Sara and Sam

Sara and Sam

Sam was in his backyard this morning when I walked out to stir the embers from the fire the night before. I looked at him and waved and headed in my direction. He asked me how Sara was this morning and I told him she was still in the sack. I assured him that everything done to her the night before was alright. I told him not to worry about it. I needed to go in to the office so I asked him to mind the coals and finish the burning of the limbs. He said he would be glad to. I went back to the house and quickly let Sara know he was in the back yard and at her disposal. She said she would take care of him and have some fun of her own.

We went to the kitchen and Sara poured a cup of coffee and opened the back door and stepped out on the patio. She acted as though she didn't see Sam standing in the yard and went and sat down on the recliner. She was wearing her cotton nighty that is just long enough not to show anything and just short enough to keep you looking.
Sam saw her step out and watched her as she sat down. He looked away when she didn't notice him. Suddenly his name rang out clearing the silence in the neighborhood. It was his mother calling to see where he was. He answered and waved at her. Sara called out to him and asked what he was doing. He told her he was minding the fire for Jeff. She stood up and stepped toward the edge of the patio. The sun was shining through her gown and you could see clear up to her now public private area. Although he had seen it and had it the night before, he still filled with sexual emotion.
She asked him if he wanted some coffee or orange juice and he said he would like the juice. Sara stepped toward the house and motioned for him to come in. He walked up to the back door and I stepped into the pantry and peered through the slats in the door.
As he came in, Sara was bent over reaching into the fridge with her ass in his face. She could have knelt but this was more of a tease for this young lad. She raised up and turned and looked at him and and said, "Your the guy from last night, aren't you? He gasp as she asked that question, thinking that she knew what he and Jeff and done to her while she was drunk. You were in the back yard when I came home and Jeff pulled my top half off my body. Yes! Yes ma'm, that was me. She looked at him and said, 'Well, my mind is a bit blurry after drinking some wine coolers with Jeff, but I thought it was you. She poured his juice and suggested they go back outside to the early morning sun and fresh air.
She sat down on the recliner again and the gown rose up to a point just below her twat.
Sam stood across from her. Her nipples were pressing against the cotton of her gown and I could see Sam gazing at them when she would look away. A humming bird flew up to the feeder and then another. They were fighting over who would get the nector from within. I wondered how Sara was going to get or give nector myself. They made small talk about the bird and Sara commented on how long the humming birds beak is and how far it can go into the feeded to suck out the juice. Sam looked at the bird and smiled.
Sara placed her coffee on the table and laid the chair back till it was level and she was flat on her back. She said it was going to be a lazy day and that she was going to take it easy. Sam looked at her legs and how the gown had raised up closer to the mound of hair between her legs. Her pussy was just out of sight yet so visible through the cotton thin material that covered it. Sam had to have a hard on. I moved closer to the back door and looked at him. He was looking at her as she lay there with her eyes closed. Sara raised her hand up and laid it over her eyes to help block out the sun light that was peering over the edge of the house. That move brought her gown up about three more inches. She was being very cruel to Sam. He looked at her face and then bent forward and looked at the edged of the gown that almost allowed the pubic hair to show.
Sara yawned and then went into a full length body stretch that brought her legs up and out and in allowing Sam a full veiw of her crotch. Sam looked and then sat back as Sara sat up in the chair and placed her feet on each side of the lounger. Her gown gapped open exposing her mound to him again. She reached down and pulled the gown together and then stood up and strechted again raising her hands up over her head and shaking her body causing her tits to wave in Sams face. He had a very intense look on his face. The only conversation was between Sams eyes and Sara's body. She was playing him to the hilt.

Sara stepped away from the lounger and Sam's eyes followed her. She looked toward the door and saw me looking at her. I waved my erect penis at her and she smiled and turned around to look at Sam. She crossed her arms and asked Sam what his plans were for the day. He said he had no plans at all. She asked him if he would help her clean the patio. He said he would help her do anything she needed done. They started moving the furniture off into the grass and then Sara asked him to get the hose and wash the dirt off the concrete. He had a hard time doing anything because he kept looking at her tits waving at him and looking for another opportunity to see her puss. I looked at his crotch and he was indeed sporting a hard on. At one point, she stepped over to the edge of the patio and bent over to pick up some change that had fallen off the table. This gave Sam a very hard core look up the pussy he had poked the night before. She stood up and set the change on the widow sill.

