Photograhy session

Photograhy session

Introduction : Posing and more

About 5 years after our wedding, my husband and I moved to London. We were both 32 years old. We had been university sweethearts, then lived together for a few years after graduation before tying the knot. We liked to think of ourselves as progressive, but we were really innocent. I was the brunette with a degree, and he was the wide-eyed young marketing research guy. He got a real nice job offer from a big London agency after our second anniversary, and I gladly searched and found a position with a computer company there.

Our sex life was newlywed and good! We played and fucked a lot and shared fantasies. When we lived together and were soon to be engaged, he first brought him some video porn and we both loved it. Soon we began drinking wine and watching porn movies on many Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. We had fun trying out the new ideas from them too! He traveled some with his work, and gave me a vibrator as a gift before he had to be gone for two weeks once. I loved it, and gladly accepted other porn tapes when he brought those home for us.

Before we met, we'd had limited experience. Paul had been with a total of two other girlfriends and one barnight pick-up. Unlike many of my college female friends, I had only been with one boyfriend before meeting Paul.

So after we moved to London and settled into the culture there, I was quietly very interested when my husband Paul said one Friday night, "I found out that quite a few of the young women at the agency and also some other ad agencies around town try posing for a few certain photographers in town. They do it to see if they can be models I guess."

"Well, that makes sense," I said.

We were having some drinks and starting to relax with some porn videos. Soon he was telling me more. "Most of them end up doing some sexy-underwear photos for their so-called portfolios."

"What's your point, Mr pervy?" I asked as I began stroking his cock.

"I don't know… I guess I'd love some professional photos of you ."

"Oh Paul, that's naughty, bloody naughty."

"Only if you want. It would be sexy to see you captured with good lenses and great lighting."

"Your birthday is about two months away" I noted.

"So you better get busy" stated with a smile as his cock got very hard.

"Mmmm, we’ll see" I whispered before going down on him as I moved around so we could 69 before making love.

The next week, he gave me the name of the photographers who "auditioned" the young women in the advertising community for fun. I made phone contact with one, and set up an "information-gathering" session while Paul was away on a three-day business trip.


The photographer was a very pleasant guy, about five years older than me. I wasn't prepared for how charming and handsome he was. We talked, and I explained how it would be for a birthday present for my husband.

"Ah, some glamour shots for the birthday boy. Nice. OK lets first start by discussing some arrangements. Would you like a glass of wine?"

I said yes, and we drank while discussing the photo styles. Then we drank some more while he showed me some of his work. His commercial work was fabulous, and then he showed me some personal model shots and portfolio prints. They were stunning works of craftsmanship, and there were some beautiful photos of women in all kinds of poses.

"Ready to go to work?" he asked.

We started with some pictures of me in a black dress and then a few in a knee-length pleated skirt, with stockings underneath, a good length heel and a white blouse, kind of secretary style. He asked me to hitch the skirt up a little to the level where the stocking tops showed, but not bare flesh and took a number of pictures with me first sitting then standing with the skirt still hitched.

He then asked me to turn away and slowly bend over while looking back over my shoulder. I knew this was a sexy pose, even a classic, so I wasn’t surprised so when he made this request. I hitched the skirt a little hirer to maybe just reveal my black panties – I wasn‘t sure and didn‘t want to know. He just kept snapping away.

‘perhaps sit on this stool, cross your legs, such that that your leading leg is showing to the top of your stockings, and then maybe just undo a couple of buttons on your shirt’. This I did, again without too much hesitation, as at the end of the day this is what I had expected.

The next set was to be more seductive and he said he would aim for a slight softening of light and tone. For this I wore a short cream coloured strappy nighty, with modest neck line and cupping and an above the knee negligee. Under the nighty I wore my hubbies favourite thong, which was a light shade of pink (I kind of hoped it would show through in some of the shots).

After a few set shots and lots of traditional, though flattering nonetheless, positive photographer feedback of ’yes that’s great, yes very sexy’ etc, while lying on my side he asked whether I wanted a reveal a bit of my hip (and thus my high sided knicker line). I hesitated and them thought why not after all it wasn’t as if my legs were apart and he was a fair distance away behind his tripod. In some later shots I let the negligee fall off my shoulders a little and finished with few of me standing in heels with just the nighty on.

I was getting into the mood and asked “what next“.

After a pause he asked me to go back into the garment room, go to the last rail and see if I would like to try one of those outfits. Some are a little bit risky – but the next set of pictures is the last, so its up to you how much you want to surprise your hubby – take your time as I would like to first review these first pictures for light and composition.

