Revenge! Stage 3 – Direct Approach

Revenge! Stage 3 – Direct Approach

It didn't take long for the cops to release poster of Shannon's face and further-more description. I saw them just two days later and it was mentioned a lot on the news, and I have to admit everytime I so much as heard that name or saw her face I couldn't help but grin and laugh deep down in pride, knowing what I had done. The kids at school seemed pretty shaken too, from a lot of guys being silent to a good number of girls crying over it I knew it had impacted them. Tony, Brendon, and the other guy who I still didn't know the name of even acted different, not sad for the girl's sake, just more disappointed their little slut wasn't around anymore so maybe they'd have to work for sex for once or even worse for them, not have it. The first two stages of my revenge were complete, and I was already prepared for Stage 3. It wasn't as extreme as the last one, but it was pretty good for a follow-up.

I was preparing to act so early on my plans for two reasons; I may get caught in the near future… and I didn't want them to have ANY time to rest and recover over the last two harsh acts, mostly the disappearance of Shannon. Haha, I still love hearing that name. My next target was Jessikah, it was a strange way to spell the name I always thought, but that was just something for idle chitchat, this was more serious business. I watched Jessi close throughout the day, she was really shaken and everytime she was about to cry she made up an excuse to go to the bathroom or something, she wouldn't seem to cry infront of anyone. That proved to me more that she was just another one of their sluts who cared about "pride" and "popularity", you'd have to be like that if you dated a guy like Tony, and I hoped that attacking his girlfriend, or as he thought of her as his personal sex toy, would get to him a lot more than Shannon's disappearance did. Jessi seemed a lot more outgoing in school than she did out of it though, even after being so upset over something her character was bold and noticable.

Much like Shannon, I originally planned to wait until Jessi left school but her leaving class so often gave me a better idea. I had studied her class schedual ahead of time to make sure I knew it by heart so this made it easy for me to wait in a location that I could have easy access to her from. "Perfect!" I whispered to myself as an idea popped into my head as I followed her to her next class, my own next class being study hall, which they never pay attention to attendance in, so I was safe. I snuck into the girls' bathroom closest to her next class just after the bell rang, anyone late to class would have been in too much of a hurry to notice I was a guy, my long, half purple hair made it so that at first glance I looked like a chick. I got into a stall and locked the door, standing up on the toilet to prevent anyone from seeing I was there. The sides of the stalls were too high for someone to peek over, and nobody really had interest anyway. All the rest of the stalls were open too, so I was safe.

It seemed like a long time that I was in there, and I thought about just leaving and waiting for her next period or to be safe the next day. That's when I heard somebody enter the room. I peered through the crack on the side of the stall door to see who it was, and through the reflection of one of the mirrors across the room from the stall I could see Jessi, crying just infront of the sink, her head down and her darker hair half covering her face. I heard soft whimper from her, and I could tell she was completely torn apart, even more than she let on. Her head dropped a little more as she began to cry harder, so she moved into the stall next to me and must have wanted to sit down, which was a pretty normal action. Slowly I slid the lock to a release and openned the stall door, stepping out quietly. I heard her crying heavily, but I was too far out of her sight range so she couldn't have known I was there. I smiled to myself and turned, stepping infront of the open stall which she sat in, bawling.

Jessikah didn't notice me, she was too heavy with her tears and her head was down so she wouldn't have seen me. I smiled and took a step into the stall, keeping my eyes on the crying girl I cleared some of the long strands of hair from my own face and squated down infront of her, looking at her through her hair. It took a few seconds of me sitting that way for her to notice, but I didn't care, my intentions were much worth the patience I had to put forward. Her eyes widened slightly with suprise and she yelped to match it, just when she first saw me. She wiped the tears from her eyes and kept her head halfway down, her hair still partial in her eyes. She softly spoke after a few moments of thinking, her voice was shaky but I could tell she was trying to keep her cool, not wanting to show her tears to anyone, "Wh-what do you want? You shouldn't be in here you know.". I smiled and kept my eyes close on her, putting up a caring look to try to calm her down, hiding my intentions as well. Softly I spoke, trying to sound as if I gave a shit for why she was crying, although I ignored her question, "Why are you crying Jessikah? Is it because of Shannon? I'm sorry if I'm getting personal… it's just I know she was your friend and all…". She looked angry that I wouldn't answer her and in a slightly more serious, hostile voice she said "You know damned well that it's about her! Just about every damned person in this school who ever knew her is crushed. How could you just so openly state that!?. I smirked and slapped her, not too hard though, "Listen, I tried to be nice to you but I guess you saw right through me, maybe you just wanted to judge me more but I don't give a damn. Come with me.", and with that I stood up and glared down at her as if I was waiting for her to do the same, which I wanted her to do but didn't really expect it. "You must be nuts if you think I'm going to go anywhere with a freak like you. What makes you think I even want to be NEAR you?" she said with more hostility, but I responded calmly, "Well Jessi, tell me something…". I crouched in mid-sentence, "What about me EVER passed off as anything less than 'nuts'?". Her reaction was great, a sort of angered but worried look. She knew she could never stand up to me if I attacked her, not after seeing what I did to Tony.