I had noticed that the eve above the back porch light had a lot of bugs and some spider webs on it. I tried to get her attention to have him clean it but she was way ahead of me. She pointed toward the bug mess as if to tell him to wet it down. As he was looking at her and turning, the hose hung on a brick and he lost his grip and the hose fell to the ground. The sprayer was wide open and water was spraying both of them. Sara screamed and started to laugh and Sam tried to pick up the hose. He stepped on the thing but the nozzle started swinging back and forth. With in ten seconds they were both wet. Sara reached down and gripped the nozzle and Sam was appologizing profusely. Sara turned the nozzle on him and made sure he was as wet as she was. She pointed the nozzle toward the bug mess and looked at Sam and laughed. He was wiping water out of his eyes and laughing when Sara caught a glimpse of his crotch. He was fully erect. About the time he was able to look at her, she sprayed him again in the chest. He put his hands up to block the water and moved toward her. He grabbed the nozzle and turned it on her. Her hair was wet, her gown was wet, her tits were erect and wet. The gown now clung to her body exposing every little detail of her anatomy. She bent down and he sprayed her back. Then she stood up and faced the spray head on. She walked toward him and he relaxed his grip and the hard spay became a mist spraying her body.
They were both soaked. She wipped her eyes and pulled the gown away from her body and flapped it toward him. She looked at him and said, "Im wet!" She laughed and then he laughed. There was no denying her wetness nor his erection. His eyes kept looking at her nipples. My eyes kept looking at her nipples. I looked at his hard on and wondered how she was going to deal with it. She stepped back and looked up at the eve and the bugs and told him that the project had to be completed, wet or dry.
Her gown was dripping water and the cotton was making her nipples so inviting. He looked up at what she was looking at and saw the long spider web stuck to the vinyl siding that covered the eve. Sara stepped over and got the step latter and placed it under the web. Sam started to step up on it and Sara stepped behind him. She was laughing and he looked at her. He grinned as she wiped water from her face and rung out her hair. As he reached up to get the web, she reached over and pulled his shorts down. It was an easy task because they were two or three sizes two big for him. He quickly reached down and grabbed at the pants. She laughed again. He held on to the latter with one hand and pulled his pants up with the other. She saw his erect dick and her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she grinned. She teasingly said, "Your happy to see me aren't you?" He looked at her with a very intense look and told her that she was a very pretty lady.
He then looked at her breast. She saw the desire in his eyes and decided the game was over. Sara stepped up to him and put her hands on his shorts and lowered them again. He released his grip and they slid down to his feet. He locked his eyes on her eye's and watched as she reached up and felt hid hard dick through his shorts. He was on the thrid step of the latter and that put his dick in her face. She released it through the front flap of his boxers. He looked around the yard as though to see if anyone was watching. She touched the tip and then ran her hand along the stiff shaft. He looked at her and she looked at him and leaned forward and took the head in her mouth. She slowly moved forward and slid it all the way in her mouth and he raised his head up and closed his eye's and enjoyed the moment.

Sara moved in and out and placed her hands on his hips and started moving him with her rythum. He placed his right hand on the back of her head and looked down at her as she sucked him. Then I heard him say, "Ooohhhh!" The another "Ooohhhhh." Sara staioned herself for the blast she was about to get when he suddenly stiffened up and just as he shot his wad, that familiar voice screamed out his name from two backyards over. It was his mothers voice calling for him. His dick started spirting as he pulled back in sudden horror, Sara's face took the brunt of his cream. He grabbed hold of it but it squirted again and got in Sara eyes. She stepped out of the way of his hose and he reached down and pulled up his shorts and stepped away from the house so he could see his mother. She had stepped back into the house by this time and Sam looked at Sara who had his cum in her face and hair and a not so pleasent look on her face. He started to appolgize but she raised her hand as is to say, don't say it! He said he had to go or she would come looking for him. Sara motioned for him to go and as she stepped toward the back door, still wet, Sam's father stepped around the corner of the house. I saw him at the same time Sara saw him and her was looking at her. She was still wet and her tits were still in full bloom and she was glisining.
She stepped into the house and closed the door leaving Sam and his dad standing in the back yard.

She walked by me and said, "Spray it again Sam!" She went to the shower.

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