Roderick And The Stable Girls

Roderick And The Stable Girls

When Maria reached the age of 18 she was delighted. She could leave school and take up her post as riding school assistant at the nearby stables. She had rode there since she was old enough to mount a horse but being able to work there all day and get free lessons from Lucinda, the 25 year old owner of the stables, was sheer heaven. She knew Lucinda and her 24 year old partner, Rowena, well since they were always around the stables when Maria went riding. Both women were tall and haughtily beautiful and Maria had been aware from her early teenage years that they despised men and took every opportunity to help Maria and the other young horsewomen to mount and dismount, placing their hands under tightly jodhpured buttocks, or stroking sinewy thighs, or passing by the tack room as some of the girls were changing their clothes. Both partners were quite careful not to do anything too intimate with any of the paying young girls but since Maria had asked them if she could work for them all that had changed. They had gradually let her into another world, a world that Maria found exciting and wickedly sensual.

Lucinda and Rowena had a mainly female clientele but there were one or two male clients who did some horse riding, usually on their own, occasionally with some of the female groups. Maria had noticed one of these men, Roderick, about 20, and was drawn to stare at his tight jodhpurs which showed clearly the bulge of an almost permanently erect penis. Lucinda had noticed too that Roderick was attracted to Maria and one evening she took Maria aside after the riding was finished for the day.

"You are a very attractive young girl, Maria, and Roderick obviously is very aroused at the sight of you in your jodhpurs and white blouse. Did you know that he can see the outline of your knickers through the material of your jodhpurs? And that we have caught him leering at other young girls around the stables? "

Maria did not know what to say. She was embarrassed because something in the way Lucinda spoke suggested she also was aroused to have Maria around.

"You haven't got a boyfriend, have you, Maria? But I bet you wonder what it would be like to see a man like Roderick naked and under your total control, don't you? We could have a lot of fun if you were amenable to playing along."

Maria felt that she couldn't really say no and agreed to whatever Lucinda and Rowena said. Lucinda took her into the stable and to a locked tack room which she had never been inside before. She showed her a pair of soft suede jodhpurs which were formed like a suspender belt in that the wearer's pubic triangle and buttocks would be completely exposed by them. She explained that favoured riders were allowed to wear them for training which was rather special. Although she was sure Maria appreciated how arousing it was to feel the power of the horse between her young tender thighs it was nothing to feeling it while wearing these with no other undergarment, sitting bare pussy on the saddle. They were also worn for posture training on the leather dynamic saddle equipment. This was a saddle that young inexperienced riders used to get the feel of the movement of riding without getting on to a real horse. Its movements could be controlled by a series of switches.

Maria was told to stay late the next evening. After work had finished for the day Lucinda and Rowena took Maria into the tack room. Both women wore jodhpurs and thigh length boots, and Lucinda wore a white blouse, the top two buttons undone and as far as Maria could judge, without a bra on underneath. Rowena wore a red latex bustier which emphasised her full firm breasts. They helped Maria out of her boots and jodhpurs and insisted she removed her knickers. Maria had never been undressed by women before and she was flushed with embarrassment but did as they bid her and slipped on the strange jodhpurs, adjusting them to a good fit, her teenage pubic hair and trim little bottom bare to their gaze, as was her virginal pussy if she had dared to open her thighs at all.

"Fine, now how about a go on the dynamic saddle? Just mount it and take hold of the reins, back straight, gripping firmly with those naked thighs."

Once Maria had done this Lucinda set the machine in motion and from time to time varied its speed and direction of movement till she judged that Maria was getting excited at the effect on her bare flesh. Then she stopped the machine, to Maria's disappointment and Maria realised that Rowena had brought in a young gelding, saddled up and ready for her to ride.

"First, though, we have one condition. You have lost some of your modesty but to ride this gelding round the training ring in the warm evening air wearing these special jodhpurs we must insist that you remove the rest of your clothes."

Maria did a double take, but with the pleasant sensation between her thighs she badly wanted to try the horse wearing this special garb. As both older women watched she unfastened her white blouse and unhooked her bra, removing them both to expose to their gaze her small but firm milky white breasts, with their darker pert nipples. Rowena gave Lucinda a meaningful look and helped Maria up into the saddle, making sure as she did so that her hand stroked the svelte inside thigh of the younger girl making her gasp and blush. Then they both went out into the paddock and over into the training ring where Maria gave the horse a 20 minute work out feeling the evening air playing over her nearly naked body. When Rowena called a halt they both returned to the tack room where to Maria's surprise Lucinda stood over Roderick, who was blindfolded, stripped to the waist, and suspended on tiptoe from the rafters by leather handcuffs joined to a rope.

