Robin Gets A Lesson

Robin Gets A Lesson

Robin Gets a lesson

In Robin Gets Introduced to Bo, Robin gets brought to a strange big house and forced to consent to having sex with Bo.

While Tami went into the closet to pick me out something to where I looked down at my pussy she had just shaven completely clean. I was feeling so humiliated and out of control of me own life that I started to tear up again. I quickly stopped realizing that this was way more serious a situation then a few tears would resolve. These people were either brain washed or just plain crazy and I had no doubts that they would kill me if I did not do what they wanted. I made up my mind that I had to get away as soon as possible.

Tami walked back in carrying a little white nighty that was more air than material. I put a smile on my face to let her know that I was still cooperating and getting into the spirit of letting Bo fuck me.

“Oh how cute,” I cooed as she dangled the little teddy in front of me for my approval.

“Yeah, this should get Bo’s juices flowing. Not that he ever needs help there. Getting him to start is never a problem. Getting him to stop is a bit of a problem, “ was Tami’s reply as she delicately removed the nighty from its hanger.

“Really?” I asked. “Doesn’t he ever get tired what with having so many beautiful women at his disposal?”

Tami smiled in a knowing way. “He will fuck you dry if you let him and I for one don’t know how to stop him. He can go forever without coming. But don’t worry about that. He is kind and gentle and has deflowered more than one virgin so he will treat you right. Once he gets you broken in though, look out.”

That was not the kind of news that I wanted to hear. I would have preferred if he were some premature ejaculating 90-year-old with a pencil size dick. From what I had seen he was anything but that. I had no real frame of reference but his cock looked awfully big to me. I certainly did not want it jammed into me and had no intention of ever letting that happen.

Tami handed me the top of the nighty and I slipped it over my head. Shrugging it down around my torso it barely came to the tops of my hips. I reached inside the top and helped my boobs find a home in the lacy top. Once they were in place I could pull the thing down to where it was about even with the top of my sex. I turned to look at myself in the mirror and was shocked at how sexy I looked. This was not the kind of outfit that I would ever wear but it clung to my young body like a glove ending short of my freshly shaved sex.

“Here are the panties, Doll,” Tami said handing me this thong thing of the same material. I stepped into the panties and brought what there was of a waistband up over my hips. The little piece of material in the back found its way up my butt and disappeared. The front little patch would not have covered my pubic hair if I had any. It was see through in any case.

“Turn around so I can see you,” Tami asked.

I did what she wanted looking at myself in the mirror as I did. I had to admit I looked hot but that was not my choice right now. A guy that I had just met had a big dick waiting for me in the next room and I wanted no part of it.

“Well my work here is done,” said Tami with a contented sigh.” Go join Bo in the next room and he will gladly lead you the rest of the way on your journey. Just do what he says and you will be fine.”

She gave me another once over from head to toe and said, “If he doesn’t do you I will. You look so hot.” With that she gave me a peck on the cheek and went out another door from the one we had entered.

As soon as she was gone I immediately started searching for a way out of the dressing room I was in. There was a little window placed high in the wall of the room that was on the outside of the building since I could see daylight through it. It was 7 or eight feet off of the floor and was only about a foot square. There was no way I could get out of there and I had no idea of what was on the other side.

I considered my options knowing very little about the building I was in or its surroundings. The only real daylight I had seen had been out of the large sliding glass door in Bo’s bedroom. There had been a pool out there and what looked like open spaces beyond it. It seemed to be my only hope of getting back to civilization and away from these crazy people.

I took a look into the room and I could barely make out his shape in the bed. I walked slowly across the room eyeing the sliding glass door out of the corner of my eye.

“Well don’t you look nice,” Bo said in his deep voice. I was hardly listening, as I was more intent on the door leading out to the pool. While the light in the room was dim, it was bright daylight outside but the inside was shaded with a heavy drape. I could make out that the sliding door was ajar at the edge of the drape.

Something in my mind snapped and I made an instantaneous decision to run for it. That door slightly ajar was the best chance I had. Once I fell into Bo’s clutches I knew I would be raped, probably tortured again and likely killed. I bolted like a frightened rabbit.

I made it to the door and pulled both the door and the drape open at the same time. The bright sunlight outside made me blink but I was outside and running. I expected Bo to jump up and come after me but I didn’t hear a sound behind me. Tanya was laying on a chaise lounge by the pool along with a couple of other women I had not seen before and while they looked up as I darted past they did not try to stop me either.

I ran as fast as I could away from the house. I was out on a grassy area heading for some woods. I expected that I would be able to get off of the property in a few minutes but it became apparent to me that the property was large and it was not obvious which way was out. So like a scared rabbit I headed into the woods. I figured that if I was out of sight I could buy some time to find my way off of the property.

The woods were well maintained with nice trails, which made the going easy. That was good considering that I was not very well dressed for commando maneuvers. As I ran my boobs pushed out of the top of my flimsy negligee and I absently kept resetting them as I search frantically for a way to safety.

