Scented Date Night

Scented Date Night

She met him at the front door wearing only a black silk dressing gown, loosely tied so her creamy white skin glowed against the material. Her finger swept silently and quickly to his lips to silence him. Her hands moved to his chest, feeling the muscular man beneath the clothing and then slid to his shoulders and down his arms as she removed his jacket and let it fall to the floor. He reached for her and pulled her into a tight embrace leaning in to kiss her glistening lips. As steathfully as she removed his jacket she turned her head causing his lips to land on her neck, below the left ear. She shivered as contact was made and smiled when he inhaled deeply the scent of mandarin oranges and vanilla.

She turned, taking both his hands into hers, and led him into the other room. Candles glowed throughout and provided all the light she needed as she began to unbutton his shirt. Everytime he reached for her, she frowned and forcefully put his hands back to his sides; when he tried to speak her finger would silence him again. With each button she undid she placed a light kiss on his skin; his skin remembered each one as if it had been put there by a hot branding iron. She slid the shirt from his body. To his surprise, she was on her knees in front of him before the shirt hit the floor. He reached for her and again received the same frowning pout as she pushed his hands back to his sides. A sly smile crossed her lips as she noticed a growing buldge in his trousers. Careful not to touch him, she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and took extra caution with the zipper. He watched from above as her hands moved over him without touching and saw his pants being pushed down to the floor. She slid off his shoes one at a time and gently lifted one leg then the other to leave him standing in nothing but his silk boxers. Slowly, and carefully to not touch his growing hardness, she removed his boxers releasing his manhood just inches from her face. She exhaled sharply and watched him shiver as her breath teased him.

Slowly she stands before him and leads him to the bed, turning him so that he's forced to lay face down. The silence is intoxicating as she crawls up and straddles him, rocking softly as she leans forward to the bedside table and extracts a small blue bottle. She opens the bottle and drips a small amount of mandarin orange scented oil onto his back. As she begins massaging it in she leans forward and blows. He begins to feel a warming sensation and moans softly. She keeps her hands busy working the oil into his tight muscles, blowing on different places causing the oil to get hotter. She rises and turns around adjusting herself on him again and begins the proceedure on his legs, massaging and blowing until she has touched every exposed part of his body.

The affect is overwhelming to him. The candles, the careful undressing of his body, the scent of the oil, the massage; he moans loudly. She slides off him and stands beside the bed. As he turns his head to look at her she motions for him to turn over. He does so without hesitation. Watching him and smiling she reaches toward the side table again, this time producing 2 silk scarves. He watches her as she begins tying his hands above him to the headboard, the second she slips around his mouth making a small shushing sound of her own. She can't help but notice several signs of arousal, his eyes, his squirming body, his obvious hardness.

Locking his eyes to hers, she climbs onto the bed again; standing over him as the tie on her dressing gown releases to reveal her smooth, creamy body underneath. His eyes devour her as they move downward and then back up again. Still with the blue crystal bottle in her hand she lowers herself and sits at the top of his thighs. She opens the bottle again and lets the oil drip onto his chest. Her fingers move like feathers as she spreads the oil all over his quivering torso. His body jerks the first time she leans forward to exhale and heat the oil because now her own hot flesh is making contact with his sensitive manhood. This does not slow her, she continues massaging and blowing over his nipples, arms, down his mid-section. All of his senses are on fire, his mind exploding with desire.

With swift, stealth-like movements she stands, turns and repositions herself on his lower abdomen and as quick as she thought she was he still caught a glimpse of her beautiful silken body before she assumed this new position with her back to his face. He felt the oil dripping onto his right leg and his body quaked as his hardness slipped between her breasts when she leaned forward to massage his leg and blow to heat the oil, filling the room once again of the scent of mandarin oranges. Back and forth she rubs the oil into his thigh and calf, stretching far to reach his ankle and foot; giving him a teasing glimpse under her dressing gown with every stroke and teasing his sensitive manhood to almost unbearable arousal. Finishing up the right leg she moves to the left giving it the same undivided attention as the other, moving slowly up and down, stretching her body out, fingers working deftly on every muscle.

His male hardness pressing against her hot skin receives an almost painful jolt every time she bends over it. Through his scarf covered mouth, she can hear him exhaling sharply when she bends forward and flashes her body to him. Static electricity feels the air. The candles slowly burning down, the scent of mandarin oranges and wanting filling the room. He lays there in anticipation of what will happen next. Her smug in knowing it's far from over.

She rises again, this time very slowly. Turning to face him and letting her dressing gown slide from her shoulders and float to the side of the bed like a leaf drifting from a tall tree. Still straddling him, she bends forward and removes the scarf from his mouth. Leaning ominously over him, sparks flying from her eyes, she puts her mouth to his, pulling back as his hungry lips try to consume hers. Again she leans in and slowly runs her tongue over his lips. His eyes call her a devil for teasing him. His lips open in an invitation to her tongue and she complies, pressing her mouth to his. Both of their bodies explode with fireworks as the kiss deepens from teasing to passion to an animalistic need. He fights the restraints on his wrists, needing badly to touch her body, have his way with her but this is not in her plans yet and the bonds hold.

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