One favor too many

One favor too many

I wondered how it had come to this as I sat on the edge of my bed looking at her. She might be wondering the same thing though her sleepy eyes gave nothing away. She is my young neighbor who takes advantage of my good nature by asking for favors and then ignoring me. The snub at the super market last week was humiliating to me and here she was today at my apartment door asking to borrow money because the ATM was empty and asking for a soda because the walk to the bank had made her thirsty and her fridge was empty. Now she was bound hand and feet to the headboard of my bed with a handkerchief stuffed in her mouth and a bandana tied around her head to keep the gag in her mouth, though she was so drugged at this point that I doubt the gag was necessary but I wasn't taking any chances.

She drank a soda with enough drug in it to stop a horse but she didn't go down easy. She had tried to raise herself off my sofa when the drugs started to effect her and had made for my front door saying she didn't feel well but I stopped her and redirected her towards my bedroom. She seemed to sense something wasn't right and tried to get away but the drugs were working and I'm no weakling and the only place she was going was where I wanted her and right now I wanted her on my bed.

She is not the prettiest girl. She is in her early 20's, somewhat attractive but tall, thin and gangly. She has a shape like a boy with long skinny legs, wide shoulders and short dark hair that she seems to always have in a short pony tail or pinned up. She does have large dark eyes and a pretty smile that gets her by, at least it had with me up till now. She had an off and on boyfriend that seemed to be off right now which was probably why she was bothering me though a week ago she ignored me in front of people she was with in the super market. Today she was all smiles in her shorts and tank top perspiring from her futile walk to the bank.

I had to fasten her hands to the edges of my headboard quickly because she was still struggling against me before I could get her tank top off. I had fastened her hands at the wrists with extension cords and then gagged her. Her struggles only pushed the drugs through her system faster and as soon as I had her hands tied she was pretty limp. I left her sneakers and socks on. She tried to pull her legs away but she had little strength and I held her still. Then I straddled her stomach and pushed her tank top up to her arm pits to find that she was the most flat chested girl I had ever seen. Just 2 big aureoles and 2 big nipples and nothing else. I had seen children on the beach with more than she had. I played with her nipples and got them hard as she swung her head back and forth a little, really groggy now. Her nipples were actually quite big when aroused so I sucked on them and saw her eyes roll up in her head.

I moved down and pulled her shorts down to reveal a thong cover her pussy mound. The thong was narrow and she had trimmed her pubic hair so none was showing. I removed her shorts and took delight in slowly hooking the straps of her thong with my fingers while looking her in the face and unhooking them from her hip bones and sliding them down to her knees revealing her pussy mound with a thin vertical line of black hair over her cunt. Nice. She was welled groomed and kept it clean. She was only slightly awake but she could see what I was doing and futiley tried to move her legs which I had pinned together between my strong thighs. She wasn't going anywhere right now. Her mound was high and her cunt was dark, like the rest of her. She must be part African because she is dark and her pubes were very kinky. I tickled her pubes and ran my thumb along her pussy lips and her eyes rolled again.

I worked my thumb between her pussy lips holding her ankles down with my free hand. The way a woman's body works is that vaginal stimulation gets them wet even under the most dire circumstances. To say that women actually enjoy being raped and abused because their pussys get wet is ignorant. It's a physiological reaction. They don't have any choice and so as I worked my thumb in Micki's vagina rubbing her clit her pussy got wet despite her terror and drugged state. I kept working her cunt occassionally flicking her clit hard to give her pain so she wouldn't think I was being easy on her. Once or twice I put my index finger and thumb on her clit and pinched her hard but there wasn't much reaction though I knew she felt it and it hurt her.

When her pussy was running wet and my thumb moist I took my thumb and wiped it under her nose, having remove her srunchy and pulling her head back by her hair. Smell this? It's your cunt and that's what you are, a cunt. I wiped her pussy with my hand and rubbed it all over her face. I want you to smell what a cunt you are. Her eyes rolled but she was really out of it now from the drugs and I just finished wiping her pussy juice from my hand in her hair.

I stood up and stripped, my cock rock hard and oozing precum. I got my digital camera and put it next to the pillows supporting her head so I could take nice pictures of this event. I'd never done anything quite like this before in all my years and I was really enjoying it. I have a pretty big cock and I wanted to fuck her so she knew it but she was out of it and so I fucked her anyway getting between her limp legs and shoving my cock hard into her moist cunt jolting her backwards so that her head hit the head board with a solid thump. Banging the top of her head into the wooden head board while I was banging her pussy was added delight. I grabbed her long skinny legs behind her knees and pulled them up on my shoulders and leaned down on her so my cock was as deep inside her as I could get it. I pounded away on her hissing into her face like it cunt? This is called payback. But she just rolled her eyes and her head lolled back and forth when I was ramming her hard enough to hit her head on the head board again and again.

