sperm bank, it was clear that I was a real cash fund or these women. Even after my Mistresses had lost interest in sex, they would still use my sperm for the sperm bank and would be no less essential to them even if they never rode me to a climax.

With Fiona gently sobbing on my shoulder, I felt it essential that I try to reassure her.

“Fiona darling, before you worry too much about becoming pregnant, let’s just make sure you really are,” I said gently, trying to reassure her. “For a start, you must know that there are only three to four days each month in the middle of your cycle when you can become pregnant. So when did you last finish menstruating?”

“I finished a couple of days ago,” she replied. “In fact this is the first day that I am completely free and that is why my Mistress insisted that I wear ‘black rod’.

It was clear to me that ‘black rod’ was the name given to the huge black dildo that Fiona was wearing when we first arrived.

“In which case there is no way you will become pregnant,” I said. “Your really fertile days are in the very middle of your cycle, which is not for another 10 days or so. I know this for when Mary was staying with us, during those 4 days, she insisted that I keep my cock inside her for almost the whole 24 hour period. She used to sperm me every two hours and then strap me into her, to ensure no sperm oozed out. She was convinced that providing all of my sperm was kept inside her then her chance of becoming pregnant was higher. But that only lasted for 4 days in the middle of the time she was staying with us.”

“Is that really so?” Fiona whispered. “In which case I probably won’t become pregnant, as that time is well over a week away. So we can go on doing this as much as we want for today – I have to say I did love the feeling of your hot sperm streaming up inside me. I can still feel it oozing into all my cracks even now.”

She had stopped crying and was looking down at me with her clear blue eyes sparkling.

“I could really grow to love you if only we could spend some time together,” she whispered.

“I can assure you the feeling is entirely mutual,” I replied. “You are quite gorgeous and I have to say it is lovely being with someone close to my own age. All the other women I meet are all old enough to be my mother and all they want to do is to have sex and to extract as much sperm from me as possible. All the time I simply feel like a mobile sperm bank – no one is interested in what I want or think and I am only popular because of my ability to pump sperm.”

“Poor sweetie!” Fiona breathed as she wiped her hair from my face. “Although I could grow to love you, just now I want another spurt of your delicious sperm and I am going to have to climax again. This position in which we have been tied makes me more randy than I could imagine and my clit is screaming for more attention. Are you going to be able to shoot into me again?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed. “It is only about 30 minutes since I last came and although my balls have been producing at maximum rate, I am not sure if I can really keep up with your demands.”

“I’m sure you can if I help you,” Fiona replied and with that she thrust her tongue fully into my mouth slurping her way into my throat. Her blond hair again fell over my head and I was encased in her heady sexual desires. She had started to grind her hips in a rhythmic way and her cunt muscles stroked and caressed the length of my cock, producing unspeakable sensations through the whole of my body. I could feel the new sperm roaring in my balls and I knew that within a matter of minutes I would be ready to sperm again.

Her mouth came off mine and she threw her head back and gasped as the first wave of her climax hit her like a tornado.

“GOD I CAN’T STAND THIS!!!” she wailed. “ OH CHRIST I AM COMING AGAIN. COME WITH ME LITTLE BOY AND SHOOT YOUR SPERM DEEP INSIDE ME. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee Oh GOD THIS IS GOOD,” she screamed as her cunt convulsed over my cock.

The caressing and stroking of her cunt muscles and the suction she was producing was too much for me and suddenly I was climaxing too.

“OH MY GOD, I’M COMING TOO – Urgh, Urgh Urgh,” I grunted as sperm seethed and frothed out of my cock into her wringing tubes. Her cunt was vacuuming my cock to such an extent that I felt she would pull my very insides out. I screamed at the sensation, which coarsed through my balls and felt her cunt muscles spasm along the length of my cock.

Slowly, very slowly we subsided, both panting with the exertions of the last minutes. I could still feel my cock deeply embedded inside Fiona and I knew that my trials were far from over. I had already been inside her for well over 2 hours and none of the Mistresses had been near us.

Fiona lent back and her blue eyes shone as she looked down at me.

“How I loved the feeling of your sperm shooting up inside me. I can still feel it sloshing around in my womb, so I hope you are busy producing more!”

“My God!” I replied. “My darling you just don’t understand, I can’t just refill my balls like that. It takes hours for any man to manufacture a good shot of sperm. You have made me climax twice in quick succession and I am not sure if I can manage it again for a bit.”

