My Eighteenth Birthday Party

My Eighteenth Birthday Party

It was my eighteenth birthday party, and my best girfriends, Alicia,

Holly, Annie, Cassandra, and Susan were the last ones there after

everyone else had gone home. All my family had left already also, a

little pissed off because we didn't go out to eat with them, but I knew

their "little dinner" would turn into a long, drawn out affair, and my

parents might not even come home that night, spending the night in a

hotel room (you go mom!). My girlfriends and I were sitting around the

porch, talking about the boyfriends we all had had over our high school

years. we talked about what they were like, how good looking they were,

what we had done with them (yes, all the details), and why we had broken

up with them. It turned out, that every one was pretty much a jerk,

thinking mostly about themselves, and what they could get from us. This

was the first time we all had been together to share these secrets at the

same time, so we each only knew parts of the stories.
One name kept coming up as the biggest jerk, a boy I had just

recently dumped, because it seemed all he wanted was to have sex. Now, I

wasn't against the idea, but since I was still a virgin at the time, I

wasn't going to just do it because a guy kept badgering me! Well we all

agreed that he was a prime, selfish, male asshole. We also agreed that

some kind of payback would be well deserved. I thought that I could

invite him over with the pretext of talking about maybe getting back

together, then we all would tease him.
It was a cinch to get him to come over, so once I hung up the phone,

my friends hid their cars, then we waited. It wasn't long till Al was

knocking on the door, calling out "Samantha, it's me!" (jerk). The girls

went into the other room, and I answered the door.
I opened it to see the cocky, self assured Al standing there,

smirking. I kept to our plan, not slamming the door in his face like I

wanted to, and invited him in, putting my arms around his shoulders, and

giving him a soft kiss, saying "I'm so glad you could come over, I've

missed you". He said "I could never stay away, thinking about what we

could do together, you know how I've always wanted to be alone with you

like this!" As he said this, he slid his hands under my shirt, and

pulled it up, pulling it over my head in one swift move. I let him,

thinking this would fit our plan perfectly.
I said "let's not stay here, come into the kitchen with me, and I

can get you something to drink.
"Sure, babe" then he slid his hand down the back of my pants and

held my ass as we walked through the living room into the kitchen. I

took a soda out of the fridge and turned toward him. As I did he put his

other hand on my left breast, sending tingles through my body. I thought

briefly about sending my friends home, and giving him what he wanted, I

seemed to be very horny, but I decided to keep to the plan, looking over

his shoulder and seeing the girls enter the living room. They had some

things in their hands that I couldn't see, and motioned to me to bring

him in.
"Al, honey, let's go get comfortable." and we returned to the

living room.
Upon seeing my friends, he looked at each one, then said "Well, all

my girls together, boy can we have some fun!"
"We sure can" said Holly, with a big grin on her face.
We all circled him, and Annie said "why don't you start for us by

getting undressed?"
"Don't let me be the only one, now girls" he said.
We all looked at each other, and since I was already topless, they

each started slowly taking their tops off, letting their breasts free.

The sight of this encouraged Al, so he quickly stripped everything off,

leaving his clothes in a heap behind him. Alicia quietly picked them up

and put them in the other room. While she was doing this, the rest of us

circled around him, running our hands over his torso, feeling his muscles

beneath his smooth skin. It wasn't long before he had a big hardon,

standing out straight, veins standing out, and the purple head throbbing.

As we circled, we started pinching him, especially his nipples,

occasionally making him wince.
Cassie whispered in my ear,"let's tease him some more and get

undressed ourselves"
I liked this idea, especially because I enjoyed being naked any way.

I stopped right in front of him, and took the rest of my clothes off,

pausing so he could get a good look after each piece came off. The rest

of the girls followed suit, until we were all stark naked in my living

room, with Al standing in the middle of us, with a silly grin on his

We resumed circling again, touching him all over, running our

fingers over his cock, watching it jump at every touch. After a couple

minutes, Cassie started brushing her body against his, and we followed

her lead, seeing his reaction, and I noticed my own reaction, as my pussy

got hotter and hotter, the moisture starting to flow. Susan was rubbing

herself, obviously also getting very aroused. As I looked around, all of

us were showing signs of our excitement, our faces flushed, and our

nipples hard and erect. I stated noticing the beauty of our bodies, from

Holly's big soft tits and full hips to Annie's small pointed tits and

boyish figure. The others were in between, I thought I liked Cassie's

figure best, she was somewhat like me, with what apeared to be C cup

breasts that were full and high, with no sag or droop at all, nipples

standing out like (I hate this description, but it fits) pencil erasers.
I noticed the things the girls had brought into the room with them,

and picked a paisely scarf, putting it over Al's eyes, then tying it

behind his head so he couldn't see anything. Alicia took another scarf,

and tied his hands behind his back. He was starting to get nervous,

saying "what are you guys doing? How can we all enjoy this if I can't

"Stop talking, Al, for your own good" said Sue.
"What? what do you mean, "for my own good?""
Sue grabbed the ends of the scarf over his eyes, and passed them

