"Good morning sweetie," Mike had been up drinking coffee and writing on the computer for his usual two or so hours already. As Jan groggily made her way to the motorhome's small bathroom, Mike continued, "are you ready for coffee?"

"Yea, please," was all that Jan could manage.

Mike was a morning person and Jan tried to be. But, after so many years of marriage that was about all she could manage. Mike saved his work on file and fixed Jan her coffee. He knew exactly how she liked it. Heck, they both knew, pretty much, what each other liked in everything. They often kidded each other about being able to read the other's mind. They'd met when Mike was in the service. Mike had been in an elite outfit and at 6'2", 200 pounds, thick blond hair and blue eyes, Jan had fallen in love at first sight.

Jan was only nineteen when they met. She was 5'7", not more than 110 pounds, naturally curly auburn hair, and green eyes. She also had the most perfect pair of tits that Mike had ever seen.

They'd lusted after each other from the start, and now after all of these years, still did. But why wouldn't they? Mike, although a few pounds larger, and hair still thick, turning from blond to white, was still as active and fun as when they dated. Jan was still the beautiful female that Mike loved, and her breasts, well, they held up very well indeed for mid forties.

Mike had returned to the computer table and as Jan came out of the bathroom, she wrapped her robe around herself and walked over to Mike.

"Good morning to you," Jan put her arms around Mike's neck and hugged him as she spoke.

Mike reached up, pulled her robe slightly apart, and kissed her large breasts softly. He then sucked her nipples into his mouth one at a time, taking care to show each equal attention. He then backed his head away from her chest.

"Here's your coffee," Mike reached over to the counter and got Jan's full cup as he spoke, then handing it to her continued, "how'd you sleep?"

"Really great." Jan smiled as she took her first sip. "I didn't think you were going to write this morning?"

"Got to pay for the trip, besides, I couldn't sleep." Mike reached to the computer and started the ritual of saving, and turning it off.

Mike and Jan were semi-retired and make some of their income writing fiction books. Mike writes and Jan helps with the editing and advises. They had currently been working on a story of two Native American youngsters who got lost in hills of western Oklahoma and were trying to find their way home. And being one of Mike and Jan's favorite spots in the world, the Wichita Mountains had been picked as the spot they would go to write, enjoy a nice vacation, and write the whole trip off as expenses.

"What do you want to do today?" Jan looked into Mike's eyes as she spoke, "I hope you're not planning on writing all day, I'd really like to go do something."

"I've only got a couple more chapters 'till I'm done," Mike hesitated as he saw Jan's disappointed look, "but it won't take too long, and this afternoon we'll do whatever you want."

Jan was disappointed. She understood, but was still disappointed. Without saying a word she stepped out into the screen-room and stood by the door looking out at the beauty of Medicine Park. Mike watched her as she left, viewing her wonderful ass and legs, then turned back to the computer and started the procedure of turning it back on.

"Morning." Jan swung her head quickly to her right as she heard his voice only a few feet away. "Sorry, if I startled you," the man continued to talk while he was putting the awning of his small camping trailer up. "I just got here…, hope I didn't pick a spot too close," he turned and motioned with his arm, "but these two sites are so perfect by the lake."

"Yea, I know what you mean," Jan smiled broadly as she spoke, "that's exactly why we picked this site. I'm Jan."

"Oh, yea, my name's Joseph, glad to meet you Jan. It is ok that I camped so close isn't it?"

Jan looked closer at Joseph. He was a little shorter than Mike, slender but in obviously good condition even for his age, probably early to mid thirties, shoulder length straight black hair, and penetrating dark brown eyes. His complexion was dark and flawless and his facial features were strong.

"Oh sure, it's quite alright. We're glad to have you as a neighbor." Jan noticed the inquisitive look on Joseph's face. "My husband, Mike, is inside at work. He's writing. He'll be out later and I know he'll want to meet you as well. I'd better let you get finished setting up now, do you need any help?"

"No…, no, but thanks." Joseph answered, then returned to his task of setting up camp.

Jan sipped her coffee and admired their new neighbor as he worked.

"So your husband writes?" Joseph had finished his campsite and had just come out of his camper and sat down in the chair under his awning.

"Yes, but sometimes we work as a team. He's the creative one and does the writing. I occasionally offer story ideas but usually just edit Mike's work. What do you do? If I'm not too nosy."

"No, not at all, I'm an archeologist, I'm working on my doctor's at Pepperdine doing research on Early American artifacts."