“Never mind, she replied. “I am going to enjoy your cock as much as I can and I will try and make you climax as well. Just now, I can feel my clit rubbing against you and I will be off again in a few minutes.”

While she had been speaking, I could feel her grinding against me once more. Her cunt lips were so widely spread over my crotch that it seemed she might try and engulf my whole body. A dribble of her juice ran down between us flowed over my balls. I looked into her face and noticed her eyes were glazed and unfocussed. She was off again and soon her breathing became short and ragged as she approached yet another climax. She attached herself to my neck and sucked for all she was worth and then she was there.

Her keening and shouting must have been heard across the neighbourhood as she rode to her next enormous climax. As she came down, so once again she kissed me fully on the mouth, exploring around with her busy little tongue. The rippling sensations produced by her cunt muscles were stroking the tender nerve endings throughout the length of my cock and slowly once again I began to harden.

Fiona meanwhile was coming down from yet another climax and I was alarmed to note that their frequency was increasing and the intensity was growing with each one. Sweat was streaming off her body as she soared to one climax after another. There was no way I could keep up with her even though she tried to vacuum sperm from me every time. She was in a constant state of either squirming and wriggling towards the peak, or panting and moaning as she came down and relaxed. Conversation became almost impossible, as she appeared almost to be losing her mind with the intensity of the climaxes.

I noted that the sunshine that had been streaming into the room was lessening and it was clear that evening was drawing in. I was alarmed that still we had not been visited by any of the Mistresses or wet-nurses and that before long Fiona would be at her wits end. The only time when she seemed to come back to normal was after I had squirted a thick stream of sperm into her. Then she would collapse panting onto my shoulder, nibbling my ear and whispering to me to start producing the next squirt of sperm for her.

At long last the door opened and all four women came in. The light was switched on and my Aunt and Taleesha stood before us.

“You two must be thirsty after all your games,” Taleesha said. “Don’t worry we will bring you a drink before leaving you again.”

With that Maria and Sharji came into the room with their breasts exposed. Maria went around to face Fiona, whilst Sharji came over to me. She drew up a high chair close to me and placed herself in such a position that my face was close to her breasts.

“Now my darling, you can drink,” she cooed. With that she took my head and drew me to her breast. I closed my mouth over her dark rubbery nipple and sucked gratefully. Warm milk streamed from the nipple and I drank. It was clear that Fiona was drinking direct form Maria’s breast, for the sound of suckling filled the room. I did not realise how very thirsty I was and soon I had drained one breast completely. Sharji switched breasts easily and I tugged hard at the second nipple.

Whilst this was going on both my Aunt and Taleesha were inspecting their respective slaves. My aunt was cupping my balls and she tutted when she felt how tiny and dry of sperm they were. She also knew that Taleesha intended to keep Fiona bound into me for several more hours and that she would extract more sperm from my exhausted balls.

Both Fiona and I were draining the breasts of the wet nurses in record time and when they withdrew, it was clear to see that an enormous amount of milk had been extracted. The nipples were huge and distended, but the body of all four breasts were slack, having had all the liquid drained from them. Both Fiona and I thought that our trials would be over and that we would now be released. So when it became cleat that this was not to be the case, panic set in. We both pleaded with our respective Mistresses, but they were having none of it. Before they withdrew, Taleesha took a small bottle of thick liquid and poured it over Fiona’s extended cunt lips and with her fingers, worked the liquid into her cunt. I could feel the liquid, cool on the base of my cock and it was clear that Taleesha for some reason was determined to work the liquid onto Fiona’s clit.

Then they were gone; all the lights were turned out except for one small lamp in the corner and we were left together. Fiona seemed relaxed after drinking the breast milk and I hoped that perhaps she would be able to resist further climaxes. However, as we sat, bound together I felt an extraordinary sensation on the base of my cock, brought about by the liquid Taleesha had spread. The nerve endings started to scream and my cock started to swell. Fiona was going through much the same sensation, except for her it was her clit which was extra tender. Each time we moved, she gasped. This was made all the more difficult by the fact that my cock was growing and pressing hard against her clit. It was clear that Taleesha had produced a liquid, which made the area it touched extra sensitive. I realised that when its full working power was manifested, Fiona would be going from one climax to the next without any break at all. Her Mistress was determined to put her through the most intense learning process, by ensuring she climaxed for hours, whilst a male cock was invading her young cunt.

