Stepson's revenge part 2

Stepson's revenge part 2

Stepson’s Revenge, part 2

Note: before the story begins allow me to say one thing, it contains scenes of graphic violence, gore, sadism, torture and death. Consider yourself duly warned. So don’t bother reading this only to bitch about how apparently psychotic or sick I am because to be quite honest I just won’t listen. Enjoy 🙂


It must’ve been a year since John and Suni killed Lorraine, and enjoyed it. In the end John had taken Suni as his lover and she had taken him as her master. Not because of any real superiority, but because she enjoyed being controlled, being dominated. There were incidents where John went too far with their bondage, torture and forced orgasms, these incidents planted the seed of hate in her, but it never amounted to anything because the pleasure she got afterwards more than made up for any offenses John committed. Suni knew that John could kill her anytime, he had the height and weight advantage. He was stronger and fitter physically and he had that same dark imagination which Suni had seen at work every time John knocked out and brought sluts, frat boys, jocks, or just idiots to the warehouse in the forest near he cliffs to be slaughtered. As he dreamt up ever-imaginative means of the destruction and disposal of these kinds of people she had come to realize that it wasn’t murder. It was cleansing. John had explained to her a while back that he wasn’t interested in mindless slaughter. He strove to derive pleasure from the deaths of those that ruined the earth. Disease ridden whores, bullies, criminals. They disappeared from the public eye one by one and nobody was any the wiser because to be honest nobody cared about these kinds of people. Even dirty cops and a corrupt politician or two disappeared and yet still nobody seemed to care. As John had predicted long before, these people would die and nobody would bat an eyelid in protest. Except the victims of course, but its not like they had a valid opinion.

John had allowed Suni to have a greater and greater part in the deaths of their victims, Suni had even brought victims of her own to the warehouse on occasion. Convincing John that when he brought her here originally, fully intent on killing her, he had found a real prize. Someone liked him who believed in the same dark punishments as he. He’d been impressed on several occasions at the way she would use irony to kill her victims. For example on one occasion she hung a muscle bound, brainless jock, without restraint, above the grinder, just high enough that, in order to avoid its metal jaws, he’d have to do a single chin-up. Of course doing the chin up was easy, but holding it wasn’t and the muscle, which he had relied on his whole life to earn him money through various sporting jobs, eventually failed him.

John had to admit that he liked the way Suni thought. She was as obedient generally as she was sexually and she held the same dark imagination and fantasies that he did. It was only natural that the two would become lovers.

John awoke. Suni was clutching him as if he’d saved her from drowning. He took a second to absorb the surroundings. They were in the office at the warehouse, a mattress laid out on the floor with adequate pillows and quilts meant they could sleep there anytime. So they could take their time with their victims and not have to worry about driving around at night in the forest which was potentially very dangerous.

John got up quickly and got dressed, pulling on the jeans, T-shirt and leather trenchcoat he’d worn the previous day he quickly made his way outside the warehouse and looked out at the cliffs. It was a breezy morning and it was going to be a nice, clear day.

John considered what kind of scum they’d torture and kill today, perhaps some paedophiles? There was a priest John knew of who abused choir boys and John had been aching to dispose of him for a while, perhaps today was the day, it was Sunday so the priest would be in the church as usual for morning mass.

John half-smiled. Castration and a little quality time with a vibrator was just what that priest needed. John and Suni had worked together in the warehouse and had made several custom toys which they could use. Including a twelve inch phallus lined with razor-edged spikes all the way up the shaft and a spike on the tip, the base being designed to fit onto the jock strap that often came with strap on dildos. Usually the dildo was removable so the jock strap could be cleaned, making it interchangeable. They’d also come up with dense lead blocks used as weights. Numerous ropes of varying strength and elasticity. As well as modifications to the warehouse itself. Such as the addition of a water main and the removal of the hood of the furnace which had been very useful. In the disposal of ash. Turning carcasses and organs into ash which was then simply thrown from the cliffs into the sea below. And the best part, as usual, was that nobody was any the wiser.

