On The Terrace

On The Terrace

Here is another story, which started out with a real experience.

It has become tradition that our wedding anniversary dinner takes place in Tivoly in Copenhagen and that it has to be rather daring. It is an occasion where we are both aware that it is acceptable to talk and act as sexily as we dare. Poul wants me to wear as light clothes as possible and I demand that he wears baggy shorts (or depending on the weather baggy trousers) with no underwear. This summer has been warm so the choice of light clothes was an easy one to make.

I wore a wrap around skirt and a thin top, which folded over the breasts and tied behind my neck and lover back. The way it was crossed in front meant that one breast was held firmly in but the other one was only covered by one layer and if the strap wasn't tightened all the way it would fall open and leave a good bit of the other breast visible. According to the agreement I didn't wear any underwear either.

The dinner was rather uneventful. Poul wanted me to sit so that the side of the top, which presented the best view of my breasts, was against the aisle where people walked past. I found it quite exciting, but Poul was disappointed that there really wasn't anybody looking at me. I would like to think it was just because it was too dark and people were too busy to notice. Usually the waiters will notice, but they were tending to us from the other side.

We walked around, trying some of the rides, which gave Poul the opportunity to play with me and me with him. He had brought the digital camera and in one of the rides he managed to get a picture of me with not very much clothes on – Very Dirty and VERY private. It was getting quite exciting. The best ride of them all we always keep to the end. That is the love tunnel. I once read a story about what people did in love tunnels, and we have always found it fun to play around in there trying some of the things ourselves. Poul use to unbutton the front of whatever I am wearing and play with my breasts quite openly. That is exciting because there is actually quite a lot of light when you get used to it, and often the other boats pass within viewing distance and at the same time you can pretend to be so busy kissing that you don't notice people watching. It got really exciting the year we discovered they had security cameras mounted several places. Now we pretend to not be aware but actually try to do the most revealing scenes in front of them.

Normally Poul just manage to open the front of a dress to play with my breasts, but this year he actually undid the bow tie at the back of my neck and pulled it down the back so my whole front was naked. For a moment I thought that was too much, but as he held on to the straps I could not get it up again and we were approaching a lighter area with another boat. So I just put my arms around him, pretending not to notice the other boat. In front of the cameras, which we now know very well where are, he would make me sit up straight while he played with my breasts. I was getting really excited when we reached the end and Poul tied it back on for me. I could see the guys in the control booth, where the monitors are, staring at me as we got out of the boat, but that just added to the excitement.

In the taxi home Poul spread the wrap around dress all the way to my crotch and played with me all the way home. I was sitting right behind the driver, so he couldn't see anything, but I found it very difficult to control my movements in the car as I lay back in the seat arching whenever I got close. Looking out the window I could see passengers in lorries much higher up who would have been able to look right down on me had they known what was going on. Even if they had I wouldn't have cared. I was getting really excited.

When we got home we went out on the terrace. We live in an area with old houses which are quite tall and where people from the higher floors can see into each others gardens and terraces. However it was after midnight, and we knew the closest neighbours were away on holiday. I sat at the end of the table and pulled Poul over to me. I undid his trousers and wrapped my legs around him urging him into me. I undid my top and took off. Poul looked at me in wonder. "Do you really want to do it out here like that", he asked. I sure did. I lay down on the tabletop while he made love to me. Meanwhile I could look around at all the other houses wondering what people would think if they saw us.

As this is not really the story I want to tell, I will stop the real part here and backtrack again.

… I sat down at the edge of the table waiting for Poul to come out. I looked around at the other houses, but couldn't see anybody, even though there was a flicker of candlelight from the next door terrace. Poul came out with drinks for both of us. We had already had a bit to drink but I felt like getting drunk. I was so excited after the ride home. I was imagining that the passengers of the lorry driver had been looking down, and was actually sorry I hadn't dared to also slip off my top in the taxi. Poul spread my legs and stood between them while we kissed. I wanted him to touch me but he shied away a little. I wanted him and told him so, but he still was hesitant.

"What is wrong with you", I asked in frustration.

He hesitated again. "Well I don't know – what would you say if I told you that I can see somebody watching us".

I started looking around, but he stopped me.

"I don't know – who is it?", I asked.

"Well, who would you like it to be?".

I didn't know. I hadn't really ever thought of letting any of our neighbours watch us. The couple on one side was quite old and harmless, the people at the back were rather unapproachable types whom we never spoke to. One the near side lived at couple with a teenage daughter and a son who had moved away from home recently. He had liked to watch me sunbathing in the garden, which was quite entertaining.