Sure enough the young girl started to squirm on my cock, rubbing herself over me, trying to reduce the sensation in her clit. Her breathing was becoming ragged again and her eyes grew misty as she approached another orgasm.

“Oh, God, I’m going to come again,” she gasped and then she was there.

“EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh”, she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her.

This time however there was no coming down from the climax. On and on it went with Fiona squealing and whinnying as the sensations coarsed through her. For minutes at a time, she would be thrashing around on top of me and I became seriously concerned that she would suffer some form of fit, so intense was her orgasm.

Her cunt muscles were spasming over my cock in the most sensational way. In no time I felt the sperm rising in my balls and then I was pumping into her. Thick sperm surged into her tubes and while I pumped, I noticed that the streams of sperm seemed to have a calming effect on her. She came down off her heights panting and begging me for more sperm. I tried to calm her and explain that my balls were completely drained, but she was having none of it. In no time she was up on a series of multiple orgasms that had me shooting the thinnest of streams of sperm and then almost passing out with the effort of producing so much seed. Her screams were interspersed with my cries of anguish as her cunt vacuumed more sperm from me.

Very slowly she seemed to subside as the effect of the liquid Taleesha had poured into her cunt lessened. By this time we ere both soaking with sweat. My neck was covered in love-bites on both side where Fiona had attacked me in her sexual peaks. But now she was quiet. I was still embedded inside her tubes, and every now and then her cunt muscles would twitch and squeeze my tortured cock.

I worked out that I must have been inside her for nearly 6 hours. In all that time my cock had been enveloped in her slippery cunt. My balls were so small that they had all but disappeared inside my groin. I felt that so much sperm had been taken from me that I would never be able to climax again.

Eventually the door opened, the lights were switched on and the room was flooded in light.

“So, you young people,” Taleesha said. “Time for you to stop your games and for me to have a bit of fun. So lets disengage you shall we?”

She started to untie Fiona’s straps and soon the beautiful girl was simply sitting totally exhausted on my lap. As Taleesha made to lift her off, so I screamed, for Fiona’s cunt had no intention of letting my cock slide out. Her cunt muscles had me trapped inside and I was not going to let them drag her off and so risk tearing my cock from me.

“Oh dear,” Taleesha sighed. “I have seen this before. Her cunt muscles have gone into spasm and we are going to have to find a way of making them relax.”

Fiona grinned and looked down at me.

“I know they will relax if he spurts his sperm into me. I have been feeling that all afternoon.”

“Oh my God, I can’t sperm any more. Can’t you see that my balls are completely dry,” I wailed.

“You have no choice, unless you want to be trapped inside that cunt for ever,” Maria whispered. “Don’t worry, we will help you.”

So the women swarmed around me and started to massage all my erogenous zones. Maria had uncovered a huge breast and was forcing her big dark nipple into my mouth. She squeezed the body of the breast, sending gushes of warm milk into my mouth. Sandra was expressing milk into Fiona’s cunt, in the hope that it would act as oil and so facilitate the release. My Aunt and Sharji were massaging my balls and Fiona had started to work on my cock, with the aim of stiffening me up. She was rising up and down and ever so slowly I felt life being breathed back into my cock and my balls started to churn.

With hands all over my body, caressing and milking me, I suddenly realised that I was indeed going to climax, but I was not sure if any sperm would be spurting from my balls. All sensations in my body had closed down, but suddenly I realised that I was climaxing. I grunted as my cock swelled and a thin stream of sperm bubbled from my cock. Fiona screamed as she felt the hot sperm frothing into her tubes.

As I finished, so Fiona visibly relaxed and Taleesha lifted me off her. My exhausted cock slid out of her cunt and at last we were separated. My exhausted cock fell slack and bright red onto my thigh. It shone from a mixture of Fiona’s cunt juice and sperm, which had seeped down fiona’s tubes. Taleesha carried Fiona over to a couch and laid her gently on the horizontal surface. Fiona had been given a wadge of tissues, which she clamped over her cunt to stop the gallons of sperm and cunt juice from sliding out of her onto the floor.

My aunt meanwhile was unstrapping me and eventually I staggered to my feet and collapsed into Maria’s arms. My whole groin area was aching from the exertions and I knew that it would be a considerable time before I would sperm again.