John turned and saw Suni walk out to meet him, she wore a red kimono which she’d bought from a fetish magazine. It was tight, secured by a single white belt around her waist. It acted like a wonder-bra, pushing her bust up and out and only coming up to her thigh, showing off her wonderfully long legs. It came with a pair of red silk gloves which she seldom wore except in particularly intimate scenes between herself and John.
‘Who are we targeting today sensei?’ she asked
‘I want to dispose of a priest, the rest is your choice’
‘There was this one woman I always hated, she is a prostitute, and a good one at that’
‘Great, another pimp to kill before I can get to her’
‘Oh no sensei, she doesn’t have a pimp’ John looked at her
‘No pimp?’
‘No, she is skilled at combat though, you will need a good weapon’
‘I doubt that, but I’ll buy a little something on the way if it makes you feel better’
‘Yes sensei’
‘You stay here and think up of some way to dispose of her’
‘Of course sensei, here is her address’ Suni pulled a piece of scrap paper from her pocket, it looked as if it had been written a long time ago
‘Alright, I’ll be back soon’ John walked out towards his car, made sure he had enough rope and enough in the way of stolen credit cards to pay for anything and everything. He had and so got in his car and began driving.

John pulled up to the apartment block. According to the address on the slip of paper this woman lived in the penthouse at the top. So the entire block probably belonged to her. John had taken precautions before. Suni had told him that she was raised in an Asian neighborhood and so knew mostly Asian women. So he was willing to bet that this woman of his was also Asian. If that was the case then he planned to use a little disguise work, and Suni’s name of course. He didn’t want to take chances with open combat, he didn’t want to kill her yet. He wanted that honor to belong to Suni, and speaking of honor, he supposed he had better get changed into the plate armour.

The armour he’d brought was blood red and came with a katana in a blood red sheath and with an equally red handle. A pair of great golden horns of honor on the helmet and a face mask resembling a face with great fangs protruding out of the open mouth that looked like it was either in a battle cry or some psychotic cry and with nothing more than a pair of holes for the eyes. John checked the sword, it swung loosely on the left side of his waist but was in easy reach. And so walked up to the apartment block and pressed one of the buttons for the myriad of doorbells throughout the apartment block
‘Who is it?’ the voice was female all right, and had an Asian accent. So far so good
‘My name is John, I am here to talk to you’
‘What about?’
‘A girl called Suni’ there was a moment of silence before the click of the door opening broke the silence. John pulled open the door and walked inside. There was a stone set of stairs and an elevator. John decided to take the stairs just for fun.

By the time John got to the top he was out of breath but not broken. He saw a very slender Asian woman standing in front of him in a tight leather catsuit, her bust was easily an F cup but supported well, as if defying gravity. John stared for a moment, he’d always had a thing for Asian women, and for big breasts. This was the perfect combination. The woman’s hair was in a long black ponytail with a sheen to it. Loose but organized.
‘What do you know about Suni?’ the woman asked
‘First, what is your name?’
‘A pleasure Ms Akiba. I am John, I work for Suni’ he bluffed
‘What do you mean "work for" Suni’s just a penny pinching nobody’
‘Not true, her reputation in this area is poor but further into the city she is equally as rich and powerful as you are’
‘You’re her muscle?’
‘Usually yes, but I am not here to harm you. Suni sent me here to escort you to a battleground’
‘A battleground?’
‘Yes, Suni wants complete control of the city, she believes that you are a threat, but does not want you killed in cold blood. As a result she has challenged you to combat one on one. Her versus you’
‘hah! Suni was always much weaker than me’
‘At any rate, she wants to meet you at a warehouse about an hour’s drive from here, do you accept the challenge? If so then please come with me, I will take you to Suni’
‘A warehouse huh? Lots of hidden surprises, I like that, ok, let me grab my sword, I’m assuming that Suni allows weapons’
‘She didn’t specify, but she can use my sword if she is otherwise unarmed’
‘Are you a real samurai?’
‘Why else would I wear this armour and carry a katana instead of a gun?’ John asked, Akiba smiled
‘You’re right, one second’ Akiba went into the penthouse and came out a second later with a set of keys and a katana in a long black wooden sheath, she locked the door and tucked the keys down her top between her large bust. She followed John back down the stairs and into his car, John had to remove the sword from his waist in order to sit down in the car and casually tossed the sword into the backseat. Akiba placed hers on the backseat with a great deal more care. And John began to drive.

