Punishing an Angel Friday pt 1

Punishing an Angel Friday pt 1

Matty feels the cold tiles of the wall as Mikey presses his weight onto her with every rough thrust. Her skirt has slid completely up around her waist. Her pink blouse lays open, revealing her heaving chest, tits bouncing in coordination with Mikey’s rhythm. Matty only can only hope that no one enters the girls bathroom as she is obediently pinned to the back wall, practically naked under Mikey’s mass. Her skirt, very short, would not hide the purple marks from the orange plastic, and the red from Mikey’s self-made paddle and his course hand. Matty was very thankful this morning to find all of her injuries gone. However, her joy was overshadowed by the nauseating twisting of her stomach caused by the possibilities of what may happen after school. The best part of it all was the fact that this was it, the last day Matty would have to summit to Mikey’s cruelty.
Mikey’s right hand crudely slides up Matty’s stomach, grabbing and squeezing the beautiful tits that dance for him. His left hand is securely at Matty’s lower back, under her raised skirt. He holds out, wanting to hold on to the moment of her extreme embarrassment. But he can only hold off for so long.
Matty finally relieved at Mikey’s quickened pace moments before he trembles, pressed deep into her before a few more thrusts. He steps back, throwing his condom out and cleaning himself off quickly.
“Did I tell you to cover up yet?” Mikey grabs her wrist as Matty tries to pull down her skirt. She stands there wincing as the cold air through her body now that his body warm is gone.
“You little slut,” he says as he kicks her legs a little farther apart. He takes his time once more running his hands over her body, twisting at her nipples, and prodding at her clit. He too knows this is his last day to abuse her. He may be cruel, but he is also fair. His stomach fills with butterflies, excited for the afternoon.
Matty turns her head to the side, not wanting to see her villain, not wanting to be there, in the school bathroom with him. She does what she can to escape the moment, at least tries to with her mind. The contrasting warmth of his hands keep Matty in her place.
“What a good little whore you are. Come here, bend over the sink. Spread them.” Mikey pulls and pushes her into place even though Matty complies with every command. SMACK A underhand hit to her ass lifts Matty off her heals. Mikey spreads her ass cheeks craving more time to use his toy.
“I’m sorry I have to return to study hall. I know how much you want to play my slut. And I know how upset you are that this is our last day together.” With this parting words, Mike takes a few more hard slaps, and a rude grope of her cunt before walking out the door. Matty does not dare to stand back up until she sees him exit the door.
Left alone with, totally exposed with her pussy juice running down her leg, Matty is back into reality. She quickly dodges into a stall to fix her skirt, and buttons her blouse. She cleans herself as well as she can before washing her hands, fixing her make-up and running her hands through her hair. She leaves in a hurry, wanting to get away from the skunk air of sex. Not even seconds into the hall, Matty is pulled into a dark abandoned hallway that leads to the janitors closet. Before she has time to shriek, her mouth is covered.
“Oh sweetheart, I didn't mean to scare you.” Ryan takes his had away from Matty’s mouth, softly smiling at how easy she scares.
Matty takes in a deep breath, relaxing for the first time all day. “Dammit, Ryan.” She gives him a soft shove.
“Look at you. All dressed up today. I couldn’t resist stealing my angel away.” He pulls her against himself by her waist before pressing her against the wall with his body. He deeply kisses Matty, almost making her gag. She can’t stand being touched after just being violated in the bathroom. Ryan slides his hands around to her breasts, only be swept away with hers.
“Don’t. Not now. Not here,” she begs.
“It’s okay, angel. No one’s around. We’ll be quiet.” He slowly lifts her skirt, only to be more excited by the fact she's not wearing anything underneath.
“I can’t. I need to get to class.”
“We still have time.” He reaches for a condom in his wallet. “Don’t worry. I’ll be quick,” Ryan says with a chuckle. “You won’t feel a thing.” He kisses her quickly before she has time to protest. “You know I love you.” And with that he inserts himself with one hand, using the other to unbutton her blouse.
With one hand on her tit, and one under her thigh, once again, Matty is thrust into, roughly. Sore from the week, from her previous encounter in the bathroom, she keeps her sighs to herself. Ryan uses both hands to lift her against the wall, making her whole body bounce with each thrust. He next lays her down on the cold tile of the floor before turning her over on her knees. Matty doesn’t fight him, and just prays her boyfriend is almost done.
He places one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder, pressing her face to the floor, making her ass rise into the air. Ryan pounds away, giving Matty the quicky he promised, however she does feel it. It’s painful. Soon she feels his speed increasing, before an abrupt stop.
“Oh baby…oh…oh, baby yeah.” After he stops thrusting, Matty tries to raise herself up before he’s even out of her. Once more his hand presses her shoulders to the floor as he slowly gives her a few more soft thrusts before exiting. He ruffles through his backpack for tissue as Matty stands up and starts to dress herself once more. Ryan hands her tissues along with his used one as he kisses her on the cheek, before he runs to class. Left used, Matty must now return to the bathroom to fix herself before she returns to her classes. For Matty, the morning passed by too quickly, knowing that the afternoon will only pass quicker.

“Don’t. I’m not in the mood.” Matty feels Ryan press up against her at the lockers. His hands on her hips.
“You better be in the mood. I haven’t seen you all week. Today we are spending quality time together.” Ryan digs his lips into the side of her neck, making Matty cringe.
“I…I can’t. Now stop.” She tries to shake him off. She only feels him press into her more. “Stop it. I can’t. This is the last day. The last day I’m helping Mikey. I promise. I’ll see you tonight.”
Ryan grabs her school bag before she zippers it to throw his book into it before giving it back to her. “Come on. I’ll give you a ride.”
“No, you can’t. Besides, I’d rather walk.” She locks her locker, avoiding his eyes.
“I’m not going to let you walk dressed like that. Don’t make me throw you over my shoulder.” This is something she doesn’t doubt he would do.
Fine, but just drop me off. We have a lot to do, and…well, I don’t want you distracting us.”
He leans in close to whisper into her ear, “Deal if you blow me on the way there. She shoots Ryan a drop dead looks and gets a replay of “I can’t help it with you dressing up for me.” He smiles, knowing that her absent of a reply only mean he is going to get what he wants.

Matty only knows they had reached their destination when Ryan turns off his car engine. He pulls his fingers out of her cunt as she looks up from his lap. Sitting in the driveway of Mikey’s house, he stomach starts to turn over again. Ryan steps out of his car.
“Wait! You promised you were only going to drop me off.” Matty rushes out of the car and runs up to him, attempting to block his path.
“I lied.” Ryan smirks down at her. He grabs her hand, and practically pulls her to the front door. He lets himself in, and has to pull her into the front hall.

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