She wasn't going to budge, she just sat still like a rock looking half down and thinking either very hard or not thinking at all, I wasn't sure which. With a smirk I spoke to her again, "Get… the… fuck… up!". She almost yelped hearing me, snapping out of her thoughts and looking up to me, having picked up on just how serious I was, but she still didn't cooperate with me. I grew tired of this and grabbed her by the hair, stepping backwards and to the side of the stall so I could toss her out off the stall and to the floor, she was lucky her head didn't hit the sink. I glared at her and kneeled down beside her, my eyes not breaking their tension, "So… you gonna cooperate with me now or what? You know what I'm capable of and you know I already have a big problem with you and your fuck-buddy Tony, do you really want to piss me off more than you already have? I suggest you change your mind if you do. Now, STAND THE FUCK UP!". She yelped and started crying slightly. Despite how it sounds, we weren't really in there all that long, only about five or ten minutes, although I had been in there longer if you count the time I waited. Just to be careful though I figured I needed to get her out of here, so, it being second to last period I decided that she wouldn't be horribly missed in her last class and I knew I wouldn't be. I glared at her a few more seconds and gave her time to get up, but she never did so I spoke softly this time, too angry to yell and trying to prevent myself from beating her horribly right there, "Listen Jessikah, one way or another you're going to come with me, even if I have to beat your head into the floor until you pass out or die, you're coming with me. You know I'm serious, so get up NOW!" After just a brief time she nodded slowly with silent tears, and began to stand up. I smiled and stood fully with her, helping her up although I didn't really know why, maybe to hurry but I wasn't really sure.

We made our way from the bathroom, me having told her to peer out into the hallway to make sure nobody was around but being close enough behind her so if she tried to make a run for it I could just grab her by the shirt and pull her back. She cooperated finally, and we made our way down the hall. The bathroom was pretty close to the back doors, so it wasn't really a matter of getting caught. As I practically pushed her out the doors we stayed close to the building and ran quickly, this side of the back of the building was by the art room, which was large and at this time in the day empty. We hurried off, my hand now gripping her shirt and practically dragging her with me, her showing just a silent resistance from me by not running faster. We made it to the woods but I figured that was going to be too obvious, but at the same time I just wanted to be more original in the location so I pulled her through the forest for what seemed like miles. She kept asking things like "Where are we going?!" and "What do you want with me anyway!?" as we rushed, but I stayed silent and focused on dragging her. After a time we finally reached the opposite side of the forest, a good 2 or 3 miles out of the way from the school. She was crying softly, knowing that nothing good could come of this for her but at the same time she knew if she resisted she could get hurt pretty badly. We were in a big open field of a park, a few benches were spread out through the area and nobody was there, it was very tranquil and desolate, relaxing to me but it was a big too bright out, nothing major but I hated the sun. I took her through the park slowly, trying to make it looked casual incase anyone did come by and see us.

I had an idea, and it was why we were in the park to begin with and not in the middle of the woods. I wanted to do this in a place that we may get caught at, it was really exciting for me and having already raped twice I needed to add more to it. I took her to a shaded area with a park table and practically threw her on it. Her back was resting against the top of the wooden table and her legs were resting just off of its edge, I was standing at the corner of the table and moving so that I was just under her. "Perfect", I said quietly to myself, noticing the height of the table and seeing it was just right for what I was about to do. I took out my knife just for intimidation and made sure she saw it. I stabbed the knife into the bench of the table and grabbed Jessi by the waist, pulling her closer so that her ass was on the very edge of the table. I grinned as I stood between her legs and loomed over her, a hand on each side of her, resting against the wood of the table. She whimpered and looked at me, asking foolishly and dumbly "What are you doing!?", I never did understand why people asked that when it was just so obvious. I placed my hand softly on her neck and gripped it firmly, but not enough to choke her. Pushing her head quickly back against the table by her neck I slid my hand up her outter thigh, up under her skirt. After squeezing her neck softly to show her just more reason to cooperate with me I released her neck and repeated my last action with my now free hand so that both my palms rested against her upper thighs. I slid my hands slowly up until I felt the straps of her thong panties and wrapped my fingers around them, gently pulling them just slightly. She was crying but not moving, moslty because she was too scared to. As I slowly slid down her though I smiled and talked to her, sounding casual, "So… would you happen to be a virgin?". I knew the answer to this, there was no way she was. In fact there had been rumours about Tony having fucked her in the bathroom last year. Her eyes widened and she began to speak, but she was interrupted by a finger gently placed against her lips just after her thong was fully removed and fell to the dirty ground.