The trip was uneventful, and quiet, the way John liked it. Nobody was any the wiser that he’d taken Akiba, nobody really saw them leave, well, nobody that would care anyway.

When they arrived at the warehouse, john got out the car and, still posing as a servant of Suni and anyone equally "powerful" as her, namely Akiba, walked round and opened the door for her. He then retrieved his sword and attached it to his waist on the left side. Akiba retrieved hers and mirrored the action, tying the sheath in place with a black belt
‘Just a second’ she said as John went to proceed to the warehouse, John stopped and looked at her
‘I admire your loyalty to Suni’
‘May I ask why?’
‘Yes, are you aware of the traditional social stature of men in relationship to the social stature of women?’
‘Yes, traditionally men were considered superior because the men fought wars, brought home money to buy food and other such things’
‘You are samurai, so you must have been raised in an Asian community?’
‘Yes’ John lied, he wasn’t a samurai, and he hadn’t been raised in an Asian community, he just watched a lot of samurai movies and did some research
‘Despite the traditional view that men are superior to women, you serve Suni, a woman, and are being untraditionally polite and courteous to me, another woman’
‘Suni pays me, because of her I have a home and enough to buy food. I don’t need anymore reason to recognize her authority, what Suni wants, Suni gets, she’s my sensei and because of that, tradition will take a backseat to the reality of the moment’ John wondered if she’d buy it
‘I see, show me your face’
‘I demand that you show me your face, I want to see the face of the man so loyal to Suni, because after I defeat her today I want to hire you as my bodyguard, but first I want to know what you look like’ John played along, removing the mask and revealing his face
‘Hmm, not bad’ Akiba commented. John caught the movement of her arm just a little too late, too late to react, her first blow struck him in the nose, he became confused as the dull pain came on slowly and blood dripped from his nostrils, suddenly the pressure around his head was gone, she’d removed his samurai helmet, the second blow was on the back of the head. Had he been just a little quicker, he could’ve ducked out of the way or at least attempted to disable her, reached for his sword or at the very least stop her from removing his helmet. But the sudden shock of the blow and the pain that followed, suddenly having no sense of smell as his nostrils filled with blood was more than enough to send him into a state of confusion. The second blow knocked him out cold. Akiba was good, there was no doubting that.

