Robin's Hard Day

Robin's Hard Day

Robin’s hard Day.

Having tried to escape from Bo, Robin was hunted down and returned to the big house.

Tami grabbed me by my bound hands and yanked me to follow along with her. Having no choice and no energy I went along meekly. She brought me into the house and we went into what looked like a community shower stall. There was a hook hanging from the ceiling. Tami lowered this and hooked my hands to it and raised it so my hands were over my head with my head hanging down dejectedly between my arms.

Wasting no time Tami grabbed a handful of my nighty and ripped the flimsy material off of me. She grabbed the front of my panties and did the same so that I was standing there dirty and nude. She grabbed one of the shower heads and turned on the water to full cold and started to wash me down. The shock of the cold water made me gasp and revive a little.

Once she got me wet she turned off the water and grabbed a sponge and some soap. With little gentleness she soaped me from top to bottom being especially rough to my tits and my pussy. Then it was more of the cold water to rinse it off.

She put some slack in the cable and as it loosened she made me kneel with my hands above me. Then she wetted my blond hair and shampooed it also…

Once done she told me to stand up which I did. I was beginning to get the idea that Tami was not someone I wanted to fuck with. How little I knew.

She towel dried me and then wrapped a towel around my hair. With that done she went to a locker and came back with this little chain device. It perked up my attention as I had never seen anything like this. Tami passed one of the little chains trough my legs and brought it up it the front. There it split into two chains and it fit on either side of my pussy like a little crotch-less panty. She gathered this up and with the waist band in place she cinched it up tight to that one chain was up my but crack and the two others outlined my pussy. The she hung a little box the size of a pack of cigarettes on the chain and plugged it in to a connection on the chain.

“Do you mind my asking what that is?’ I said in a weak voice.

“It is what we use on stupid cunts that don’t do as they are told. Since you are so stupid I will show you rather that tell you.”

With that she untied my hands and let them fall by my sides. I was now naked and clean with only the little chain panties on and a towel wrapped around my hair.

Tami put a ring on her finger that looked like high school ring. She stood in front of me and looked me right in the eyes. Then she pulled up her Lycra sports bra exposing her pert little tits to me.

“Kiss them.” She commanded.

I was totally confuse by all of this and said “What?”

Tami then touched the ring and I got the message. A bolt of electricity came out of the little box on my hip and shocked my ass and pussy to the point where I vibrated for and instant and then fell to the shower floor gasping not only at the pain but where it had been applied. The towel came off of my head and my wet hair fell about my face.

“Now do you understand what the chain is for? “ Tami asked looking down on me. I got into the fetal position on the floor. “When any one here gives you a command, you obey, no questions asked. Got it? If not you get a dose of the panty shock. And I can make it stronger. I also have others for your clit and nipples but I have other plans for them right now”

“What do you want from me,” I murmured from the floor starting to cry again.

“You had your chance to do the right thing and you chose to run in stead. Now I am going to discipline you until you beg me to let Bo fuck you. And If I believe you are sincere I might even let you. But that is a long way off. Your future holds a lot of things you really did not want to experience. Most of them painful.”

“Get up,” She said.

I started slowly to my feet and then the electric charge screamed up my rectum and on each side of my pussy knocking me to my knees.

“When I say get up I mean right now, Cunt. Get up.”

I got to my feet as quickly as I could gasping from the recent pain.

“Come with me.” Tami said and walked out. I followed.

She took me to a room that was rather small and one wall was mirrored from the center up. There was a strange looking device in the room. It looked like a vaulting horse from gym class only smaller. And there was a narrow table like an examining room table complete with stirrups. And there was this large naked black man.

He was apparently handcuffed and tethered in the corner. He was big, in every sense of the word. He was naked and completely clean shaven from his head to his toes. And that made his member look even larger than it was and it was plenty large. It hung down in front of him like a fat baby’s arm. It was not erect and I could not even imagine what it would look like if it did get erect. I came to believe that I had been misled on the size of penises. The last two I had seen looked dangerously large.

“Robin meet Antowan. Ant meet Robin. " Tami said by way of introductions.’ I have a feeling you two or going to get to know each other a lot better before we leave this room.” As though in anticipation Antowan’s dick gave a lurch like a streetcar getting into gear and started to grow. While all of the other stuff in the room was weird, I could not take my eyes off of Antowan for long. And he did not see any reason to keep from leering at my naked body.

