Revenge! Stage 2 – Error & Solution

Revenge! Stage 2 – Error & Solution

After about a week Shannon finally arrived to school again, and I realized that she was more effected than I had expected her to be. She was skiddish and timid, she was very quiet and didn't seem to want to talk to anybody. I couldn't blame her, but she got what she deserved, the little whore. Step one was complete, and I was taking my time with Step two, afterall, I wasn't sure on it yet. Step two might be what I had planned or it could change, and later that day I was certain it had to change. I was walking down the hall and toward the end of it I heard Shannon talking to herself, sort of pouting quietly, so I stayed back on the otherside of the corner where she couldn't see me. I listened to her and heard her say something about telling, and after a few more seconds I realized she planned to tell what happened. I couldn't let that go down, with how many friends she has and how few I do I'd stand no chance, and my low grades didn't put me on great terms with my teachers either. There I made my next plan, and spent the rest of the day watching her the closest I could. I had to skip a few classes to do this but I managed to do so, and by the end of the day, I knew just what I was going to do.

I waited by the door in the side hallway. She had to walk down there to go to the office where she planned to tell about me so I stayed put by the door. The door area was down a small hallway so I had plenty of space to hide and I knew she had an after school meeting that day, and seeing as how she already wasn't all that excited over telling about what I had done I knew she'd wait until the ery end. I stood there and waited, almost everyone was gone within 15 minutes after the last bell rang, whether they were riding the bus or driving home, even walking. I had to stop Shannon BEFORE she told, otherwise I'd have waited where I did before. All I could do is stay silent and wait, and I did until she began walking down the hallway. Just before hand I had checked the hall to make sure it was empty so I wasn't afraid to be caught. She had reached just a half a foot passed me, missing me completely when I lashed out, grabbed her, and covered her mouth, pulling her down the hallway as she kicked and tried to find an area of my hand to bite onto.

Once we were outsider I stayed as close to the building as I could to insure the cameras didn't see me, the school only having about four cameras, one on each side of the building by each main door area. I knew these cameras well and knew that if I stayed close to the door even if they saw something odd from the corner they would never know what it was and certainly wouldn't see my face. Luckily, this side of the school was near the same woods that she had been ambushed from abouit a week ago, the forest being HUGE because the majority of this town was parks and wooded areas. I made way with her into the woods, holding her tight and I could tell she knew it was me immediatly. I felt her sweet tears already rolling to my hand from her cheeks as I hold it firm over her mouth, my other arm nearly painfully tight around her waist and arms. She managed to get one arm free and hit me but I ignored it. Once we were far enough into the woods I threw her against a tree and pinned her against it hard by her shoulder and neck. I quickly reached into my pocket and drew out a thick wire I had picked up before school as well as my knife. I hurried and wrapped the wire around her neck, more pressing it against it. This held her for me but I had to hold both ends of the wire and stay really close to her, my chest pressed tight to her, to get it tied behind the smaller sized tree trunk. She was now held by a wire tight around her neck, I could tell she was having trouble breathing but she was doing this to herself with her struggling. I slapped her once to get her to stop and grinned. With a grab of her wrist I held her hand up to the tree and as much as she struggled I just kept hitting her until she couldn't continue.

Now holding her victim's arm and hand to the tree I grinned at her crying eyes and with one smooth, cutting air motion I stabbed the blade through her hand, pinning it to the tree and leaving the knife there. She screamed at the pain, I couldn't blame her, but I loved the suffering she was taking. With this she had her whole body free almost, but having a knife through her hand and a wire tight on her throat this would be extremely difficult for her to ever escape from. With a smile I placed a finger gently against her lips to basically give her a calm demand to shut up and relax. She shut up but I could tell she was just as tense as ever, so I began to softly speak, some hostility in my voicee, "Listen, after last time you know I'm dead serious about this, if you keep struggling it's only going to make it worse, and trust me, you're not getting away. I would have left you alone if you wouldn't have planned to tell on me… naughty naughty.". With that I hammered my fist straight into her stomach, her letting out a powerful cry of pain and anguish and placing her hand on her stomach in pain. This was even better than the last time, I loved her pain, call me sick but I enjoyed this, and I wasn't bound to give into "Good Morals". I grinned and took her other hand, pushing the back of her arm and hand to the trunk of the tree, taking out another knife which I had grabbed just incase I needed it. I slammed this one into her hand as well, her now pinned against the tree in a screaming bloody mess, but still plenty alive, which this was a big problem for me.

After a few moments of thought, and making sure I was turned slightly to the side so she couldn't try to get off a cheap kick to my crotch, I concluding the following; I had to kill her. I smiled and belted her hard across the face, this hit just as hard as when I broke Tony's jaw, so I knew it had to hurt. She couldn't even scream, all she could do is spit out blood and cry silently. I smiled and went to the back of the tree, knowing she wasn't going to get away just cuz I left my eyes off her. I untied the wire, having some trouble with it at first but managing after a few seconds, wrapped both ends around my hands for a secure grip, and with a placing of my foot on the trunk I pulled back as hard as I could. This wire was thick, but not that thick. She went completely silent when I did this, but to make sure she was in the physical state I thought she was I pulled once more, hard but not as hard. There was no sound, and I released the wire. "SUCCESS!" I yelped in glee as I circled the tree half way again and saw her. Blood was running down her neck and chest, staining her shirt. The wire went into her throat a ways, maybe a third through it, but that was enough to kill her easily for her eyes were out bulging and her jaw was frozen dropped a bit. I grinned coldly and slowly licked up the blood from her neck, not all of it but some. She was now way past dead, and Step two was half over.