over his mouth and tied the ends back behind his head, so now he couldn't

see or speak. "Just what I said, lover boy. You've dated each of us,

and you wanted to fuck us all, don't you still want to?"
He tried to say something, then just nodded his head.
"So just maybe your dreams will be fulfilled"
We kept circling, touching him all over, and being so close to each

other, inadvertently touching each other. I never expected to, but when

Cassie's tits pushed into my back, and her mound brushed against my ass,

I was secretly thrilled. Then when I accidentally brushed against Annie,

the thrill coursed through me, heightening my arousal. The girls and I

had talked about lesbian encounters, but never thought about actually

doing anything about it, although I think we were all much more aware of

each other's bodies, and the other girls in the locker room at school.
Holly noticed that Al's erection was fading, and said"well, getting

a little nervous honey?" She decided to help him out a bit, and since

she always liked sucking cock, she kneeled in front of Al and took him

into her mouth. He let out a moan, and received a whack from Alicia, who

had picked up a ping-pong paddle from the chair.
Holly's efforts showed how good she was, and Al's cock again filled

out purple and raging. She licked the pre-cum from the tip, then said to

him "Now we can't risk losing that beautiful hardon now, can we?" and

with that she slipped something from her hand. It was a heavy rubber

band, and she slipped it over his cock and balls, to keep his erection

strong and hard for as long as we wanted it.
Annie suddenly said "Be right back" and ran to the bathroom. We all

thought she had to go, but she came right back with a towel, shaving

cream, and my dad's razor. Starting with his pubic hair, she applied the

cream, then shaved his hair off, eventually leaving no area of his body

untouched, legs, ass, pubes, chest, back, and head! During the process,

Al started struggling, resulting in more paddlings from Alicia. When he

was finally shaved clean, I noticed his blindfold was wet! He was

"Look at the big man now" I said. "And we have'nt even started

I grabbed his bound hands, and dragged him backwards into the

kitchen and sat him down in a wooden chair. Annie tied him tightly to

the chair so he couldn't move, then Holly started sucking his cock again.

When it seemed like he was about to cum, she stopped and we all started

circling him again, touching him, but gradually touching each other more.

The sight of my hand against Alicia's black skin was quite enticing, and

I kept it there, sliding it over her body, feeling her curves, and the

shivers it gave her when I touched the sensitive areas of her body.
Cassie took some ear plugs, and covered Al's ears so now he was

entirely cut off from his surroundings, except for when we touched him.

We kept touching, teasing him (and each other now) each time he seemed

like cumming, we stopped, letting him calm down, the band keeping his

cock hard and stiff. With Sue's encouragement, I straddled his lap,

facing him, and rubbed my mound against his cock, rocking so my clit

rubbed on it, taking me higher and higher, till I came with a fury I had

never been able to achieve masturbating.
Cassie gave me a kiss on the mouth and whispered "Happy Birthday,

Sweety" giving me more chills to feel her hot breath in my ear. I said

"Thank you, honey" and kissed her back, realizing with my eyes closed it

felt about like kissing a guy, except her lips were softer, and more

pleasant to kiss.
While we were so engaged, the others were now licking Al's neck,

chest, and cock, working him close to cumming, then letting him relax

each time. Glancing at the clock, I noticed that we had been working on

Al for over an hour, then seeing the tears roll down his cheeks, I said

"We seem to be getting through to him girls"
"Yeah, but not enough to make up for him dumping me the day after I

finally gave into him and let him fuck me." said Sue.
"Yeah, the same here," said Annie. "but I liked it and want some

more" and so saying, she took my position straddling him, but she took

his cock into her pussy, riding him to achieve her own pleasure, stopping

only to keep him from cumming. This only served to build her arousal,

and soon she was cumming hard, screaming in release.
When Annie got off, Alicia whacked Alk's cock with her paddle,

stopping any chance of him cumming for a while. Sue took a couple of

clothespins from the chair, and clipped one to each nipple, making him

wince noticeably.
When Cassie and I kissed, our tits rubbed against each other's, and

we pushed against each other, then hugged and held each other. My leg

accidentally slipped between her legs and when it touched her pussy lips,

she pushed against it, rubbing her clit on my leg. When this happened, I

felt that I just had to make her feel good, so I ran my tongue around her

mouth, lightly sucking on her lips, while she rubbed against my thigh,

getting more and more desperate. I reached down and ran my fingers over

her slit, slipping my fingers in and out, then up to her clit, gradually

feeling her movements increase till she clutched me to her as a huge

orgasm poured over her. I held her close while she came down and relaxed

in my arms.
As we came out of our embrace, we saw the others watching us, then

Sue said "My turn, and got on Al and used him like Annie did, cumming

twice before she let Alicia whack him into submission. While she was

riding Al, Alicia and Annie each played with one of her tits, pinching

her nipples, and increasing her pleasure.
The other girls each took turns sitting on "our" cock (except for