Taleesha meanwhile was busy operating on Fiona. She produced a large china bowl and lifted Fiona to her feet. Fiona stood over the bowl, which Taleesha held between her legs. Fiona removed the tissues and liquid poured from her cunt. Huge gobs of sperm, mixed with cunt juices dribbled and slid in a steady stream into the bowl. Eventually the stream lessened to a trickle and then just a few drips. Taleesha motioned Fiona to get back onto the couch, which the young girl did. Taleesha then produced a hollow glass tube, which had a rubber bowl attached to one end. Taleehsa removed the bowl and filled it with warm soapy water. She then re-attached the bowl and placed the other end of the tube into Fiona’s cunt lips. She smeared the length of the tube with grease and proceeded to push it as far as she could up the young girl’s cunt. Fiona eyes widened and she gasped and tensed as her cunt was invaded once again, but she soon relaxed when Talesha squeezed the bulb and the warm water poured into Fiona’s womb.

Once all the water had been inserted, Taleesha held her hand over Fiona’s cunt for about 5 minutes and then picking her up, placed her astride the china bowl and allowed the water to drain from the girl’s tubes. I noticed large gobs of sperm mixed with the water and I wondered quite how many gallons of sperm I had pumped into Fiona’s cunt. Again the stream reduced to a dribble and then to a few drips. Taleehsa then placed a wide leather belt around Fiona’s waist, tightening the belt, so that it nipped her waist neatly. I noticed the belt had another leather strap hanging down from the back. This strap was curled over at the top, so that for the first few inches it was round. However it then widened out and ended in a buckle, which would somehow be attached to another part of the belt.

“OK back onto the couch,” Taleesha demanded. Fiona looked at her quizzically not understanding why she should return to the couch once again. A smart slap across her pert little bottom soon had the girl scrambling onto the couch and lying down on her back with her legs apart.

“Time for Son of Black Rod to go in,” Taleesha said.

“Please NO! Please I beg of you!” Fiona wailed. But Taleesha was having none of it.

“Quiet, or you will be beaten!” she ordered. I noticed that Sandra had moved around to Fiona’s head and my aunt to her feet. Taleesha looked up at me and said:

“You’re on next, so get stiffening up!”

I was too fascinated with what she was doing to Fiona to take much notice of her threats. Equally my balls felt so drained that the idea of me sperming her was laughable, so I concentrated on what was happening to this young girl, who up until recently was intent on dragging every drop of sperm out of me. How the situation had changed, as she now looked so young and vulnerable.

Taleesha then produced Son of Black Rod and never had I seen such a huge dildo. It was long and tapering, but the thick end was massive and looked about the width of my upper arm. It was certainly all of 12 inches long and I could not believe that someone as slender as Fiona could accommodate such a huge implement. It was so big that it actually worried me that it would split her up the middle. Taleesha was busy rubbing the implement and then she smeared it thickly with grease and applied the thin end to Fiona’s outer cunt lips. The rod must have been cold, for I heard Fiona gasp at the sensation of the ebony touching her.

“Quiet whilst your Mistress administers to you!!” Sandra ordered and she placed her open hand over Fiona’s mouth. The girl squirmed and muffled, but tried to hold back any cries she might have given out.

By now Taleesha had the end of the dildo inserted into Fiona and was starting to push the ebony into her. I could see how her cunt was stretching to accommodate the big implement, but still when it was only about half way in, it already seemed that Fiona must be full to bursting point. Fiona’s breathing was coming out in short gasps and her eyes were wide with terror as she felt the whole of her insides being filled with ebony. Her body squirmed to try and get away from the invasion, but Taleesha was having none of it.

On and on Taleesha pushed and ever so slowly the rod disappeared into Fiona. I distinctly saw her pelvic region above her cunt and her lower stomach swell as the area filled up with the huge rod. Taleesha was having difficulty in getting the final part of the huge rod into Fiona and she grunted with the effort of pushing the widest part home. But eventually it was there and the entire rod had disappeared inside the slender girl. Taleesha then ordered Fiona to raise her backside and she pulled the leather strap up between Fiona’s legs. I noticed that the circular part pushed home between Fiona’s arse cheeks, whilst the wide leather covered the part where the dildo’s end protruded. I also noticed that there was a brass D end inserted into the blunt end of the dildo and that there was a slit cut into the wide leather. Taleesha twisted the dildo around inside Fiona’s until the D end lined up exactly with the slit in the leather strap. She pushed the D end through the leather and locked it in place with a tiny padlock. She then pulled sharply and hard on the leather strap and buckled it neatly onto the front part of the belt and again locked it with a small padlock. Fiona now had this huge dildo inside her, with no possibility of extracting it, for Taleesha had the keys to the two padlocks on a small ring attached to her belt.