When John awoke, he saw Akiba in front of him, Suni was tied up, she seemed to spend a lot of time tied up, her mouth was gagged and she was still in her red kimono
‘Glad to see you’re awake’ Akiba said. John suddenly came to his senses and realized his surroundings. His hands were bound to a trapeze-like object hanging from the ceiling which could be raised and lowered at will via a series of pulleys. Below him was the grinder, although not spinning its bloodstained teeth sparkled at him, as If to say "you’ve used me, but soon you’ll be mine" he realized that he was naked and his hands were bound to the trapeze in a way that meant that he could grip it even without the rope
‘You seemed suspicious from the start, it was obvious that you were no samurai, the way you treated your sword, just tossing it into the backseat of your car like that. Samurai treat their sword with respect and honor. Its one of several mistakes you made. On top of that Suni has been out to get me for a while, I knew you’d just try to kill me, you’re not a very good liar, my powers of perception identified your motive even before you lied, I knew what you wanted, the way you stared at my tits, the way you hesitated before each lie. I knew it all. You’re an amateur’ john felt a knot in his stomach, for the first time he didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, he realized that the mixed sensations of fear and trepidation must mimic those felt by his victims in their final moments. John smiled inwardly, a fitting end it would seem. It was just his luck that Suni would want a woman with powers of perception like Sherlock Holmes dead. She was getting such an assfucking if he got out of this alive.
‘Your bitch Suni spoke with a bit of a beating. I didn’t even have to use my katana on her, she talked of her own accord and told me everything that the two of you have been up to. And I won’t be on your list of victims’ Akiba suddenly threw a small dagger and the robes around John’s hands and wrists fell away, now it was just his own strength holding him up. Akiba worked the controls on the catwalk which she stood n and John watched as the grinder began to spin and whir.
‘She even told me of how she killed this Jock, by lowering him into the grinder just enough that when he did a chin up he’d be out of its reach, but the moment he got tired and dropped down he was killed’ Another knot formed in John’s stomach and he wondered just how many knots he could get in his stomach before he threw up. Just as John thought she would, Akiba lowered him ever so slowly towards the grinder, john did a single chin up and held it, his feet were just above the grinder’s teeth and he realized that his fate would already be the same. Akiba just laughed
‘Resistance is futile’ she said, the exact same words Suni had said to that dumbass jock. John stopped. dumbass jock. All muscle and no brain. Maybe he could use his mind to escape, not in a psychic sense of course. But unlike the jock he had gotten used to the sight of death and so was able to keep calm. John slowed his breathing. Took deep breaths and tried to ignore the ache rising in his biceps. Ok. He was suspended roughly three inches above a grinder, dropping down more than three inches would mean that he’d have significant trouble walking for the rest of his life. Anymore than that would result in greater injury, and that was in a best case scenario, the one where he didn’t die. Akiba was on a catwalk roughly ten meters from him. He couldn’t reach her in any way, But he could see the rope tied to the rail next to the control panel for the grinder. John followed the rope up, over the pulley hanging from the ceiling, and down towards where his hands gripped the bar in front of his face. Then he stopped, and smiled
‘What are you smiling about?’ Akiba asked
‘This is a trapeze, its meant to hold the weight of humans, right?’
‘yes, but what does that have to do with anything?’
‘Fight or flight’
‘The fight or flight reaction. When faced with imminent death the body produces enough adrenaline to block out pain and exhaustion entirely, should the protaganist choose to fight, it also produces enough energy should the protaganist decide to make a quick getaway. People who play a lot of sports experience adrenaline more regularly and so often the effect Is dulled after a while. However I can’t feel my arms anymore, so I’m going to be fine
‘Regardless of that, after a while you will begin to sweat, sweat will leak from your palms and that will make you slip round the pole’
‘True, but that’s only assuming that I hang here long enough for that to happen’
‘and how do you plan on stopping something like that?’
‘like this’ John took advantage of the numbness in his hands, and let go with one hand, raising his legs, pressing them together so that, if he fell, his testicles would reach the grinder first, he hung there for just a second, looking at Akiba with a wide, slightly cheeky, even a little creepy or psychotic grin on his face, before with a burst of strength, heaving himself up and gripping the rope a few feet up with his spare hand, he then pulled himself up so that he was able to stand on the bar which he had, just a few seconds earlier, been dangling from
‘hah, nice, but you still can’t get away. Its a good thirty foot climb to the ceiling and even then you have nowhere to go, you’re still stuck’
‘You’re quite right, I am, but at least now I’m not on a time limit’
‘hah, you’re going to die you know’ John smiled inwardly again, lets see if her powers of perception were as good as she had bragged
‘You’re right, and considering that this is how I’m going to die, I have one request’
‘I set this trapeze up myself, I risked my life above the grinder to secure the pulley to the ceiling. Just to set it in place. So I want to die with it. In the office theres a bowie knife, I want you to retrieve it, and throw it to me so I can cut the rope’ Akiba smiled and John felt like smiling back, she began walking towards the office and John seized his chance, while she wasn’t looking at him he swung his weight as hard as he could towards the catwalk, it was still slightly above him but that was no hindrance, as he swung back he pushed his weight forward again and with a leap of faith, jumped from the trapeze, his hand clamped around the side of the catwalk and he pulled himself up, breathing a sigh of relief he looked at Suni and pressed one vertical finger against his lips, signaling for her to be quiet, she nodded and looked at the office. John exercised what agility he had, ran towards the office, still naked, hopped up onto the rail next to it and up onto the roof. Quickly, quietly, perfect. He watched as Akiba walked from the office and uttered a sound of confusion. John dropped down behind her, grabbed her long pony tail and swung it around her neck, Akiba dropped the knife and swung her arms back to try and dislodge his grip as her hair tightened around her throat just as John knew she could, with a spare hand he grabbed one hand and tied it in place using Akiba’s hair against her, then took her other waist and repeated the process before clubbing her on the back of the head with his elbow, knocking her out in the same fashion that she had done with him. She collapsed and John smiled down at her.

