Oh No….Oh Fuck….Here we go! part 2.

Oh No….Oh Fuck….Here we go! part 2.

I hadn't expected her to start fucking men in my house! I looked nervously at my two buddies and they shrugged. Looking at the blonde haired beauty I saw a mischievous smirk scrawled across her face, her brown eyes turned to me and before I could say anything she bolted into the house. Surprised I followed, the moans coming from…my room!!! I stopped and then saw my blonde buddy by the door, it was cracked open.

I went over and peeked from behind her, wishing I wasn't getting turned on by the site of my best friend being fucked by a huge black dick. We stood watching for about a minute, when I felt hands on my waist and a hard dick pressing into my ass, looking up I say Cody's eyes and knew what he wanted, but instead I started ranting quietly, "My fucking room! Why my fucking room! Why not the guest room!" I didn't get to finish because I felt lips on mine and lips on my neck.

I figured the lips on mine were Hailey's, soft and warm and the ones on my neck Cody's, rough and soft. My mind raced, Here we are standing outside my door kissing me sandwiched and my best friend being fucked inside my room! I responded to her prodding tongue and let them drag me away from the door, annoyed I pulled away and walked towards my shower, I heard them follow.

It wasn't helping that I was turned on and thinking about fucking with my best friend right there was not healthy, well not in my book. I didn't close the door and walked straight to the shower stall, pulling out my hair band I let it fall to the floor, allowing my long curly brown hair fall past my chest. I knew they were watching and hearing four different groans turned me on, bending down I turned on the water. Letting the shower start I stripped off my shirt and bra, allowing my slightly big breasts free. Hard nipples showing what I was trying to hide.

I hadn't buttoned up my pants from the 'parking lot' escapade and just pulled them down, I left my thong in the car. I heard a zipper and felt hands on my back, scratching me. Tilting my head I grinned up at the blonde. Getting out of her embrace I walked towards the shower, getting in I washed my body, giving them quite a show. I twisted my nipples, making them harder and darker then normal. Using soap I cleaned my tummy, small deliberate circles leading to my cunt, which is on fire. I heard clothes being pulled off and then felt two other bodies cramming in the small bathroom shower. I could feel the hard dick pushing at my ass and big breasts pushing at mine, sandwiched again! I felt Cody grab my hips and pull me back a little, I could just see him holding his dick and pushing it in me.

I felt pain, sharp and stinging, as his dick ripped open my asshole. "SHIT!!" That hurt! Oh man, hara coulda heard me. Cody grinned from behind me, I just knew he was. Opening my eyes I saw dark lust filled brown ones, her hands went to my hair and pulled me down by it, her lips taking mine in a brutal kiss. I no longer cared if my friend heard me, incessant moaning came from my mouth, well the moans tried to. Her soft lips and biting teeth made me moan, but when I felt Cody pick up his pace in my ass, I fucking lost it.

"Fuck me good, Damnit! Fuck me harder! I wanna be a slut tonight, I'm your slave today, just fuck me good. Fuck me hard, take me, damnit! Now! Please, Oh My God!" His fucking never once slowed, and he soon came in my ass, filling it with cum. His ragged breathing reminded me and Hailey that we needed to breath and we broke our long open mouth kiss to breath. I felt her bend down and her face come at my cunt, she blew on it and hot water hit me. I felt her tongue reach out and lick at the folds and I begged her lowly, just over the water and heavy breathing, "Please…Oh God…Please…Lick me, Please."

I finally felt her tongue reach out and lick my cunt, swirling around my clit and pulling at my lower lips with her teeth, I felt a half hard dick pushing at my ass again. Cody had to hold me up while Hailey tongue fucked me, I was in pure bliss. When I felt her bite my clit lightly, I almost screamed, but settled for a very hoarse whisper, " I'm Cumming!" I felt the familiar heat and let everything go, I came hard and I knew it! I went limp and Cody had to hold me up, looking at my blonde lover I moaned at the site of my cum on her face, the water was washing it away quickly, but we got to share a long kiss. Her tongue mingled with mine and Cody groaned at the site, knowing not every man gets to see something or feel something this hot.

I heard a gasp and looked over at my naked black friend, we had broken the kiss. She still hadn't found out I was Bi-Sexual yet, and I was sure this looked horribly bad. I couldn't help but take a quick intake of her body, black skin, but not dark as she's Chinese as well, full lips, dark eyes, and a curvy well proportioned body, damn. Looking behind her I took in the much darker male, his well muscled arms wrapped around her waist and a strong face, muscled black legs and from what I could see a huge black dick. I laughed nervously, Hailey waved and giggled, and Cody shrugged with a content smile on his face. I wanted to hit them both for taking the situation lightly! My God I have never been so embarrassed.