“Okay jump up here,” Tami directed and indicated the vaulting horse thing. “One leg on each side.

There was a little stool next to it so I got up on it easily and sat in this odd little seat. Tami came over and fastened a leather belt around my waist. Then she ran some straps from the vaulting horse to the belt around my waist. She cinched them tight much like tightening me in the saddle on a horse. The result was that I was pulled tightly into the seat and could feel the contours of the seat mold into my body. Into some very sensitive areas of my body.

The forward portion of the seat had a protruding nub about an inch long that went right between the lips of my pussy spreading them apart. On top of this large nub was a smaller one that landed right on my clit. Try as I might to realign these to less sensitive parts of my body the straps held my firmly in place.

I was thinking how happy I was that there was nothing protruding up my butt when Tami picked up a device that looked like a TV remote control. She studied it for a second and then pointed it at me and pushed a button. I yelped and tried to rise out of my seat as something came out of the seat of the vault and burrowed its way partially up my bum. Trying to get off of it was useless because of the straps.

“Tami there is something that has gone up my ass,” I said thinking maybe she had made a mistake.

“Yeah it says here it is the butt reamer,” Tami said looking at the remote control. “Wait lets try this.” She pushed another button and the thing up my butt started to move in and out very slowly. Every time it went in it went in further and was soon assaulting my sphincter muscle.

I moaned and tried to move about which seemed to give Tami some amount of pleasure. She took a folding chair from where it lay against the wall, opened it and sat down as though to enjoy some channel surfing. She sat right down next to Antowan and his every enlarging dick and now it was about half mast and at the same level of her face.

I could tell I was in for a long night.

“Look Tami, I will let Bo do me if it can save us all of this discomfort,” I tried as a way out of this.

“A little late for that missy and I am quite comfortable,” With that she hit another button and the post between my pussy lips started to vibrate. I yelped again now being assaulted in two holes. The one is front was making my juices start to flow and starting to lube up the knob which just seem to make it go further up in me. Tami pushed another button and I screamed as the thing touching my clit vibrated sending chills up through me.

I started to breathe hard and looked at myself in the mirror on the wall. I was hanging onto the handle of the sex machine. My naked boobs were pushed out and my nipples were reddish pink and hard. I had this slim rubbery thing pushing up into an area where nothing other than a doctor’s thermometer had ever gone before. My pussy was spread out and being buzzed into a liquid. My clit was vibrating which was making me tingle right up to my hair roots. A big black guy was watching all of this waiting for his turn at me. And my antagonist was fiddling with more on the remote control and giving Antowan’s dick a stroke every so often. All of this because I ran away instead of letting some guy rape me. Rape was looking pretty good right now.

“Come on Tami. Let me go fuck Bo. We don’t need to do this.”

She ignored me as she studied the controller and what reaction it had on me. She move another button and the dildo up my ass really started getting aggressive. And the thing on my clit was making me breathe hard in the way I felt when I fingered myself. And I had nothing to say about any of this. Antowan’s dick was now leaking precum and I was about to have a machine induced orgasm while he watched. It was hard for me to think of anything else that could go wrong.

My breathing kept getting deeper and now I found myself rubbing hard on the nub in my pussy. The seat I was sitting in was now slick with my juices. My eyes were half closed as I could feel the wave start to wash over me. I was going to come myself right in front of these people and I didn’t care. I was so close that all I could think about was the sensation between my legs. I said’ Yes’ ever so softly knowing that the next one would have an exclamation point behind it as my body bucked in orgasm.

The shock that went through my body made me sit straight up on the sex machine. My muscles clinched tightly on the dildo assaulting my rear. My chest shot out and I screamed as I went from being on the verge of the ultimate pleasure to having a bolt of current rack my young body. The electrical spasm was over quickly as were any pleasurably thoughts. My exhausted and cheated body fell forward on the machine with only the straps holding me on. The world grew dark.

************************************************************************Meanwhile in Bo’s bedroom, Tanya and Bo were watching Robin’s agony through the two way mirror on the wall.

“Come on Bo. That is enough,” Tanya pleaded seeing what happened to Robin. She was lying in bed with him giving a hand job as he watched Tami discipline Robin.

“She is just a kid. Give her a break. She made a mistake and now she has paid for it,’ Tanya continued.

“Did I let up on you when you first disobeyed me?” Bo asked her.

“No but that was years ago. And I was a tough cookie.’

“Yeah and now you will do anything I ask, won’t you?’ Bo replied.

