Six Mile High Club chapter 4

Six Mile High Club chapter 4

Six Mile High Club chapter 4

When Jessica finally called him, Michael went into her room. As he passed Ann's room, Darlene was yelling loud for Mac to fuck her harder and faster. The whole thing was like a surrealistic dream. Michael hadn't even seen a real pussy for years and now everything was happening for him. Jessica was lying on her bed. She was wearing a short light blue baby doll nightie and matching light blue lace panties. She could have been PLAYBOY'S playmate of the month, right after her mother.

She told him to get undressed and come to bed. Michael stripped down to his boxers and climbed on the bed with her. He held her tight and began kissing her all over, down to her titties, sucking lightly on her puffy nipples. She groaned and held his head as he sucked. Michael's hand dropped down to her panties and he lightly touched her damp slit. He continued this for at least twenty minutes, as she seemed to enjoy it so much. After a period of time, he swore he could taste cream coming from her titties. It was delicious, like warm ice cream. More than that; warm Italian Gelato. Michael had never tasted anything creamer than Jessica's titties. He could suck on them all night.

She told him that she was going to cum, just from his touching and sucking. Wonderful he thought.

"Oh Daddy, take your finger out of me. I'm wet and I think that I'm ready. I want you to do it to me now."

"Right now Jess?"

"Yes, Daddy; Mommy needs you."

She reached in his shorts and took hold of his cock, stroking it gently.

"Pull my panties down Daddy!"

Hooking his thumbs in her panties, he pulled them down her sculptured legs, then off of her feet. Dropping them on the floor, he concentrated on removing his own shorts, which wasn't easy as his cock was sticking out and very hard. She watched intently as he removed the last obstacle that stood in the way; of her giving up her virginity to a real cock. When his penis was finally free and he was totally naked, she smiled, spread her legs and motioned to him with open arms; to crawl between them.

"Is it going to hurt a lot Daddy?"

"I hope not Jess. I want you to enjoy it as much as I will. We are really going to do this aren't we?"

"Yes Daddy … right now."

Michael was on his knees, leaning on one hand, holding his cock with the other when Jessica said,

"I want to do it Michael. Let me put it in."

Letting go of his penis, Michael placed both of his hands on either side of her. She took hold of it and moved it up and down against her slit, and her clitoris, making the head wet. It felt so good, he almost came right then. She moaned loud and told him how good it felt to her. She then guided it to her vagina and slowly pulled it in.

"Oh God Michael, it hurts. Your penis is hurting me. I don't know if I can take it."

"Easy Jess, don't move. Hook your legs around mine and let's wait for a few minutes until the pain is gone."

Michael held himself above her for what seemed like an eternity, however was in fact only a few minutes.

"It doesn't feel so bad now Michael, push it in just a little."

"Are you sure?"

"Uh huh … but easy."

Michael moved his hips a fragment of an inch and Jess moaned. She was still holding on to it.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you Jess?"

"No, it felt good. It's in about half way. Push a little more."

He moved a little farther inside of her pussy. When he did, he felt her nails dig into his butt, so he pulled his cock most of the way out. As he was pulling out she said,

"No Michael, don't take it out. Do it to me … fuck me please. Fuck me; I need you to do it to me now. Fuck me … Fuck me. Oh Michael that feels so good. Do it a little faster … please do it faster."

In the whole world, in Michael's opinion of course, there was nothing better than being with a girl who really wants to have sex and is doing it for her, and not just for the guy. Feeling her slippery vagina tightening around your cock, and having her tell you she wants you to fuck her; is the most wonderful thing in the world. God sure knew what he was doing when he invented sexual intercourse. He must have liked people a lot. No matter what happens, there are millions of people somewhere in the world fucking every second of the day and night.

It had only been a few minutes and Jessica was moaning louder. She apparently loved everything he was doing as she was begging for more. Michael felt her nails dig into his butt again, and felt her tense up. Her vagina tightened around his cock and she began to cum. As Michael was not yet ready, he continued faster. Jessica began to cry, and he asked her what was wrong.

"Oh Michael it just feels so wonderful. I didn't know it would be this good. You do it so, so well. I want to kiss you all over. Oh Michael, Oh God, I think I'm going to squirt again. Do it faster please. Oh, suck my titties. Bite them, fuck me; bite me. Oh God; Michael do it harder, please harder."

She didn't say if she wanted him to fuck her harder or bite her titties harder; so he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could, and bit down on her nipple. As Jessica began to cum again, he could feel her juice squirting on his cock.