I loved her quivering, her tears and fear, this was so far only just as good as the first time with Shannon had started, but I planned to try to keep this interesting without killing her, which wasn't going to be easy for me. I smiled and slowly ran my hands up and down her inner thighs, not going up too high either, teasing her and myself. By how much her pussy glistened from under her short skirt from moisture I could tell this was turning her on, but only by nature. This girl was so much like Shannon, caring so dearly about her reputation and not much else, never wanting to have let anyone get the best of them when really they let their "friends" do it to them day by day. She kept mumbling stuff about "Please don't do this" and things along those lines. I could only roll my eyes and continue my actions, massaging her inner thighs and carressing them with my fingertips and palms. She liked the feeling physically, but hated it mentally. It's so amazing how the human body works like that, two major ways of feeling things that can so easily contradict one another, just like what was happening here.

Slowly I parted her legs, keeping my eyes on her moist, shaved pussy. I softly ran my hand up her right inner thigh and softly prodded her lips just briefly with a fingertip, keeping my glare on her as well as my grin. She whimpered and turned her headed away from me, tightening her eyes shut with tears running from them as she shook. "Just… be quick…" She spoke in a shaking voice, wanting it to just all be over. I grinned and reached up to her blouse, pulling it open harshly without bothering with the buttons. I watched as her braless, medium sized tits popped out and shook slightly. I let the blouse fall to her sides and quickly undid my jeans, pulling my boxers down just enough to whip my hardon out. I rested my hard cock against her pussy softly and ran my hands up and down her thighs, keeping my glare on her. I grasped her by the hips firmly and pushed my cock up into her slightly loosened pussy, thus feeing better than Shannon did because she was a great deal tighter. She was a slut, but she was only used by one guy usually, so I had to admit she wasn't as horrible as the first girl, but I didn't really care. She shivered and squirmed slightly as I entered her and began to push in, grinning coldly, my lips and eyes hungry although the gllass eye didn't change. I began to thrust into her slow at first, but it didn't take me long before I was up to speed. She was crying but she loved it too, simply a case of mind against matter more than anything. She herself wasn't sure if she wanted me to stop, but she was definantly leaning towards the wanting me to stop side, but I wouldn't have no matter how much she begged, even though she was mostly silent.

Her pussy lips were a nice feeling around my swollen, wanting cock, and the moisture helped me slip in and out faster and harder each few thrusts. I could feel myself liking this a little too much physically, and didn't want to end it so quick so I slid out of her. She looked up at me slightly just to see what I was doing. She happened to peek at me just in time to be pullen off the table and pushed against it in the opposite way so that her tits were now pressing to where her back was, bent over the edge of the table. I smiled and grinned her thighs softly with my hands before grasping her by the hips from behind. She suddenly paniced as she knew what was going to happen, and this definantly seemed like too much for her. I growled and reached for the knife, and when she saw this she froze, quivering in fear and humiliation. I smiled at her cooperation as well as fear and placed both hands firm on her hips. Using the juiced on my dick that came from her pussy as lubrication I softly pushed into her ass, grinning and leaning over her just slightly as I began to push in and out, grasping her hips firmly and tight enough to probably hurt her. This was a much better feeling, her tight ass was so much better than her used pussy, and I began to fuck her hard like a dog. She whimpered and cried as I did this, but I only loved her pain and fear, using it to help excite me the most possible. I could tell she was tensing up the entire time from my hard rod deep in her ass, thrusting in and out faster and harder each passing moment, she was in a good deal of pain as I was in a great deal of pleasure, holding her hips firmly and softly moaning from the feeling. I felt myself building again, it not have taken long this time since I was already worked up from her pussy and with a heavy moan I pumped my cum into her ass, biting my lip hard enough to draw at least one drop of blood which I licked away quickly.

I pulled out slowly, and we were both panting. She was bleeding slightly down over her pussy and my cock had blood on it. I smiled and bent down to lift her thong from the ground, using them it to wipe off my cock and then threw the dirty thing on the table beside her. I slid my boxers up over my softening cock and zipped and buttoned my jeans, taking my knife from the bench and placing it in my pocket. As I turned and began to walk away I smiled and spoke over my shoulder, "Maybe this will teach you a lesson, I sure as hell know Shannon learned hers. I trust you wont tell. Shannon tried that and she ended up disappearing now didn't she? Don't cross me Jessikah, and I'll leave you alone. This is my warning, you won't be issued another one. With that, I began to walk away with a smile on my face. Stage three complete.

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