"Really?" Jan stood and walked to the side of the screen-room closest to Joseph’s camp. "Sounds so interesting. We collect Native American art. Mike is part Choctaw, and I think I'm part Cherokee," Jan stopped rather abruptly realizing how this could sound so patronizing.

Her embarrassment was relieved when Joseph spoke. "I'm half Apache. My mother was Apache. She got pregnant, had me, then left with my father that I've never met, and I was raised by my Grandparents." Joseph grinned for the first time as he continued. "True story. But I need to add that my Grandfather is George Buffalo, so it's not really so sad a story, and I do believe that you and your husband are really part Native."

"George Buffalo! Wow! We've got two of his painting in our living room. Neat!"

"Which ones," Joseph sounded genuinely curious, but could have been testing Jan's veracity.

"Before The Horse, which is Mike's favorite, and White Mountain, which is mine." Jan said without hesitation.

"Really. White Mountain has always been mine as well."

Jan and Joseph both sat quietly for several minutes sipping their coffee and just looking unashamedly at each other. Jan noticed the lack of hair on Joseph. He was sitting with just a pair of cut-off jeans and there was no hair on his legs, stomach, chest, or face. The glossy black hair of his head hung neatly down to just below his shoulders all the way around and he didn't really even have sideburns. Joseph noticed that Jan might be slightly older than himself as he looked closer. His attention had been centered on her friendly smile and extra nice breasts that showed occasionally as she moved just right allowing her robe to open at the top. But now he did notice a maturity in Jan as they contemplated each other. It wasn’t wrinkles, or physical clues, just a nice maturity. He liked that. He liked very much what he saw!

"So, what brings you here?" Jan broke their silence.

"I'm tracing the expansion of the original Native Americans. I began in Alaska, and am now heading east. Later I'll return to Arizona, my home, and go south. There is supposed to be a museum near here. Do you know where it is?"

"Oh sure, it's…, well…, Mike could probably tell you how to get there. All these roads turn and twist so much that I wouldn't know how to explain. I could find it but I don't know how to tell you."

"Well, perhaps when Mike gets finished he could tell me."

Jan's eyes suddenly lit up. "Or, while he's working, I could take you. It's not far, and we could go in our toad. These narrow roads would be difficult for your truck anyway."

"I would be grateful. But I will need to spend a lot of time there."

"Oh, that's quite alright. Mike never likes to stay in museums long enough for me anyway. I've been there before and would love the opportunity to linger, and maybe learn something from an expert. Give me about ten minutes to get dressed." Jan waved as she went back into the motorhome and closed the door.

"Who were you talking to?" Mike turned from the computer and looked at Jan as he spoke.

"Oh, a new guy just made camp beside us."

"Too bad…, you'd said how wonderful it was to have this whole area for ourselves. I suppose we won't be late-night skinny dipping anymore."

"Well, it's really not all that bad." Jan gave Mike her special ornery-and-up-to-no-good grin. "He's sort of cute!"

"Oh, so privacy unless they're cute was the deal huh?"

"Well, yea, I guess. He's an archeologist and, if you don't mind I'm going to take him to the museum. Why don't you come with us?" Jan added the last part as an obvious after-thought.

"Naw, I want to finish this, and if he's cute I might spoil your day anyway." Mike winked at Jan then continued. "Really, have fun, be gentle with the man, and I'll try to be finished by the time you get back.

Mike finished the last chapter, and this particular book. He looked at the clock on the screen and was surprised that it was already 2:00. Mike had a way that he always rewarded himself for finishing any book. He fixed himself a Southern Comfort and ice, toasted to the air and the computer, then took a large swallow.

"That hits the spot." Mike smiled at himself as he took another swallow. This was Mike's way of clearing the story idea from his mind. When involved in a story it always seemed that someone else was in his head constantly bugging him to finish "their" story. "Done! And done with you!" Mike tapped himself on the forehead and finished his first drink.

Jan and Joseph were chatting comfortably as they pulled up in the toad, which was the nickname of the vehicle that Mike and Jan towed behind the motorhome.

"Hi." Mike shouted as they got out. "Finished a couple of hours ago and have been lonely, anyone want to join me?"

Mike was a little louder than usual but not slurring. It was obvious to Jan and Joseph that Mike was in a good mood from his drinking though.

"No.., no thanks," Joseph said as he approached Mike and put his hand out to shake. "I don't drink, family problem, but it's nice to meet you Mike. My name is Joseph."

Mike took Joseph's hand and grasped it firmly. "I'm Mike, and it's nice to meet you too. Did you two have a nice time at the museum?"

