Revenge! Stage 1 – The Trial Run

Revenge! Stage 1 – The Trial Run

Hello, my name is Erika and being male you can guess that it's given me a lot of problems in my life. I'm currently 16 years old and I'm in the 9th grade due to failing in the 7th. I'm about 5'5" and I don't weigh much at all, about 153lbs, but most of that is muscle. You wouldn't know by looking at me though, I'm thin and my build is actually pretty feminine looking, but that might be partially because of my shoulder length purple and black hair and the fact that I wear black lipstick and black fingernail polish dailey, it's pretty easy for someone to mistake me as gay and everyone in my school considers me a freak. Oh well, a lot of that changed one day a few years back. A kid named Tony, who was the biggest kid in school and definantly that kid nobody messes with, was giving me some shit like always. I was use to this but it still pissed me off inside although I usually just tried to ignore it, but something snapped. That day as he was giving me his usual continuing onslaught of insults I tensed up, spun around, and belted him as hard as I could across the left side of his jaw. It left him with a cracked jaw and a few teeth knocked loose which had to come out. This was the only violent confrontation I ever had in school, it's all I needed and it's why I say I have muscle, among other things. Nobody messed with me anymore, at least… not to my face. I still heard things behind my back when people thought I wasn't listening, but it was mostly something like "Oh shit, the freak's coming just don't look at him!", something like that.

Well… that summer, right near the end of the year, maybe a week after the last day a car pulled up to my house around 8pm. I went outside to see who it was, because the didn't seem to be getting out of the car but it was parked. Once I got about 5 feet out of the house I heard the popping of a car door, and soon three others. With that, each door of the car openned and 4 people got out. I could tell there was someone else in the car, in the back seat, but they stayed put. I struggled to see who it was and could see that the one who had gotten out from the passanger side of the car was Tony, I had only seen the driver once or twice and didn't know his name, and as for the other two, well, I knew them pretty well. Their names were Brenden and Shannon, Shannon was the only girl who decided to get out, but I could tell the person inside was female too. Shannon was pretty small, maybe an inch shorter than me and she had a fair build, hardly any fat. She was definantly one of the type you'd see with jocks, but she at the same time tried to act punk. She hung out with the more poser goths and punks at school but otherwise she was with these dickheads. All three guys were pretty big, Brenden was the smallest but he had a reputation for being vicious when he was mad, he also was the only goth with them. Tony and the driver were what some people would consider "Super Jocks", but Tony had his days as a poser punk as well.

They walked up to me and smiled as if they had already declared their victory, I stayed calm and stood there half-mindedly looking at them despite the fact that I knew their intentions. It started off with no words and just a blow to my stomach from the fist of Tony, followed by an elbow in my back, I couldn't see who sent that one though. I just stayed still, figuring up against 3 large guys and a somewhat vicious little girl, as whimpy as that could sound, didn't show me very good odds and if I struggled they'd just do it longer. I got kicked in the stomach and ribs a few times, and it ended with the delivery of a hard boot in my face, knocking me out cold. I don't know what happened for the next few hours, because I woke up in the hospital, I guess the beating was worse than it seemed, then again, I had no idea how long they'd been stomping me after I blacked out, so I got kind of nervous to know what injuries I had. I couldn't see out of my right eye, it only had a light aching feeling but I couldn't move it, blink it, and definantly couldn't see more than black out of it. I was also pretty heavy on pain killers I figured, considering I was numb throughout my body, god I hoped I was on pain killers and didn't have my neck or spine broken, I'd rather be dead in a ditch than paralyzed for life, even from the waist down. I was only awake long enough to understand I was actually in a hospital though, then soon after I passed out again, despite the numbness in my body the pain was still intense, and breathing was pretty hard too.