I was probably red in the face and I felt the male's eyes roam my body, I wasn't sure if My friend was looking or looking away in disgust. I thought about what we must look like. A curly browned haired chick in between a curvy blonde and a slightly muscled black haired male, I sighed and struggled out of the sandwich they had me in. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body, it was a short black towel. Cody followed and whispered in my ear, "We're not done fucking, bitch." I loved when he talked to me like I was dirt, even though I know he doesn't mean it. He wrapped a blue towel around his waist and looked at the blonde, I noticed she was eyeing my friend Sahara and almost jumped on her.

"She's straight!" It was the first thing that came to mind and the blonde pouted at me, walking over she said,

"Well, thank god your not!" I knew she was bold, dominant, and a bit of an exhibitionist, but I didn't think she'd do what she just did to me! I watched her as she walked up to me and I didn't think she would do this, but she kissed me full on, open mouth and everything. I tried not to sub come knowing hara was there, but I did. Opening my mouth I let her take my tongue, gums, everything that belonged in my mouth and lips. I felt her tug at my black lip ring and felt her green tongue ring hitting my gums and pushing my tongue. I broke the kiss wild eyed and noticed Sahara and the male were still there, hara's mouth wide open and his watering.

"Dumb Blonde bimbo." She wagged a finger and said,
"Your dumb blonde bimbo." I watched her ass as she grabbed a towel and wrapped the short purple thing around herself. I looked at the two beautiful ebony people, and tossed them towels saying,

"I'll explain later." Sahara's eyes narrowed and she walked in and grabbed my arm,
"No you'll explain now!" She dragged me out of the room, but I caught a good look at the male, damn hot male at that. He looked back and winked at me and then walked into the bathroom, greeting them and then saying they could talk and watch something while the two other girls talked. I sighed, damn not good. Once we made it to the guest room, she pushed me on the bed and then jumped next to me.

"How fucking long!?" I looked down and blushed,
"Since I was 13…"
"You never fucking told me!"
"Of course not! I didn't think you'd understand! Why would you? I mean you are straight and at times I thought of telling you, but didn't."
"How come I caught you having sex?"

"Uh…well That in the bathroom wasn't supposed to happen…but you fucked in my damn room!"
"So! At least I wasn't sandwiched in a small shower!" I stood and walked around the room and towards the dresser, pulling out a huge black T-shirt from a drawl I dropped my towel and said, "Fuck, it's not a big deal. So what? I mean I've been through so much shit. From my parents wanting perfection, to cutting! And then I got to liking woman as well as men around that time! I was so fucking lost and confused, Sahara. And without you, I would most likely have died. I was afraid you'd leave me. Cuz damn girl, I love ya." I saw her smile, but pulled on my T-shirt and looked at her, she stood and walked past me and pulled out a gray shirt, saying,

"I always loved you, Erica, and I still do, this won't ruin our relationship." I smiled and we hugged, I would most likely never tell her of my feelings, but I guess they’ll go away sometime. Just don't know when. Walking out the room, I heard moans and I groaned, shit. Looking at the couch I saw Hailey being fucked in the cunt by a big black dick, and her ass being fucked hard by a longer, but less girthed dick, both very big weapons. Damn, wonder how this came 'bout? I looked at hara and saw how she tensed, grabbing her by the arm I dragged her out of the room, my breath a little short as I caught Hailey's eyes, the lust and pleasure there sure was a turn on.

As we got to the kitchen I asked, "So, who's this hot fuckable man?" She laughed a bit at my made up word, 'fuckable.' I hopped onto the counter and watched her sit on a stool,

"Well, I met him at a bar, when you were out and you know how that story goes." I couldn't help, but giggle at her. Smiling I said,

"Damn, he musta hurt a bit when he got into ya." She laughed and nodded, and then I saw her look behind me, but before I could turn around I felt arms wrap around my neck, long slim peach colored arms, with a small gel bracelet on it. A sex band, I realized, I broke it on instinct and the female laugh behind me, told me it was a thoroughly happy Hailey. I tilted my head and rested it on her shoulder and asked, "Well, you must have been fucked good and hard, huh, babe?" She nodded and said,

"Yeah, I'm a bit sleepy, You and this chick cool?" I nodded and said,
"This is Sahara, or hara, and hara, this is Hailey." Hailey nodded and said,
"One of Erica's many fuck-toys! Nice ta meet ya!" She hopped off the counter and I noticed she was still naked as she offered that hand, Hara gave her a weird look and I whispered, "She's an exhibitionist."
"It's a good thing, babe! Sahara ya should try it sometime!" She winked at my friend and I swatted at her,
"Hey! She's straight! Least ya could do is leave your sexual assaults to yourself." She pouted and said that she needed a shower and wanted some help, I nodded and waved to hara saying we were gonna go and that she should get her man and fuck him.

