Silken Chains Part Two

Silken Chains Part Two

Rising before dawn Leit moved to the living room sitting down he stretched. Picking up the remote he turned on the TV. He pressed the play button so he could view his new toy just as he had for a couple hours last night. Smiling lightly he looks at her sleeping on her chest arms still bound as he left them last eve. After watching her for several long minutes he moves back into his room to dress. Today will be a day she never forgets he knows he will make sure of it.

Slipping on a pair of loose black jogging pants he moves to the bathroom. Running the water in the sink he brushes his teeth then swiftly shaves off any new stubble. Walking across the living room once more he makes himself a bagel with some cream cheese. Then he eats it slowly watching her on the screen from the kitchen. Finishing his breakfast he takes a bottle of water from the fridge as well as a small dish of low fat cottage cheese. Moving to the TV he shuts it off then moves to the wall pressing the panel to open the door there.

Quietly he pads down the carpeted stairs silent like a ghost. He looks around the room seeing everything as it should be the bathroom door still open. There is a bench along one wall with different types of chains hanging from the ceiling and wall. There in the corner is a work table with wall hooks holding all sorts of whips, canes, and toys. In the middle of the room is a doctors table silver chrome shining dully under the dim light. Heavy manacles hang from the ceiling by chain. There is also a small saw horse of stained wood and a pair of stocks on a small platform in the far corner. He moves from the stairs to the table setting down the water and food.

Walking from the table to the cage he types in the code to unlock the door. The door pops open allowing him to walk in standing over her helpless form. Her red hair hides her face as he looks on she begins to wiggle obviously awake. The contours of her pale ass beg him to caress her there. He crouches down letting his hand stroke her ass cheeks her whimper of fear like music to his ears. The dry cum in her ass crack from last night is hard and crusted now. Talis manages to flip her hair out of her face giving him his first look at her face this morning.

He sees her blue eyes are shoot thru with red from all the crying she has done since last night. Her lips look swollen from where she chewed on them in despair. Her hair is loose it would seem most of it escaped her hair tie during her struggles. Her collar is still fastened to her lovely throat like a trophy. He reaches down stroking her bared neck feeling her shiver with his touch. “Did you sleep well my pet?” His words sound concerned he feels her bodies shivering increase with his words. “No my arms ache and I really need to use the ladies room….Sir” Her voice sounds pain filled and hopeless sweet music to his ears. When she spoke his eyes showed displeasure at her tone. Lifting the remote into her view caused her to add the sir to appease him.

He reaches from her ass to her arms unbinding them slowly as he does this his words once more capture her attention. “If you learn today I will not bind you tonight, when I put you to bed my pet.” When he unties her first wrist he can see the pain of her freedom in those blue eyes. His hands carefully rub circulation back into her limb before releasing it. Then he unties her other wrist and does the same carefully rubbing her back to life. After a few minutes he can see the pain easing in her eyes. He rolls her onto her back now so she is fully exposed to his eyes.

His eyes travel over her body not caring the slightest bit that she began to blush. “You will use the bathroom in my view my pet.” His words once more hold that cool menace in them. “I can’t….please let me go I don’t care about anything I won’t tell th……” Her words were soft a demure but they soon turn into a whimpering scream as he holds the switch on the remote down. Releasing it he rises over her shaking form like a predator about to make his kill. “Get up now pet! I would hate to have to shock you till you made a mess in your bed. This is the only bed you may sleep in for now.” His words hold promise as he steps out of the cage door standing where he can reach her if need be.

She almost jumps to her feet then as he threatens her with that fate shaming her even more. Moving to him at the door she shivers her fear in him growing. He moves to the stairs standing there blocking any escape as he smiles to her. “Go on my pet.” He can see the bathroom from where he stands. His tone is soft as he speaks to her always watching her it seems. She walks to the bathroom hopelessly moving inside. It is then she notices there is no handle on the door. No way to seal it from his eyes or his actions.

