playtime chpt. 1

playtime chpt. 1


By German shepherd

Chapter one

One hot summerday I decided to pick some cherrys. Not what you folks think, some real cherrys right from the tree in my houses garden.
So I took a ladder and climbed up into the tree. Before I could start picking, I recon’ed my neighbours wife Mandy in their garden, which was usually hidden against our sight and only visible because of my higher viewpoint.
She was playing with her 2 year old son in his sand box. Which means he was playing in it and she was kneeling outside the wooden box and watched him digging and baking sandcake and stuff like that.
I had a pretty good sight from my point of view, Mandy was very busty and attractive. That day she was wearing a strapless top that clung to her body like it was bodypainted.
She doesn’t seem to see me and I decided to stay quiet and observe them for a while.
Maybe it was her deep cleavage I could see from here or the fact, that her hubby wasn’t home for at least 6 month but somehow the scene obviously aroused me a bit. Thinking about how horny she must be with her husband on this long businestrip in China, I got a nice semi-hard on.

Suddenly her son Danny stood up and tried to leave the sand box for some reason. A little clumsy as he was, he struggled over the wood and tried to find a grip at his moms tiny top.
He nearly ripped it off and his mom shouted “OUTCH” in surprise.
She began to cry with a little kids voice and it was clear to me she only faked the pain to tease her son.
“Buhuhu, look what you’ve done to mommy. You scratched my breast, buhuhu!”
Danny was really shocked by that, but I had to bite my lower lip, not to laugh out loud.
She supported her left breast with one hand and lifted it to her sons face:” Look there, you’ve hurt me, give mommy a blow on her breast” she said with a hidden smile. Danny thought his mom was mad at her and took a deep breath and blew on her top which still was torn half down.
I could see her dark brown aureola and her growing nipples nearly popped out of the top.
While Danny blew all his lungs could give, his mom closed her eyes and enjoyed the tickling sensation.
“Better?” Danny asked fearfull. Mandy had to surpress a grin. With a quick look around, she secured herself that no one was watching. Luckily, I was hidden by the leaves of the tree. She took out her huge left breast, lifting it higher in her sons face and pointed to the red strings his fingernails had given her. “Give mommy a big kiss here, its really burning “ she purred, making a painfull face.
He did as she told him and didn’t dare to stop smacking her upper breast again and again.
Boy, I whished it was me down there in the garden. I really got a boner now and my heard was pumping wild. I didn’t dare to move, so I surpressed the urge to stroke my dick.
Mandy seemed to be in the same state of arousal than me, because she really squeezed her tit and her other hand began to sneak under her short sportjockeys where it feverishly rotated in her private area.
Danny looked in his mothers face, not recognizing what she was doing to herself. She had closed her eyes and tilted back her head with open mouth. “Are you OK mommy?”
“ Yes I´m better Danny, but my nipple is beginning to hurt as well. Give me your hand.”
She took his hand and guided it to her erect nipple which was at least ½” long and very thick. “Give mommy a good rubbing there and it’ll be better”
I couldn’t believe my eyes, this bitch was really hot. Danny did his best to rub his moms “sore” nipple, still believing his mom was mad at him.
Mandy arched her back and took off her top down to her belly. She kneaded her other breast and started moaning. She pulled and twisted her thick hard nipple while Danny rubbed and squeezed her scratched breast. Her pelvis bucked wild and furious back and forth, Mandy still knealing in front of her Son.
“Suck on mommys nipple, suck on it” she shouted suddenly. But Danny took a step back and started to cry. Maybe he thougt his mom was really sick or something.
All of a sudden Mandy came back to reality, she looked around in panic and then took her son in her arms. “ Sshhhh, its OK Dannyboy, mommy is fine” she whispered.
“Come on, lets go in the kitchen and get an ice” she said smiling. With Danny on her arms, she hurried to the house.
“Omygod, she must be frustrated, not getting her rocks off by now”, I thought amused.
I waited until they disappeared in the house, then climbed down the ladder and went into my kitchen.
Not a second later I took out my throbbing cock and started jacking off furiously. Trying to imaging what could have happened if little Danny hadn’t began to cry.
“Maybe she is frigging herself right now, or is she bothered too much by her son?”
I began to think for a reason to walk over and see, if I could tease her some more.
“This load is for you Mandy, I´ll not waste it with myself.” I thought with a devlish grin.
I stuffed my rock hard member back in my trousers and went over to the frontdoor of Mandys house. It took a while, after I knocked the door until Mandy came out looking a bit puzzled at me. Her face and cleavage where bright red and she was still breathing hard.
“Hi Frank, what can I do for you?” she asked with an unsure voice without watching in my eyes.
Her large nipples where still poking through the fabric of her top and I could clearly smell her wetness. Without loosing time I answered in a commanding voice:” Maybe I could suck your nipple, if Danny isn’t willed to do so!”
She opened her eyes wide, then opened her mouth, but she couldn’t manage to answer me.
Her mind was spinning, she stumbled backwards in the house and I followed her closing the door behind me.

chapter two

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