Chapter 2

After finding out Celeste’s secret. Things changed around here. At dinner one night the girls asked if they could have a Halloween party here at the house. I said I would think about it and left it at that. Later that night I was out in the hot tub and Celeste came out to join me. She asked if I had made a decision yet about the party. I asked why was this so urgent. She said that she wanted me to come to the room (meaning the basement) at about midnight. I asked why she said I would see. She then slid next to me and said It would be a shame to let my erection go to waist so she climbed on my lap and slid it in her ass. Oh what a feeling.

It was midnight and I went to the room and what I found was very very surprising! There stood Gwynn wearing black stiletto boots, Black gloves a heather mask that let a ponytail hang out the back. She also had a strap on cock that’s all she was wearing. She had Sue and Ashley bent over the sawhorses and strapped down and was ass fucking them with the strap on. Celeste was hanging upside down spread eagle from the ceiling with a huge dildo in both holes. As I walked in. Gwynn never missed a stroke and just nodded and greeted me by just saying Master. I walked over to Celeste and she said what did I tell you Master. There entirely your slut slave’s to use as you see fit. Now go stop that bitch master please. I stood there and watched as Gwynn removed the dildo and replaced it with a much larger one. She then went up to Sue and in one fierce stroke she shoved it all the way in her ass.

The Scream was blood curdling. I ran over and grabbed Gwynn’s ponytail and yanked it so hard that the dildo detached from her harness and stayed in Sue’s ass. I dragged her over to the stocks and locked her in them. I then went over to Sue and started to remove it but she started to moan as I worked it out of her ass and she orgasmed as I pulled it out ever so slowly. I replaced it with my own cock and brought her to 2 more cumms. I then did the same to Ashley. I then took a 2 double-headed blow up dildos and inserted them in Ashley ass and cunt and then moved Sue over and impaled her holes with the other ends. Then I tied their thighs together and pumped them both up. What a sight them ass to ass. I then went to the toy box and found 2 cock shaped gags and strapped them on their heads with the rubber cocks in their mouths. I then went to Gwynn and had her suck my shit dick hard again and then shoved it in her ass and pissed. Then I shoved a butt plug in her ass. When finished I had her suck me clean again.

Now for Celeste I washed up and then went over to her. She was still hanging upside down her mouth was at the right height and had her suck the cumm out of me as I sucked her clit till she climaxed. I then released her hands from the floor straps and tied them together behind her back. And lowered her down with the hoist. I then walked her over to a place that the rest of the girls could see as I slowly and tenderly rubbed her down with scented oil and slowly made love to her with my mouth. I wanted the others to know that she was special and not to fuck with her. And she would be Head Slut. After releasing her she then did the same to me. I then told her to release the others and to get some sleep and I would have a decision in the morning about the party.

The next morning it was Saturday we all ate breakfast together and I gave them my decision it was yes. But it had to have a theme. And no more than 20 guests.

That Saturday was a rare one in the Pacific North West for mid October. It was hot and sunny About 80 degrees. The girls decided to take advantage of the weather and get a late season tan. They asked if I minded if they tanned in the nude. I said of course not. That after noon they talked and came up with theme, S&M (slave and master). I thought this would be interesting. They could each invite 5 people and their dates. I’m my self would go stag so I thought.

The next Thursday Celeste had to have her Professor over to grade her project, the dungeon. Prof, Shelly Wilson was to my surprise a female. About mid forties and very stunning. I watched via as she camera as she looked over all the toys in the dungeon. I could see that she was getting turned on. She then asked Celeste to show her how the stocks worked on her self. So Celeste locked her in them. That’s when I walked in and took command. I took Celeste over to the hoist cables and put them on her wrist and then cranked her up off the floor. I then walked over to the Professor and introduced my self as the Master of the manor. And I then informed her that she would serve me. She protested and said she served no man. I replied that would change.

I removed Ms, Wilson’s clothing by unlocking one of her limbs at a time. Her first lesson would show her who was really in control. I first inserted a cock gag in her mouth and tightly fastened it behind her head. Then I put a set of plug type earphones in her ears and then put a leather hood that covered her complete head only allowing her nose and mouth exposed. I then hooked the headphones up to a CD player and inserted a mind control programming disk. And turned it on. I let her be and then turned my attentions to my hanging beauty Celeste. There she was hanging by her arms in a spread position. I first removed her jeans and then tied her legs spread as wide as they would go. I the ripped her top from her body. After that I cut her panties only to discover that she had not yet done what I had told her to do. Shave her pubs off. She didn’t have much there. But the strip that was, was very bushy. I asked why she disobeyed me? And she replied that she forgot . I then informed her that I would be removing them for her right now. I then soaked a towel in hot water as if I was getting ready to shave her but I then pulled a pair of pliers out of my pocket and started to pull them out. Her screams filled the room and added an unknown factor to Ms, Wilson’s reprogramming. After pulling most of the pubic hair from Celeste I then proceeded to dry shave the rest from her. I then took rubbing alcohol and wiped down the area this stung like no tomorrow. I then rubbed her down with a moisturizing cream. Celeste learned a valuable lesson not to take a command of mine lightly. Upon inspecting her new bald pussy I found that she was awfully wet and seamed turned on by the pain so I decided to go one farther. I went to the toy chest and got a cat-of-nine tails. And used it on her. After about ten strokes her pussy was so wet it was running down her legs and her nipples were hard as rocks. This little slut loves pain.

I then returned my attention back to the teacher. And found that she was in the same condition accept that after just touching her ever so lightly she started to cumm and cumm hard. That’s when I made the decision to take her in the ass. I greased the head of my cock up with KY and shoved all of my 7 inches in one forceful stroke. After fucking her hard and fast. I unloaded my hot load in her as and she orgasmed again when she felt it hit in side of her. From that point on Shelly was mine.

The programming disk worked. She was in my control. Upon my releasing her from the stocks she dropped to her knees and assumed a slave position at my feet. I removed the full head hood and cock gag from her mouth. He first words were How may I serve you master. My first command was for to clean my cock and balls with her tong and mouth. Then had Celeste help her get cleaned up and had her bring her to my study. I instructed her that only when I said a certain word that she would go back in a trance and then there was a release word that would bring her back to normal. I also told her that she would give Celeste an A+ for her project.

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