"Jessica, get ready I'm going to cum. Are you ready baby, because here it comes."

"Uhhh Huh!"

She was moving her hips as fast as Michael was moving his. They were fucking like two monkeys in the zoo, oblivious to any visitors watching them. This may have been their first time, but Michael knew that it wouldn't be their last. After he came in his new girlfriend, he pulled her close and held her tight not pulling his cock from her pussy. She said nothing, and took hold of his head, pushing it down to her titties. Michael took a nipple in his mouth and very lightly, began to suck.

"Easy Daddy. I love it when you suck on them." She said, "but Momma's titties are very tender right now."

About a half hour had passed when she told him that she wanted him to fuck her again. He explained, that his cock wasn't hard yet, so they would have to wait a little while. Moving down on the bed, she began to play with his penis. As her hand movements didn't quite get the reaction she was looking for; Jessica put her mouth on his cock and began to suck squeezing his testicles lightly. Seconds later Michael's penis was up and hard again. His cock just couldn't win over a girl sucking it that way. When he was fully erect, she got on her hands and knees; telling him to push it into her pussy from the back, like they had seen in the movie.

Michael got behind her, grabbed her hips in his hands, placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina and shoved hard. No matter how much he enjoyed doing it with her, he was getting a little tired and was hoping to get it over as soon as possible. She let out a light scream then fell forward; her face on a big pillow however still up on her knees. Michael moved up as far as he could and fucked downward. He had once, been told by a friend; that in this position his cock would come in contact with her "G" spot the most.

"Uh God, Michael what are you doing?"

"I'm fucking you baby. Do you like it."

"Uhhhh huhhh. I … love … it."

Two minutes later she came again, but it didn't stop her. As Michael fucked for everything that he was worth, she shoved her hips back into him. He could hear her voice whisper.

"Fuck me Daddy, fuck me hard."

Michael thought about all of the time and energy he had wasted jacking off when he was fourteen; when he could have been fucking Jessica. But when he was fourteen, she was only eleven. Her mom, liberal or not probably wouldn't have allowed it; well maybe? He wasn't sure. It was building again. He was going to cum once more.

"Oh; oh; oh; oh." said Jess. "Cum in me Daddy. Squirt it deep in my pussy. Oh God; Oh God; Oh God; Michael!!"

His cum shot out like water out of a fireman's; high pressure hose. It was scary how much cum he had discharged into Jess, but he believed that she was finely satisfied. Easing his cock from her vagina, Michael lay down next to her. When she didn't move, he reached down and pulled the covers over them.

It seemed like only minutes had passed, when sunlight came streaming in the window waking Michael and, brightening up the room. Jessica was still asleep and laying partially on his chest. Her nighty was open and her beautiful titties were in full view. The clock now displayed seven o'clock. He heard a light tapping and whispered in Jessica's ear, that somebody was at her door. Jessica strained to open her eyes and asked,

"Who is it?"

"It's your mother. May he come in?"

"Yes … sure, come in mom."

When her mom walked in the door, Michael was a little concerned as Jessica sat up and her titties were bare, and as it was a little cold in the room, her nipples were hard like a pair of little clits. Jessica's mother made no mention of her daughter's tits, but asked,

"You two want some breakfast?"

"Not right now mom. We haven't even said good morning yet."

"Maybe in a half hour baby?"

"Better make it an hour mom." Jessica said with a smile.

"Did you like it baby? Was it wonderful? Was it everything I said it would be?"

"Yes mom, it was wonderful, just like you said, maybe even better. If I had known Michael when I was thirteen, I would have done it with him then. Mom close the door, Michael and I are going to talk … OK?"

"At thirteen years old?" Her mother giggled. "I believe it. Your friends must have been "talking", all night. They're still asleep in my bed. I'm going to wait an hour then start breakfast. Remember little girl I expect you to wash your sheets, and mine later."

"OK mom, I will. I guess they are a little sticky. Remember Mom don't come in. We will come out when we are done… talking." Jessica turned to me and said, " Darlene missed church again. Oh well."

As the door closed, Jessica moved up to Michael and kissed him; while reaching under the blanket. She took hold of his cock and began to stroke it.

"How is Mr. Dudley this morning. Is he up for a little more play time?"

"What did you have in mind Jess?"

"Maybe some 69 and a real good … good morning fuck?"

"Sounds great."

They got it on again. Jessica loved to be fucked all of the time. When they were at school, she would stop him in the hallway and beg him to go somewhere, so they could do it. Twice they did it in the janitor's closet, even though the odor of "Pine Sol" cleaner placed a damper on the event, and Michael missed his Physics class.