John waited for Akiba to stir, and awaken before speaking
‘Welcome back’ Akiba looked at him, her hands were bound behind her back, her ankles bound to a leg separator, she was naked and on her back. John pulled a small remote from her pocket, he could see her pussy displayed in front of him clearly and slowly slid the switch up, the tiny vibrator taped to her navel so that it pressed against the top of her slit and her clit, already moist from the light teasing vibrations she’d experienced from it while unconscious. Akiba grunted in pleasure and struggled a little with the ropes around her wrists
‘Don’t bother, those ropes are reinforced with thick duct tape and the muscles you’ll need to use to break them are so rarely used in everyday life that they’re too weak to break the rope, let alone the rope as well as the duct tape’ Akiba stopped and looked at him
‘Suni, will you do the honors?’ John asked, Akiba suddenly noticed Suni behind her, naked, rubbing her pussy. Suni smiled at Akiba before kneeling over her face
‘You’re going to eat me out Akiba’ Suni said, excited that she was now able to play the master
‘Will I fuck, the soonest chance I get I’m going to bite that little slit of yours off and rip your pussy lips apart as much as I can’
‘I don’t think that you will’ Suni said
‘What makes you think that?’
‘This’ Suni held up the long spiked vibrator ‘The spikes and blades on this are sharp enough to cut the soft flesh of your vagina, anus or mouth easily’ Suni smiled as she twirled it in front of Akiba’s face. Akiba was clearly shocked
‘Sensei’ Suni said, handing it to John who crouched in front of Akiba’s vagina, removing the small buzzing vibrator and lightly running the end spike up and down the length of Akiba’s slit, she grunted in pain as the soft flesh was pierced and blood leaked out onto the edge
‘Ow, alright, alright’ Akiba said, Suni smiled as she lowered herself onto Akiba’s lips. Shuddering as her expert tongue probed her cunt, licking around each lip before plunging into its soft folds and Suni responded, a short sharp orgasm rocked Suni’s body and she groaned loudly with pleasure as her juices spurted out into Akiba’s mouth, she spluttered and had no choice but to swallow Suni’s cum. Something which turned both Suni and John on.
‘My turn’ John said, Akiba screamed with protest into Suni’s pussy as John pressed his hard cock into her pussy. Reaching up he fondled Akiba’s wonderfully large tits. A warm sensation overcame him and he felt like he was going to come there and then. But stopped, allowed his rising semen to subside. He was so turned on by raping a busty young Asian while her mouth was raped by his own personal sex slave and lover. John thrusted powerfully and he soon felt his cum rising again, sighing with pleasure as he felt that wonderful moment, right after his seed left his balls but right before it erupted from his head, just as it caressed his cock slowly from the inside, with a final, hard thrust he shot his cum straight into Akiba’s womb and held it there, shooting wad after wad as Akiba continued to eat Suni, who was approaching orgasm again. Suni suddenly threw her hips forward an screamed as her juices squirted out into Akiba’s mouth.
‘Now then Suni, where shall I stick this thing?’ John asked, holding up the spiked dildo. Suni got off of Akiba who breathe deeply, having been deprived of air for as long as Suni’s orgasm had lasted
‘Let me sensei, please?’ John smiled then handed it over to Suni. Suni turned to Akiba before straddling her stomach and playing with her tits a little before pressing the spike on the end of the dildo into Akiba’s lips. Akiba looked at it in front of her face and as Suni flicked a small switch on the underside the entire shaft began to rotate slowly. Akiba breathed deeply as Suni allowed it to, still spinning, travel down her throat, threatening to slit it if she pressed just a little harder, having to stand up as it circled Akiba’s tits, passed between them and down her flat stomach, finally to her pussy. Suni lay down in front of Akiba who struggled
‘No…’ Akiba said. Suni turned off the spin function for just a second but then pressed the head against Akiba’s slit and slid it in slowly, ever so slowly. Akiba screamed out in pain as the spikes cut and tore the flesh in several areas inside her pussy, blood began to drip out and continued to do so as Suni pushed it deeper, right up to the handle. Suni then fingered the switch ever so lightly
‘No…please no’ Akiba said, looking at Suni who simply smiled, then flicked the switch, Akiba screamed louder than before as the turning spikes not cut longer, deeper and harder. Blood now poured from her virtually useless pussy and just to be cruel, Suni whipped it out. Akiba screamed again and sobbed as the pain forced her into tears. Suni looked at her. Her pussy was useless, she’d never fuck a man again with it now, It was ripped and torn from the inside, she could only imagine how deep and now long some of the cuts were and she was certain that the spike on the end would’ve punctured the womb somewhere along the line. Suni pressed the head against Akiba’s asshole this time
‘Oh shi-‘ Akiba never finished her sentence, reversing her previous actions, Suni pressed the vibrator in hard and fast, it tore the flesh of her inner anus s brutally that blood began to drip out even before the head had fully penetrated the anus, the switch hadn’t been turned off so it had spun as it entered, cutting spirals of the flesh of her inner anus. Akiba screamed again and Suni extracted it slowly, agonizingly slowly, allowing it to cut and scrape as much as possible before extracting it. As soon as it was out, Akiba passed out from the pain. She’d never have sex again, so it was time to kill her, all that puzzled John was how.

