Hi I’m a Twenty four year old airline pilot. It was a Thursday night and I was away in some small city. I had nothing to do til my Flight the next afternoon. I decided that instead of staying in my hotel and jacking off to pay for view porn I would go to town. After spending a few hours trying to pick up the young hot chicks that were there I was starting to think I wouldn’t score.

I brought a drink and went and sat at a couch in one of the corners about 5 minutes later this women who I had noticed earlier and not because she was hot but actually the opposite she was a large women about 35 years old, but was wearing a semi-tight black dress and looked kind of sexy for her size.

She asked if she could join me on the couch I noticed a few spare ones but could do with the company, sure as I moved to the side a little. She introduced herself as Mary. She asked what I did and I explained that I was a Pilot and that I had to wait for my flight and hotel rooms are lonely. She laughed and explained that she broken up with her ex a few months earlier and finally her friends had convinced her to go out but that they had bailed on her early and she was still keen to stay out. She slides over slightly as she asked how old I was as I looked young for a pilot. I said I was 24. Oh that’s a bit younger than I thought you were she replied and said that she was 33. We talked a bit more when she asked if I was single. Sure is Mary. A little while later I decided if I could get some. Would you like a dance I asked. Sure. We had a little dance we started exploring each others bodies. As the bar closes I ask if she wants to come back to my Hotel. Sure as long as it’s and one nighter and your open minded. I was surprised by her responds and pleased.

As we entered the lift to my room she started to kiss me as she slide my hand up her dress feeling her fat thighs. The doors open and we walk to my room as we enter she removes her top as I unlock the door. As we enter she ask me if there’s a sauna here I answer yes lets go as she drops her dress to the floor showing me her rolls of fat but her keenness was cancelling out her fat and making me hard. She removes my top as she enters my bathroom and returns with two towels she removes her bra and her big boobs sag greatly as she removes her damp panties showing me them. I look down but her slit is obscured by her fat. She wraps her towel round as I strip and wrap the towel round. As she enters the Sauna she removes the towel and sits I do the same feeling a bit self concise. As I watch her begin I start to feel turn on for some reason. She asks me if I have every, been with a large women. I explain that I hadn’t been. She then lifted her breast and kissed her nipple as I moved over to her and kissed her. I started to play with her breasts and fat rolls she lifts her belly as I ran my hand down and felt her damp thighs as I find her wet slit.

I begin to finger her as she starts to rub my shaft as I harden. Then Mary quickly turns round and bends over the seat fuck my cunt hard she yells. Semi-shocked I walk behind her and place my shaft and her slit I grab her fat ass and slide in to her tight pussy. She begins to moan as I pump away I feel her rubbing her clit as we fuck I lean back a little and slip my finger into her very tight ass. Oooo that’s wonderful you’re the first every to enter my ass and im loving it as she begins to climb to her climax I pump away hard she cums hard as I feel her squirt I pull my soaked cock out of your push and ease it into her tight ass. Ooo yeah that’s awesome fuck my ass hard. I pump away harder as she pushes back into my thrusts as she moans away. I run my hand through her sweat soaked folds as I thrust deep into her ass and cum. She moans as I fill her tight fat ass with my sperm. I pull out and she turns round and sits as she pants and tries to recover her breath. She lowers her head to my shaft and licks my cock clean.

She then stands up and tells me to follow her. I follow her to a shower she enters and tells me to watch. She enters and spreads her legs as she holds her fat pussy lips apart she begins to pee I watch firstly think how grosses then as I try to turn away I feel compelled to watch more then I feel turn on she asks if I want to watch from closer. Sure as I reposition myself to see her golden pee flow from her tight pussy as my cum drips from her ass. As she finishes she ask me to pee for her. I stand up and begin to pee as she moves herself into the stream and rubs it over her fat body and then begins to drink it as I stop she leans forward and sucks the last of my pee from my shaft. We get up and head back to the room, I wear my towel she walks naked with her cum sliding down her fat thighs and her breasts and belly glisten in piss. She then begins to tell me that when she was going out with her ex she didn’t get any sex and turn to chat rooms where she learnt about peeing fetishes. As we returned to my room she lay down on the bed spreading her legs.

I climb between her huge thighs and begin to lick her wet slit tasting her piss and juice mix as finger her cum filled as. She lifts her fat roll and asks me to lick in the bottom of the roll. I licked the sweaty roll as she moans tasting her salty sweaty. Mary then tells me to straddle her face. She begins to suck my shaft as I push it further in making her deep throat me. She begins to gag I pull out a bit but she grabs my ass and pulls my cock back into her mouth. Guessing she loved it I push my cock fully in her mouth as she gags again I then cum causing her to vomit, I pull out and watch her as she vomits on to her huge breast then begins rubbing her breast moving the vomit round as she tells me to fuck her ass again I push my cock into her ass and begin to pound her breast as I watch her play with her vomit. She thanks me for make her vomit as she begins to moan. I begin to finger her pussy as she climaxes crushing my fingers as she asks for me to fist her tight slit. I slip the third and fourth fingers in and slide them in and out slowly stretching her cunt as I slowly pump her tight ass. She moans away so I squeeze my thumb into her pussy as I close my fist she begins to scream but encourages me to carry on. I push in letting the lips close round my wrist before pumping slowly away as she begins to pant and wheeze. I lick her sweat from under her fat tits and spit it in to her face. She moans loudly as she cums almost crushing my fist I pull out and come on her face as she lies there she ask me if I have a camera. Sure as I pull a digital one out of my bag she begs me to photograph her fat sweaty piss, vomit and cum covered body. I get the camera and begin taking pics as she lies on the bed and then she started to poses showing me her cum filled ass and pussy then she got me to photograph her as she takes a shit then as I photograph her rubbing it over her breast and belly and through her hair.

She then gets dressed still covered in all the shit, vomit, and piss and cum. She tells me thanks for the awesome night and that she had wanted to try all the stuff since being introduced to it from the chat rooms. She gives me her email and asks me to send her the pictures and if imp ever back to give her a message for a good time.

She leaves as I get ready to sleep all I can smell is a mix of vomit shit and piss and sex but I am happy as I drift of to a very good sleep.

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