They did it four times under the bleachers by the football field, instead of eating lunch. She was like a kid in a candy store. She wanted to do it so bad, that she didn't even mind the trash scattered around them. She was pleased that some smart student had brought an old ARMY mattress for anyone who needed it. She didn't do her homework most of the time and as Michael was at her house every night, he was beginning to fall behind also. It was terrible; but it was wonderful at the same time.

He loved what they did together, and with her mother's permission, but the sex was taking up so much of his life, he didn't have much time for anything else. Michael and Jessica would be in her room fucking like wild animals, while her mother and husband du jour, were getting it on in the other bedroom. He thought that to an outsider it must have sounded like Saturday night in the local whorehouse.

One Sunday morning, after they had been dating about six months, Michael was at home in his bed asleep about dawn; when a very warm naked body crawled in next to him. At first he thought for a minute that he was dreaming, but he wasn't. Jessica was in his bed playing with his penis. When she slipped it into her mouth and began to suck, Michael realized what was going on and lost it.

"Did you at least lock my door Jess?" he whispered.


"I don't want my mom to come in and find you here sucking me off."

"Why, would she be pissed?"

"Well Yah!"

"I don't see why. My mother doesn't care if you fuck me all day and all night, as long as I'm happy. Doesn't your mom want you to be happy?"

"Jess, face it our mothers are from two different planets, and nether one of them is Earth. Your mom gets off knowing you are being taken care of sexually. My mom thinks that I'm still a virgin."

"Maybe I should tell her what a great little fucker you really are Michael." Jessica said with a naughty grin, "What do you think?"

"I think that mothers should not be involved in, or have knowledge of their children's sex lives."

"You sound like a passage out of law book Michael. Are you going to put Mr. Dudley in my pussy, or should I go to Barstow and give my Uncle a surprise visit?"

"You would let your uncle fuck you after everything he has already done to you?"

"It's either you or my Uncle, Michael. I really need it, now."

It was like she was addicted to drugs, only her injections were between her legs. Michael jumped out of bed and locked the door to his room; while Jessica lay back and relaxed with her legs spread wide open. Michael was almost insane, but he was a man; and this little girl knew just what he needed. As he got back in bed she whispered,

"Come on Daddy, fuck Mommy."

They made love; no they never made love. They FUCKED hard, being as quiet as possible in light of the circumstances. After about an hour, Michael thought that they were pretty much done and relaxed. The doorknob to his room rattled, and his Dad asked,

"Michael, why is the door locked?"

Jessica swung her leg over Michael placing her pussy above his face; then stuck her head under the covers and took Michael's cock into her mouth.

"I, uh, wanted a little privacy Dad."

"Oh, yes. I understand. I'm taking your mom to church; then we're going to breakfast and then to the Mall. We will be back around two or three. Are you going to Jessica's house?"

"Probably." Michael stammered. He found it difficult to talk to his father when his girlfriend was sucking his cock. Especially, when her gorgeous glistening bare pussy sparkled, within licking distance of his face. She took her mouth off his cock for a second and whispered,

"Lick my pussy Daddy. Suck my clity."

Happily his Dad said his goodbyes and Michael heard the front door close. As his parents left, his tongue slid up and down Jessica's slit, occasionally delving into her vagina. Michael had licked her pussy before, however she had never cum when he did it. He figured that he had not paid enough attention to her clitoris, so he concentrated on "the little man in the boat" as his Dad had once described it.

Jessica was back in her own little world of sexual pleasure. She was sucking Michael's cock like a highly paid porn star. At times he was concerned that she might suck something out that he really needed. She was the best he had ever encountered, and he believed at the time that he loved her. It was just that they didn't talk about anything really important. She wasn't interested in history, politics, sports, or much of anything else; just all forms of sex.

When the four of them doubled dated, all the girls could talk about was how many orgasms Michael and Mac; had given them, like it was some type of competition. Sometimes, even though Michael was a male, he thought that there must be something more. He thought that; until Jessica made his cock hard again. That brought him back down to her level very quickly. He was her Daddy and she was his Mommy. Maybe, if she had ever shown a little interest in anything besides a completely biological relationship, they might have been married someday. They had never talked about having kids, and even though their nicknames for each other were "Mommy" and "Daddy", Michael didn't believe she would have the time or tolerance for children, which was OK with him, as he really didn't have time for them either.

Jessica was moaning loud as Michael continued to suck her clitoris. He was no longer just licking it, but had it between his lips, flicking it with his tongue and sucking a little harder than he normally would.