“OK you can get up now,” she ordered as she moved away. However, Fiona did not move, but lay absolutely still as she tried to come to terms with this enormous implement that had invaded her most secret parts. Her face shone with sweat from her ordeal and her breath came out in short pants and her eyes still had that glazed look of someone in total shock. Eventually she struggled to her feet, but every move was difficult and awkward as she was hardly able to bend over without putting her entire frame into danger. Finally she was on her feet and stood awkwardly in front of us. She must have seen the concern in my face, for she managed a slight shy smile.

Taleesha had meanwhile turned her attention to me. She looked down at my slender and exhausted frame.

“So, little slave boy, I need a thick spurt of your seed inside me, for I feel as randy as ever – on to the bed with you, so that I can mount you!!”

My knees buckled with the shock that I was supposed to managed yet more sperm production. Fiona had drained me totally and my cock and balls had shrunk to a tiny size. Every sinew in my body ached from the exertions that had been forced from me by this young girl. And now I was supposed to be able to find yet more sperm from my totally exhausted balls.

Maria was behind me and held me up, supporting me around my waist. My aunt and Sandra meanwhile were busy strapping a contraption around my waist and between my legs. I whimpered and cried out in despair as I saw electric flex appearing, for I knew that they were strapping me into the electric sperm extractor, which was an adaptation of the electric pants that Ellen had perfected. This just had straps going around the waist and legs, with a small box containing the electric probes, which nestled snugly under my balls. Once all the straps were done up, Maria lifted me easily onto the bed and Sandra plugged in the electric cord. Maria sat crossed legged at the top of the bed and nestled my head into her crotch. As I looked up, so my view was filled by the underside of her breasts, and I could see droplets of milk forming below her fat nipples. My aunt was at my feet and held my ankles as Taleesha, who had stripped naked, clambered onto the bed beside me. Her bulk loomed over me as she straddled my waist and she grasped my limp cock in her hand.

“Can one of you harden him up – I am juicing like mad with the thought of this cock probing deep into my tubes,” she announced.

Sandra and Sharji were on either side of me and I felt their hands probing to find the pressure points. Soon I felt their hands pressing down and the familiar tingling sensation rushed through my legs. At the same time the aching in my cock grew, as the blood flooded into my cock, making it stiff and red. Soon it was rampant and Taleesha spat saliva onto her hands, which she then transferred to my cock-head. Then she moved her bulk over me and I felt her wiry bush brush against the tender tip of my cock. Her heat pulsated down onto me as she positioned her cunt on top of my cock. Once in position, she very slowly lowered herself down onto me and I felt my cock parting her slippery cunt walls as it probed deeper into her womanhood. Her eyes were tight shut as she enjoyed the sensation of being penetrated until eventually I was fully inserted and her wide cunt lips spread over my pelvic region.

Sandra and Sharji had by this time removed their hands, for Taleesha was quite capable of holding my cock inside her using the pressure of her cunt muscles. Taleesha was slowly moving up and down, trying to insert my cock deeper inside her and then I felt the distinct clipping sensation as the end of my cock entered her womb. Only then did she let out a sigh of contentment and open her eyes to smile down at me.

“So, you are totally inside me, my little darling, and in a few minutes I want to feel your thick sperm spraying against the back wall of my womb!” she murmured.

I was unable to answer, for whilst all this had been going on, Maria had inserted one of her leaking nipples into my mouth and my face was enveloped in dark tit flesh. Nevertheless I would feel her powerful cunt muscles wrapped around my cock and starting the milking sensation, which I knew would end in my sperming.

Suddenly Maria’s nipple was removed from my mouth with a plop and Taleesha’s wide mouth clamped down on mine, and her tongue invaded my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my head as she sucked and slurped on my mouth. All the time her hips were continuing a slow up and down motion that had the nerves in my cock screaming. She came off my mouth and clamped onto my neck adding to the massive number of love bites given to me by Fiona. I could feel her breathing becoming laboured as she approached her first orgasm and then she sat bolt upright and screamed as the orgasmic sensations shot through her. Her cunt muscles were fluttering over the length of my cock as the climax ripped through her.

