Neighbor Boy Games

Neighbor Boy Games

I moved into an apartment building with my mom after she and my dad divorced. I was 14 years old at the time, and there weren't any other kids my age to play with. There where some 16 and 17 year olds who didn't seem too interested in hanging out with me, and some 10 and 11 year olds who where more then happy to play with an older kid. Craig was an 11-year old who made it clear that he was actually 11 1/2, but closer to 12. According to our birthday's, when he turned 12, I'd still be 14-years old for 42 days before I'd turn 15.

During that first summer, I could count on one hand the number of times that Craig wore a shirt or shoes. At first, I thought that he might be poor, but that wasn't the case. Craig just didn't like wearing clothes and that intrigued me. I was a little self-conscious about some baby-fat that hadn't gone away yet, but I knew that it would real soon because penis was starting to look like a man's. I also felt that my nipples where too large for a boy. Most boys that I'd seen shirtless had dime sized nippled, and Craig's where even smaller then that. Mine where easily somewhere between a nickle and a quarter. They where also a bit darker in color and not exactly flat.

Craig and I would ride our bikes along some trails in the hills behind our neighborhood, and it was back those secluded trails that Craig and I started to play in a way that I had never played before. I didn't realize it then, but I do realize it now that Craig seduced me into seducing him. It all started when Craig noticed that I never took my shirt off. I lied and said that I get sun burned real easy, and he said that he had on about 3 or 4 coats of sunscreen. I just said that we didn't have any at my house, and the next day when we where way up the trails, Craig remembered that he'd brought some suncreen with him so I could use it too.

He reached into his pocket and handed me a small tube of SPF 25 sunscreen and told me to try it. I put some on my legs first, then my arms. I was just about done when Craig told me to take my shirt off and put it all over. Craig didn't seem phased by my small budgy stomach or large nipples. Evertime I thought that I was done, Craig would remind me of the places that I forgot like my neck, face, and especially my nose. He said that I should put lots on my nose. I almost died when he said that he used to forget to put it some places and that's why his mom just coats his entire body with the stuff. Then he grabbed the tube from my hand and said that he'd do my back. Between the feeling of his hand rubbing lotion on me, and the thought of him getting a naked rubdown from his mom made me pop a mean ass boner. I couldn't resist, and just had to ask.

"So! – do you just stand there naked while your mom covers you from head-to-toe with this stuff?" I asked.

"Yeah! she got tired of hearing me cry when I forgot to get it all over me." Craig said.

The next day I met Craig to go on our daily bike ride without shoes. I just wore a pair of shorts and s tee shirt with the sleeves cut off. I also had a plan cooked up in my head to ride all the way up to the water tank at the top of the trail. I had been up there a few times before and remember getting a drink of water from a garden hose that was connected to one of the release valves. I started to wash the mud off of the tires of my bike and then turned the hose on Craig and got him soaking wet. When he got control of the hose to rinse off his bike, I positioned my self where he'd wouldn't be able to squirt me too much with the short 6-foot section of garden hose. I was wet, but Craig was drenched. He followed me down the main trail and then right up one of the smaller trails where I told him that I rememberd reading on his tube of suncreen.

"Oh crap! it says that you need to re-apply this stuff after you go swimming." I said.

I put some on my hand and started rubbing it on Craig's back and shoulders. He held his arms straight out and didn't object when I reached around and started applying it all over his chest and stomach from behind. He said that he was glad that I saw that on the instructions because he would have been dead meat if he came home sunburned one more time. I knew that I was about to say something daring by the way that my heart started to pound. I didn't know what it would be until it came out of my mouth.

"You know what? to be safe, we better just put this stuff on you like your mom does." I said.

"You think so?" Craig said.

"Yeah, nobody can see us and we'd hear anyone coming up the trail anyway."

"Oh yeah!" Craig said and started to unbutton his pants.

In less then a few seconds, Craig was naked with his shorts in his hands and his super white butt cheeks right in my face. I covered the back of his body from his neck to the back of his feet, and spent a majority of time on his butt cheeks. Rather then ask him to turn around, I moved to his side and rubbed lotion on his back and chest at the same time. I let my front hand drop right to where his pubic hair would be if he had any, while my other hand was massaging his butt cheeks. I watched as his chubby little dick started to get that puffy look as it was beginning to turn into a boner. Craig noticed it and stepped back into his pants as I finished his lower legs.

