My First Cheerleader Pt 1

My First Cheerleader Pt 1

Hi, My name is jake. Im an ordinary sophmore in high school. Popular, handsome, but the kind of guy who wont just go out with every girl I have ever had a crush on. Im just like the other guys, I have a crush on the head cheerleader just like everyone else, i get average grades like every one else, but one thing seperates me from them… i got guts. all my life i have always done stupid shit. in the eighth grade i was dared to blow up the bathroom and i done it. in the ninth grade i was dared to hit on the hottest cheerleader and i done it. both times i was caught and it didnt go so good after that.

well this year i started talkin to the girls… u no still shy but just talkin casually…right… how many guys u know can do that…lol… well one day in math jennifer (the head cheerleader aka jay) passed a note to me tellin me to meet her after school. i practically fainted right then and there.

just so yall no im skippin ahead i hate long boring days

well it was about 3:15 and she still hadnt shown up. i was about to get up and leave when all of a sudden the door to the band room busted open and she told me to hurry my ass in…. and like a puppy dog i done as she said.

inside it was fairly cool, air conditioned yada yada, "so whats up" i asked
"i just wanted to know if u have ever…u no…fantasized about me" she replied
I didnt even have to answer. my blush said it all. i was like a tomato that was just a lil sunburned.
"OMG why didnt u ever tell me that u liked me" she said somewhat hystarically.
"well thats like askin why do we starilyze needles before lethal injuections" i said (which reminds me if anyone knows why we do that let me no) "what if every guy told you that he liked u, youd probably knock him into next week"
"no" she giggled "cant u tell i have been hittin on u for like the past 2 months"
"well now that u think about it…" i trailed off thinkin about the time when she smacked my ass in the hall i thought that was an accident. and then there was the time when i swear she pinched it but i wasnt sure. when ever she sat next to me on the bus she did seem to scoot a lil close to me. "well yea i guess u have been wow i really am a true blond"
she giggled again

then lookin into my eyes she pushed me up against the wall.
"well enough 'beating' (get it beatin rofl) around the bush down to bussiness" she said erotically
she pushed her body up against mine and started kissin me deeply as she slowly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down.

in my head im like

i slipped my arms around her thin waist and unzipped her cheerleadin skirt and let it fall to the ground to reveal that she wasnt wearin any panties (u got a lil drool on the keyboard there buddy…at least i hope thats drool).

she unbuttoned my shirt and then thru it across the room. i unproffessionally yanked her top off and thru it to the floor and wouldnt ya no it NO BRA. (that "drool" is starting to ssstttiiiiiiiiiiicccckk up my keyboard do u mind)

i turned her around so that shes the one up against the wall and started to kiss her neck passionatly. I rubbed her body as i slowly moved my lips down between her cleavage and stopped at her belly button.

i kissed her belly button as she moaned and little drops of her cum started to seep out.
i slowly moved my tounge down to her enlarged clit and toyed with it till she moaned load enough to wake the dead. she moaned loud and hard as i started rubbin her legs and her juices started to flow more freely

just then we heard a crash outside and quickly we stopped and gathered are clothes and ducked behind a nearby tuba case in time to keep out of the side of the band teacher to not see us as he walked in and snatched some papers off the rooster.

holding our breath we slowly moved around the collection of casses so that he wouldnt see us as he headed out the back door.

we looked at each other with terror in our eyes.

"wanna keep going" i asked
"u know i want to but its a lil dangerous here dont ya think" she said reluctantly
"k its official i hate teachers" i answered
"dont we all" she said " anyhow u know where i live so come see me some time" she winked as she finished puttin on here clothes.
"no problem ill come REAL soon" i said eagerly as i finished zippin up my pants and started workin on my shirt buttons.

as soon as we were both ready we slipped out the back door and walked home together (she liveed next door to me talk about convenient).

yea like i said im an average guy but with one big diffirence… i got guts.

to be cont. (if i get a good rating the next story will be part 2 like i said this is my first so let me no what u think)

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