Scandinavian Sauna

Scandinavian Sauna

I hated this trip, going to Oslo in November was terrible, especially
coming from balmy, warm Florida. Don sneaked out, he got sick, I had to go
by myself. Well, maybe better. This way he did not have to put up with my
mood. Also, it was less tempting – I had broken up with my boyfriend of 6
years and was quite deprived in those days. Not that I would have minded
Don, but his wife was a good friend of mine, too. And with that in mind,
it would have been a struggle.

The two weeks in Oslo were not to bad. The conference was reasonably
interesting and I met with several of our clients over the second week. I
was tired, a lot of wining and dining. Now I was on the last leg of my
trip. 3 hours north by train, 3 hours further into the Scandinavian winter
darkness. When I got of the train the wind bit through my clothes like
nothing. It was a cold and damp wind, going right to the bone. By the
time I reached the hotel I was an ice cube. Shivering, I checked in. The
clerk behind the desk noticed my condition and recommended a visit to their
sauna. This way the locals have been beating the winters for hundreds of
years. I replied with a polite yes and went to my room.

I started unpacking, still freezing. A knock at the door, I opened.
Room service was delivering a bathrobe, the front desk had sent it since I
wanted to hop into the sauna right away. That's what they thought – but
then, on the other hand, the bathrobe look so white and fluffy, it was an
invitation I could not resist. I continued unpacking, put on my bathing
suite, slid into robe and slippers and started my search for the sauna.

Actually it was easy to find, I just followed a couple, both in
bathrobes, who seemed to have the same destination. I minded a bit that
they chose the way through the front lobby, but on the other hand, nobody
knew me here. We got into the sauna area, they entered the dressing room.
I almost fell over backwards when I followed them around the corner. Just
when I appeared, he dropped his robe – and was totally naked underneath.
They did not even seem to notice me, she undressed, too, and they
disappeared towards the showers. Oh my goodness, now I realized. This was
Europe, nobody goes into the sauna with a bathing suit on.

I hesitated. Another man came in, just as casual he threw his robe over
a hook and went on. I tried not to look, but I could not help noticing
that he was well build. I panicked. Just when I was about to head back
for my room, I heard the voices of several men and women approaching. They
laughed, talking in this round and guttural language so unfamiliar to me. I
could not go back. Flight forward was my decision, and I had to be fast.
Quickly I took of bathrobe and bathing suit and rushed into the shower,
hoping for a save haven. But wrong again. It was an open room with
several showers on each wall, no curtains. And this guy was still there,
under a hot stream of water and soaping himself as if it would be the most
natural thing in the world.

When I entered, he gave me a friendly nod, but paid no further attention
to me. I picked a shower in the corner and turned the water on full force,
as if it could cover my nakedness. My thoughts ran wild. What did I look
like? I thought that for my mid thirties I still had a good figure, so no
embarrassment there. But how about raising too much attention? And then,
I had gotten my last bikini shave in August. By now, my hair had grown
back in and I was showing a full bush. But then, since I was naked anyway,
did that matter?

The group appeared, still laughing and teasing each other. All of the
sudden I had naked people in the showers across from me, next to me,
everywhere. Time to leave. I entered the main room. Some more showers, a
diving tub, rest benches and some saunas and steam rooms. Everything was
open, no place to hide. About 10 or so naked people. Some women, most of
them men. When I entered everybody looked at me and greeted me with a
friendly smile. What did their looks say? I couldn't figure it out.
There was a stack of towels next to the door. I grabbed one, I couldn't
wrap myself up, nobody did, but at least I could hold it so it would give
me some cover. I watched for a while. A group of four came out of one of
the saunas – it looked like it was empty now. In I went. The heat hit me
like a hammer, but I also realized that it started to fight the chill in my
bones. I put the towel down and sat on it. Finally, peace and quiet and
time to gather my thoughts. What had I gotten myself in to? Me naked
among some other, totally strange, naked people. But then on the other
hand, they did not mind at all. I just had started to comfort myself, when
the door opened and the guy from the shower came in. I looked at him,
tried not to stare. Oh my, did he look good. He gave me the same friendly
but uncommitted smile. Hold your horses, I thought.

He sat down on the side, in safe distance. I watched him out of the
corner of my eyes. I was getting nervous. I was getting hot. Suddenly,
the first droplet broke loose, somewhere behind my ear, it gently ran down
my neck and along my collar bone. Goosebumps in spite of the heat. Then
more sweat, running down my face, my neck. I could feel each individual
droplet running down. The first ones reached my breasts, tickled my
nipples. They got hard, oh I hope he does not notice. Then I broke out in
sweat, it ran down my body in torrents, tickled. I glanced over to him
again, he was sweating, too. Now he got up, rearranged his towel and laid
down, closed his eyes. I could not resist to look at him, he was totally
relaxed. My eyes wandered down his body, I looked at his penis, it also
was relaxed – and small. But I had no problem imagining it different.

Then the door opened again, a man and a women entered. Had they seen me
look at that guy? I had to leave, I was so confused. I jumped up and out,
ran to the first shower and pushed the button hard. A cold waterfall hit
me, I gasped. Oh yes, I heard about it, cold showers are part of it. I
jumped back, panting. I needed a break, I settled down on one of the
benches, off to the side, closed my eyes and tried to think. I was crazy,
this was too much, at least a dozen naked men around. At least a dozen
pair of eyes on me. But no, I did not want to leave. I was exhausted, but
also aroused. I drifted off into a little slumber, I still heard the
voices around me, mixed in with my shallow dream. I was in a mall,
shopping. Nothing unusual, but I was naked among all the other shoppers,
wandering up and down the store fronts, browsing the stores, riding the
escalators. I tried to figure out what the other shoppers were thinking,
but couldn't. Then somebody spoke to me, I could not understand him. What
language was that? I awoke, startled.

The voice was one of the men in the group from earlier. I did not
understand him, but from his gestured I understood that he asked if he
could settle down in the chair next to me. While I was sleeping they had
taken up every bench around me, and this was the only empty one left. I
nodded. I relaxed again, watched them. How uncomplicated they were in
their nudity. They joked with each other, moved about, did not try to hide
anything. I started to feel more comfortable. We tried some small talk in
English, but did not get to far. So we left it at friendly smiles and
looking at each other. Nobody seemed to mind. When I got up I saw their
eyes follow me, not starring, just a friendly glance, a little bit of a
compliment and some caressing in these looks. It started to feel good.

I went for one more round in the sauna, this time I picked a room I had
seen two men go in earlier. When I entered, we exchanged smiles. Their
eyes wandered up and down my body, not threatening at all. I slowed down a
moment to give them a chance to finish their inspection, then I laid down –
on a low bench, I wanted to be looked at. I closed my eyes to give them
the freedom they desired. I turned over for a while, them got up, smiled
at them. They must have understood. Now it was their turn to lay down and
allow me to admire them. Another women entered. She sat down across, we
exchanged looks and understood each other. This was our turn now, and our
turn we got.

Eventually I had to return to my room. I did not bother to put my
bathing suit on, I just put the robe over. I crossed the lobby and went to
the elevator. An older, well dressed gentlemen got in, not seeming to
notice the difference in dress code between us. But when I left the
elevator I could feel his eyes on my rear, running down my legs, then up
again trying to get under my bathrobe. I felt the warmth of his looks
creep up between my legs. I barely made it back to my room, threw the robe
in the corner and collapsed on the bed. Now I let my hands finish what
many eager eyes had started earlier. Then I drifted into dreamland, into
new adventures and new excitement.

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