As I was about to cum I pulled out and straddled her chest pointing my throbbing cock right in the middle of her face. I jerked myself a few times wtih one hand while holding the camera in the other and shot a big load right into her face leaning forward to make sure that all of my cum hit her between the eyes and ran down her face. This is a facial, cunt, another favor I'm doing for you. She seemed to try to say something but she was way too groggy and couldn't speak because of the gag in her mouth. I caught it all in my camera, my cum shooting and then dripping on her nose and forehead, running down her face her eyes half open. Nice pictures.

So, I thought, what next and I got the idea of tying her legs up to the head board so her cunt was pointing upward and her asshole would be available. I got 2 more extension cords and fastened her long legs up by her hands. She made a strange sight because of her awkward figure but now I had her asshole to play with. I got my broom and some vaseline and a towel and put the towel under her bottom. Then I lubed up the broom stick and parted her cheeks as far as I could to see her black little anus and I shoved the broom into her. It was like an electric shock and she bolted up and I could tell it not only shocked her but must have hurt. I shoved the broom up as far as I thought it would be safe and then a little further to make sure it hurt her. Her anus was tight and I could tell that nothing had ever gone up. I looked for something thicker and found a long neck bottle and took the broom out and shoved it in but I wanted something even bigger so I took my thick handled frying pan and shoved that up her ass taking pictures during the insertion and left it there.

So here I am sitting on the edge of my bed, wondering how I let myself do all this, my frying pan handle rammed all the way up her asshole, her cunt pointing upward and her eyes starting to focus a little better. Then I had it. I'd never done this before but there is a first time for everything and this would be mine. I shimmyed up between her legs looking down at her cunt and stuck a finger in her. Now she could see me and what I was doing and I smiled at her and I said you smelly cunt you always want a favor, now I'm going to give you a hand. She looked a little puzzled and I put another finger in her cunt slowly working it open. She must have realized what I was thinking of doing and shook her head violently back and forth. I pulled the frying pan handle out of her ass to allow for more leeway. I said your a tight cunt your boyfriend must not be much of a man so I guess you need a hand and now had 3 fingers in her cunt and was working to expand it open. I could see tears falling from the corners of her eyes so I knew I must have been hurting her. Not enough? Ok and I inserted all 4 fingers in her and pushed outward. Her cunt was quivering and contorting and I said ok I said I'd give you a hand and her it is and I folded my thumb into my palm and inserted my whole hand into her wet cunt catching it all on film in my digital. She bucked as best she could being tied up like she was but she was coming out of the drugs and was trying to scream into the gag as I worked my whole hand into her vagina making a fist.

Her pussy felt like it might explode it was so tight around my fist but I kept forcing my hand into her cunt until I had it up to my wrist and she was moving for all she was worth on my hand as tears ran from her eyes watching my arm go into her cunt. Her body shook and I fucked her wet tight cunt with the full force of my hand making sure I got good pictures of all of it. I felt her shivering and knew that in spite of herself she was near orgasm. I had my hand past my wrist and was fucking her going deeper until I couldn't go in any further. I guess taller girls have longer canals. I said this is the trouble with you give you a hand and you take my arm. I felt her screaming into the gag and felt her body shake racked with pain and pleasure as she came hard and my hand her head moving up and back as tears flowed freely from her eyes. She came at least twice more in spite of herself crying all the time. I could see the gag had wet through as she tried to scream and I had pussy juice up to my elbow.

I removed my hand slowly and wiped it in her hair. You've been a very bad girl Micki and I've got the pictures to prove it and I flashed a few of the digital frames before her eyes so she could see herself being humiliated and abused. I'm about to let you go but one more thing. Bad girls need to be punished. Her ass was still up despite all her struggling and I gave her a good hard spanking which almost hurt my hand as much as it did her ass because she is so boney but her dark ass got redder and redder as I gave her a proper spanking. Just to make sure I took the broom handle and gave her a few wacks with it on her boney ass leaving red welts.

Before I untied her I showed her all of my pictures that I had taken of her. I told her that as far as I was concerned we were now even and I'd let her go home but if she caused me any trouble, then I'd send the pictures to her parents, the building superintendent who had a thing for her, her boyfriend, and make sure that they were displayed all over the internet. Before I took the gag away I asked her if she understood what I was saying and she nodded. I asked her if she was going to behave now and she nodded again so I removed the gag and she was still so I untied her legs and then her hands. She lowered her legs slowly and then her arms and remained still for a bit looking scarred and terribly unsure and I said you can go tossing her shorts to her but keeping her thong. My trophy. She crawled off my bed slowly and stumbled and staggered slowly towards my door with tears and cum on her face and pussy juice in her hair and as she reached my door I said, oh, Micki, if you ever need a favor again you know where I am.

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