Sadistic Beth

Sadistic Beth

Copyright 2002
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At eight thirty in the morning, dark-haired Beth stepped out of her old rusted Topaz holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. When her thigh high black leather stiletto boots struck the concrete, the super attractive twenty five year old strolled over to the small run down office area and entered the dilapidated structure looking more like a shack, the place located in a secluded clearing surrounded by woods on every side except for an opening made by the long gravel driveway. All alone in the warm summer’s air, the dark-eyed brunette took a sip of the brew and then placed the cup on top of a small desk going with the office.

Glancing at her watch for a second, Beth circumnavigated the desk, pulled out the chair and then parked her nice jean clad ass, the pants tucked into the boots. Upon her chest was a simple dark colored tube top. With her black mane raised to the top of her head, Beth reached forward and pulled open the top drawer, removing a pistol. The Luger in hand, she cocked the thing, aimed it at a tree outside that she saw through the open doorway, and then fired, sending a bullet into the trunk.

“ It’s such a sweet thing!”, joked the woman to herself about the gun, closing the drawer and laying the pistol down, leaning back in the chair now, and finally crossing her boots atop the desk’s surface.

While puffing away, she listened on, hearing dogs bark behind the shack.

“ Well…another fun day at the pound…boy do I love this job…get to do what I want with all the fucken mutts no one wants.

She worked alone, working for a dog pound practically out in the country at the very edge of a small down, no one around for a least a half mile. Everyday, the lady had one basic function, kill and destroy the dogs, the creatures that were caught and brought to her, animals with a sealed fate.

After taking a long drag from the cigarette, Beth got up, killed the Marlboro, finished off the coffee, and then took up the gun, strolling from the room. Outside, she turned a corner and then went up to a fenced in area, an area holding over fifty separate thick wired cages, each one having a dog in it, some mean and barking, others quiet and passive.

Grinning, the brunette strolled toward a cage, looked at the tag attached to it, and remarked, “ Looks like today’s your expiration day…no one stopped by to claim you…well, guess you’re just fucked, ha, ha!”

Making a step back, Beth shifted her weight, aimed the pistol at the cage, and pulled the trigger, sending a piece of lead into the animal’s brain, killing it instantly.

“ Man…, do I love my job!”, exclaimed the lady to herself as she removed a set of keys from her pocket and opened the cage, dragging the dead creature out afterward, blood all over her hands now.

With a little effort, insensitive Beth pulled the dog by its tail over to a large compacting machine. Once before the contraption, she rolled the dead animal over two times with her boot, pushing it on top of an automatic lift that was presently level with the ground. After the carcass was in place, she pressed a red button and the platform slowly moved upward a few feet, finally leaning over to its side, dumping the body into the crusher, the scary thing looking like the back of a garbage truck. Another button pressed and the platform returned to the ground while the compactor started, the huge press coming downward, squeezing the guts and juices right out of the furry animal, forcing it together with the remains of all the other unfortunate canine victims, their crushed bodies automatically pushed back into a dumpster which was emptied by a BFI truck once a week.

Laughing, the lady returned to the cages and then stopped, looking around, her hands on her hips, saying to herself, “ Ok…, who else has an expired tag?” After her sadistic, yet sexy, eyes roamed around somewhat, Beth said, “ Oh yea…, you over there…you gotta be done in today as well.”

At a casual pace, Beth went back to her office, opened a bottom drawer, and returned with a small half filled jar of honey, saying to her own ears, “ This is always the best part!”

Opening her trousers, the brunette lowered her pants and panties to her thighs. With the gun set to the ground, Beth opened the glass jar and stuck her right hand’s middle finger into it, taking up some of the thick sweet stuff. Next, she smeared it upon her clit and the inside edges of her cunt! That done, Beth slowly moved over to one of the cages having a quiet and friendly dog in it, its tag expired. After unlocking the thing, she stood before the cage and said, “ Here boy…, here…c’mon, it’s all for you!”

Following the smell, the animal went right up to her naked hairy snatch and began licking her, inserting its tongue all the way in, slurping up the honey. As she backed up, the dog went with her, really excited by the taste of her pussy! Finally, she was back by the gun. Picking it up, she slowly moved the barrel to the dog’s temple, holding it there, watching the creature lick away.

“ Oh…, oh…yea, man does that feel good!”, moaned Beth, her system moving closer and closer to the moment of truth. At last, the woman came, cumming into the dog’s mouth as the animal continued to lick away.