"I don't know", this was getting a bit embarrassing, "maybe if Jan hadn't moved away", I suggested.

"What if I told you he is back and sitting on the terrace with a couple of friends watching us?"

"Gosh", I said, "Is he rally?"

"Maybe – maybe not", was all he would say. "What would you do?", he asked again.

Oh boy, was I getting excited by the thought. I had had dreams about him watching me sunbathing in the garden, and what he might be doing in his room while he watched me. I had been very much aware of him often. If he was really there watching us now…

"I would let him watch", I said with a quiver in my voice.

"And I want him to see you", Poul said. "Now pretend that I am not as excited as I am, but that you are trying to get me excited. Take off the top slowly and play with your breasts while we all watch you".

This was quite something else from sitting half naked in the love tunnel. That was quite impersonal. I didn't know any of the people in there. But if Jan was really watching…. Ok, I would let him have a real good look.

Poul stood back a bit so he could watch me. I shook my hair to free it from the sweaty brow and undid the knot at the back of the neck while I slowly pulled down the top. I put both hands back undoing the bow tie at the bottom of the back, and doing so the breast stood out and the nipples protruded inviting somebody to touch them. I put a hand behind me while I wet the finger of the other hand and slowly let then run over my nipples, making the wet really cold in the night air, and making the nipples even more erect. I twisted slightly towards the side where I hoped Jan was sitting looking at me, so he would get a good look at my naked excited breasts.

Meanwhile Poul had lit a small oil lamp we have and fastened it to the wall where the light would hit me. I felt very exposed and very excited. I like people watching my beasts, but this was sexual. I had no trouble imagining Jan staring at me and just wished it were true.

"Now what do you want me to do", I asked Poul.

"That is up to you", he replied, "How far do you want to go if it is Jan watching?".

"As far as you want me to go", I gasped, wondering how far Poul would let me go. I was imagining Jan standing with an erect penis in his hand while he was watching, and I was wondering how big and what it would look like. He had only just turned 19 and what thus 16 years younger than I.

"Ok, Poul said, then remove the skirt.

I stood up and untied it, dropping it on a nearby chair, making sure I was facing Jan's terrace in doing to. I couldn't help looking over. I just managed a short glimpse, but there was no doubt, there were three quite clear white faces staring over the edge of the terrace railing. I just hesitated a split second as I realised the impact of this, but I was so excited that I didn't care any more. I remember this feeling from when I was younger. When I was with guys and I didn't know if I wanted to sleep with them, I had to be careful at this stage, because after this there were no way back – I would loose my self-control and do anything in my excited state.

I sat down on the corner of the table again, this time completely naked. I imagined how visible I must be to the neighbouring terrace as I leaned back on the terrace and spread my leg, allegedly for Poul who now came over to me, forcing my legs as far apart as they would go.

"Now play with yourself".

I did just as I was told. I threw back my head and plunged a hand into my crotch. I had no trouble finding my clit which stood out as a small erect penis. Through my half open eyes I could see the faces clearly, and that just made be speed up. I lay all the way back using both hands. Forcing my lips apart with one hand and working with the other soon bringing myself to a violent climax. I wondered if the guys had ever watched anything like this. Poul came over and stood over me. I looked up at him and asked beggingly if he would please make love to me now. He removed his shirt and shorts and moved up between my legs, poking his blue-headed erect penis at me. He made it hover just inches from the opening, making me begging him for it.

"How would you like if this was Jan here instead of me", he wanted to know.

"Uhmm", I admitted, "I have no trouble imagining that".

"Would you have liked that?"

"Yes, yes – I would", and I actually couldn't get the thought out of my head. As Poul slipped a few inches into me, to me that was Jan doing it. Soon Poul was going at full steam and I was approaching my second climax, when Poul slowed down again. Ever so slow and deep deep thrusts, which made my breasts bounce slowly all over.

"What would you do now, if I told you that they are standing right here watching you?"

I jumped up, but Poul pushed me back down. "You just stay there", he commanded, "and close your eyes".

I closed my eyes obediently as he slowly continued pounding into me. I imagined I felt and heard movement on the terrace. I squeezed one eye half open, only looking at Poul and thought I saw him gesticulating to somebody. But he was speeding up again and I was again approaching a climax, when I felt a cold hand on my one breast. I opened my eyes, but was shaking with the oncoming orgasm so I couldn't see clearly, so I just decided to shut the eyes again. Poul and I came at the same time, and when I this time opened my eyes I saw Jan standing next to Poul. I tried to get up, not really knowing what for, but Poul pushed me back down. I looked around and saw the two other guys at each side of me. Both with a hand hesitantly on my breasts. I just couldn't help it but I came again completely spontaneusly from the thoughts of these guys all around me. The hands on my breasts were playing with my nipples as I shook uncontrollable.

