Obey The Law

Obey The Law

Police attitude

Debbie was driving along the old highway just listening to her music, and not paying much attention to her speed. She glanced in her rear view mirror, and saw the lights flashing. “Oh shit! What in the hell am I going to do now? “
She pulled over, and noticed that the officer was extremely good looking. “ Maybe I can get out of this ticket yet,” she thought. He came up to her and asked for her driver’s license. She had slid it between her breasts when she saw him, and was wearing a bikini top. “It is right here officer.” She slid her fingers over her D sized tits and pulled out her license. The officer was doing his best to look official, but it was hard as hell to do so when he could feel his cock already stiffening up in his pants. She had noticed it as well.

“Do you have your registration in there also?” He asked? “No, it is in the glove compartment.” She leaned over to get it out, and her already short skirt finished riding up on her ass cheeks. She handed him the paper work, and looked for his nameplate.

“Officer Stevens, Could we please work something out here? I don’t want another ticket on my record.” “I don’t believe in just letting speeders go off without paying some kind of fine, Miss.” She knew that she had him hooked. She slowly slid her hand up his leg and said, “do you think I would be able to work it off between us?” “I don’t know.” He replied. “What did you have in mind?” “Well, I thought that maybe we could go someplace private and work out an agreement that would be fulfilling to both of us.”
“There is a small house about a mile down this road. Go and wait there for me.” She did as he said, and found the house easily. He got there quickly. “Go ahead inside. I am off of work, but I have to make a quick call to the office.”

She went inside, and found a nice little place. She was looking around, and didn’t hear him come up behind her. She felt him slide his hands around her waist, and then down to the bottom of her skirt. “You know, he told her, Just to be on the safe side, I think you should be frisked. I never know what kind of a weapon you might be carrying.” He pushed her into the bedroom, and up against a wall. “Put your hands on the wall, and spread your legs.” She did as he said, and he started “frisking” her. He started at the top and slid his hands over her breasts. Her nipples hardened as he kept running his hands over them and lightly pinching them. “I think I feel something here that I had better investigate,” he told her. “Take off your top.” She did as he said, and he proceeded to play with her breasts and especially her nipples. Then he slid his hands lower until he reached her ass. “Here I have definitely found something,” he said, as he slid a couple of fingers up her pussy. He started finger fucking her with a couple of fingers. “I think I feel something up here. You are going to have to be put under arrest.”

Saying that, he took her over to the bed and pushed her down on it. He took his handcuffs, and cuffed her to the bed. “You know, you women think that you can just flash a tit and get away with anything.” He said, then he leaned down and pulled a nipple in his mouth. He licked and sucked on her nipples until they were both hard peaks. “Well, I think you need to be taught a lesson, and I am going to give it to you,” he told Debbie as he slid down and pushed her legs open. He spread her lips wide, and slid his tongue deep into her pussy. He licked his way up to her clit and sucked it into his mouth. While his mouth was busy on her clit, he lightly ran his fingers up and down the outside of her cunt. “Do you like that?” He asked. “Yes.” She replied. Then he shoved three of his fingers deep into her cunt hard. She let out a gasp of pure pleasure and supprise. “I want you to take this arrest seriously.” He told her, and pulled his fingers out and shoved them back in again as hard as the first time. She was loving this, but caught onto the game quickly. “You’re hurting me,” she said. “Good. I am meaning to. You need to take the law seriously.” Then he started finger fucking her hard and fast. “I want you to know that I mean it when I say that I want you to obey the law and me.” “Yes sir.” She said. He leaned down again and started licking her cunt again. He slid his tongue deep into her hole, and licked all the way up, over and over. Debbie thought she was going to die of pure pleasure. Richard (the officer) lifted her legs and spread them wider. He slid two fingers back up her pussy and said. “I don’t think you are taking this to heart”. Then he pushed the two fingers up her asshole. “You really do need to learn.” He finger fucked her ass while he licked her cunt.

She was pushed over the edge with this and climaxed hard. Richard then raised up on his knees and unzipped his pants. He pulled out a ten-inch long cock that was thicker than anything she had ever seen. “I don’t think I am going to be able to take that.” Debbie told him. “Oh you will take it alright. You will take every inch of it up that sweet, wet pussy of yours”. “But first, we are not through with your lessons.” He ran his hand up and down the length of his cock a few times, then pulled his nightstick out of his belt. “Keep your legs spread.” He played with his cock a little more while he watched her wet cunt get even wetter. He reached down and spread her lips. She thought that he was going to fuck her then, but he took his nightstick, and slowly slid it up inside of her. “Yes,” he said, “I am going to fuck you with this first. I am going to watch it slide in and out of your sweet little cunt for as long as I want to. I enjoy this.”

He started fucking her with it faster, but was careful not to go too deep. “I love fucking women with this. It shows them the power I have over them.” “One woman that I pulled over at night made me the same offer you did, but she made the mistake of being a little rude about it and I fucked her with it right there bent over her hood.” “I made her spread her legs and shoved my stick up her cunt right there.” “I watched it slide in and out of her for a good long time, just watching it fuck her, and knowing that I was going to stick my cock in that hole next.” He was getting more excited as he talked, and was fucking her with it faster and faster. “You should have seen the look on her face when she realized just what was fucking her.” “Then she really got a shock when I gave her the real thing.” “She kept trying to get away from my cock and I had her pinned to her car.” “She kept begging me to stop, but the more she begged, the hotter I got, and the harder I fucked her.” “While I had my cock up her cunt, I fucked her ass with my fingers.” “ I loved watching her as I was fucking with both her ass and cunt.” “By the time I had most of my cock into her, she was begging me just to give her the ticket.” “ I laughed at that and gave her a little more”. “ I lifted her legs up off of the ground, spread them wide, and finished giving her the rest of my cock deep in her cunt over and over.” “I think it even surprised her when she started cumming.” “When I felt that, I fucked her even harder. I loved watching my cock fill her up full.”