BANG! She pulled the trigger, forcing a bullet through its head, the piece of lead coming out the otherside of its skull as the dog fell over dead!

Pulling her clothes back in place, Beth then pushed the Luger into her belt and grabbed the animal by its tail, obviously dragging it to the compactor. After the dog was crushed, she came back and went to another cage, this one also having an expired tag.

This animal wasn’t too friendly, a shepherd, growling and barking away at her from the other side of the thick wired screen.

“ You fucken think you’re big and bad…, don’t you, you piece of shit…barking at me and stuff…, well…, I’ve got a surprise for you, ha, ha!”

Removing the gun from her pants, Beth aimed it at the dog’s mouth and pulled back at the trigger. As the bullet entered, it busted the animal’s jaw, preventing the creature from using its teeth. After that, she aimed the barrel at its right hind leg, again pulling the trigger, watching the poor thing fall to its side as the piece of metal entered its flesh. While laughing at the top of her lungs, the dark-haired lady shot the dog a third time, in its left front leg, obviously crippling the animal.

As the shepherd whined and squealed in pain, it’s frame shaking, Beth opened the cage and took hold of its tail, dragging it over to the machine. With her right stiletto masterpiece, the woman rolled it to the platform and pressed the button, watching it go up into the ascent, taking the wounded thing with it. When the platform finally turned, it obviously dumped the dog into the compactor.

At the knowledge that the dog was still alive, Beth opened her fly, found her clit, and hit the second button with her free hand.

Down came the presser. While it crushed the life out of the shepherd, the dog screamed and screamed, its sounds serving as an obbligato for Beth’s materbation session, the woman reaching another climax, cummming at the exact moment the creature’s insides exploded!

Her zipper closed, Beth went back to the cages and retrieved the honey jar, the gun returned to her belt. Afterward, she slowly returned to her office and put the jar back into the drawer. Next, she placed the Luger on top of the desk and went over to a dirty coffee brewer and prepared herself another cup, also firing up a fresh cigarette. Finished, she took the coffee and strolled to her desk, parked her perfect curvaceous ass in the chair, took a few sips of the black brew, and then grabbed a pen, working on some forms and papers that went with the job, her bloody hands scribbling away.

Two minutes later, the attractive, yet hard looking, woman glanced up from her work toward the open doorway. Right before her stood some middle aged guy, dressed in jeans, a shirt, and work boots. Not expecting anyone today, she rudely asked, “ What do you want?”

“ Hi…, my name’s Mike…I own the property on the other side of that large fence that circles half of this place…I’ve got a five acer plot…I also own the thick wooded area that’s on the otherside of that same fence.”

“ Yea…so?”, replied Beth, exhaling from the cigarette.

“ Well…the thing is…I got curious one day about the sound of gun shots I always hear.”

“ Yea?”

“ So I walked up through the woods and just hid there behind a tree, watching you.”

Leaning back in her chair and crossing her boots on top of the desk, Beth smiled sarcastically, took another drag, and asked, “ Did you have fun jacking off…, I mean…, why just watch me, if you want my ass, give me a hundred bucks or something…we’ll play around for any hour or so.”

For a moment, the guy only looked down at the floor and shook his head in disgust, saying afterward, “ No ma’am…that’s not why I came here…it’s what you’re doing to the dogs…I happen to care about animals…what you’re doing is sick.”

“ It’s my job…that’s what I get paid for, to work here alone all day and exterminate the stray dogs that are caught in town that no one claims…so what’s the big fucken deal?”

“ Yea…, but there’s gotta be a more humane way to do it…, like lethal injection or something.”

“ This is Kentucky…it’s legal to shoot dogs in a pound.”

“ It’s not right…, and you, you’re sick…, I saw what you did with that one dog, letting it lick your…well, you know…, right before you shot it!”

“ Hey…, like they say…if you enjoy your job, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.”

“ That’s not the idea, we’re talking about living and feeling animals…how would you like it if someone put a bullet though your head?”

Irritated now by the guy’s remarks and presence, Beth reached for her tube top and stuck her hand in from under it, pulling out her left tit, shaking the firm thing at him, and saying, “ How’d you like to suck this…? Going one, she said, “ Why don’t you get the fuck outta here and leave me alone…mind your own business!”

“ I’m reporting you and your sick operation to the humane society.”