With a whimper she moves to the toilet sitting down on the cold seat there. He says nothing but when she peaks up she can see his eyes on her. He watches as she sits there waiting for her to do as he instructed. He moves in from the stairs to the doorway watching her up close now. Soon he gets his way as her bladder wins out against her shame. The sound of her relief is heard thru out the room. He sees her blush brightly as she wipes herself clean then flushes not able to look up. He watches her with enjoyment in his eyes. He knows that with each act she shames herself bringing her deeper into his world.

He walks into the bathroom with her his hand drifts out to stroke her face. She sits frozen on the toilet afraid with him this close even to breathe. He smiles down moving in closer still till she has no room to back from him. He keeps his touch gentle with her as he strokes the side of her face. He leans into her kissing the top of her head affectionately. “I told you last night to think up five questions for us to discuss this morning. Now is the time to speak them for this is as comfortable as I will allow you for now.” His tone is now like a gentle caress as he can feel her muscles are tense as she tries to think.

Her words come out softly confused by his actions. “Might I have some clothing please….sir.” He shakes his head at her words sighing. “Is this then one of your questions?” He feels her squirm on the seat before him as he releases her chin. Leaning back against the wall he watches her as she shakes her head helplessly. “No it is not one of my questions. I am confused I came here for a job but now I am your prisoner?” He nods his head at her words. “That is a better question. You are more then my prisoner you are now my property. I paid the normal fee to have you delivered not all girls make the silver screen my pet.” He watches as she shakes her head still denying it to herself.

He waits silently watching her fight herself his eyes never miss a moment savoring it all. Finally she exhales sharply looking at him her voice is cold now with anger. “What do you plan on doing with me? Raping me till you bore with me?” He sighs shaking his head. “I doubt it there are other ways to enjoy you my pet. I will teach you what it means to be owned.” His words are soft then slowly fill with cool menace. “When I am finished with you only one type of person will fulfill you my pet.” His smile is cool like a predator once more causing her to lose much of her own angry fire.

She looks at him meeting his eyes for a time then remembers she is on the toilet naked in this mans basement. Swiftly her eyes go to the floor as her cheeks turn red once more. He sees the color shifting in her face and reaches out to her stroking her cheek once more. “Why are you doing this..sir? You are not a freak to look on I know you could get dates. Why?” He strokes her as she glances up she can see he is actually thinking thru his answer. “I am rich my pet. Most females look at me and my money with hunger in their eyes. It helps that I like my women submissive it makes for a pleasant relationship.” He strokes her face one last time then releases it waiting for another question.

She nods her head at his words trying desperately to understand so she can win free. “I saw all the stuff in there allot scares me sir. Am I the first woman you have done this to you look well prepared.” With those last words a shudder passes thru her body. In her mind she wanders about the room wondering what some of the items are for. The table and chains scaring her deeply he can see the fear in her eyes when she looks up. He smiles as he looks from her to the room. “My you are very observant my pet.” His eyes look over her naked body hungrily. “No you are not the first to sleep in the kennel. I have trained two other pets before I chose you.” He sees the look in her eyes the hunger to know all about them.

“I will tell you about them but first let’s finish this question session.” His words are not angry at her desires he sees in her eyes. “Will I ever have a chance of earning my way free of this captivity sir?” She doesn’t even realize it but without knowing his name she has begun to call him sir. “Honestly I doubt it Talis. I know you have no relations that will come look for you or close friends. I know you are alone yet young enough to be malleable to my desires.” His tone is soft but has a commanding edge to it as if to say that is the end of her time for questions.

“Now I will tell you what I expect from you. I will also explain how we can get along my pet. I think you are smart enough to know your place but we will see.” His words are soft as he rises from the wall motioning her to follow him. He looked back over his shoulder once to see if she obeyed. He heard her whimper as she stood up following him she could see the remote in his hand. “Come sit on the bench where I can explain our world.” He stands next to the wall bench where she can see chains hanging. She moves across the room edging past the table as if it might bite her. He smiles noting this but that can come later he waits for her to sit down. When she gets to the bench she sits next to him feeling the smooth cool wood on her ass she moans softly.