I looked into her open, horrific, and glazed over eyes and smiled, licking her lips gently. I pulled the knife out from her right palm and licked it clean. I placed the blade on the very edge of her shirt collar, girpped it firmly, and with a few jerking, saw like motions I had the shirt sliced down the middle about down to her naval. I smiled and licked slowly down between and over her breasts to get some of the running blood up, there was more than I had expected, which was just a better thing. I grinned and stood fully, taking the knife in my hand and moving it to her left wrist, the hand still pinned to the tree. I slit the wrist open and began to feed from its openning, licking up the running blood. I lifted her other arm back up to the tree once the left wrist was mostly dry, and held it up as I cut the wrist on that arm, soon after pinning it back to the tree so I wouldn't have to hold it. I began to feed from this wrist as well, licking up the blood around it first then much like her pussy the first encounter I slid my tounge into the slit a bit, licking up the gushing blood and biting a bit into her wrist to pressure all the blood I could get from it, sucking it dry.

Now that my blood-obsession was over and done with I began to kiss down her cooling torso, running may hands up and down her stomach slowly, cupping her breasts and sucking each nipple gently one at a time, licking up the breasts and across them, then up the throat. Then I got an idea, still quite hungry I ripped the knife from her left wrist this time, licking it clean. I slowly started to carve into her lower neck, hoping there was some blood reserved there that didn't escape the big injury already open on the neck. I was lucky, and got a little blood out, slipping my tounge into her sweet, bloody flesh and feeling her muscle and veins against my tender, pinkish-red tounge. I loved the taste of her body, inside and outside alike. I loved what all was going on and it turned me on so much. I then took a step back and began almost angrily slashing at ther torso in random and vicious strokes, spreading blood across her and the ground alike, not much hit the ground though, and the way I was cutting I was insuring that. I smiled and finished my vicious attack on her corpse with a direct piercing of the blade into her chest, leaving the blade in her and smiling at my work.

I was nearly finished with Stage two, and I was ready to complete it, in fact I couldn't wait to cum into her limp, cooling corpse. Much like my first encounter with her I pulled my hard cock from my jeans and boxers and lifted her hips just as before. One hand was pinned to the tree but that didn't help much with how much she weighed, although it wasn't much to begin with. I slowly slid my cock into her slightly cold pussy and began to thrust into her, loving the feeling even more this time considering she and I were both covered in blood and she was dead, a fetish I was for the first time trying, and far from suprisingly… I loved it. I continued to hammer my cock into her lifeless pussy and held her hips tightl, licking up and down her neck and across her lips, moaning softly as I thrusted deep and fiercly. My thrusts would have caused her to ache on two conditions, neither of which were present. If she were a virgin, and if she were alive, tough luck, but I'm not picky. I grinned as I thrust my dick deep and hard into her. This went on for a while, a long while. However, finally I released inside her, the feeling of cumming into a dead, cold pussy was much better than a live, warm one. I don't know what I loved about it, but it felt great, the idea of having gotten my first two steps of revenge completed played a major role, but I didn't care why I liked it.

I had to clean up the evidance. I was willing to be caught but not until I had my full revenge, out of both of my primary targets I only had one down. I took out a lighter and set fire to the leaf covered ground just where the blood had landed, it took me a few tries with the slight gust of window to get all the bloody spots, and I made sure a large fire didn't start by quickly digging a surrounding ditch in the dirt, insuring the fire didn't reach the other leaves or the tree. After burning the ground up to the point of the blood at least not being able to be seen I took some leaves from a few feet away and covered the burnt ground up, this would only be discovered if a hound came out here, but I wasn't too worried. Now for the body. I pulled her from the tree and smiled to see that luckily there was no blood on it and held the bloody corpse close to me, over my shoulder somewhat but not enough so that the few areas which would drip blood were over the ground. I had to hurry, so I put away my tools and carried the body deep through the forest, knowing a couple miles away lived an older guy by the woods with a big lake. I thought this was perfect and I had taken the chance to figure out what time he wasn't home ahead of time, fully having planned all of this.

When I reached the pond in the guy's back yard I was happy and relieve to see that nobody was around. I found a large area of solid rock on the edge of the bank just out of the water's reach and laid the body down. I stepped slightly into the water and pulled the wooden boat the man had tied to the dock, pulling it toward the bank as close as it would go. I threw the body into it, threw the bloody rocks in the pond quite deep and set fire to the body. It took a few hours for me to successfuly disfigure the body, all I had was a lighter and that didn't work so I had to search the old man's shed for a gas can, which is obviously a common find. I used the gas to held burn the body but it still to a few hours to char it enough so that it was only noticeable by the teeth. The boat was quite burnt as well and had a spot that looked very weak in the side. With some effort of one of my knives I broke the spot open and let water pour in, kicking the edge of the boat so that it would drift off into the lake. My last problem was the rope holding the boat, the boat was sunk but the rope was still holding it. So, I stepped up onto the dock and sliced the rope as close to the water as I could to insure it would sink down.

Now, I knew the body would be found and I'd probably be tracked back to it somehow, but, I figured I had enough time to at least get my revenge. With satisfaction I headed home to get showered and changed, today had been a good day for me, but I was far from done.

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