"Well, look who I found watching the two of you in the training ring. I knew Roderick really fancied Maria but when I found him behind the hedge peering at her I just had to threaten to report him to the police unless he came back here with me and faced the music. Whatever shall we do with him, I wonder?"

Maria gasped as she admired his slim muscular chest but most of all realised that his jodhpurs outlined an enormous erection. She no longer minded that she was nearly naked, her pert teenage breasts tingling with dark nipples erect, her pussy moist where it now peeped from between her slim svelte thighs, excited by the workout on the horse. She felt gloriously randy and she knew that Lucinda and Rowena were going to make it an evening to remember.

Lucinda went behind Roderick and with her schooling whip started to strike him across his broad bare shoulders. Her strokes were not severe but his body jerked forward in response each time leather met flesh. Rowena went up in front of him and started to kiss his nipples, her hands on his waist, her lower body rubbing provocatively against his. Maria just stood and watched as this tableau unfolded in front of her. As the strokes of the whip mounted towards 20, and Rowena's kisses had subtly changed till Maria noticed that she was pulling his nipples with her teeth, drawing them out, firm and erect, she heard Lucinda hiss in his ear,

"You are under our control now, Roderick, for you would not wish anybody to know that you hide behind bushes watching young girls while rubbing your disgusting tool through your jodhpurs, would you? Still, as it is obviously Maria's perfect teenage body that you lust after, we have decided to make you her stable-slave. We will train her and you will obey everything she asks of you. And if you are very good, we may allow you to perform your services for some of our other young riders too. What do you say? "

"Oh, yes, please, mistress Lucinda, I would love that. I was so excited seeing her riding round the practice ring with virtually no clothes on. She is very beautiful and so young. I crave to serve her in any way I can. "

Rowena stood back from him, his nipples long and tenderly red after her teeth had drawn them out. She motioned to the watching Maria and as Maria stepped forward, she said,

"Maria, darling, will you please remove Roderick's jodhpurs and his jockstrap. He is willing to serve you and all male slaves should be privileged to be stripped naked for their young mistresses to examine their potential. "

Rowena felt a surge of excitement as Lucinda too stepped back and both women watched as she stripped the young man completely. He had a massive erection and full dangling balls and Maria could not resist reaching out once she had him naked and stroking it from the heavy scrotum up the stem to his bulging glans.

"Did we say you could touch him yet?", said Lucinda. "You are a naughty girl. We wouldn't want him getting over excited and coming off in your hand this early in the evening. Come over here, Maria, and take off those jodhpurs you are wearing. You won't be needing them again tonight."

Maria was surprised at the sudden change of tone but she took off the sexy jodhpurs and went across to where the two girls stood by a large wooden frame. She noticed that there were rings fastened in the frame at various places and she stood meekly as the two women fastened a soft leather collar round her neck and cuffs round her wrists and ankles. They whispered to her that they wanted to tease and torment Roderick and that if she allowed herself to be attached to the frame that would be more than Roderick could withstand. She smiled at the thought of her body being wickedly spreadeagled and exposed for Roderick to ogle but do nothing about and obediently raised her arms for her wrists to be fastened to the top corners and her ankles were likewise fastened to the bottom corners.

The two women then went back to Roderick. As they did so, Lucinda unbuttoned and removed her blouse to reveal full naked breasts and she and Rowena stripped off their jodhpurs. Lucinda had a tiny thong which only just covered her pubic triangle and left her shapely buttocks bare, and below the bustier, Rowena was naked and, Maria noticed, shaven bare. They shackled Roderick's ankles wide apart to rings in the floor and then both picked up their riding crops. After pausing to remove his blindfold, they went behind him and started to beat out a tattoo on his bare buttocks. Roderick was torn completely between the increasing pain in his buttocks added to the pain in his shoulders from the earlier whipping and the sight of the gorgeous naked spreadeagled figure of the 18 year old Maria before him but out of reach.

