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“ Sure had a lot of customers today.”, said Lisa as she took the money from the register.

Watching the seventeen year old girl, Kate responded, “ Yea…, but the day’s over…, finally…, what a mess it was.”

“ This time of year…all the people are buying those stupid lawn and garden things…, I hate that shit.”

“ Well…, what can I say.”, answered the manager, taking the cash from the blond.

“ Is it all right if I clock out now, Kate?”

“ Yea, go ahead.”

“ Thanks…, I’ll be here tomorrow at two in the afternoon.”

“ Great…, have a good one.”

With a quick step, the attractive highschool student left the check out area of the now empty store, save for the two females, and darted back to the employee lounge where she punched her card, grabbed her coat, and took off again, headed toward the main entrance.

“ Bye Kate!”

“ Bye Lisa.”, said the boss lady, waving her hand.

Alone now in the structure, the manager listened to the girl’s car start and drive away into the darkness. Looking at the overhead clock, Kate read ten thirty.

“ I’ve really gotta try to get more time for myself…this retail business is really killing me.”, said the manager to herself as she got things ready, placing the money in a large plastic zip bag destined for the bank’s depository box.

Finished, the brunette, with her dark hairs raised to her head’s top, took her black suit jacket and put it on. Slowly, she walked across the store’s tile, listening to the sound of her stiletto knee high black leather boots as they struck the smooth surface.

With the cash bag in one hand and her black purse hanging about her right shoulder, Kate left the structure and ventured out to her vehicle.

Upon opening the door, she tossed both objects on the passenger seat and slowly lowered her nice ass behind the wheel.

Having a black slim skirt on, the lady felt a light cool breeze go between her legs as she shut the door. The keys now in hand, Kate started the engine and drove off, headed toward the bank.

After she pulled up along side the deposit box, Kate opened the metal thing and dropped the bag into it, closing the depository afterward. Done, the woman rolled up the window and put the car back into gear, this time going straight home.

As the machine moved along, the dark-haired brunette decided to have a smoke. Consequently, she lowered her left hand into her purse and removed a pack of Marlboros. With the white stick in hand, she used the car’s light to fire up. Inhaling, Kate leaned back somewhat, relaxed herself, and looked forward to a nice hot bath when she finally gets to her place.

For the last five years, she’d been married to Sam, a business man who worked the nine to five shift. With her retail job, Kate usually came home later, always looking forward to seeing him, spending some time with the guy before both turned in. Musing away as she drove the car, Kate inhaled upon the cigarette and smiled, happy the work day was over.

Twenty minutes of driving over, the brunette pulled into the driveway of her home and parked behind her husband’s vehicle. Getting out, she grabbed her purse and closed the car’s door behind her. However, while she walked along the drive, by the home’s edge, headed toward the structure’s front, she happened to gaze across the street and see a parked car.

“ That’s funny…, I’ve never seen that thing here before.”, said Kate to herself while going up the front steps.

With grace, she took her keys from her pocket and unlocked the door, slowly stepping inside. Flicking the light switch on, the brunette watched a lamp brighten seated upon an end table next to the sofa. Staring straight ahead, she gazed at the livingroom’s grandfather clock when she lightly exclaimed, “ That jerk…, I told him to set the time an hour ahead…, doesn’t he remember daylight savings time!” A little frustrated, the lady approached the six foot tall object and set it herself, synchronizing the time piece with her watch.

Finished, she dropped her purse on the couch, turned, and quietly ascended the steps. However, when she reached the last step, Kate froze and simply stared toward the bedroom door. The wooden panel was closed, something Sam never did before. In fact, except for today, he was always downstairs ready to greet her. That wasn’t all, from the bottom of the door, she saw that the room’s inner light was on.

Confused, the lady manager went gently forward, approaching the closed entrance. Suddenly, she thought she heard something. Listening carefully, the woman made out a female’s voice, “ So Sammy…, you ready for the job…?”

“ Oh Joan…do it…do it…, yea…!”, replied the man, moaning away.

In shock, Kate simply stood there and heard some more, “ Oh Joan…, you’re the best…I really love you…!”

Her frame rotated now, Kate arched her head up and leaned her back against the wall, seething in anger and hatred.

“ That bastard…, how dare he betray me like that…!”, whispered the lady to herself as she turned her gaze back toward the steps.

A little under control now, Kate pushed her frame away from the plaster and returned downstairs to the livingroom. Once there, the sexy good looking brunette ventured over to a wooden drawer built into the wall, coming with the house. Opening the thing, she pushed her hand in and raised up some old forms and papers. Rummaging around, she finally grabbed hold of a metal object, removing it afterward.

