Rainy Night_(0)

Rainy Night_(0)

The rain was coming down so hard my windshield wipers could barely keep the window clear enough for me to see the street signs. I continued to creep along the neighborhood looking for the street in which I was told to turn right on. I came to a dead end and began to maneuver and turn the car around when I heard something that sounded like I just backed into something. I pulled a little forward, turned off the ignition but left the lights on, grabbed the umbrella that I figured would do little good and opened the car door. I thought again and reached back for a flash light in the glove compartment and hit the lights off because they would do little good. The wind and rain were so fierce that it whipped under the umbrella soaking me to the skin.

As I rounded the back of the car, my flashlight lit on a trash can which apparently I had taken out and it was lodged under the back of my car. I set the flash light on the back of the car and began to try to dislodge the can. Fighting with the umbrella was a loosing battle so I just closed it and tugged with both hands but still the can did not budge. I looked around and could see a light on at the house in front of the trash can so I walked like a drowned dog to their door.

The front porch light came on and a gentleman stood in the door with his silhouette showing but unable to see any facial features.

“Sir, I believe I ran over your trash can and can’t get it disconnected from my bumper. Would you be so kind to give me a hand? I will reimburse you for the damage I have done to your can.”

He stepped a little closer but still was hidden in the shadows. “Come in out of the rain and I will see what I can do.”

“That won’t be necessary. I will just get wet again when we get that can unhooked from my bumper. By the way do you know where Mercy Street is?”

“Never heard of it but do come in out of the rain and let me figure a way to get your car out of the mess it is in.”

Well, I guess I have no choice I am thinking to myself. “Thank you,” as I walked past him into the living room which was lit with candles mostly. The kitchen light spilled into the room but that wasn’t much. I stood nervously at the door till he came up behind me.

“Please go in and warm up,” he said as he gave me a towel he had produced.

I began to dry off and realized my shirt was so sheer there was no denying my skimpy bra that showed all and the skirt I had on just clung to legs cupping my ass as well as clinging to my front. I tried to dry it off to relieve me of some of the exposure. I felt his eyes bearing down on me. I looked to see him staring at me with somewhat of a strange look.

“Why were you trying to find Mercy Street?”

“I was supposed to meet someone for a party there. He told me it would be on the right side of this street to just come down and I couldn’t miss it.”

“Perhaps it was destined that you find me tonight? I had a party planned and the participant did not show. We can have our own party and trust me you will enjoy my style of party.”

“That is nice but if you could just help me with the car situation I could be on my way.”

“No need to rush, little one,” as he reached out and grabbed my wrist.

“Let go of me. You are hurting my wrist. If you don’t want to help then I will just be on my way.” Trying to dig in my purse for the pepper spray that I suddenly realize is not there. Pulling out a $20 dollar bill, “here is the money I owe you for the damaged can.”

“You don’t owe me anything. Our paths crossed for a reason and you will soon learn why.”

“You are scaring me. Let me go I will not bother you.”

Suddenly a clasp is placed on my wrist and then before I can react the other is also restrained. I am panicking and try to resist but a blindfold is put over my eyes and something is placed on my neck. I am afraid I am about to be strangled.

“Relax, you will enjoy all that you partake in tonight.”

A gag is placed in my mouth and I am tied to something which now limits my movement completely. I continue to struggle and resist to no avail.

I feel hands on my body and I shiver from the touch. I feel my legs being spread and him discovering I am wearing no panties. Music is now playing and I think it is headphones that was placed in my ears. My legs are spread further as the wet skirt is removed. My shirt is shoved up and the bra is also pushed up. My hands are suspended in someway above my head. I am feeling very vulnerable and frightened. I can hear my heart beating.

I suddenly feel something soft being run over my body. It is actually quite sensuous. Then something is being shoved into my ass making it feel quite full and uncomfortable. A vibrator is running from my clit to my pussy back and forth as I feel the heat growing between my legs. I feel a wetness dripping from me and running in rivulets like water off the glass of ice water down my legs. Pinching of the tits or is he nibbling them. I can’t tell and my senses are at a peak. Again something soft is run over my body. I am giving such sounds I don’t even know if they are coming from me as I feel my body betray me and convulse as the first wave of orgasm hits me. Stronger than anything I have experienced before. Then another and then the butt plug is removed and the vibrator is used on my ass. I am hitting the highest wave of pleasure yet and feel I may pass out any moment.

Suddenly all stops and gradually all is removed from me. I still am hand suspended but am soon released and led to the sofa. I am told to lay back and relax. I close my eyes and feel softness rubbing over my cheeks then I open my eyes to a large cock rubbing my lips. I part them hungrily and begin to lick and suck the cock. He is fucking my mouth and I am taking all he will give me.

He stops and pulls my legs up high toward my shoulders and I want it in me. “Fuck me please.,” I beg.

“Where do you want it baby?”

“In my ass please.”

“My pleasure,” as he spreads my cheeks and inserts his swollen cock in my lubricated ass.

“Make it hurt hard.”

Groaning and pumping, he gives me just what I ask for, a little pain as well as pleasure. I have exploded again as he cums deep up my ass.

I lay there spent as he moves off and grabs the towel from the floor. He wipes me down then himself.

Sitting beside me, “do you still think our paths weren’t meant to cross this evening?”

“Fate has a funny way of scaring and pleasuring a lady in one evening.”

I can’t deny the pleasure he gave me, “yes, very much.”

“The rain has slacked a bit, do you want to go out and take care of that problem or are you interested in exploring what else fate has in store for you tonight?”

Hesitating only slightly, “fate has been good to me tonight so let’s see what else is in store for me.”

He attaches a chain to the collar I am still wearing around my neck and I shiver at the jesture.

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