One Night Bond

One Night Bond

Her legs had fascinated me right from the moment I had seen her for the
first time earlier this morning. Long and muscular, the laced stockings
giving them an out-of-this-world erotic look.

Amazing what can happen if you take a day off and just run to the
supermarket to get somthing to eat in the house. Turning into the frozen
food aisle I saw her, bending over the freezer to dig something up from the
bottom. With her high heels and short skirt, she exposed herself so
beautifully … right in front of me. My eyes wandered up her legs, to
the end of her stockings, a few inches of bare skin and even the onset of
her slip. I stopped short in my tracks and just starred. She got up,
noticed me and laughed. We got talking, went for a coffee, all the time
her teasing me about how she stunned me in the supermarket. I invited her
home, she came, and well, there she was. We had a nice afternoon,
chatting, flirting, and things developed ……

Again, I glanced at her legs. The white rope around her ankles
contrasted nicely against her chocolate-colored skin. I checked the rope
again, it was well tied around her legs and the two bedposts. I ran my
fingers up her legs, noticed her shiver when I reached her knees. I let my
fingers move on, feeling the skin of her upper thighs, soft and silken. I
ran my fingers towards the inside of her legs, then further up. When I got
close to her slip, I "jumped" over to the other leg and then down again.
Goosebumps started to show.

Continuing my finger play, I thought about what to do next. I let my
eyes wander over her beautiful body. She was only in slip and bra. With
her arms above her head and tied to the upper bedposts her breasts were
pushed up nicely . I could see her erect nipples through the thin material
of her bra. Her dark hair fell in waves over the white bed sheets. Her
lips were slightly opened, grasping tightly the blue silk scarf I had used
to gag her. I moved my hand up, over her hips, across her tummy, passing
her breasts but without touching them. I caressed her cheeks, looked her
in the eyes. Her deep brown eyes spoke lust but also an onset of fear.
No, I won't hurt you, I'll tease you with no mercy, but I won't hurt you.
She answered with an expression of trust and reassurance. We studied each
other, as if to agree on the next steps. Finally she gave me a slight nod
of encouragement, it was okay to continue.

I took my pocketknife, opened it, slid the blade under the straps of her
bra, the cold metal gliding over her skin as I moved it into position.
Slowly tilting the blade, I watched the dull side press into her skin and
the sharp side stretch the strap. A short cut, and the material gave way.
After I had repeated the procedure with the other strap I looked up again
to get her feedback, but she had her eyes closed.

I proceeded and cut the center strap of her bra. The cups fell aside
and the beauty revealed in front my eyes stunned me. Her breasts were full
and firm, stretched high up and exposed. Carefully, I encircled her
nipples with my fingertips. The skin around them was dark, a very dark
brown with a firm border against the chocolate skin of her breasts. I bend
down, smelled her skin, felt her warmth. I wet her nipples with my tongue,
took one of them between my lips and gave it a pinch. A deep moan escaped
her chest. My hand had cupped her other breast, and I could feel its
weight, warmth and softness.

I played with her breast for a while, then turned my attention to her
lower body. I used my knife to cut the sides of her slip. Initially, it
stayed in place, so I took hold of the two corners and moved it down
slowly. Inch by inch I exposed her mount, her dark curls and finally the
onset of her lips. With a jerk I pulled the slip out underneath her, she
responded with a short shout of surprise.

I began to explore this new territory with my hands. Her hair was dense
with very fine curls, almost wiry. It covered most of her mount with its
wild growth. Gently, I pressed a kiss into her jungle.

With my hands, I spread her legs apart a little further so I could enjoy
the view of what lay between them. I saw a little bit of moisture forming,
picked it up with my fingertips, brought a few drops of her dew up to my
nose and inhaled her entrancing aroma. With my eyes I followed the lines
of her lips, from where they originate underneath her bush, running down as
two gentle waves, covering her cave of lust between them, joining again and
fading out. The skin of her lips was dark brown, but parting a little in
the middle they showed their moist, pink inside. Further down, the onset
of her fanny, two beautiful fruits meeting, forming a crevice between them.
I followed the lines with my fingers, gently distributing more of her
fluid. She lay still, almost frozen under my touch.

If I wanted to enjoy her more, I had to bring her in a different
position. I untied her legs, foolishly assuming her cooperation with my
plans. When I was about to bend and push up her left leg, she took her
free right foot, put it playfully against my chest and kicked me of the
bed. Was this part of the game or was she telling me not to do what I had
intended to do? I looked in her eyes, but this time it was inconclusive. I
saw a light glimpse of triumph, but also the same anticipation I had
noticed before. May be it was time to give her a break, she could not
escape since her hands were still tied.

I started taking off my clothes, her watching me silently … and with
some interest, I thought. First I removed my T-shirt, next I shelled off
my jeans. Her eyes surveyed my crotch. My condition was obvious, and it
was also obvious that she wanted to see more of the excitement she had
caused. I slowly pulled down my shorts, and when my erection finally was
revealed, I noticed a pleased look in her eyes. I kneeled next to her
face, let her eyes observe what I had in store for her. I slowly moved
lower, used the tip of my cock to circle her breast and nipples, leaving a
thin, shining trail behind. Again, she had closed her eyes and enjoyed
silently. When I got off her, she indicated that she was now willing to
allow me access to more. She lifted up her legs, bent her knees and moved
them as high as she could. In this position I tied her again – making sure
that she exposed as much of her bottom as possible and that there was no
way she could move or even wiggle.

Satisfied, I looked at my work. I moved between her legs, saw her whole
beauty spread out in front of me. With both of my hands I grabbed hold of
her rear. It was nice and round, very feminine in shape, asking for
attention. I kissed, caressed, gave her some light bites. Since she did
not protest, I grew a little bolder, picked up some more moisture from her
lips and slowly worked her natural lubricant over the area around her lips,
up her thighs and over her fanny. Next, I bend down and explored her pink
inside with my tongue. She moaned, tried to push herself against my mouth,
but the ropes kept her in place. I found the center of her lust, teased it
with my tongue, moved away when she was getting too excited, explored her
cave, kissed the inside of her thighs. She let go of some muffled screams
and finally gave the secret sign, which we had agreed on before. I let go
of her bottom and untied the scarf, which had kept her quiet so well. With
a pleading voice she whispered: "Now, please, I need to feel you, now."

I nodded, got in position and slowly penetrated her. She was so moist,
so warm. I had never felt so welcome before. It took just a few strokes
and we both exploded with the biggest firework I had ever attended.

Once we had calmed down again, I untied her, gave her arms and legs a
massage to restore circulation. I collapsed on the bed, but she got up,
got dressed and, leaving, said: "I hope we'll meet again, some day." She
went to the door, turned around one last time and threw her cut up bra and
slip over to me, "Here, you can keep those as a momentum. They won't do me
any good any more."

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