Sara and young Sam

Sara and young Sam

[Sam and I were standing in the back yard when I heard Sara's truck pull into the driveway. She came around the house to see what I was burning. When she came into sight, Sam looked at her and grinned and then tried to hide his enlightened look.
Sara had been to the gym and was in her workout cloths. I love those Athletic Bras and spandex shorts that these girls wear now a days. She came up and commented that it was about time I cleaned up the limbs from the ice storm three months earier. She smiled and greeted me with a kiss and greeted Sam. I asked about her day and she began to spell it all out to me. I looked at Sam and he was trying not to make it obvious that he he was looking at her nearly bare breast covered in sweat. The nipples were very well in place and looked like candy just waiting for someone to reach out and snatch them up. Sam was a senior at the local high school and not really a genuine lady's man. He was injoying what he was looking at at this moment. I asked about her workout and she said that she and Stan had wrestled for a while and she was dog tired. I said," You wrestled with Stan, dressed like that? I"ll bet he enjoyed that workout! She smilled and said they both did.

I reached over and playfully pulled at her top. She pulled back away from me but I did not let go of the grip I had on the center piece of the bra. It expanded as she backed up and exposed her breast to Sam and me. I released it and it snapped back above the breast leaving them exposed untill she could pull it back down. She grabbed it and I had to laugh and Sam's face lit up at the sight of two fully grown tits just feet away from him. She covered them up and leaped toward me like a wild woman half laughing and half mad. I grabbed her and turned her around and held her tight so she couldn't hit me. I wrapped her up and squeezed her and took her to the gound. She managed to get an elboe in my side and I released her only to take a lot of licks as she retaliated. She looked at Sam and playfully gestured toward him. He backed up and she started to laugh again. Sam thought she had gone crazy but that was just Sara being Sara. She headed toward the backdoor and said it was time for a long hot bath. I wished her well and thanked her for the breast shot. She flipped me off as she went in the door.
I looked at Sam and appologized for the tity scene. He naturally said no need to appologize. I looked back at the fire and wondered if I should put it out for the evening or let it burn it's self out. It was getting dark and just about time to go in and watch Monday night football. Just then the light in the bathroom came on.

The blind was opened and I wondered if Sara would close it. I looked at Sam and asked him if he liked the tits he saw. He said yes. I asked him if he would like to see more of them. He nodded. I motioned for him to follow me and we walked up the the back of the house just under the bathroom window. We got the picnic table and sat it up under the window. I climbed up on it and looked in. The water was running in the tub and Sara was in the bedroom. I motioned for Sam to join me and he stepped up on the table. We peered in just as Sara walked in. She was naked and stepped over to the mirror and started taking off what was left of her mak-up. Her tits were there for our veiwing and as she moved her arms they would sway back and forth. I began to get a hard on. Her pussy was black and very visible. Sam was looking at every inch of her. Her waist still had the indentures from the spandex but I don't think Sam saw them. She rinsed her face and bent down and put her face near the sink which made her tits hang down in that perfect position for sucking or just lusting for. He smiled and took a deep breath.
I said, "Is that an good set of tits or what!" He said,"Their great!" Sara stepped over to the toilet and relieved her self and then stepped into the tub. She had filled it with bubbles so it looked like the show was over.

I decided to go in and join her in the bathroom while Sam watched us. On the way in, I picked up a wine cooler and a muscle relaxer to make her feel like and act like putty in my hands. I stepped in the room and took off my shirt and pants. I had put the pill in the drink and walked in and offered her a piece offering. She took it and took a big swig of it. I knelt down beside her and stuck my hand in the water and fondled her tits. She asked if Sam had any comments about her exposure outside. I told her that he was seventeen, of course he liked them. I moved the suds out of the way giving Sam a good veiw of her tits and my hands on them. I was erect now and my dick was showing through my Hanes. I was facing Sara and she noticed the buldge. She reached over and got a hold of it and stroked it several times. I was wondering what Sam was thinking or doing outside that window. I pulled my shorts off and let her stroke me bare hand to bare penis.
I stuck my hand down in the water and touched Sara's black wet mound. I moved the suds again but it was well out of Sam's sight. I opened the slit and slipped my fingers inside of her. She responded by lifting her ass off the bottom of the tub. She was ready for an orgasm. I rubbed her and then let her take over. She moved up and down and raised out of the water at the first orgasm. She was wet with water and wet with her juices as well. Her pussy sank down to the bottom of the tub and the water almost poured onto the floor. She reached over and took the bottle and devoured the rest of the cooler. She laid back and rested her head on the back of the tub. I took a short swig of my cooler and sat it down. She looked at it and then turned it upside down over up mouth and finished it off. "You must have been thirsty!" "The workout today was ex-il-er-ating." She said with a definate slur. I asked her if she was alright. She smiled and said she was just fine. I looked up at the window and smiled at Sam. I played with her breast and tried to keep them exposed to the window. I reached over and released some of the water in the tub.
This brought her tits to the top of the water and I removed the excess suds for Sam's veiwing pleasure. Sara was totally relaxed now. Her arms would not stay on the tub walls, they kept falling into the water. I said her name but she just made a slight noise. She was out. I looked up at the window and motioned for Sam to come in. I heard the back door open and in a few seconds he was standing in the bedroom. I released the drain and let the water run out. Her body was now exposed and covered in suds. I pulled down the portable shower head and turn on the water.
I rinsed off her body and had Sam step to the doorway. He looked in and saw her laying there helpless as a baby. I called her name again and he jumped back out of sight. She just moaned. I got a towel and put it around her and reached down to lift her out of the tub. I motioned for Sam to help but he was scared she would wake up. I motioned again and he stepped in and looked straight into her eyes. I knew he was expecting them to open so I told him not to worry about her waking up.