A couple months later, when school started, things seemed a lot different. People didn't have a clue of what happened over the summer, other than the 5 people directly involved. They had ended up cracking three ribs and although I wasn't paralyzed at all something just as bad did accure, the reason I couldn't see out of my eye that day in the hospital was because they had to remove it, it was messed up too badly, I didn't really pay attention to the technical terms, all I knew was that my eye was gone and replaced with a damned glass one, but it looked pretty real so I figured since people already tried to ignore me they wouldn't notice, and if they did maybe they'd just figure I was wearing a contact or something, because I had requested the iris of the glass-eye be violet. I love violet, it's probably my favourite colour, if not violet than definantly black. Ahyhow, people at school were different, more mature on the outside but I could tell they were just as cruel and childish inside, or at least the majority of them were.

Finally I came across Tony, but didn't speak with him. He knew I was pissed for what they did and I knew he knew it, but my newly developing plans to get back at them wasn't going to be a direct approach, I had tried that before with Tony and I ended up losing an eye as you know. Then it hit me, I'd get iiback at him by attacking the two who I knew would never dare tell about what happened, at least… not after what I had planned. My targets were now Shannon, and who I had recently realized to be as Jessikah, who was the girl in the car, and Tony's girlfriend. With a grin I passed off the glare Tony gave me, and I began to plot my attack, my first target had to be Shannon, although Jessi was his girl… Shannon was their slut. They passed her around between them and she let them because she was desperate to be accepted, a classic slut, truly pathetic.

I decided on my plans, and the next day I took action. I waited for Shannon to walk out of the school and begin to walk home, since she only lived a few miles away. I followed her just under a mile in distance, to insure nobody was around. With that I called out to her. She looked around and it took her awhile to see me, since I was half hidden in the dark of the woods which lined the road. She began to walk up to me and rolled her eyes when she realized who I was. I could tell she was trying to decide whether she should say something or just walk away shaking her ass at me, like most sluts of her type would do. She just stood there, giving me this "Are you gonna say something?" sort of snobby look. I stayed silent darting my eyes at her, we couldn't have been standing there more than a minute but it seemed longer with the silent tension between enemies. She finally rolled her eyes and began to turn around, and just as she took her first step away from me she began some rude comment, but I interrupted her with an arm folded around her neck. She yelled at me and cursed at me too, something about "Get your fucking hands off me jackass", or something equally as expected. I smiled and planted a firm punch directly into her lower spine, the way I hit her had to hurt like hell, and her reaction of arching her back and yelping proved this to me. I kept her held with my other arm and whispered to her in a soft, calm voice "We both know it was you that night, and we both know you're their whore so messing with you will really piss them off." She growled but was interrupted by another hit into the spine just like before, which seemed have more affect on her because immediantly after I tossed her to the ground, just a little deeper into the woods. It was my luck this road was never busy, but I didn't care too much if I was caught getting justice.

I began to drag her back into the woods and saw her struggling with her pain to get up and pull away, but only managed to balance on a foot and knee before I belted her across the face. This was too much for her, and she started to silently cry, more from loss of dignity I figured rather than pain, but both were major factors. She yelled out a few times for help but nobody was around within a mile, so that wasn't going to do her much good. I lifted her up and pressed her back to a tree, looking her in her watering eyes and holding her by her neck. She spoke softly and mostly out of breath "Ok… you've hurt me, you've beaten me we're even! Let me go!". I responded by cracking the back of my hand into her face, tightening my grip on her throat. I drew out a knife and giggled in sensual, girly way as her eyes widened, I had no intention of cutting her unless she really gave me trouble, but she didn't know that. I took the knife and replaced my hand's grip on her neck with it by placing its cold steel to her throat. She froze, and I knew she wouldn't move now. I smiled and lifted her shirt up just over her breasts, revealing her small, cute tits covered in a white bra. I softly rubbed her left breast as I licked her cheek in a purposely creepy way, tauntingly running the blade up and down her throat to intensify her fear of me as I slipped her bra cup down and softly rubbed her nipple. It was small and soft, a very light pink that matched her very slightly tanned skin. She was silently crying at this point, every now and then begging me to let her go, but I had no intention of doing so. I leaned down and flicked my tounge across her nipple, taking it into my lips and softly sucking it, flicking my tounge gently across it as I sucked it slowly and kissed at it. I smiled up at her as if she was allowing me to do all of this and pressed the knife against her throat a bit more, I was getting tired of her begging for mercy and this shut her up.