As she sits down he reaches behind her taking a chain about an inch thick wrapping it about her throat. She feels it her hands leap to her neck almost catching his hands. Something forces her to calm down she does not trust him but fears the shock she could sense would come. Putting her hands on her legs she sits still as he buckles the chain about her neck like a second collar. This time she hears the lock clicking shut the cool metal of it rests on her back now. He reaches down catching her right wrist as she begins to shake. She feels a length of chain enclose it then pull back till her arm is pinned to the wall. He is still silent as he now catches the left wrist restraining it just as he did the right one. Now her whole upper body is at his mercy all she can do it moan.

He reaches up and smiles at her she hears a click then feels the leather collar slide from her neck. She moans in relief as he reaches down catching a leg she feels chain about her ankle then moments later another chain goes about her other ankle. He nods at his work then begins to tighten each of the leg chains wrenching them so her legs are forced to spread open. Now she is fully exposed to his view. He nods his approval at her positioning then rises to stand. He sees her face is red but she does not fight the chains. Walking from the bench he moves to the table pulling down an electric razor then a pair of scissors. He turns back to her walking back he sits down between her legs on the carpeted floor.

“Now while I work I will tell you allot of things my pet do not interrupt me.” His words are cool and in control she remains silent scared of the scissors. “First thing first I do not like much pubic hair so I shall trim you to my desires.” She feels the cold metal hearing the clipping as he begins to trim off her bush. “I do not expect you to be perfect…. yet that is. I will train you to my taste and desires.” He slowly clears off her left lip so only stubble remains. “I expect you to be submissive to me in all things. You may ask questions of me but only if you ask to speak first. As I feel fit you may be my pet, my slut, or less.” He feels her shiver at the second name and smiles as he works over the right lip. “You may one day earn Talis back as a name if I desire it.” As he talks he continues to cut trimming all of her hair off except for a small patch above her pussy. He leaves that as he gathers up the razor she can hear the motor humming now.

“I will expect pleasure from you when I wish it. Sometimes I may deny you the same pleasure. The thing is all I do to and with you is by my choice. You may beg but I may not give in even if you beg prettily.” The razor hum over her left lip in no time at all the hair is gone from it totally naked now. “I will torment you in small ways but some you will come to love. I will punish you when I need to. Punishment will never be gentle it will be painful in some way.” The razor cuts across the right lip clearing it slowly as he stops to clean the razors head. “Not all my pleasures will be found in your body chaining you so gives me pleasure my pet. I also like to bathe my pets or be bathed as the desire comes to pass. I expect you to call me Master in private and Sir when we have visitors perhaps one day I may tell you my name.” He finishes her right lip with a small smile setting down the razor looking up at her catching her eyes in his own.

He leans in his hand strokes over her slit before he was working on it not paying attention to it sexually. Now he has decided to enjoy his work, a pair of his fingers part her pussy lips sliding into her semi damp tunnel. “You may cum because shortly I intend to cum myself.” He says softly as his fingers slip deeper into her. “If you do a good job on me I will allow you food as well as water.” His tone is cool once more as his fingers part inside her spreading her tunnel wider. She whimpers at this invasion unable to defend herself. Her body begins to respond even as her mind tries to deny the pleasure. When she hears about the food and water her stomach growls wanting both even as she spasms on his fingers.

He surprises her leaning in his tongue slowly runs over her smooth baby soft lips. He hears her whimper as her slit contracts again when his tongue touches her. His tongue moves up higher finding her clit he flails at it. His tongue is like an adder striking swiftly then retreating from her clit. After several strokes of his tongue his fingers are wet enough to move in her. He starts fingering her to force an orgasm. His lips and tongue now remain latched to her clit like a second skin lapping at it in a frenzy.