"Yes." Jan said as she came inside the screen-room behind Joseph. I'll have a glass of wine…, Joseph, would you like a soft drink or something?"

"Sure, anything you've got would be fine. Thanks."

Jan went inside the motorhome to fix their drinks.

"So, did my wife help or hinder your work?" Mike smiled as he spoke to Joseph.

"Oh, she was really a great help…, and wonderful company." Joseph glanced toward the open window motioning towards Jan as he spoke.

"He's just being polite," Jan said through the window. I was probably in his way the whole time."

"No…," Joseph spoke to Mike, "she was really helpful," Joseph thought a second then added, "but may I ask you something?"

"Sure, whatever" Mike shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. "Who is," Joseph hesitated then tried to explain, "Jan several times without knowing called me," Joseph again hesitated before finishing, "who is Ricardo?"

"Oh damn!" The two men looked at the window hearing the glass fall into the sink and Jan's exclamation.

After a short moment of silence, Mike began to laugh uncontrollably.

"What's wrong?" Joseph looked really confused. "Maybe I shouldn't have asked."

Mike continued laughing as Jan looked through the window giving Mike a scolding look.

"Ricardo huh?" Mike roared still laughing.

"MIKE!!" Jan yelled through the window. Don't even think about it." Then looking to Joseph, Jan continued in a quieter voice. "No it's ok. And I'm sorry if I confused your name. I didn't realize I'd done it."

Mike was still laughing but now a little more controlled. "Well, are you going to explain, or am I?"

"I don't see why either of us has to say anything more," Jan let a small smile show as she spoke but tried to conceal it.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I've touched on something personal." Joseph was really noticeably uncomfortable so Mike took the liberty to ease his discomfort.

"Ricardo, Joseph, is a fictional character that I invented for a story."

"Really? And I reminded Jan of him?"

"Well, now that you mention it, and I really look at you, you are him!"

"I'd love to read this story."

Jan suddenly looked panic-stricken and stopped the guys conversation cold. "It's really a nice afternoon, don't you think?"

They took the hint and the conversation was changed for a while.

They discussed Joseph's research and Mike told Joseph what he knew of the Choctaw's journey east to Mississippi. Jan invited Joseph to eat with them and went inside to fix dinner.

When Jan was busy and no longer in hearing range Joseph looked at Mike seriously and asked. "Could I read the story of Ricardo? It really has me curious."

"I wouldn't mind Joseph, but I'll need to talk to Jan alone about it. Do you have on-line capability here?"

"Yes, I use it to email my research to the University each night."

Mike thought a second then continued. "We do to. Give me your address and later, if Jan agrees, I'll send you the story."

"Thanks Mike, I'll look forward to it."

After dinner, and after Joseph thanked Jan for a wonderful day and a great meal, he went into his camper. It took a while, but Mike persuaded Jan to let him send the story.
Mike and Jan wrote erotic stories for fun and exercise between books and enjoyed sharing them, anonymously, on Internet sites. "Ricardo" was one such story. And "Ricardo" was special to Jan because she had invented this character for herself.

"Ok its ready to send?" Mike looked at Jan as he had everything done except hitting enter. "Why don't you do the honors." Mike pushed back from the computer table and motioned for Jan to push the button, then added, "I don't want you to say later that I did it without permission."

Jan thought a moment about Joseph and Ricardo. She tried to remember every detail of her favorite story, wondering if Joseph would get angry or upset. She knew she really should back out. With her heart pounding uncontrollably Jan clicked the mouse sending the story to Joseph. Jan then took Mike by the hand and led him to the bed. Mike had only been wearing his blue jeans and it didn't take Jan long to get them off. She still marveled at how sexy such simple clothing could be. She sat him on the bed, and even before his jeans had been pulled completely off of his feet, she had his cock in her mouth. Mike knew his wife's needs, and why, so he went along with her every unspoken demand. They had sex like two teenagers in heat. Jan began to undress herself as she continued to work on Mike's cock. Mike, as Jan removed her shirt, began to manipulate her sensitive breasts. Jan stood to allow Mike to help her get her jeans off. Once off, Mike slid her wet panties down her legs and Jan quickly climbed up on the bed and took Mike into her soaking pussy. Jan's climax came quickly and violently and caused Mike to explode inside her. They kissed and remained in the same position for several minutes while coming down.

"That was incredible!" Mike broke their silence. "Perhaps I should yell and thank Joseph."

"Don't you dare!" Jan was quick to scold her lover," then she continued, "it had nothing to do with him," Jan thought a second then lied, "it was seeing you in your jeans with no shirt. You know that always gets to me."