After about 40 strokes of the crop Lucinda came round in front of him and picked up a short whip. She started to whip his thighs, firstly from the outside across his left thigh then his right thigh but then from the inside gradually working up till she aimed a few strokes of the whip upwards at his tight scrotum and he squealed in pain. As she whipped him of course her breasts bounced and jiggled and the whole scene was an extremely erotic one for Roderick which only served to make his erect penis stand all the more rigid. Rowena meanwhile had removed her bustier and had come to stand behind Maria. As Maria watched Lucinda administer the whipping to Roderick she realised with a tremor of anticipation that Rowena had started to caress her naked outspread body. Her hands gently smoothed over Maria's bare back and down over her buttocks, then round over her pubic area, up over her flat trim belly onto her ribcage and then one hand on each of her breasts as Rowena now pressed her naked body up against the back of Maria's naked flesh. Fingers teased and tugged her sensitive little nipples as she watched Roderick's lashing. She realised she had always known that these two women were sexual dynamite and now she felt the power of being their touch-paper.

Lucinda stopped and then fastened soft leather cuffs to Roderick. His wrists were fastened to his neck collar and he was released from his bonds. Lucinda guided him over until he stood in front of the excited teenager. Rowena released Maria's breasts and thrust her body forward. Lucinda pushed Roderick's head and he instinctively brought his lips down onto Maria's left nipple. His tongue darted out and Maria felt even more aroused as he worked up first her left then in turn her right nipple. Then Lucinda thrust him down into a kneeling position and his lips and tongue sought out Maria's virgin clit and opened the lips of her vagina, now flowing copiously with her love juices. As he worked on her sex with his lips and tongue, Rowena was caressing her back and buttocks and Lucinda bent to herself hold and tongue the young girl's bare breasts. It was not surprising that before many minutes passed, Maria rose to the most earth shattering orgasm of her 18 years. This was fantastic! But unbeknown to Maria or Roderick there was better to come!

Maria hung limp from the sheer power of her orgasm. Sweat ran down over her pert firm teenage breasts as she watched Rowena and Lucinda take Roderick and lay him down on a leather bench, his arms and legs spreadeagled and fastened by cuffs to the corners. His still rampant penis seemed the focus of his strong lithe body as Maria watched him. The two women took little multi thonged whips and started to work from his chest down his body with a technique that fascinated the watching teenager. By twirling their wrists they could make the thongs rotate very fast and as they came round each time they made contact with his flesh. He was a stalwart and took his punishment well even when the whips nipped his penis and testicles before going on down across his thighs. Then to Maria's surprise Rowena and Lucinda left Roderick and came across to where she still stood spreadeagled. One went behind her, the other stood in front, and the twirling lashes started to bite at Maria's naked body. The women's eyes glowed with the lust of domination, over man and girl, as Maria felt the nipping tails of the whips on her shoulders and top of her chest. As they descended, her breasts seemed even more sensitive as the whip caught their outthrust nipples, then it was the turn of her midriff and small of her back. She thrust back her well rounded buttocks to savour the pain and realised as she did so that her spreadeagled legs offered no protection to her tender inner thighs or to her sex nestling, damp and open-lipped. The whips found every sensitive part of her tender body and she reached another orgasm as the sensations mounted on her young and virgin body.

She was then released from the frame and guided across to Roderick. Rowena put a condom on his rampant erection and then tied a cord round the base of his penis and round his testicles in effect ensuring that he retained his erection but would not orgasm too quickly. Maria was helped up on to the bench and both women eased her wet, warm cunt down onto Roderick's penis, so she was sitting astride him and facing him. Rowena, naked and shaven, then also mounted the bench and, facing Maria, lowered her smooth pussy onto Roderick's lips. Lucinda then held Maria and as she caressed her naked body, she started to bounce her up and down on Roderick's penis. Rowena leant forward and while she ground her pussy into Roderick's face, she kissed Maria and started to caress her also. Roderick was no more than an instrument of the females' pleasure and both Rowena and Maria peaked to one orgasm after another over the next half hour or so. At one point in the haze of sexual pleasure, Maria was aware of Lucinda removing her thong and changing places with Rowena but Maria was only concerned with the ride of her life, having the stout penis inside her tender vagina for the first time ever. She fervently hoped that the women would let her keep Roderick as her personal slave and she was prepared to undergo discipline and punishment herself if this was the intensity of pleasure that resulted.

Eventually, the evening came to an end and Maria watched as Roderick was tethered in a stall in the stables, naked, his penis still erect and tied, but now with little weights attached to his scrotum, his hands once again attached to his collar, and all tied in such a way that he could not relieve himself. Maria almost wished she could give him that relief, using her fingers or tongue, but she knew that in these matters Rowena and Lucinda were more experienced and if they did not wish Roderick to orgasm then that was how it was. The three naked women went back to the house where Maria shared a bed with Rowena and Lucinda, but all three were tired after their exertions and were soon sound asleep.

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