"Oh God Michael."

He knew when she called him Michael; combined with the words "Oh God" she was really enjoying what he was doing. She let out a long moan; then began squirting her juice into his face and mouth. He thought at first that she might have peed as there was so much of it, but the taste of her pussy juice was delicious, and unmistakable. Lucky for him he began to cum seconds later. But Jessica was too wiped out from her orgasm to even swallow it. She just let run out of her mouth on to his cock and down on to his balls. He lay there for a minute or two admiring her beautiful hairless pussy and squeezing her butt cheeks with both hands.

When she hadn't moved in several minutes, he gently pushed her off of him and crawled out from under her. She was breathing, but appeared to be unconscious. He felt at the time that he had done a good thing; and hoped she had enough for a little while anyway. It was now eight-thirty. Michael got out of bed and went into the bathroom. His legs were so weak; he had to sit down to pee.

As he sat there, he wondered if there were any other girls anywhere in the world like Jessica, who were born nymphomaniacs. Actually she was not exactly a "nympho", as she did have a few other interests. He couldn't bring any to mind at the time, but he was sure there had to be some. When he was done, he walked over to his desk naked and picked up a dictionary. Looking up the word he found; Noun: nympho-maniac – a female with abnormal sexual desires.

Michael guessed what may be abnormal to some; could be normal to others. Actually Jessica, her friend Darlene and Jessica's mother, would all probably qualify as sexually abnormal. But if they were in a room with two other females, they could be the majority, and the other two would be the abnormal ones. In fact, not knowing the sexual proclivities of the other two, you couldn't be sure what the majority was. Hell they might be nymphomaniacs too. Michael was getting a headache from all of the thoughts running ramped in his brain, so he lay down next to his little "nympho" and kissed her on the neck.

"Not now Daddy; Mommy is tired."

Thank God he thought; a light at the end of the tunnel. She had finally been satisfied; at least temporally. Now Michael knew the secret. Jessica's clitoris, had to be sucked until she came so hard that she passed out.

"Mommy, we have to get up if we are going to breakfast. Come on, get up."

"Michael, you killed me. Nothing you have ever done before has been like that. You were wonderful. Just dig a hole and bury me somewhere."

"Aren't you a little hungry baby?"

"I'm starved; and I could eat a bull, balls and all; but I don't want to move."

"Balls and all. Where did you hear that?"

"It's one of my mother's favorite sayings."

They carried on the conversation with her eyes shut. She was refusing to open them, or even move for that matter. He had to remember this forever. Clitoris; clitoris; clitoris. Michael would never forget the girl's clitoris.

"Get up baby. There's steak and eggs at the "IHOP" with your name on them."

"I'm really hungry, but I can't move. Michael what did you do to me?"

"Weren't you there?"

"Oh yes, I was there in the middle of the accident being run over by a truck. God Michael, I knew that you were good, but this was way beyond anything you have ever done before."

"It was really just a little thing sweetie."

"A little thing; HA, HA! My clitoris is a little thing. Michael, do you think you can do it again?"

"Right now?"

"No silly, but in the future."

"I can try. Are you going to get up? I'm hungry."

"Yes, I'm getting up, but I'm not sure if my legs will work. Wait until I tell Ann about this. She won't believe it."

'Wow' thought Michael. She and her mother had a very special relationship. Michael felt it hard to believe that any mother and daughter were that close and shared everything.

Getting out of bed they cleaned up, taking a shower together. Michael was surprised; as Jessica made no movements to suck his cock, or bend over and play hide the weenie. She just methodically washed them both. She washed his cock, his balls, his butt hole and under his arms, but never said, or did anything sexual. It kind of reminded him of his mother washing him when he was little.

After getting out of the shower, a normal Jessica would have dropped to her knees and placed her warm mouth on his penis, sucking it back to a hard state while lightly squeezing his balls. She would have smiled; a wicked little smile; and led him back to the bed. She wouldn't have had to say anything; she would have just spread her legs, displaying her tight little pussy, and crooked her finger letting him know she wanted him inside her again. But she didn't do that; she just started getting dressed. When she pulled her panties up, as only she could, Michael began to get hard. He got behind her and took hold of her titties, shoving his cock between her legs against her panty crotch. Then he ran one hand down to her pussy and began felling her up through her panties. God help him he wanted to fuck his little nymphomaniac again.

"Michael! Is that all you think about?"

"Oh my God." he thought, he had broken her. She wasn't horny anymore. She didn't want to fuck him. He was devastated. Michael had killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

To Be Continued…

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