Sex Party_(2)

Sex Party_(2)

The party was so boring. These bonfire hangouts always were. I sat on the musty couch of the Jackson cabin, a beer in one hand, watching people hang out, make out, and pass out. Such a drag. I was a little drunk myself, but clear enough to drive home. I told my friends I was going back home and made to get up, when a girl stopped me at the door. I knew her vaguely from school, but, being a senior, I don't pay much attention to younger kids. She was smokin hot and dressed like a slut. Her top was short and tight, stretching over her big tits, and her shorts might as well have been a denim bikini. She didn't say anything, but grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the recesses of the large cabin. It was a confusing jumble of people, music, and the sweeet aroma of marijuana. I loved it, getting a buzz from the beer and second-hand weed smoke.

As we went further, there were less and less people around. Soon there was none at all and we were passing into what looked like a bedroom. She shut the door behind us and locked it. I looked questioningly at her. She led me to a bed that took up most of the space in the dimly lit room. On the bed was another girl, possibly fifteen with groovy black hair and a pale complexion. She was well-endowed with large tits and a nice ass I could see from her position, and from the fact that she was naked. She looked asleep, but she was obviously passed out. The girl that had led me there, I remembered, was named Sarah. She rolled the girl on the bed over till she was on her back. Sarah looked at me and knelt her pretty face down to the other girl's pussy, licking and tongueing softly. The girl began to moan under her breath, even in her inebriated state. So she wasn't completely zonked, I thought.

My dick began to swell. As if reading my mind, Sarah crawled over to where I was standing and unbuttoned my pants, pulling both them and my boxers down to the floor. My dick was swollen to a decent seven and some inches, but was extremely thick. She began to lick the pre-cum off the head as I watched her in astonishment. I didn't even know this girl, but she was licking my sweaty hard cock like we were lovers!

She began to slide my thick meat in and out of her fiery little mouth, sucking slightly and licking her tongue all over the head. I buried my hands in her hair as she polished my nob fast, acting as if it were something very good for her to eat. I felt myself start to coil up for an orgasm when she stopped. She stood up and grabbed my hand, still saying nothing, she led me over to the girl on the bed. I saw what she had in mind, but knew it was wrong.

"I don't know. . . . . " I mumbled. Sarah looked at me oddly,

"This was her idea, baby." She cooed in a breathy voice.

I mulled that over in my mind while absently sliding my slick cock over the girl's hard little clit. She moaned in that same luxurious way and I made my desicion. I slipped the head of my cock inside her and found her to not only be extremely tight, but dripping with hot pussy juice. I slid it the rest of the way in, eliciting a high-pitched moan from the girl. I lost all control and began to thrust it in and out of her hot pink pussy-slit. Soon I was slamming my entire weight behind my dick, shoving her back and forth on the floral-print bedspread. She was crying out in pleasure incoherently, but her eyes were still shut. Soon, she was gasping and crying in orgasm, breathing loudly and harshly. I let my hot love juice fly from my cock and fill her up. I let it sit inside her extremely tight cunt as her orgasm made her pussy clenched my dick. Everytime she clenched, a new spurt of cum came out.

Eventually I was done, and pulled myself out of her, a stream of cum and pussy juice flowing out after me. Sarah licked her lips hungrily and began to strip. Her blonde hair and tan skin was such a difference from the black hair and ivory flesh of the girl on the bed. Soon she was naked and stood there in front of me, rubbing her clit lazily. Was I gonna get lucky again? Miraculously, not ten minutes after I had cum last, my dick began to well with blood. Sarah pushed me back on the bed beside the girl and climbed on top of me, straddling my stomach. She was wearing nothing except her socks and white tennis shoes. For some reason, it excited me further. She leaned down to kiss me as she raised her hips up and slowly impaled her hot wet pussy on my hard-on. Encased in my second pussy of the night, I felt great.

She let out her breath as I surged the rest of the way inside her. She adjusted herself and began to use her legs to raise herself up, and then lower herself back down onto me. Her eyes lit up and she began to bounce up and down, burying my dick inside her cunt over and over again. Her tits bounced up and down with the motion. Using only her legs to move herself, she reached up and put her hair ontop of her head, holding them there. It looked so fucking sexy.

There she was, displaying herself for my view as I arched my back up everytime she slammed her cunt down on my cock. She was using me, and I was using her, but neither one cared. She put her hands on my chest as she started to fuck me at an incredible rate, her ass pounding my thighs as she tried feverishly to reach orgasm. She was getting sweaty in the hot room, and the sounds of slapping flesh were loud and exciting. I was on the brink of orgasm when she tensed up and stopped moving,

"Oh God!!!! Hell yes. . . . . . . .oh! Oh! I'm gonna CUUUUUUMMM!!!!" And she came in a hot rush.

I flipped her over so she was on her back. I spread her legs wide and pushed her knees up to her chest. I began to fuck her rough and hard. Pounding, slamming, sliding, stabbing, we fucked eachother with such energy, the bed started to move. She was screaming her pleasure again soon,

"Fuck me harder baby, I. . . . .oh fuck. . . . . I NEED IT HARDER!!" She grabbed my ass as I drilled her ever harder, ever faster until she came again, sucking in breath just so she could moan louder. At this point I started to cum too, shooting jets of sperm inside her pussy. She cried out,

"Oh, cum in me!! Cum in me HARD BABY!!! OH yes. . . . . OH FUCK!!!" I kept shooting inside her and she wound down as I ran out of cum.

I collapsed ontop of her sweaty body and she reached around to stroke my sweaty back. My tired dick rested inside her heat, still throbbing. Maybe this party wasn't such a drag after all.

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