We walked towards the shower, arms draped on each other’s shoulders I looked at the black rose on her hip, finding it interesting and then asked,
"Where's our dog?" She laughed and said,
"He said he had work and that I should kiss you bye for him!" I laughed and muttered,
"Oh I'm sure you'll do that and a lot more!"

We walked into the bathroom and struggled to pull off my shirt, finally getting it off, Hailey shut the door and before I could get into the shower she had me pinned to the sink, lips demanding entrance, which I granted happily. Her domination, turned me on and her muttering of, "Damn bitch…Stupid slut, turning me on like this! Making me horny, I should punish you…"

I grinned and said, "But all my toys are in my room!" She growled and pulled at my black lip ring, hard, making me yelp in pain. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, Bitch!" I felt hard probing fingers enter me hard and shuddered against the sink, damn.

I felt her lips leave mine and then a biting trail go down my neck and towards my breasts, feeling her pull my right nipple into her mouth and then bite it, made me moan, I'm not much for vocals, but damn! Her fingers steadily pushed in and out of my hot snatch, fucking hell! "Please…Oh god, Hailey please fuck me, lick me…Goddamn!" Her mouth left my right nipple and went to my other biting and pulling it. Soon they were both an inflamed red color. Her eyes flashed up at me and I smirked at her, I love pain, it should be my middle name.

"You know, Erica, I love this tattoo." My black dragon covered most of my front body. Black wings stretching across my stomach and clawed feet on my hips and close to where my shaven cunt is, bright lime green eyes stared out from the turned head with gleaming silver horns, a curved tail wrapped around my belly button, the head resting on my right breast about an inch from my red nipple. Blood stained the dragon's silver teeth, it's my favorite tattoo, something that makes me unforgettable.

I felt her tongue start tracing it's head, outlining the whole thing, making me shudder in anticipation. I noticed she got lower and planted small kisses on old scars, permanent in both my mind and body. I felt her lick me a little, so lightly that I almost screamed, damn her and her teasing ways.

"Please." That one whispered word had her fucking me hard, three fingers fucking me and her tongue flicking my clit, man pure bliss! I gripped with one hand her hair and the other the counter. I soon came, muttering, "Damn Hailey, that was great.” Pulling her up I kissed her hard, taking on the role of a dominant and taking her mouth and lips was pure fun. My teeth bit into her soft flesh, her blood flowed and she yelped, I licked it all up and had my tongue probing every crevice of her mouth.

Turning her around as she moaned I said, "Get on your back, slut. And spread your legs, I wanna see that pink pussy of yours. Now." She nodded obediently and got onto the floor spreading her legs letting her dark red cunt open out for me, I bent down and smirked at her. Deciding to deliberate my pace, I kissed the inside of her thigh and then closer to her heated groin. The smell allured me, I could smell the cum from both men, not sure which was Cody's. Running my hand down her stomach I traced her belly button and then slowly inserted a long deft finger to her heated area.

Loud moans came from her and she shuddered from my slow pace, "Please….God Please, Fuck me harder. Please I want to feel your tongue in my pussy, licking and sucking away." I lowered my mouth to her cunt and licked at it, her face twisted in an expression of pleasure, I bit her clit a little and then her lips, running my tongue along the inside, her moaning of "My God" and "Please, Harder" made me go faster and maybe act a bit brutal.

Her long fingers curled in my hair and held me in place, I licked up all the wetness on her shaven pussy and dove my tongue inside her, then took two fingers and rammed them into her cunt. She screamed in pleasure, loving every minute of it. I had her squirming and moaning the whole time and then she came screaming, "DAMN…FUCK YEAH! I‘M CUMMING!"

I lifted up my face as I finished licking up all the cum, moving up her body we kissed, open mouth tongue filled kisses. When we finished we looked at the mirror, it was steamed. I laughed and wrote, 'Erica waz here' and then Hailey found a washable marker from a drawl and wrote, 'Erica waz here' with an arrow pointing at her cunt, laughing I pulled her into a shower and we washed off, playing a bit with the rag, but ya know. Finished we walked out and I checked on Hara. Her and the dude were sleep on my bed, a very soaked cum filled bed. Sighing I dragged Hailey into the guest room and we put on bras and panties, nothing fancy, pulling out two brushes I tossed the purple one at her and kept the black one to myself.

We sat around chatting for a bit, and brushing our hair, but went to sleep soon after. Hailey said one last thing to me,

"Tomorrow we are going out, and Cody's coming with!" Sighing, I felt her snuggle closer and twist a leg over mine and I pushed mine through her parted ones, both our arms wrapped around each other. We both fell into wet dreams…

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