me, as I wasn't ready to give away my virginity quite yet), cumming,

whacking it with the paddle, till Sue got the idea to spray Al with cold

water from the sink. This also cooled him off, and when someone (I can't

remember who now) sprayed one of us girls, we all got into it, the cold

water shrinking our nipples, water dripping down our bodies, the spray

sometimes hitting our pussies, thrilling us in a new way. We started

wrestling then, and eventually erupted in the six of us playing with each

other, fingering each other, and licking and sucking on each other's

While we were thus engaged, I felt that my pubic hair was

interfering, and grabbed the shaving cream and razor. I sprayed my pussy

with the cream, and shaved it clean, finally ending up looking like a

little girl. Cassie said "Me next!" and I shot shaving cream all over

her pussy. Since I had the razor in my hand, I started shaving away,

till her pussy was as bald as mine. When I was done, I ran my hand over

it, loving the new smoothness, then succumbing to the urge to finger her

to another orgasm.
Alicia did Annie"s, then the reverse, and Sue and Holly did each

other, while Cassie and I got lost in each other's bodies again.
After this round of love making, Holly got up and went to the

fridge, looking for something to eat. We all made subs, then washed them

down with some beer. Alecia picked up one of the cucumbers, and looked

at it for a minute, then put it down without a word. Sue found a bowl of

jello, and some whipped cream, so we had dessert, until Annie spilled

some whipped cream down her right tit. She started to wipe it off with

her finger, licking her finger to clean up, but Sue pushed her hand aside

and licked every speck off. Jealousy of a kind took over, as each of us

wanted to lick and be licked, gradually covering our bodies, including

our pussies (thank god there were three cans). This of course meant

someone would be licking it off another one's pussy, something despite

our adventurousness we hadn't done yet. Alicia was the first, making me

lie down then cleaning every speck of whipped cream off me, and

continuing to lick the folds of my lips, till I was dripping wet. She

spread my lips with her fingers so she could get even deeper, first

licking fast, from my hole to my clit, then slowly, lingering over each

spot, knowing exactly what would make me writhe in pleasure. As I got

close to coming, she took my clit in her mouth, slid a finger in my hole,

then sucked on my clit and flicked the tip with her tongue. This brought

me to another screaming climax, my hips bucking, and my legs clamped on

her head. We all got involved then, licking and sucking each others

pussies, finding joy in bringing our friends such pleasure, and I know I

was surprised that it was so beautiful a thing to do this for each other.
After we had all come again, we sat back and realised that Al (you

remember Al) was still sitting there, tied to the chair, and blindfolded,

gagged, and ear plugged. Sue said "I suppose we have to let him go

sometime, don't we?"
"Yeah, but we really should make him do more for us, if you know

what I mean?" said Annie.
"Undo the gag, and make him pleasure us with his tongue, he always

wanted to do it before, but now it's on our terms!" said Cassie.
I untied Al's gag, and released him from the chair, but left his

hands tied. I then pulled him forward to his knees, while Cassie lay on

the floor with her pussy open to him. I pushed his head down, making him

crouch on his knees, and pushed his face into her waiting "love box." He

got the idea really quickly, and started lapping away, until he did

somethign Cassie didn't like, and she said to Alicia, "teach him, girl."

She took the paddle and whacked his ass with it. Every time he did

something wrong, or stopped, we each took a turn spanking him with the

paddle. We made him do this for all of us, eventually he was only

getting whacked for stopping, because he finally learned how to pleasure

us properly.
I noticed Cassie dissapear, then come back with a jar of vaseline,

and the cucumber she had been eyeing earlier. She said "With his ass in

the air like that, I just couldn't resist." And as he brought Sue to her

climax, Cassie put some vaseline on the cucumber, then on his asshole.

When she touched his ass, he sat up, startled, but immediately got

several whacks, and Annie pushed his head down to the floor, thus

presenting his asshole to Cassie. She presented the cucumber to his

rosebud and pushed firmly, stretching him out, filling his ass with

vegetable. When it was half way in, she stepped up to it and slid her

pussy over it, riding him till she was bucking once again with another

orgasm. All the other girls did the same, while I watched, seeing their

tits jiggle, and the cucumber moving in and out of their dripping

pussies. I had no real desire to have his cock, or anything for that

matter, in my cunt, having enjoyed the embraces of my girlfriends so

By now it was getting really late, and we were running out of desire

and ideas of how we could humiliate Al any more, so we sat him back in

the chair and took out his earplugs, and explained what a mistake it

would be if he told anyone about our evening. He gladly agreed, so I

took off his blindfold, and kneeling in front of him, I cut the rubber

band on his cock. All night long he hadn't been allowed to cum, and this

was to be his last punishment, to walk out of here with his balls aching

from lack of release, what guys call "blue balls." Alicia brought him

his clothes, and we watched him slowly get dressed, the six of us

standing naked in front of him, observing every move. As he was about to

leave, Annie stepped up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips,

with a not so quick grab to his balls. We each took turns, Al wincing

with each touck on his now very sensitive package. I was last, and as I

took his balls in my hand, I whispered "I'll see you in school, maybe we

should get back together after all, now that you know how to treat a

woman." With that he left, and we all broke out in laughter at the

change in attitude on Al's part.
A quick clean up of the house, and since it was so late that I was

certain my parents weren't coming home that night, we all curled up on my

big bed, our naked bodies entwined together in comfortable familiarity.

Who would have guessed my eighteenth birthday would turn out so nice?

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