My sweet police officer

My sweet police officer

[b]It was late at night, I was soo pissed off from Jeff (my boyfriend), so I just got into my car and stormed out of the house, I did not know where to go or anything I just wanted to get away from all that crap he is.

I was over 100 m/hour and I was listening to some country music when I spotted the siren from the police motorcycle behind me flashing for me to stop.
I pulled over on the road side, and the police officer walked toward me, when the police officer were at my window I was shock by the fact it was a female.

‘Hello officer what can i do for u’

‘ well ma’am ur going in 100 miles per hour and the allowed limit is 50 only, can i see your registration papers and your driver license’

She was amazing even I am a straight woman I was soo taken by her, she was 6.0” tall, blue eyes with a red hair, perfect figure, the curves in her body was astonishing and her tits were just yelling to tear up the uniform, I guessed they were 32DD.

I gave her what she wanted, I was just sitting in the car when she came back and asked me to step out of the car, I did, but I was confused of the reason… I did not know what I did wrong.

I stepped out of the car… ‘Ma’am would you please face the car please I have to search you, there is an info about some drug dealers in this area and im obliged to search you’

I faced the car and she started to search me, she began with my feet where she started searching my legs and socks.

By the way I didn’t tell you what I was wearing and what do I look like, im 5,5 hazel eyes with brownish blonde hair, my tits are 34CC, and at that day I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a jeans short and some sport socks and boots, and underneath, a white panties and blue bra.

She was searching my socks area where I started to feel wet at my pussy, her hands were as soft as silk searching my socks area then she moved her hand up my legs and thighs even im wearing shorts.

Her hand were sooo soft I started to moan a little, she reached my shorts where she began to feel the sides, my pockets then she ordered me to pen my legs to feel between them because most of the drug dealers hide their merchandise in these sensitive areas.

I opened my legs and she started to feel my pussy area through the fabric and at that time I was sooo wet that even my jeans r wet now.

“Well well well, u r wet, I wonder why, r u hiding anything down there and put it in some wet things to conceal it”
“No no I swear to god there is not anything down there, im just a little wet, I may peed on my self from fear”

“ no no no I don’t believe you, please remove your shorts immedialty or else”
“Please dont make me lose them plzzzzzzzzz”

Well she insisted and finally I went behind the car and took them off.

I bend over the car and she started searching me again, her hands were unbearable I was sooo hot, and by each touch of her hand, I was getting close to orgasm.

She reached at my pussy area and this time my panties were soaked wet and started rubbing my pussy through the panties, I was breathing soo heavily and suddenly she stopped.

She looked at me wickedly and said “well it looks like there is nothing inside here, I will continue my search please open ur arms I must search the rest of u.

I opened my arm wide and she started to search my belly them going up to search my arm from out to the inner side, then she reached my tits, she cupped my tits with her hands, my nipples were sooo hard and erect and showing even through the bra. Well she cupped my tits and started to squeeze them a little and she said

“They don’t look natural to me r u hiding anything here, please remove ur shirt and bra ma’am”

I removed my shirt and I turned around and asked her to unbutton my bra. I took my bra off and returned to face the police officer only wearing pussy juices soaked panties.

She moved closer to me and started rubbing my whole body, my neck my upper tits, my tits, my stomach until she reached my panties, and she said ‘ ok now take this panties off and let me see u like god created u’

I took the panties off and stood there with no motion at all.
She came close to me caressed my hair with her wet hand (from my pussy). Hold me close and get my head close to hers and them she planted the sweetest and softest kiss I ever felt on my lips….

“ ohhhhh my god what r u doing, I moved back I was a little bit shocked but at the same time hot and turned on like hell”

“ okk I was just kissing u and I guess u don’t have any thing against it as I see a soaked panties on the ground”

At this time I was blushing, so she came closer one hand buried it in between my closed legs and the other behind my head to hold it while she french kissed me.
Ohhhhh ahhhhh it was greattt her tongue was exploring my mouth surfing and going around each corner in it and her hand were buried in my pussy and her middle finger was giving me the best fingering I had in my life.

I got brave and let my tongue to go inside her mouth and I started exploring too.
The kiss lasted like four to five minutes and when we break it, there was no time for her mouth to rest, she attacked my left tit and put my nipple in her mouth ad she started sucking and licking it like a baby seeking milk from his own mother.

Suddenly she stopped and said “ hey what r u doing why r soo stiff move ur hands and give me some sweet time too”

This is what I was waiting for. I hands started to explore her body curves and I grabbed her ass cheek and hold her closer to me while she was sucking my tits. I was sure that milk will come out although im not a mom or anything but instead my pussy gave me all the milk, I was dripping on my legs soo hard I thought it was pee.

She moved from tit to the other while my hands where working on her belt and trousers to get them off when I unbuttoned her trousers, I moved to her shirt, where I started to unbutton its bottoms too.

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