I handed him her right arm and then told him to step behind her. We placed one foot in the tub and the other out. I reached down and gripped her ankles and lifted them out of the tub. I told him to place his hands under her arms and lift her up. He put his hands under her armpits and almost dropped her. I told him to reach through and cup her tits and lift her up. He looked at me like I was crazy. I looked at him and said just do it, and lift her up. He did so and we lifted her out and I backed into the bedroom. His eyes were going back and forth from tit to tit and eye to eye. We laid her on the bed and I said alright!
Sam backed up and looked at her. I said she is pretty, isn't she. He didn't hear me. He just stared at her. I asked him if he wanted to touch her and he heard that remark. She will wake up if I touch her, he said. I reached down and touched her right nipple. She didn't move. I told him to do it. He reached down and touched her and nothing happened. He looked at me and realized I was standing there naked with a hard on. He backed up. I asked him if he had a hard on. He reached down made an adjustment. I told him it was natural. We reached down and opened Sara's legs. I told him to touch her. He looked at her twat and then at her eyes and then put his hand on it. I reached down and opened the lips exposing her clit to him. I told him he could kiss it if he wanted to but then I forgot I was talking to a virgin high school boy.

I leaned down and kissed it and rubbed my face on it. I stepped back and asked him what he would like to do with her. He looked at her breast and I told him to go a head. He leaned over her and put his mouth on her right tit. He moved it around but really didn't know how to suck one. I leaned down on the other and showed him how to suck a titty. He was a fast learner. It didn't take him long to get the hang of it. Sara was lying there flat on her back and I was standing over her with a bad hard on and a young buck that I wanted to see fuck her. I asked him if he would fuck her and he backed up again. I told him I was fine with it and would enjoy watching. He suddednly became very shy. I told him this may be his only chance at her and I would help him. He looked at her and slowly moved his hand toward his zipper. I told him to just slip it out and crawl on top of her. He dropped his pants and climbed on the bed and strattled her. He took his dick out of the hole in his shorts and laid down quickly. I had him raise back up so that I could lift her legs up so he could get inside. After an awkward moment. He was in position and went for the hole. I stood up on the bed and opened her legs wide and gave him a perfect way of entry.

As his penis went in to her, I saw his face cringe with pleasure and heard him make noises that could only mean he was in her. I asked if he was in and he said yes. Sara moaned as he pressed his body on hers. I told him to raise up and down on her with his dick but not to pull it out. He got into rythum and it didn't take long for him to shoot his wad into her pussy. He raise up as it shot and pushed himself into her as far as he could. As I watched this happen, my dick started leeking precum and then in the excitement I came and shot my load and it dripped down on her chest and face. Some of it got on the back of Sam's head.
He raised up and crawled backward on his nees to the end of the bed. I lowered her legs and looked at her pussy and saw his white cum in her hair. He quickly covered up his dick and I stood there draining mine on my wifes chest. I stepped off the bed and made a jesture for a high five. Sam slapped my hand and just looked at Sara. He asked me if she was alright. I told him she was fine. He stepped over and got his pants and slid them on. I told him I would clean her up and that he had better get home. We walked out to the back yard and I told him this was between us. He said ok. I removed the table and watched Sam run across three yards to his house. He was excited. I went back into the house and stopped at the fridge to get a drink. I walked down the hall and into the bedroom. I walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower and helped Sara clean the cum off of her body. I kissed her and said, "You are one hell of an actress."
She smiled at me.

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