He looks up from her slit as he devours her finding her eyes on him. His eyes twinkle in excitement as he pushes her harder. Now her body is straining at the chains trying to force more of his fingers into her tunnel. He can feel her beginning to tense as he works her clit. His fingers splay on each out stroke to give her a sense of being stretched. The delicious scent of sex fills the room as he keeps pushing her toward climax. She starts panting and moaning softly not taking her eyes off him as he eats her. She feels it is close her hips try to lift but the chains are too tight on her body. He notices her action and slows down with his tongue.

His fingers stop buried in her as she wiggles on the unforgiving wood trying to feel him again. The fire in her slit is burning her alive she can feel it in her nipples it is so harsh. He licked slowly making sure each flick of his tongue was enough to torment her a little more. “OH god please please….” Her voice is full of need his eyes smile at her just above the little patch of hair he left. “I am begging you said I could cum…. SIR Please.” She almost screams as he spreads the fingers inside her his tongue driving hard once more.

He continues to work her poor slit with his tongue and fingers. Her body begins to shake as he devours her. Her body is on fire now her nipples feel like they are going to explode as she bucks against the bench. He lifts his free hand then pinching her nipple as he nips her clit. That’s all she can take her slit collapses on his fingers forcing them together. He removes his fingers from her pussy replacing it with his lips and tongue opening her to devour her juices. His eyes still look at her when she looks into his she shudders even harder. Her slit feels like it is trying to pull his tongue out at the root. He pulls back from her rubbing his face all over her smooth lips enjoying the feel of them.

He stays on her slit till her last shudder passes. He smiles up at her as he backs from her pussy breathing heavily. His hand moves over her thigh as he slowly catches his breath. When his hand comes close to her slit he can feel the muscles straining to come into contact with him. He watches as she shivers her eyes clouded with need. He rises up slowly to his feet releasing her thigh. Her eyes swell at the sight of his bulge in his sweats. He reaches to the hem of his sweats sliding them off his hips. They slide to the floor his cock swollen pointing at her. He sees her eyes are unable to look away he smiles as he steps forward.

He watches as her eyes remain glued to his cock as it leads the way. She whimpers when his head touches her lips. He smiles as his cock head strokes her lips. His darker flesh viewed against her pale lips making for an interesting sight. His voice is commanding as he nudges her lips. “Do a good job and if you bite me I will punish you by denying you food for a week.” He hears her gasp softly then he feels her lips part tentatively. He groans when he feels her soft tongue quest out of her mouth to lap at his knob.

He groans again as he looks down seeing her small pink wet tongue sliding over his sensitive head. He presses forward a little so his cock slides between her lips. He feels them close down on his shaft now her tongue begins to move over the head again. His hand reaches out stroking her cheek his words come slowly. “Have you ever deep throated someone?” Her head nods up and down as she blushes bright crimson. Her eyes meet his as he speaks once more. “I am glad you didn’t lie pet I would have trained you anyway.” As she hears his words she feels his shaft slipping deeper into her mouth now.

His cock slides about halfway into her hot mouth before he backs out the first time. His hand stays on her cheek stroking her as he slowly begins to fuck her face. Her tongue is working hard now on his shaft her shame remains but she has no choice. He moves in her mouth feeling with each back stroke the power of her suction. He moans now as he slides another inch into her mouth. His breathing is turning into gasps of pleasure as she gives him the best head she can. She feels his hot thick shaft in her mouth, unable to resist she loses herself worshipping his cock.

He can’t believe the softness of her mouth as she works him. He keeps adding an inch at a time till he feels her throat open. He growls in pleasure as he feels her fight back a gag then he is in. His head down in her throat his balls rest against her chin now. He almost loses control when she swallows his cock caught inside her throat. He groans as he begins to pump each thrust deep into her mouth. About every third stroke he lets his cocks head linger in her throat. His cock begins to swell leaking a steady coating of precum. The taste causes her to involuntarily moan. He looks down seeing her eyes meet his own then look down demurely that is it he loses control.