“ Go ahead…see if I care, asshole.”

“ I’ll be back.”

“ And I’ll be still here…, pumping lead into those fucken animals…I hate dogs…I was attacked by one when I was a kid…nothing pleases me more than to kill ‘em…and kill ‘em everyday!”

“ That still doesn’t justify…”

Before he could finish, she yelled, “ I said get the fuck outta here…, understand?”

Not saying anything more, Mike turned around and left, going back to his place.

When he was gone, Beth fixed her top and said to herself, “ Jerk…, he cares about animals…, well I don’t…, torturing ‘em is the best erotic turn on in the world…beats all those cheap porno films they rent out back in town!”

After she calmed down, the lady fired up a fresh cigarette and went back to work.

For the next three days, she went through her routine, dogs dropped off at her pound as she obviously sorted out the tags, seeing which animal has to be killed.

On the third day, in the middle of the afternoon, Beth was in her office, seated behind the desk, again filling out some forms, the pistol laying right in front of her. Hearing a car pull up to the structure, Beth gazed forward and saw a late model car come to a halt. From the passenger side, Mike emerged. However, out of the driver’s side stepped an attractive women in her late twenties, dressed in a light blue business skirt suit and pumps.

When the two individuals strolled through the open entrance way, Mike said, “ I told you I’ll be back…this is Jane from the humane society…she wants to ask you some questions.”

Measuring the sandy haired lady off for a moment, Beth finally said, “ Everything I do here is legal…you can’t touch me.”

“ Mike here said you deliberately put a live dog into the compactor…did it for fun.”

“ Mike can kiss my ass…and so can you, bitch!”

Nodding her head, Jane said to the guy, “ Well…, you did warn me about her…she sure is rude.”

“ Everything I told you is true…I even saw her do sick sexual things with one of the dogs before she killed it.”

Concern on her face, Jane said to Beth, “ It may be legal in this state to shoot animals, but torturing ‘em isn’t…I think I’ll have a look around…when I return to my office, I’m gonna report this…, from what Mike was telling me, I think you belong in jail…if we find evidence you crushed a live dog, we’ll see that the courts throw the book at you.”

Thinking for a second, Beth then replied, “ So basically…at this point, it’s only you and Mike here who know about my supposed evil ways…, right?”

“ Well…, yea, basically. Mike called my office and I took the call myself…and if you don’t cooperate…more people’ll know.”

“ So no one else knows you’re here…, right?”

“ What are you getting at?”, asked Jane, a nervous sound to her voice now.

“ Thanks…I think that’s all I need to know.”, answered Beth, taking up the Luger, aiming it at them, and saying, “ Ok…you two jerks…time for some fun!”

“ What are doing?”, yelled the neatly dressed lady.

“ Take off all your clothes…both of you, let’s go!”

His hands up, Mike said, “ Ma’am…please, take it easy!”

“ I’ll take it any fucken way I want…now strip!”

With the Luger still pointing at them, they had no choice. Slowly, Mike and Jane took everything off. Finally, they stood naked before the brunette as she ordered, “ Ok…, now both of you get down on your hands and knees!”

After they went low, Beth arched her head back for a moment and laughed,, “ Ha…, now I got myself two more dogs to play with!”

Leaning her perfect ass against the desk’s edge, Beth said, “ Now bark!”

“ Bark?”, asked Jane, fear in her tone.

“ Yea…bark like a dog…that’s what you are from now on.”

Terrified, both naked individuals began, “ Woof, woof…”, going at for the next five minutes.

Satisfied, Beth said, “ Ok…, now crawl out of here…over to your cage.”

Still on their hands and knees, Jane and Mike began their journey, stripped not only of their clothes, but their dignity as well.

As she followed with the pistol in her right hand and her left hand on her hip, the dark-haired woman kicked Mike in the ass, saying, “ Get behind her, crawl behind her butt…, sniff her ass out!”

While they moved, Mike stuck his face into Jane’s curvaceous rear and smelled away, following the lady, crawling over to the cages. Once there, Beth pointed toward one of the empty cages and said, “ Over there…crawl in that one.”

When they were inside the thing, Beth squatted before it and locked it shut. Afterward, she quickly went back to the office and returned with a marker, squatting again before the cage and writing something on the tag.

“ That’s Tuesday’s date?”, screamed Jane.

“ That’s right…that’s your expiration date…if no one claims you by then…, well…, you know what happens.”