Suni impressed John again with a deliciously dastardly plan.

Akiba awoke and felt her arms bonded behind her back, not by her hair, by some strong rope
‘Resistance is futile’ she looked over at John who was grinning, he was now wearing a T-shirt, jeans and a leather trenchcoat and she gritted her teeth at him. She surveyed her surroundings. She was sitting, naked, on four thick planks of wood, about as wide as railway sleepers and a few inches thick each, held in place by a single thick rope which ran through a hole cut in the middle of the two center planks. They were tied together with more thick rope so tightly that the knot underneath them supported them all quite easily. She was almost up to the ceiling, the pulley was directly above her, and her hair was tied to a metal bar above her, not so much that it was tight or painful, there was enough slack to allow her to walk to the edge of any plank she chose. She knew that this was supposed to kill her in some way but she couldn’t get figure out how. She looked up and realized that the rope, as it went through the pullet and diagonally down towards the catwalk where a now clothed John and Suni stood toughether. The rope stretched across her hair for the entire width of her ponytail. As she went to stand she realized that her ankles were also bound together.
‘What are you going to do? I can’t fall off, I don’t have to rely on balance or anything, so how are you going to kill me?’ Akiba asked
‘Are you sure you want to know?’ John asked. Akiba suddenly wondered if she did. She watched as John held up a mirror and angled it so she could see just above the grinder which was a good thirty or so feet below her. The rope extended down past the knot, she saw. And suddenly her eyes widened as she noticed that the end of the rope was on fire. The flames slowly growing and creeping up towards the wood. She leaned over the edge and saw the fire for herself and she suddenly heard John laugh
‘Suni’ he said ‘start the grinder’ Akiba screamed in protest, tears dripped from her eyes and splattered onto her large breasts as the spinning teeth of the grinder fanned the flames which began to rise ever faster. Suni wriggled over towards the center of the four planks and huddled up, there had to be a way out, there had to be a flaw somewhere. Then she realized, she looked up to see her hair bound to the metal pole next to the pulley and laughed She wouldn’t die, her hair was so strong and so plentiful that it’d hold her weight easily, she guessed that John knew this too, this wasn’t a deathtrap, it came dangerously close but it wasn’t quite going to kill her. She breathed a sigh of relief and wasn’t worried as she felt the heat of the flames right below the planks of wood below her. They could only inflict so much pain in her position. They could only hang her by her hair. She always knew that he’d hold her weight. She’d be fine, but she was confused as to why John had bothered to tie her wrists and ankles together, its not like she’d cling to the rope, she wouldn’t need to.