I know I had said to Poul I would go as far as he had wanted, but I thought he said that just to excite me. I had never really thought they would be here. But now I was so excited I didn't care about the repercussions. This was wild.

I heard Poul tell them that I had promised him that I wouldn't say no to anything tonight, so if they wanted they were welcome to continue with me. His words almost made me come again.

As I looked up again I saw Poul moving back and sitting in the large sunchair. Jan moved between my legs and for a second it seemed so weird that I tried to close my legs and sit up, but he was now between them so I couldn't close them for him, and the hands on my breasts forcefully pushed be back down. I could still se Jan unbuttoning his trousers, but I couldn't see his penis, but I wanted it so badly. I stretched my legs around him and pulled him towards me. He must have got his trousers off because if felt his penis slide past my hole and as I looked up again I saw its head poking halfway up over my half shaven pussy. I tried to reach down for it, but two pairs of hands stopped me, maybe thinking I was going to push him away. But I wasn't. One of the guys now kissed my one breast sucking at it really hard the ways I love. I couldn't any longer see Jan, but he kept sliding against my pussy without trying to get in.

"Oh, Jan – Please let me look", I begged, "I want to see you".

The mouth left my nipple and a pair of hands helped me up in a sitting position. I looked down and saw Jan's penis, wet with my juices and the remains of Poul's come. It was a young penis, very erect with very little and only light coloured hair. While I looked he slipped into me and had no trouble gliding all the way in. I arched back, and had it not been for the helping hands I would have knocked my head. A hand underneath my neck and a strong kiss smelling of smoke and alcohol, another mouth on a nipple and a finger on my clit while Jan pounding in and out of me. This was just so intense I have never experienced anything like it.

Unfortunately Jan didn't last long, but before I had realised what was happening I noticed one of the other guys slipping into me. This guys was big. I could feel him hitting the bottom in a way I have only rarely experienced – and I didn't even know what this guy looked like! But he really had me going – he had staying power and kept ramming it into me as he made small grunting sounds. When I came this time i almost cried, it was so intense. I was shaking and shaking uncontrollably. Poul came over with a drink for me. I leant on an elbow as I drank looking at the guys. I could recognise the last guy from the size of his only half limb member. He was extremely handsome. I rolled to a side and got off the table and went over to him. Leaning against him I kissed him and held his penis, which was growing again already. Talking about a teenage stud. I guided him over to the table and sat him on the edge. I found the last guy and as I bent over and took my newfound stud's now again erect penis in my mouth I guided the last guy into me from the back. He wasn't as big as the last, and it would have been a bit of an anticlimax had it not been because of his speed. He worked as a rabbit, Jan was standing at side squezing my breasts and I was sucking the best I knew at the monster penis. I have a big mouth and have no trouble with big penises but this guy was big. He didn't last long this time and soon came in my mouth and all over my neck and breasts. Just the same time the other guy exploded inside me. I was still approaching a climax and didn't want it to stop there so I called Poul over and asked him to finish me off. Meanwhile Jan had sat at the table and I was working on him, while Poul was bringing me off for I don't what number of time. Jan exploded in my face and as I licked him clean I thought of how much his penis looked like the teenage penis I had been dreaming of him holding in his room while he watched me.

The other guys were talking, but I wasn't concentrating. I stood in Jan's arms and let him kiss me passionately.

"Jen" he said, "I have been dreaming of this so many times. I never thought something like this could ever happen".

"I know I have probably been teasing you a little going around in the garden topless and all that, but I quite liked the thought of you watching me, so don't worry about it".

"I am not worried", he said. "I am thinking about the number of times I have had to masturbate before I could fall asleep because I have been dreaming about you. I have never seen anybody with so beautiful tits as yours. You are just the sexiest lady I know, and I don't care how many years you are older than me. Nobody comes anywhere near you".

I gladly let him kiss me and I guided his head to my nipples and let him suck them. It was warn and comfortably, but I was too tired to get excited again.

"Sorry guys", I said – but you have worn me out. i am going to bed. Thanks to you all."

I could hear from the bedroom window they were still talking when I got into the bed. I knew they were talking about me. I was imagining what they might be saying, when I dozed off.

— back to reality —

Yes – Jan exists. I have been aware of him possibly watching me and felt a thrill by the thought. Would I want this dream to come through – In my present state after having written this? You Bet!!!

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