When he didn't offer to apply lotion on me, I mentioned that I have my mom put sunscreen on me like his mom does, but I was a getting too old to be naked in front of my mom anymore. It was like Craig was reading que cards in my brain.

"Want me to do then?" Craig asked.

"Really, you don't mind?" I said as I shucked off my tanktop and shorts.

Right away, I got the surprised reaction that I was hoping for. Craig's eyes widened and his first comment was over my little curly hairs. "Whoa! you're getting hairs already!" Craig said as he kneeled at my side and started rubbing my back and chest at the same time. I held out my hand and told him to squirt a little so that I could do my face while he did the rest. I felt one of his hands on my buttcheeks while the other was on the front and side of my legs. Once he moved his hand up far enough to make contact with my ballsack, I felt that tingle that let me know that a boner was on it's way. He casually said that I sure had a big weenie and then followed that up with another observation.

"And it's getting even bigger!" Craig said.

"That's because you're making me pop a boner." I said as casually as possible.

"I am?" Craig said.

"Sure! , It feels good when you rub your hands all over me. That's how you know when you're not a little kid anymore. Only a little kid could get rubbed like this without popping a boner." I said.

Craig rubbed closer to my dick as it raised up equal to the horizon. As soon as he made a few more verbal comments about it's growing size, it popped up just past it's full 45 degree stiff angle. "Holy Cow! Look how big I made it get!" Craig said. I told him that he wouldn't be a little kid much longer and that he soon see just how good it felt when some rubbed him the way he was rubbing me.

"I'm not a kid! – Didn't you see mine? I was popping a boner when you rubbed lotion on me." Craig said.

"No you didn't! – I think I would remember noticing if your dick was sticking up like mine is." I said.

"It was getting there but I put my pants back on. Watch! rub me again." Craig said.

So there we where, both naked and I told him to spred his feet apart a little wider. I told him that I'd rub the spot that makes me pop up real fast. He didn't obkect as I got lotion all over my left hand and rubbed my nuckles back and forth over the skin behind his balls while my thumb rubbed in a circular motion right over his pucker hole. All on his own, Craig spread his feet further apart and looked down at his dick.

"Oh crap! You're right! – Look at how quick my weenie going stiff!" Craig said.

"Fuck! I guess you aren't a little kid after all. Look at how big your dick is getting!" I said.

"Oh wow! Ohhhhhhh wow-wee!" Craig panted very sexually.

"It feels really good, doesn't it?" I said.

"Oh yeah! it feels really, really good." He said.

"Would you like me to make it feel even better?" I said.

"You can make it better the this! – How?" Craig said.

I held out my hand and told Craig to pour a little dab of lotion on the fingers of my right hand. Then I reached down and started stroking my slippery fingers up and down his 4-inch woodie. He could only handle about 2 minutes of that before he arched his back and stood up as high as he could on his tippy toes, like a ballerina. His first orgasm rocked him to the core and he cried out loud enough to be heard about 50 yards in all directions.

"Oh yeah! What's happening? It feels so good! – Yeah! Awwww Yes!, Aughhhhhh!" Craig shouted.

He jerked and convulsed for another 20 seconds until his first orgasm subsided. Only then did he lower himself down from the tips of his toes. He had standed still the entire time, but by the time I had finished jacking him off, his chest was heaving in and out, and he was panting like he just run a 50-yard dash. He bant over with his hands on his knees and thanked me for whatever it was that I had just done.

"Damn Craig! You really liked that! You shouted so loud when you hit your orgasm?" I said.

"I couldn't help it! – I just felt like I was about to explode." He said.

I asked him it felt like he was going to pee, and he said that it did, but a million-zillion time better. I told him that in a year or so, somthing really will come out when he get's that feeling.

"That's why they call it cumming. I made you cum eventhough nothing came out." I said.

"Let me see if I can make you cum." Craig said.

"I'll bet you can't, but you're welcome to try." I said.

Craig seemed to take that as a challange and got down on his kness and went right to work on my rock hard 5-inch cock. I didn't say a word and let him go on until he remembered what he was supposed to do with his other hand. He got his nuckles going on my scrotum and really caused me to get super hot, but he fumbled around with his thumb for another minute or so. But soon after he started that, he hit the target and got his slippery thumb right over the surface of my pucker-hole.