“Yes I will. But that is because I worship you not because you beat me a few years back.”

“Don’t question my techniques. Watch and learn.”

Tanya knew when it was useless to talk to Bo and went back to concentrating on rubbing his cock.

When I woke up I took stock of my position. Still naked. Butt sore from being shot. Butt hole sore from being dildoed. Pussy all wet and red from vibration. Hair all stringy from not being dried properly. Feet in examining table stirrups. Arms strapped to the table.

I could see all of this in the mirror that was attached to the ceiling above me. I looked around and there was Antowan still black, still hard and still interested. I guessed that this was it then. They were going to let a black man shove his massive cock into me and take my virginity. I was in no position to fight. I hardly even cared any more. I should have known that would have been too easy.

Tami’s face came into view above mine.

“I see the princess has awakened,”

“Tami, let me fuck Bo. Please. I will behave. I will be good. Please stop this and let me go to him.”

“Oh you don’t even know how to fuck. And you will never be able to learn as you can’t take a simple command.”

“Come on Tami. I can learn. You can teach me the right way to do Bo. I want to learn. From you.”

“Flattery will get you no where. Besides why would I want to teach you how to fuck? Without you in the picture Bo will spend more time with me. And when I get done with you believe me you will be soiled goods and of no use to Bo”

With that she pulled this little cable that was attached to a pulley on the ceiling. The cable had a little clip on it and she opened it and gently made it grip my right nipple. The pain was incredible. And then she let it go and the weight she had on the other end of the cable pulled my nipple up and off my chest. I screamed like I was being murdered.

Tami ignored me and walked over to the other side to do the same thing. I blubbered like a baby asking her to stop but she clipped my left nipple and the pain doubled. I tried to rise off of the table to relieve the pull but it was of no use. I cried like a baby.

Tami walked to the end of the table where my feminine charms were displayed for Antowans viewing pleasure. Tami made a big show of putting on a rubber glove and then took a big glob of lubricant from a jar. The lubricant was cold as she applied it to my bald pussy and smeared it all over my crotch.

“I am afraid that I am going to have to loosen you up if Antowan is ever going to get inside of you. “

With that she ran one finger inside my pussy and started to finger fuck me slowly. With the pain in my nipples what she was dong was the least of my worries.

And then there were two fingers in there. Not far up mind you but trying to loosen my tight opening. And then there were three and it started to get uncomfortable. Still I knew enough to know that a penis was meant to go up there so I was not in trouble. I would be in trouble when Antowan had his way with me.

Tami shoved her fingers into me until they met the resistance of my hymen.

So you are a virgin. Well enjoy it for a few more minutes. It only hurts a little when it tears and after what you have been though it should be nothing”

Tami walked over to Antowan was chained and made a big show of undoing him from the wall. His hands were still cuffed behind him but the grin that lit up his face indicated that he didn’t care. Tami led him over to the table and brought him close enough to lay his cock on my tummy. He immediately started humping my tummy rubbing the underside of his dick on my slit. I could look down between legs and see his big cock almost up to my navel. The pain in my tits was so bad I almost didn’t care if he fucked me as long as it ended all of this.

Tami took some more lubricant and smeared it all over the end of Antowan’s cock head. He never stopped humping me and pretty soon my stomach was covered with lube.

“You want some of this white pussy Antowan?’

“Yeah” was all he said and I came to realize that Maybe Antowan was not much more than a big dick. He obviously was not that bright. I don’t know how that mattered except that I was about to lose my virginity to a big black cock and probably end up bearing him an idiot son. Nice. My day was going well so far.

“Well back up a little and let me get you lined up. And don’t jam the whole thing in there like you did to the last one. Gosh I can still hear her scream. Just little strokes okay?”

Antowan grunted that he understood but fat chance that he would do it. His cock was now glistening and throbbing as Tami made him back up so that the head could be engaged with my opening. If I thought he looked big across the room, having the head of his cock between my legs made it look enormous.

Tami moved it back and forth to try to get my pussy lips around it and Antowan gave a huge thrust into me. I gasped as his cock slid up my slit and ended up back on my tummy. This guy intended to spear me with it.

“Okay Antowan. We agreed to take it easy,” Tami cooed as she backed him up and got him ready for another assault. I shook my head and braced myself as Tami wiggled in my opening to get a better start.

That is when the door flew open and Tanya appeared.

“Okay. That is enough Tami. I will take her from here.”

Continued in Robin Loses it

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