It came as quite a shock as the wooden planks suddenly fell from beneath her into the grinder, sending shards of wood everywhere, Akiba cried out in pain as the sudden drop forced her hair to become her only lifeline. Pain ricocheted through her scalp and skull but she forced herself to take deep breaths and stay calm
‘Hah! Your plan has failed John, I won’t die!’ she called
‘Oh no?’ John asked, Akiba could just about see him smiling and pointing at something. She lowered her eyes and screamed again. The flames began to flicker past her face, the realization suddenly set in as she followed the rope up, across the pulley, right next to hair
‘Oh god no!’ she called out, she tried to blow the flame out but that only made it burn away faster and soon she couldn’t see the fire anymore. She could just see a mirror she hadn’t noticed before, placed above the office, directly opposite her, she could see the flame crawling up towards the pulley, once it reached the pulley her hair would be within reach. Akiba screamed and kicked and struggled, bringing about new waves of pain as she realized that she was still 135lb of human being plus however many pounds her breasts weighed hanging from her hair. She guessed that she weighed roughly 150lb in total so that was like pulling all of her hair with a force equal to 150lb. Even her breasts were against her, she seemed heavier, her back began to ache as they swayed freely.

Akiba suddenly felt herself drop a little, some of her long hair had caught light and the strands had snapped, just as they were supposed to, the fire now burned away at the hair around the pole, burning it all at once
‘Please god let me live, please!’ she begged
‘Your god won’t save you, only I can, and right now I’m enjoying the show’ john called to her, making Akiba erupt in a new fit of panic and tears. She’d drop a little, then a little more as her hair burned away slowly, decreasing the surface area which her pain was spread across, ands thus redoubling the pain each time, she screamed in agony as the fire burnt away her hair chunk by chunk.. Eventually screaming as the last of her hair around the pole was burnt through and she plummeted towards the grinder,. She was in luck, she took advantage of her situation and swung her arms down, and round under her feet. Clamping her hands to the side of the grinder, the fingertips of her left hand only just gripped the edge as she felt the breeze from the teeth wafting at the bare soles of her feet. Her hair was burned and ragged. Her breasts now sagged a little under their own weight and her head was throbbing under having to support her whole weight. She watched as John looked at her, only just being able to hold on, reaffirming he grip on the smooth, diagonal edges of the grinder’s tray. She wasn’t holding on up to the knuckles. She was holding on by the joint in front of them.
‘Please let me live, I give good head, I’ll do anything, but for the love of god just please let me live’ she begged
‘Let me think about that one’ John said ‘aaah…no!’ John pressed a button and the walls of the grinder began to rise, John had discovered this little trick by accident, to cut wood that had gotten stuck on the sides, it was possible to make the walls completely vertical. Akiba screamed as she kicked out and a stray tooth hacked at the rope just enough for it to fall away from her ankles, she kicked and screamed as the walls became vertical and she hung on for dear life
‘Oh god no!"’ she called out again as she saw her fingertips began to slide, oh so slowly, round the curved metal edge of the grinder tray. The sweat from her hands from nervousness lubricated her fingertips and she screamed and kicked. Her breasts seemed ever heavier and only further hindered her, tears streamed from her eyes as she slowly slid down, soon finding herself, literally, hanging by her fingertips
‘Please’ she begged ‘please save me’ one of her hands slipped away and she cried out in terror, looking up at her one spare hand
‘see you in hell’ John remarked, Akiba let out one last ear shattering scream as her fingertips slid round the side of the grinder tray and she fell into its cruel jaws. Another victim, another whore gone. Suni watched intently this time, unable to take her eyes off the entire incident. She’d long wanted Akiba to die and now it had finally happened. And she was relieved
‘Dammit’ John said, he saw that the sun was setting outside, all the planning, all the time spend unconscious, everything had made the hours go by so quickly, it was now the end of the day
‘What is it sensei?’ Suni asked
‘I never got to fry that priest’ he said before cursing. Suni just stretched her arms around him
‘There’s always tomorrow, you nearly died today, I was so worried sensei’
‘forget it, I’m alive and I want that priest dead, but the next time I go to pick up one of your friends I’m taking a tranquilizer gun. Hell it’ll make things a lot easier and a lot quicker’
John suddenly felt the cramping pain in his biceps from where he was hung over the grinder and promised himself he'd never do that again. Masturbation was going to be hard for a while if his biceps kept hurting, then again, he still had Suni for that purpose.

And suddenly, he wondered whether or not he'd eventually meet a victim who was able to kill him, rather than the other way around.

Only time would tell.

The end

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