"Oh Craig! You did it man! You got all of your fingers in the right place without any help." I said.

"I did? Am I making it feel really good for you?" Craig asked with a smile a mile wide.

"Your making me feel so fucking good, and guess what else?" I said.

"What?" he asked.

"You're gonna make me cum any second. Oh Craig! You're really gonna make me cum!" I panted.

"This is so cool! – Go ahead and cum! Are you coming?" He asked.

"Yeah! It's ready to go. Oh fuck yeah Craig! – You stroke dick so good! – Yeah! Here it comes! Oh shit! –
Oh shit you're making me cum! Now Craig watch! – Oh Fuck! – I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming!" I shouted.

Craig and I both watched as 3 healthy squirts of watery cum shot out of my dick. The first shot landed in the dirt about 3 feet in front of us, and the other two each a shorter distance. The rest oozed out of my dick and over the tops of Craig's fingers. I started to jolt and jerk like Craig had with my mouth hanging wide open.

I didn't say anything to Craig, but it was the first time that I had shot out so far. I usually shot one thin squirt that landed around my belly button, but Craig had my dick shooting several feet through the air.
We did it again the very next day and Craig was first again and every other time after that. What made this time different was that my thumb was rubbing up and down over and across his butthole rather then around in circles. He really seemed to like it this way then in circles, and I noticed how my thumb would sink when it got directly over his opening. It was almost like it was going up inside so I just decided to see what would happen if stuck it in like I was holding a bowling ball. I had to move my head around and look to verify that my thumb had actually slid into his butthole and was completely in as far as it could go.

"Oh man! what's that? – what did you just do?" Craig asked as he stopped my other hand on his dick.

I told him that I just stuck my thumb all the way up his butthole. I thought he was going to tell me to take it out, but he said that it felt really good, and that it was like he just might cum eventhough I wasn't rubbing his boner anymore. Without any instruction. Craig turned and bent over with his stomach on the seat of his bike, and his hands holding onto the handle bars. He spread his legs so far apart that his balls where almost resting ontop the back tire of his bike. I started moving my thumb in and out of his butthole, and Craig want nuts. He started wiggling his ass pushed back as I pushed forward.

"Push it in further!" He demended.

"That's as far as it will go. Want to to try my pointer finger? It's longer then my thumb." I said.

"Yeah! Do something, anything! – Just get it in there deeper!" Craig said.

I replaced my thumb with my pointer finger, and Craig went crazy again. He reached under his bike seat and started jacking his own cock while I tended to his hot little hole. I was moving my finger around in a circular motion while it was inserted completely up his butt. After a minute or so I could feel that Craig wasn't able to clamp his hold down on my finger as hard as he could when I first stuck it in. I didn't even ask before I used a downward thrust to pull completely out, but pushed back in with my pointer finger, and middle finger next to each other.

"Oh fuck yes! Like that! Holy shit! Yeah man! Do it real deep!" Craig said letting go of his dick.

I started twisting my fingers when they hit the bottom of his hole. It was just like sticking a key in a door knob. Once the key is fully inserted, you turn to the right. That's how my fingers moved. I shove them all the way up his butt and then twisted them to the right. I just kept repeating the process over-and-over, and doing it faster at I went along.

"Just a little deeper, please. I'm so close to cumming!" Craig said.

"Sorry man! that's as far as they go. Just start stroking your dick again." I said.

"Oh man! you can't go just a little bit deeper? I think I could cum without rubbing my dick" Craig said.

"Okay Craig! But I'm only doing this cuz your a good friend. You want it deeper right?" I said.

"Yes! please, I so dang close!" He said.

I rubbed lotion all over my dick and moved up behind Craig. I aimed my dickhead right at his butthole and I noticed that it was still open about as round as a dime. I looked at my dick which was rounder then a quarter and wondered if I be able to get it inside of the small hole. I watched as Craig's hole immediately gave way and allowed a little more then half of it to slide right in. Craig's head shot back around and I'll never forget the look on his face or what he said.

"Oh shit! You put your dick inside of me!" He said.

I didn't say anything but the look on my face told Craig that must have felt good for me. "Does it feel good being inside of there?" Craig asked. I told Craig that the inside of his asshole was super hot and asked him if he wanted me to go deeper.

"That's not all of it? You can still go deeper?" He said.