He yells in pleasure as he buries his cock in her throat. The only warning he gives her is to grab a handful of her hair. The first pulse of his cock sends a glob of cum down her throat. He is shuddering in pleasure backing up slowly his head enters her mouth once more. She uses her teeth to lightly skin over his cock as the next pulse causes her mouth to fill with cum. The taste is only a little salty but she loves it. She swallows the mouthful in time to get the next load. Her hot mouth filling a small bit leaks out as she swallows moaning. He can’t stop cumming each pulse swallowed as swiftly as she can.

She works his cock till he stops cumming in her mouth. Without him uttering a word she nurses on his semi limp cock. Her tongue is working overtime as she cleans his cum from his shaft. He is panting holding himself up by the hand on her head now. He looks down but her eyes are closed as she works on cleaning all of his seed from him. He slowly backs out of her mouth with a moan. His fingers move to her face catching a small amount of his cum that escaped he offers it to her on his fingers. She grins like a kitten licking at the cum as he slides his fingers into her mouth she once more begins to suck.

When his fingers come from her mouth there is a soft pop as she was sucking hard. He smiles and shakes his head. “Thank you……” She looks to the floor her skin red once more “” Her voice is a soft whisper as she says it to him her eyes filling with small tears. He turns regarding her with a new look in his eyes. Walking to her side he sits down he carries the cottage cheese and the water. Setting the food aside he opens the water offering it to her lips which she swiftly drinks from. Then he sets the bottle aside and picks up the food he smiles lifting a spoonful of food to her lips. “Eat my pet I enjoyed your honesty, service, and submission.” His words are soft as he slowly feeds her.

He finishes his task of feeding and watering her with care. Then he walks back to the table setting aside the containers. He turns to regard her and smiles moving back to the bench he flicks a switch overhead. The chains lose their tautness her arms move to her sides to rest on the bench. Her legs remain almost fully open as if silently begging him to take her. He crouches down unshackling her legs then moving to her arms. Once they are free he uncoils the neck chain using it like a leash.

He rises smiling touching her chin with his fingers softly. “I have some things to do this afternoon pet.” His tone is soft but commanding. “I will lock you in the kennel but I want you to do something for me.” She looks up licking her lips slightly swollen from his use of her. “What would you like sir?” Her tone is submissive still but not like before. “I want you to look on the different toys here and pick the first one I shall teach you tonight.” His words are soft as he moves to the kennel door motioning her to go inside.

She moves with her head down going past him when she feels his hand on her wrist stopping her. She looks up meeting his eyes but can’t hold them looking down once more. He reaches out tilting her head he leans in then kissing her softly. Her lips are silken as he kisses them his tongue slips out to duel with hers softly. When he breaks the kiss she is panting softly her eyes with a distant glaze over them. She whimpers softly as she steps into the kennel then turns facing him. He hangs the chain on a ring within the kennel locking it into place. “I will be back my pet.” His voice relaxed as he blows her a kiss.

Shutting the door it clicks locking then he moves to his sweats slipping them on. Turning to the table he gathers her dishes then walks to the stairs. When he looks back she is gripping the grate of the cage. There are tears in her eyes he sees them and smiles. He walks back upstairs sealing the door behind him. Going to his computer he sits down setting the dishes aside. Popping open his email he opens a new email. Typing swiftly he sends a letter to BM then shuts it down. The letter was simple and precise. “BM send me dasha friend. I will need her for one maybe two nights. I will look forward to the party next month. I may even have a pretty surprise for you. ML”

Rising from the desk he goes to the kitchen with the dishes. Doing them he thinks on his pet and how proud he was today. He moves outside now slipping on a shirt and goes to the garage. He opens it walking to his car he slides into the seat to go to town. He knows in about two hours he will be coming home again. Meanwhile she is down in her kennel still crying softly but looking over the items with fear and interest. She wonders why some of them seem to excite her now.

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