Taleesha came down off her first climax and as I looked up at her, she looked all of her 45 years of age. Her heavy breasts hung down almost touching my chest and her wide hips had a mass of lose flesh around them. However, she climaxed like any young girl and it was clear that she intended to have several more before she released me from her insides. Her eyes were still tight shut, as the after shocks of her climax rippled through her. Sweat shone on her face and her body rocked with the sensations that started in the confines of her cunt but then coarsed through the whole of her body. Then her eyes opened and the look she gave me was one of pure lust.

“I want lots more of those before you shoot your seed into me,” she husked and then the grinding started again.

I could feel my cock being drawn out by the roots as her eager cunt muscles wrapped themselves around me and tried to vacuum the seed from me. I was truly terrified at the amount of time my cock had been embedded into a woman’s cunt and I tried to sit up in order to plead with my aunt to release me. However I had forgotten Maria, who as I tried to rise, wrapped her arms around me, pushed me back into the lying position and forced a streaming nipple into my mouth. I sucked gratefully – anything to get me away from the sensation of this rampant woman who was trying to kill me. Maria wrapped herself around me and for a few minutes I was encased in her dark flesh, miles away from all the events of the day, suckling gently on the peaking rubbery nipple that filled my mouth and from which streams of warm milk oozed.

But all too quickly she came off me and to my surprise it was Fiona’s face that filled my vision. Her blonde hair fell down over my face and her mouth clamped down over mine. Her busy little tongue explored around my mouth as she wrapped her arms around me.

“Come on, darling,” she whispered. “I know you can sperm my Mistress and then perhaps I can have another squirt before you go. My cunt is filled with this dildo, but I am still creaming myself at the thought of your sperm frothing its way up my tubes.”

I was too exhausted even to think of how I might achieve what she asked and I was also aware that Taleesha was rising to another climax. Suddenly she was there and she was thrashing all over me as she wailed and keened as the sensations roared through her body. He cunt slid easily up and down the length of my cock and her muscles gripped and released my shaft in such a way that had I had any sperm in my balls, it would have come pumping out into her without me having to try at all.

Then she was down, but I knew that my moment of terrible trial was about to come.

“Next climax, I want to feel you pumping your seed into me,” she ordered. “I want to feel so much sperm filling me that I have a real sloshing sensation in my womb.”

I looked up at Maria and my eyes pleaded wit her to help me and release me. She wound me even closer into her huge breast and pushed the nipple further down my throat.

“Sue, are you ready with the switch?” she murmured, and in the distance I could see my Aunt move over to the wall.

Taleesha was riding me up and down for all she was worth and her breath as coming out in short gasps.

“Oh my God, I am about to come again!!” she yelled. “More! More! . . Now give me your sperm!!!”

Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open in a true climactic scream.

“NOOOOOOW!!! SPERM MEEEEE!!!” she yelled.

At that time my aunt flicked the switch and I felt my ejaculatory muscles go into spasm. My back arched and I thrust right into Taleesha with all my might. From somewhere sperm streamed into her sopping demanding cunt.

I threw my head back and screamed with the terrible sensation that was ripping through my balls. Maria was ready and forced her big breast into my mouth so swamping any noise. As the sensation of the inside of my balls being drawn out into Taleesha’s cunt overtook me, so darkness swam over me and I passed out completely.

I will never know how long I was unconscious, but when I came to Taleesha was off me, writhing around on the bed, clutching her cunt as the after effects of her climax ripped through her. The first view I had was of Maria’s outer cunt lips, as her heavy dark legs closed over me and her warm cunt enveloped my face. I could feel another woman’s body lying full length over mine, forcing me down into the bed. For several minutes we lay there, my bogy enveloped in heavy woman flesh keeping me warm and safe from the outside world. My cock and balls ached like nothing I had ever felt before, but I knew I was safe enfolded in the warm female flesh all around me. A mouth closed over my tired cock and sucked very gently. I felt no sensation as the terrible numbness in my genital area still enveloped my entire nether region.

Maria lifted herself off me and one of Sharji’s fat nipples was pressed into my mouth. I realised that due to the enormous amount of liquid that had been extracted from me, I had a raging thirst and I drank gratefully from her full breast.

Fiona was meanwhile attending to her Mistresses needs and soon Taleesha had regained her poise and was on her feet. It was clear that she had enjoyed herself, for she pulled me off Sharji’s nipple to give me a long tounging kiss.

Then we were of back home, back to the safety of our house and a night spent plugged into fat leaking nipples. All the women in our house realised that my balls had been taxed to the very limit and for once no one tried to sperm me in any way.

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