The outfits included a French maids outfit with what seemed an impossibly low cut top and a nurses outfit with red stockings and a split skirt. I took off my current outfit, noticed my nipples were hard and the knickers that I had been wearing were a little wet! Wow, was this really turning me on?

I tried on a number of outfits, including the maids outfit, but the skirt barely covered my arse. I settled on a short black skirt, a purple semi-see-thru bra and knicker set, and a clingy translucent top in a slightly lighter shade of purple, and a pair of heels, which I knew would please hubby. My legs were fully exposed right up to the knicker line and as I walked back to the studio, all I could think about was how sexy I must look.

As I entered the room, he started taking pictures immediately. Which he later explained was to capture me in a naturally semi-shocked . I then posed for what must have been 50 shots, in all kinds of positions. Legs crossed, bending away from the camera, bending towards the camera, crawling, messing up my hair etc

He then sat me on the studio couch, gently pushed my knees apart asked me to lean forward, and took a few pictures with him lying on the floor. For these pictures, I felt my nipples harden, and hoped he wouldn’t notice.

But he did.

Cheekly he asked ‘is it a little too cold in here?’

I didn’t know what to say.

‘its okay, it’ll make these pictures, even more sexy – give me more of them – try posing whilst pretending to play with your hair, over by the full length mirror’. He crept up behind me and started taking more pics, and each time the flash fired, I could make out the aura of my nipples – which weren’t at all visible in the dim lit changing room!

Now, take off the that top very slowly and pause when your arms are at their highest point.

This I did with some hesitation, but soon relaxed when I began to realise how sexy these poses would be.

‘Do you mind taking off the skirt, for some final lingerie shots’. All I could think of was how much this would please hubby, as he just loves semi-see-thru knickers.

At this point he put the camera back on the tripod, came toward me, adjusted my hair a little, and moved the strap of my bra over my shoulder, took some pictures, turned me round, fiddled with my knickers to straighten the lines, and again took a few more pictures. God I was feeling hot.

He then stood up and started to unzip his trousers. He dropped them to the floor and continued to shoot a few pictures whilst in his boxers. However, I couldn’t help but notice his weighty cock. I then had a few pictures taken with my legs slightly parted.

He then placed his camera on a tripod and sat beside me. ‘So what would your husband think if he saw pics of you holding another guys cock‘ he whispered. I reflected on our recent conversations and surprisingly gave the honest answer.

‘I think it would turn him on’

He placed my hand onto his crotch and stood up.

The camera seemed to be set on a 15 second auto program and started to flash away.

‘From here on its up to you – its 8.45 and you have 15 minutes left on the clock’.

I started by holding his weighty but not yet hard cock through his shorts. He took off his t-shirt and I placed one hand on his muscular flat stomach and the other hand on my inner thigh and leaned toward his crotch and noticed his cock harden, as if yanked up by a hidden puppeterie, as I made an action to kiss his lower stomach, just as the camera flashed again. I then eased his now raging cock out of his boxer short flap, and just looked at it for a few moments. I then actually started to make oral contact with his hot and hard glistening purple head, running my tongue around his ridge. I then moved onto my knees, grabbed his balls with one hand, place the other hand around the base of his cock and started tugging, while sucking at the tip of his shaft, taking in him deeper and deeper at each flash of the camera. After, a few minutes of my eager sucking, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and asked me to start taking of all my clothes, and to really give some horny poses. He took pictures of me slowly undressing, and loads of me slowly pulling down my knickers.

"Do you know what you're getting into?" he said suggestively.

"Oh I think so,"

"And your husband doesn't mind?"

"He sent me here. I can do anything I want."

He started to caress my breast and suck on my swollen nipple, though never strayed towards my increasingly hungry pussy. A little later while I was lying on my back and he was caressing my body from top to toe, I started to play with his cock again and pushed him onto his back. I turned to face the camera, straddled his loins, and began to slowly masturbate his cock. I then edged up his body a little, raised my cunt over his hard cock, and slowly allowed his cock to approach my pussy.

We both agree to turn the camera off prior to him plunging his huge cock into my hot cunt. How would I be able to convince Paul that we stopped there!

"You're going to have to come back a lot to get these pictures taken just right," he said.

"Yes, gladly," I concurred as continued to ride his cock whilst cupping my fully aroused tits.

"This feels so good," I murmured.

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