“ Then there was another woman that offered herself right in front of her husband.” “They really must have wanted out of that ticket bad for him to go along with it.” “I had him get out of the car, and come around to where I was so he could watch what I did to her.” “I spread her legs right there in the front seat, and licked her and fingering her while he watched.” “Then I took out my friend here, and fucked her with it.” “This must have really turned him on because I turned my head and He had one hell of a hard on.” “Do you like watching me fuck your wife with this stick?” I asked him. “He said that it was a real turn on to him. He had always wanted to take dildoes and toys like that to her, but she would never let him. He liked to watch things like the night stick fuck her.” “I had to laugh at that, then I fucked her harder with it.” “She was really surprised when I told him to take over.” “I watched him fuck her with my trusty stick for a few minutes.” “I got even hotter watching him fuck her with it.” “I asked him then if it would turn him on to watch me fuck her with my real cock and he said that was what he was hoping for.” “He had tried to get her to fuck another man so he could watch, but she wouldn’t do it.” “He actually wanted to watch me fuck his wife.” “I told her to get out of the car and lay back on the hood.” “I took my cock out and the look on his face was one that I will never forget.” “He said that after I was done, He didn’t think that his wife would bitch about him being too small anymore.” “I thought that was mean of her, so I fucked her good and hard.” “He actually held her down as I crammed my cock into her. I picked her up off of the hood, and held her up as I fucked her”. “The reason I did this, is her husband wanted to fuck her ass with his fingers while I fucked her cunt with my cock.” “She was pissed about that, but I told her that if she didn’t shut up, I’d let him fuck her up the ass with his cock while I was fucking her cunt.” “He was about the same height as me, so he could have easily slid his cock home between her cheeks while I held her up.” “She started getting really rude with us, so I called my K9 out of the back, pulled my cock out of her cunt, and her husband and I held her down and let my dog fuck her in the ass!” “I remember watching him slam his cock in and out of her asshole. For a dog, he has a big cock.”

Richard had gotten himself so excited talking about all of this that he had Debbie cumming again. His mouth was actually watering as he watched himself fuck her with the stick. He laid the stick down while it was still inside of her, and took of his uniform. He was so hard that his cock was standing strait in the air. He pulled the stick out of her cunt, and spread her legs even wider. He took his cock, and rubbed it up and down her cunt. Then he began to slide it into her cunt. “You are so big.” Debbie told him. “Doesn’t it feel good though?” He asked. He pushed more of it into her pussy and then pulled back out. “I’ll be nice and let you get used to it though, because I am going to fuck you with the whole thing.” As he fucked her, he gave her a little more each time. “Oh please, she said, I can’t take anymore.” “I told you that I was going to fuck you with my whole cock, and that is exactly what I mean to do.” “I want to feel it slide in and out of your sweet, tight cunt, over and over.” “I want to feel your cunt stretch to take all of me.” “I want you to feel all of my cock sliding in and out, fucking you harder as I fuck you longer.”

To show her he meant what he had said, he shoved more into her. “You have a tight little cunt here. I love tight cunts.” He fucked her even harder then. “ I am going to fuck you hard.” “I am going to fuck you with every inch of my cock.” She felt her climax coming. She went wild. “Oh yes, give me more. Fuck me harder.” Richard gave her all of his cock. He slammed it to her as hard as he could. She shook and shook as she came. He pulled out of her when she finished, and told her to get on her hands and knees. “I want your ass high in the air.” He told her. She did as he said, and he started finger fucking her again. “Your cunt is so wet and hot, I could play with it forever.” He bent down, and slid his tongue deep inside of her. “You taste so good.” He said, then he sucked her lips into his mouth and stabbed his tongue inside of her again. He licked her hard and deep. “You know what would really make this even hotter?” “I can’t think of anything that would feel better than what you have been doing to me.” She replied. Richard whistled and in came a large German shepherd. He made her lay on her back again, and spread her legs even wider. Her hands were still cuffed, and he had her legs tied open now. He spread her cunt lips with his fingers wide, and the dog stuck his nose up her cunt. He started licking her cunt hard and deep. “Now, don’t you love having a really long tongue up your cunt?” He asked her. “I can feel him so deep, and it feels so good.” Debbie told him. “Let him go deeper.” I want to feel his tongue as deep as your cock went in me.” He smiled at her and did just what she said. He spread her lips as wide as they would go. The dog went even deeper with his tongue. He licked her all the way from her asshole to her clit, He slid his tongue deep into her cunt over, and over again. This made Debbie start cumming again. Richard slid three fingers in her cunt and was fingerfucking her as the dog licked her. He loved watching his dog eat her out. He made her take his fingers deep in her cunt for a few more seconds, then he spread her even wider, so the dog could lick her from her ass to her clit. This really drove Debbie wild. He held her ass cheeks open so the dogs tongue could slip inside a little bit. Watching this had him hotter than ever. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Down boy” Richard told the dog, then he took his cock, and slammed it deep into her cunt again. “ I am going to fuck you so hard!” She felt his cock crammed deep in her cunt. He slammed into her hard, again and again. “Now are you going to obey the laws?” He asked. “Yes” she replied, unless you are the cop watching me.” “I like your punishments” He laughed and kept slamming his cock into her. He fucked her hard until he came deep into her cunt. “Next time I catch you, You will have to deal with me, my dog, and my partner.”

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