“ You’re crazy…, please, let us out…we won’t tell anyone!”, begged Mike.

“ I didn’t say you can stop sniffing her ass…get your stupid face back where it belongs and lick her asshole!”

Like a frightened fool, the guy obeyed as embarrassed Jane looked on, turning her head back now and then.

Walking away, Beth went to her car, lowered her ass behind the wheel, and drove off. Less than a half hour later, the sick bitch returned, holding a bottle of whiskey together with a fresh pack of Marlboros. Back in her office, she took hold of the chair, carried it over to the cages, and then sat her nice ass into it, opening up the bottle and firing up a new cigarette.

With the gun stuffed in her belt, Beth raised the booze to her lips, drank some, and then yelled, “ Ok…time for the show to start…, let’s go, start fucking, do it doggy style…, c’mon Mike…give it to her from behind!”

“ Please don’t do this, please!”, cried Jane, desperation in her voice.

Taking up the gun, Beth aimed it and pulled the trigger, striking Mike in the upper part of his left leg!

“ She shot me!”, screamed the man as blood ran forth.

“ I said fuck…let’s go!”

Despite the pain, the frightened man mounted Jane’s butt and pretended to ass fuck her, putting on a show for the sick lady.

Moving her right hand to her crotch, Beth opened her fly and fingered herself, giving herself another orgasm, getting off at the two helpless victims before her.

When she had enough, the brunette stood up, closed her fly, finished off the booze, threw the empty bottle to the side, and then went back to her office, returning with a huge butcher knife.

At a casual pace, the dark-haired woman went up to one of the dogs with an expired tag. Aiming the gun at its head, she pulled the trigger and killed it. After that, she opened the cage and dragged the dead animal over to Mike and Jane. Once there, she squatted and began carving up the dog, pushing pieces of its detached flesh into the cage holding the two humans, saying, “ Here you go…eat this…live off this stuff for the next few days, ha, ha!”

The rest of the dog disposed of, Beth returned to the prisoners and said to Jane, “ Piss in his face.”

“ What?”

“ You heard…piss in his face!”

At gun point, Mike went to his back as Jane squatted over the guy. A second later, her pee trickled over his mouth, running down the side of his neck. Laughing, Beth lit up another cigarette and walked away, taking the chair with her, returning to the office, doing this and that, also making herself a fresh cup of coffee.

When nightfall came, Beth removed the car keys from Jane’s suit pocket and finally took up their clothes. The stuff in hand, she went over to Jane’s car, put the clothes in the trunk, and then lowered her butt behind the wheel, remarking to herself, “ Not bad…nice car…better than my old piece of junk…too bad its gotta go.”

The engine started, Jane drove under the cover of darkness to a secluded pond three miles away located deep in the woods. After she got out of the car, she stuck it in neutral and gave it a strong push, watching the thing role down the embankment and finally disappear into the murky water. At last, all was silent. With the moon shining above, Beth lit up a fresh cigarette and started walking back to the pound, getting there an hour and a half later.

Inside her own car now, Beth simply drove home, leaving Mike and Jane in the cage.

The following morning, Beth returned and went immediately to the cages. There, she happily saw the two, helplessly sitting there next to piles of their own shit.

For the next few days, the brunette continued to humiliate them as she also continued to do her regular “work”, killing one dog after another, then throwing ‘em into the machine.

Finally, the tag on Mike and Jane’s cage expired. The Luger in hand, Beth opened the lock and stepped back, saying, “ Today’s the day…crawl out…, let’s go!”

On their hands and knees, the two smelly and filthy people emerged. Aiming the gun, Beth shot Mike in the head, killing him instantly.

“ No, please, no!”, cried Jane as Beth pointed the thing at her.

“ Time to die…, bitch!”

“ No…!”, was the last sound from Jane’s mouth as Beth pulled the trigger.

Pushing the pistol back into her belt, the booted lady took hold of Mike’s body at the ankles and dragged it over to the platform. After she hit the button, his frame was raised and then finally dropped into the crusher where it was pressed and squeezed, mixed in with the remains of all the dead animals!

After doing the same with Jane’s corpse, Beth returned to her office, lowered her ass to the seat, lit up a cigarette, crossed her boots on the desk, and simply stared at the ceiling for a while before she got up and again returned to the cages, inspecting the tags, deciding which poor creature’ll be next.

The End

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