Then I came to a wall. It was high brick thing that so I could not see what was on the other side. It didn’t matter much since there was no way for me to get over it. I made my way down the wall hoping to find some sort of opening I could get to. The going was a lot harder here as there was no trail. Branches and brush got caught in my nighty and several times it tore. I thought that even if I did make it out of here I was going to be naked and scratched up by the time I did.

I finally made it to the end of the wall. It stopped where the ground fell away into a canyon. A very steep canyon. There was no way I could get around the wall or down the canyon without killing myself. I leaned against a tree to catch my breath and sob in frustration. This was why they had not come after me. They knew they had plenty of time to get me, as there was no way out. Then I heard the sound of the jeep.

I hid behind a tree as the jeep got closer. It was on the trail I had left. I could see that it was Tanya at the wheel and Bo was standing up on the passenger side. And he had a gun. So they were going to kill me. Probably not bothering with the rape and torture.

If I had been scared before I was now terrified beyond thought. I couldn’t get out from where I was and Bo and his gun were between me and any possible escape. Without any thought I took off though the woods back the way I came. There was no way they were not going to see me but somehow I thought I could dart through the underbrush and escape.

“There she is!” I heard Tanya shout. I could see Bo shoulder his weapon and I was so close to them that I could hear the shot at the instant the pain entered my buttock. I had been shot and the pain was great but I could keep moving. Maybe I could still get away at my reduced speed. I kept going on what had to be adrenaline, limping from being shot and slowly losing consciousness.

When I came to I was looking up at the canopy of the forest. My butt hurt where I had been shot which was a good sign as it meant I wasn’t dead. I tried to get up and noticed that somehow my hands had got tied together. I thought that rather odd but was intent on running some more. About half way into a stance I fell back down on my face.

“Take it easy there big girl,” I heard Bo’s voice say almost gently.

“You shot me you bastard,” I muttered. “I must have lost a lot of blood.”

Bo held a smallish dart in front of my eyes. “It was a tranquilizer. You haven’t lost any blood at all. As soon as the drug wears off you will be fine.’

With that he rolled me onto my back and held my head up. I really did not want him touching me but did not have the strength to fight him. He put a bottle of water to my lips and gave me a little sip. When I did not choke on that he gave me a little more and my head started to clear.

Tanya came over to look down at me. “ Robin you have really screwed up now.’ She said shaking her head. I could only think that something bad was going to happen to me. But if they were only going to shoot me with tranquilizer darts it wasn’t going to be too bad. Then I thought that maybe they were saving me for the rape and torture.

Bo helped me get to my feet where I swayed unsteadily. My hands were tied together and there was a line from my hands tied to the back of the jeep. I looked myself over and I was a real sight. I was dirty from having fallen down when shot. The right side of my nighty was torn and my right breast was totally sticking out. It too was all covered with dirt. I could feel the twigs in my hair as my hair hung around my face. And my butt was sore from where I had been shot. I was a far cry from the hotty that had walked out of the dressing room a few minutes before.

“Okay, let’s go,” Bo said in a rather humorless way.

The two of them got into the jeep with Tanya still driving. Apparently I was to walk along behind like some kind of captured slave. I had really dug myself a hole.

Tanya started up the jeep and started to move ahead. Like an idiot I stood there and watched it go until all of the slack was gone from the rope and the jeep pulled me off of my feet back onto my face in the dirt.

Tanya stopped and Bo got out shaking his head. He unceremoniously put a hand in each of my armpits and hoisted me to my feet. This last episode had further soiled my nighty and me and had pretty much drug the panties down around my upper thighs. I was really humiliated and beaten at this point.

Bo got back in and Tanya stared once again. I started walking immediately and tried to keep up. She drove slowly and after a couple of minutes we were out of the woods back onto the grassy area of the estate. In stead of going directly back to the house Tanya drove to the other side of the property where there were some barracks looking buildings.
We drove by these buildings and I could see that there were people living in these areas. One barracks was bigger than the other and had only young women in it. They lined the fence that surrounded the building and quietly watched us go pass. I noticed that they were all young, some of them looking like they could still be going to high school.

A high fence also surrounded the other building and it had nothing but guys in it. They lined the fence also but they were nothing but quiet. As soon as they saw me they started hooting and hollering. I looked down at my dirt encrusted self, one boob hanging out, my little panties down below my mound and wondered what they could find to hoot about. I was so utterly humiliated that I could have laid down and died right there. I could only think that they were taking me by these building to use me as an example to others.

But I stumbled along behind the jeep as we turned and went back to the house. When we got there Bo just got out and went inside. Tami came out to meet us and she did not look happy. She walked up just as Tanya was untying me from the jeep. I looked up at her with sad eyes wondering if there was any compassion there. By way of answer she slapped me hard across my cheek.

“Stupid Cunt,” she said in disgust.

“Hey, cut it out,” Tanya said coming to my defense. “This young lady has had a hard day.”

“She doesn’t know what a hard day is,” was Tami’s reply. “But she is going to find out now.”

Continued in Robin’s Hard Day.

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