Slowly I slid my hand down her stomach and rubbed just below her stomach, slightly reaching under the rim of her pants as I continued to softly rub, sucking gently on her nipple and then bit down on it. She yelped at my bite and shivered. I slowly began to kiss down the inner side of her breast until I was kissing between them, sliding my hand slowly down over her jean shorts, rubbing her crotch. Now I began to kiss up her neck, just beside my knife which I did infact have to move slightly to the side to do so. I popped the button on her jean shorts and slowly unzipped them, sliding my hand down to her crotch on just the outside of her panties, grinding my fingertips against her by nature wetting pussy, I could tell she loved it, or at least the feeling but at the same time she was terrified and crying over lost dignity, even though I don't see how she had any to start with, the fucking whore. I softly slid her shorts down and let them hit the dirty forest floor, gently planting a kiss on her lips just to mess with her. I took the knife away from her neck and stabbed it harshly into the tree, speaking only a warning that I was still very ready to use it if I needed to. She stayed frozen, and I dropped to my knees. I had purposely planted the tip of the blade into the lower part of the trunk so it would still be in my reach, in fact, better in mine than in hers.

Now on my knees, I slowly slid her thin, white panties down her thighs and kissed slowly down them as her panties were removed. As they hit the ground I leaned up and burried my face into her moist, swollen cunt, sliding my tounge slowly up her slit and across her clit. I ran my hands up and down her soft, silky thighs and began to slide my tounge in and out of her pussy, up and down gently. She was tasty, salty and fresh. I loved the taste of her juices on my tounge and the sound of her crying was exciting me even more. I was getting my justice, and but I wasn't satisfied yet. I could see her hand reaching slowly for the knife out of the corner of my eye, and grinned, waiting for her to get as close to it as she could just before I lashed up unexpectedly and gripped it away from her. She yelped in suprise and fear, knowing she may have just signed her death sentence, but she hadn't. I slowly kissed up her stomach and kept on hand on my knife as my tounge prodded her gentle skin. My view on her remained tense and firm and could see tears flowing wildly from her eyes.

As I stood fully infront of her I pulled the knife from the trunk of the tree and ran it up her stomach, careful not to cut her with it as I did so. She whimpered and cried in fear and loss of dignity, but I continued, only becoming more excited. I softly ran my tounge up her cheek, licking away the tears as my knife slipped just under the very middle of her bra and cut it open, letting it fall loosly to her sides, still being trapped against the tree by her back. I smiled and ran my hand to my tented jeans, slowly unbuttoning and unzipping them, she and I both knew what was about to happen. I burried the tip of the blade back into the tree a bit higher up and as I dropped my jeans she began to try to struggle a bit, seeming that being fucked was quite a different thing to her and having seen that I wouldn't kill her or even cut her after she reached for the knife she seemed to grow more confident. However, I corrected her by taking her neck in one hand and pulled her head toward me, followed by slamming it back against the tree. This didn't knock her out but it must of hurt like shit. I slipped my cock out of my boxers and grasped her hips, lifting her legs up using my strength to keep her up and near instantly pushed myself into her warm slit. Upon entering her she screamed somewhat quietly, but I could tell the only reason it wasn't loud was because she was so out of breath.

I loved her tears and crying, and I gripped her hips hard as I began to buck my hard rod into her warm and moist pussy. I loved the feel of her warm, soft labia around my shaft, but it wasn't that great considering she wasn't very tight from all the times she's been fucked by those other guys. I loved the moment though, the best thing being her tears, I knew she was horrified and felt compelely violated, step one was complete, but I figured I might as well fuck her until I was satisfied physically.

The next day at school she didn't show up, and nobody seemed to care because she had skipped days before. I knew why she wasn't there, she couldn't stand being near anyone at least for the day, and this proved I succeeded, however, I had plenty of future plans to get back at them, this wasn't the last time I was going to resort to rape, in fact, I was only going to get more vicious and if I was able to feel remorse I would feel horrible for what I was going to do to Jessi, Shannon got lucky that she was just my trial run.

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