Submissive Training

Submissive Training

Traffic being what it was it is a miracle I even made it to this restaurant. I am sure he is going to be mad about my late arrival. I called and told him there was a wreck or something and he should know that I-10 is a nightmare to travel. Is that him waiting out side the door?

“Hi, are you Robert? I am Kay and sorry about being late but the traffic was horrible getting here.”

“Let’s go in and get the table and we can talk about your tardiness there.”

Does this guy already have an attitude about me? He did not even smile when he greeted me.

“I will order for you if that is acceptable.”


“We will begin with salads with the house dressing, then we both will have the prime-rib cooked medium with the potatoes. Please bring us both tea with the meal and a glass of wine now. The house merlot will be fine,” dismissing the waiter.

“Does that all suit you?”

“I just don’t always drink so the wine might have been over the edge but the rest sounds great.”

“Now, lets address your being late tonight.”

“I told you…”

Hand up to stop me from talking…”I know what you have told me but you could have left earlier to make it here on time or even early. You know how bad the traffic is out your direction. I think you should be punished for this first infraction.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good when we leave here I will administer the punishment. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

Reaching under the table he runs his hand up my skirt and checks to see I am pantiless. “I see you do obey on some areas.”

The salads and wine arrive and we fall into small talk about work, family and activities we enjoy. As the main course arrives we are talking like we have known each other for years rather than this being the first meeting.
Dinner ends and the check is paid while I visit the lady’s room.

When I come out you are waiting for me and guide me outside. You lead me to your car and tell me we will leave mine there and get it later. I agree though I do ask where we will be going.

“Do not ask me where we are going. You are to obey from this point on and not question me. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir,” I say sheepishly.

I am seated in his car and I buckle the seat belt as we head out. We stop at one of those adult theaters and I am getting nervous because I have never been to such a sleazy place before.

He comes around and opens my door and I know not to speak. We go in and you seem to know exactly where to go. We go to the back which is set up like a theater of sorts. Some sex movie is playing when we enter.

You lead me to a chair and have me sit in it and then you walk over to some guys and tell them something. Suddenly they are approaching me. Their cocks are out and I am afraid I am going to have to do something for them. They reach down and rub my pussy and the other is rubbing on my tits. I am looking at you as all of the handling is going on. You tell me to move to the back and bend over the chair. I do so and you tell me I can be treated like a common slut or a lady it is up to me.

“Lady,” I say.

“You acted like you were a slut showing up late and keeping me waiting. For that you were manhandled by these men to make a point. Don’t keep me waiting or you will be treated as nothing more than a slut. Now raise your skirt and bare your ass for me.” I do as I am told. I feel the sting of his belt on my ass. I receive several hard whacks.

“Pull you skirt down and lets go.” He is practically dragging me as he leads me out of this place.

He opens the car door for me. We begin traveling. I don’t say a word.

We finally pull into a drive way and enter into his front door. He ask if I would like a drink and I ask for water.

He comes back and I am still standing where he left me. He smiles as he hands me the water.

He moves to the couch and tells me I may take my place at his feet. I do so as he throws a pillow down on the floor to cushion my knees. I am on my knees facing him, eyes cast down.

“Take me out and play with me as I watch the news.” I obey and unbutton and then unzip his pants. I carefully take out his limp cock. I fondle it and rub on his balls as he comes to life.

“You may taste me, now.”

I begin to lick and suck his cock as it grows hard and firm in my hands and mouth. He grabs my hair and pulls me back and forth as though he is fucking my mouth. I take as much as he can give me. I taste the pre-cum and want to savor the flavor. I soon taste his cum as he lets go in my mouth. I eat it all down hungrily.

“Lay over the coffee table putting your pillow under you. I want to see what you have to offer to me.”

I do as I am told. Spreading my legs though I was not told to do so I know he will want to examine me.

He slaps my ass and then runs his hand down it and touches my clit. He spreads my cheeks as if splitting me. “I want to fuck that ass to make it mine.”

I don’t answer just continue to lay there. “Answer me or we go back to that place and they will take care of your needs instead of me and I will watch and get as much pleasure.”

“Yes sir, fuck my ass if it pleases you.”

“I think you need some more discipline to keep you in the right frame of submission. What do you think?”

“Yes sir, please discipline me.”

I hear that belt coming off his pants again. I feel the sting as he hits me hard with the leather of the belt. I feel it hitting between my legs as well as on my ass. I whimper a bit but take all he dishes out to me.

“I seem to get turned on a bit from punishing you so it will happen often if you are mine.”

“Yes sir I deserve to be punished often for your pleasure.”

“I want you to lubricate me good for your ass.”

I raise my head enough to take his cock into my mouth as he slides it in and lubricates it good. Then he moves behind me and spreads my cheeks and I try to relax and push into it. He slips into my ass and the pain sends a thrill up me. I like to be ass fucked and he can tell.

He pumps me hard and long and I want to cum but hold back. Suddenly without warning I feel his hands squeezing my tits and my hands move to my clit and stimulate myself. I want to cum bad and suddenly I let go. He is not through with his ride but can feel my orgasm. He finishes letting his load go deep inside me.

I lay there quivering. He pulls out and suddenly I feel the sting of the belt again on my already red ass. It hurts.

“Did I tell you to pleasure yourself?”

“No sir.”

“Then why did you do so?”

“I am sorry sir.”

“Yes, you will be sorry when tomorrow you try to sit on this sore ass.” He continues till I think it must be bleeding.

“Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up”

I slowly walk to the bathroom feeling the pain something fierce. As I look in the mirror I can see the red whelps that have formed. I take a cook cloth and clean my ass of his cum then put the cool rag on my burning ass.

I finally walk back in and he is dressed again. “Dress, please.”

I dress in silence with a thousand thoughts running through my mind.

“I have decided you just need a lot of training and we can work on that but you do have potential. Was I unfair when giving you punishment?”

“No sir I deserved it.”

“Do you understand why you must be punished?”

“Yes sir to make me a better submissive I must be disciplined.”

“Do you want to be a good and obedient submissive for me.”

“Yes sir.”

“Will you do as told and take what I have to offer you in the way of training without any questions being ask?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then we will begin your training and if you please me we will continue till you are a sub worthy of my time and energy.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“You are welcome and you will enjoy the training as well as the punishment and use that will go with making you the best.”

“I look forward to your firm hand and guidance.”

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