"Yeah, here is what all of it will feel like!" I said as I shoved forward until my tiny patch of curly hairs made contact with Craig's butt. He literally screamed as I started pounding in and out of him. It was the first time that he asked me to slow down, but I wasn't hearing anything of the sort. I just kept right on going until his pleas for me to slow down subsided, and then where replaced with pleas to go a little faster. Just listeneing to Craig have his orgasm almost made me cum in his butt.

"Oh shit! – Oh shit! – Oh shit! I just thought of something." Craig said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well…if a guy sticks his dick in a girl, he's fucking her. But what's it called what you're doing?" Craig said.

"Same thing dude, you're getting fucked right now! – Is that okay with you?" I asked.

"It's great cuz I'm gonna cum! – I'm gonna cum! – Here I go! – Yeah! I'm Cumming! – I'm Cumming!" He said

I just kept on hammering as Criag cam with his hand on the handle bars, and my dick slamming deep into his butthole. When he got to that jerking and shaking part of his orgasm, Craig reached down and gave his dick a few strokes. I think he had a multiple orgasm because he started to convulse again after he had stopped.

It got sort of akward after that and we hurried to get out pants back on. Once we where comfortably dressed again, we talked about what we had just done. I told him what it was like to put my dick in his ass, and he told me what it was like to have a dick up his butt.

That night I had browsed the internt and viewed some gay porn. It gave me some ideas that I couldn't wait to try out the next day. I met Craig at the usual time for our bikeride, except this time I had my backpack with me. Inside where some pictures that I printed and a small blanket. We found a nice spot in an over growth of bushed about 30 feet off of one of the trails. We set up the blanket and removed all of our clothes and went right to playing with each others dicks. They popped stiff in not time at all and Craig flat out looked right into my eyes and asked me if he could fuck me. I was so turned on that I didn't even think before I got on my back and lifted my legs. Craig gave me a wierd look and I showed him one of the pictures that I printed.

"Just fuck me like this guy id fucking this guy." I said.

Craig popped his 4-incher all the way inside of my in one quick thrust and it hurt so bad. I thought there was something wrong with me. How could he find my bigger dick in his smaller asshole so exciting. But having his smaller dick in my bigger ass was so painful. I didn't have to wait long for the answer. Criag was to slow down because it felt so good for him to have his dick in my hot ass. He just let it sink all the way in and left it there because he felt like he might cum too fast. I started squeezing my butt muscle over his dick and he noticed it, and said that it felt real nice when I did that.

"It's like you don't want my weenie to leave your butthole feeling empty." He said.

The more he trued to pulled it out, the harder I clamped down on it. And the more he tried to push it in, the more I tried to push it out. It became a game that Craig won hands down.

"Oh yeah! you think you can keep me from moving my dick? Try and stop this!" He said, as he started fucking me.

The pain hd left without me even noticing it. I just remember feeling that cum tingle on ever down stroke and I couldn't believe that he was about to make me cum in less then 3 minutes. I couldn't hold back no matter how hard I tried.

"Fuck Craig! You already go me ready to cum!" I said.

"I'll do what you did to me when I was cumming." Craig said.

He slammed all 4 inches of his chubby dick in and out of my ass like a jackhammer. It only too about 30 seconds before I felt warm liquid hit my chin, then my chest.

"FUCK! I'M CUMMING! I'm Cumming! – Yeah, Fuck Me Craig! Fuck me!" I shouted.

By the time that Craig and I where 11 and 12 for that short time, we bacame the kinkiest kids in town. Maybe the world. We started doing bold and crazy stuff and each had our favorite way of getting fucked. But Craig favorite was was the boldest of all.

We'd hide his bike down the trail by our usual fucking place and then walk together with my bike all the way up to the water tank. When we got there, I'd fuck Craig and get him really close to cumming. Then I sit on my bike, Craig would sit in my lap with my dick up his ass. I was just past 5-inches by now. With my dick in his ass, and his feet up on the handle bars, we'd take off down the bumpy trail. Craig would hold onto the bar between his legs to keep from getting bucked off of my cock as we tore down the bumpy trail. Craig would be screaming all of the way and would often cum twice about a minute apart. I was too focused of driving the bike and could not get into it enough to cum, but I was sure glad to hear Craig scream in sexual extacy on the way down the trail.

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