The thing in hand, Kate gazed down at it’s smooth surface, seeing that it was loaded. Determined now to get revenge, Kate went with the revolver back upstairs and once again slowly approached the bedroom door. Working up some courage, the store manager grabbed the door knob with her free hand and pushed it open.

“ What the…?”, screamed Joan as she moved her face away from Sam’s cock.

Startled by his wife’s abrupt entry, the husband tried a last ditch effort with some bullshit, “ Please Kate…., let me explain…!”

“ You fucken bastard…, you mother fucker, you’re the biggest piece of shit to walk the face of the earth!”

“ Please, Kate, please, listen…!”, pleaded the man, looking straight into the gun’s barrel as his booted wife made three steps forward, staying nevertheless far enough away to prevent either of the two naked individuals from grabbing the pistol.

“ After all these years of being faithful to you…you do this to me!”

“ C’mon Kate…, please listen…”, said Sam again, looking now and then at Joan who was frozen with fear at the sight of the weapon.

“ Ok blondy…, get outta that fucken bed!”

Not saying anything, the young sexy petrified chick simply stared away.

“ I said get your ass moving…, let’s go!”

Shaking, Joan finally managed to step of the mattress, placing herself next to the nightstand, holding her arms around her nice tits.

“ That goes for you too…, asshole, get out from the other side…, let’s go!”

With wide open eyes, Sam got off the sheet and stood before the other nightstand on the bed’s right.

“ So this is what you’ve been doing when I’m working late!”, screamed Kate, eyeing both people.

“ Please Kate, please…!”

Nodding her gothic head, the manager continued, “ You forgot about daylight savings time…, didn’t you, ha, what a jerk!”

Before Kate could say another word, frightened Joan interceded, asking her unfaithful lover, “ What’s she gonna do with us?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do with you two pieces of trash…, I’m gonna get the most outta this situation before you’re both done for.”

“ What’s she talking about?”

Beginning to really worry, Sam replied, “ Like I said…, I don’t know…, I can’t read her mind.”

“ It’s a good thing you can’t read my mind…, if you could, you’d make a run for it.”

“ Please Kate…, don’t do anything foolish.”

“ Foolish?”, ask Kate rhetorically, “ You’re the fool…, that’s why you’re now standing naked at gun point.”

Relaxed now, the dark-haired lady reached into her suit jacket’s pocket and took out a cigarette, stuck it into her mouth, and then said to the blond, “ Hey bitch, get that lighter there on the stand behind you and light up my cigarette.”

Without hesitation, the lady jumped, grabbed the thing, and finally went over to the wife, holding the lit object under Kate’s white stick.

After inhaling, the lady with the gun ordered, “ Now get back to where you were.”

Immediately, Joan returned to her previous position when Kate yelled at Sam, “ All right, asshole, walk around the bed and stand before her.”

“ Kate…, let’s talk.”

“ I said let’s go!”

“ Ok, ok…!” answered Sam, almost tripping over the bed’s edge as he circumnavigated the piece of furniture.

Standing before his girl friend, he heard, “ Get down on your knees.”

“ Kate…, you’re distressed, please control yourself.”

“ I’ll show you control.”, answered Kate, going over to the bed and grabbing one of the pillows.

Placing the white fluffy thing before the gun’s barrel, Kate pulled the trigger and shot at the wall directly behind the two naked ones. Since the sound was muzzled, all that was heard was the plaster cracking when Kate yelled, “ I mean business…, now do as I say and get down on your knees…, you fucking creep!”

“ All right…, all right…!”

When he went low, Kate said, “ Now eat her out…, that’s right, lick her cunt.”

Knowing full well that any further attempt at changing her mind was futile, Sam descended to the carpet and stuck his face into Joan’s snatch.

“ Lick, lick her…!”

His tongue sticking from his mouth, Sam began his job, stroking away, over and over.

Eyeing Joan now, Kate ask wickedly, “ Well…?”

“ What do mean?”, mumbled the blond in a light shaky voice.

“ Aren’t you supposed to moan when you’re eaten out?”

“ Do as she says.”, said Sam, looking momentarily up at Joan.

Faking it as best she could, Joan began, “ Oh, oh, yes, mmmmm…, that feels so good.”

“ Ha, ha, ha…, what a couple of clowns!”, exclaimed the vengeful wife, laughing like a mad scientist.

Excited now, Kate let the whole thing go through her head. Sticking the cigarette back into her mouth again, she next used her free hand to unbutton her skirt. After the garment fell to the floor, she stepped over it and pulled off her panties. Finally, the woman removed her jacket, blouse, and bra, having only her boots and dark stockings on.

“ So you like to have sex with other women…well how about a threesome.”, remarked Kate mockingly.

Her gaze now aimed at the bed’s sheet, Kate ordered, “ Hey bitch, move your cunt away from that jerk’s face and take the sheet off the bed.”