"Well, thanks, but we both know the real reason." Mike grinned from ear to ear, then allowed Jan to get off of him, and they both cleaned themselves up.

"Hey." Mike now back at the computer yelled at Jan still in the bathroom. "You've Got Mail!" Mike attempted to mock the computer voice then continued, "and it's from Joseph. Want me to read it?"

"Yea please, is it to us or me?"

"It's to you, but he says we both can read it."

"Well, go ahead." Jan was listening intently as Mike read the e-mail;

I enjoyed the story so much and am quite flattered that I remind you of this character. It was really a 'hot' story, and knowing you, spending the day with you, Jan, knowing you are the other character, makes it even hotter. I am so hot. I think I'll go for a swim in the lake. Would you, or both of you like to join me? Signed, Your Ricardo.

"Damn!!" Mike added almost as if it were the last word of the story. "Jan, isn't that how the story starts? With Jan and Ricardo swimming?"

"Well, sort of, don't you remember it? After all you wrote it."

"Well, yea, but you've read it more than me…, so…, are you going to wear a suit?"

"Of course! You coming?"

"Not yet, but I'll bet I do before the night is over…, I need to re-coop a bit."

Jan poked Mike in the stomach and again asked if he was going swimming too. Mike declined saying that this was her 'Ricardo' and he would just enjoy her enjoyment. Jan put on her suit and went out the door. Mike followed and took a seat in the screened-room where he could watch.

Joseph, seeing them come out, came out his door and greeted Jan. Joseph was completely nude. Nothing was said by any of the three about Joseph being nude and/or Jan having a suit on.

Mike noticed that Joseph really had very little body hair. Only a small patch of pubic hair and of course the hair on his head. "The hair on his head! He had put it into a ponytail! Just like Ricardo in the story. How cool. Mike was really enjoying this opportunity for Jan, and knew she would be ecstatic. Nothing was, or needed to be spoken. Joseph smiled at Mike first, then, took Jan's hand and the two walked the short distance to the small lake. The moon was out, but only a quarter, so Mike could see but not that clearly. Even though Mike had just cum so thoroughly, he could feel his cock regaining life as he saw the two come together in the water and kiss.

Jan felt Joseph's warm skin against her stomach. She ran her hands up his stomach, feeling the smoothness of his skin without any hair. As they kissed the first time she felt the smoothness of Joseph's face. This skin, too smooth to be shaven, was such a wonderful contrast to Mike's skin. Jan turned at this thought to see Mike. Mike, noticing Jan looking, raised his hand in a warm salute. Jan returned her attention to 'Ricardo'.

The two continued embracing, kissing, and then began exploring each other's bodies more thoroughly. Mike watched as Jan's bathing suit top was removed and tossed on the shore. Jan trembled as she felt Ricardo's soft lips caress her exposed breasts. Ricardo had to hold Jan to keep her from falling in the water as he took her hardened nipple in his mouth and sucked. Jan, regaining her legs if not her composure, slowly let her tongue run down Ricardo's neck, chest, then belly. They were standing in water up to their thighs and Jan knelt down and took Ricardo's, now very hard, cock into her mouth. It had only been such a short time since she had tasted Mike's cock. For just a moment she felt really slutty and bad. She again looked toward the motorhome noticing that Mike was not there. The momentary feeling of being lewd was won over by her feeling of lust. She still couldn't help making a comparison though, deciding that the two men were indeed different, but both wonderful. Ricardo, wanting to return the oral treatment led Jan back to the shore where they lay together in mutual oral gratification. Jan climaxed with little warning and wanted more. She tried to remember how the story went. She suddenly wondered what her responsibility to Mike was. She didn't want to go beyond the limits…, but she desperately wanted Ricardo to take her. She wanted to feel him deep inside of her. As Ricardo started kissing his way back up to her breasts, she was forced to let his cock leave her mouth. She noticed movement near them, and saw her husband standing beside them with his robe on. She looked up into his eyes for a sign, and saw him smile warmly. Joseph was suddenly also aware of Mike's presence, stopped momentarily and looked up at Mike.

Mike smiled at Joseph then spoke in a very low warm voice. "Thank you Ricardo, just thank you."

With this Mike handed something to Jan, then turned and went back into the motorhome.

"What did he hand you?" Ricardo asked in a heated whisper.

"Nothing," Jan whispered in Joseph's ear, "never mind," Jan added, "just kiss me." Jan finished as she felt the three packages of condoms in her hand.

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