“ Why?”

“ Hey slut…, are you gonna do as I say…, or do I gotta convince you in another way!”, screamed Kate, pointing the gun at the blond.

Quickly, Joan went over and removed the large white cloth from the mattress.

“ Good…, now tear off two strands.”

Doing as she was told, Joan removed two strips from the thing.

“ Ok blondy…, now go back to your boyfriend and tightly tie his ankles together.”

Squatting before Sam, Joan wrapped the strip around the lower part of his legs and made a tight knot.

“ That’s good…, now Sam, put your hands behind your back.”

“ Kate…, does it have to be this way?”

Ignoring her husband, Kate simply said, “ Let’s go slut…, tie his wrists together.”

Finally, Sam was completely immobilized, at his wife’s mercy.

In satisfaction, Kate nodded her head at the sight before her and commanded, “ Lay down on your back.”

Experiencing the uncomfortable feeling of his hands behind his back, Sam nevertheless stretched himself upon the carpet and stared up at the ceiling.

“ Now slut face…, go and set your ass right on top of his mouth.”

Too scared to disobey, Joan lowered her sexy butt right into Sam’s face, letting her full weight press down upon his skull.

Piss on him!”, was all Joan heard as she simply stared ahead.

Her middle finger up her cunt now, Kate yelled again, “ I said piss on him…, piss in the asshole’s face!”

Reluctantly, Joan relieved her bladder and let her yellow juices flow out of her opening.

Like a small waterfall, her urine ran down the side of his cheeks and onto the carpet, getting absorbed in no time.

“ Ha, look at that, it’s exactly what you deserve, you pig, I hate your guts!”

After Joan finished, Kate said, “ Get up and move over.”

When the blond was a safe distance away, Kate approached her husband and stepped over him, placing one leg to each side of his head, facing his feet. A second later, the brunette let it go, pissing also on top of the guy, letting him have a double dose.

Working up some nerve, Joan pleaded, “ C’mon…, please, let us go…, if he doesn’t love you any more, then you should accept that.”

Quickly, Kate’s head rotated, giving Joan the evil eye, “ You bitch…, you’re not gonna tell me what I’ve gotta accept and not accept!”

Frightened by the brunette’s response, the blond backed off a step and simply said, “ Sorry…, I’m sorry, but please let us go.”

“Ha…, you’re a real pathetic sight…, you know that?”

As Joan remained silent, Kate screamed back, “ I said…do you know that!”

Like a whimpering child, the blond answered, “ Yes.”

“ What a joke you and this fool really are…ha, what a joke…and I mean a real joke.” Going on, Kate added, “ You know…why don’t you kiss my ass, bitch…, yea…, kiss my ass.”

Confused, Joan only stood there as Kate stepped back and away from Sam, turned, looked Joan straight in the eye, and repeated her words, “ Why don’t you kiss my ass, bitch!”

Rotating her frame, Kate pointed to her rear with her free hand and yelled, “ Well…, what are you waiting for?”

Overtaken by the sight of the pistol, Joan complied, going to her knees and crawling forth like a dog.

“ Good blondy…, that’s nice…, you’re doing such a fine job, aren’t you.”

With tears going down her face, Joan pushed her lips against the dark-haired lady’s backside, covering almost every spot.

“ Please, please…, let me stop!”, cried the man’s girlfriend.

A minute later, Kate ordered, “ That’s enough…, get up, on your feet…”

After the blond got up, Kate grabbed hold of the pillow again and pushed it before the gun’s barrel. Having no remorse whatsoever, she pulled the trigger and sent a bullet into Sam’s head.

Once, twice, and a third time, his body jerked back and forth until he was still.

“ I can’t believe you just did that!”, screamed Joan, headed naked toward the bedroom door. Using her right hand, Joan took hold of the wall near the entrance and swung herself around the corner out into the short walkway.

When the young lady left the chamber, she heard something push itself into the wooden doorpost. Upon realizing it was another bullet, Joan moved faster, going toward the steps.

“ Shit…, I missed!”, hollered Kate after the helpless creature. In no time, the vengeful wife was also out of the chamber, looking in the direction of the steps. Seeing Joan’s head about to disappear as the blond’s frame made its descent, Kate took another shot, hoping she’d hit Joan’s skull despite the pillow reducing her accuracy. Sure enough, the girl’s head bounced forth as the rest of her body fell forward.

Happy to hear the sound of someone going violently down the stairs, Kate slowly walked toward the step’s top edge and finally peered down at an immobilized corpse lying upon the livingroom floor.

“ Good…, you’re dead…, you slut…I hope you’re now both in hell where you belong!”, said the lady to herself while gazing at the livingroom’s clock, knowing she had a whole night’s work ahead of herself disposing of the bodies.

The End

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