Summer Fun : Chapter Two

Summer Fun : Chapter Two

I sat back in the lawn chair, soaking in the sun. Another lazy summer day. I was home alone, as usual, and it was noon, nearing the hottest part of the day. I relaxed and let the sun sink in. All the work was done. House was clean, lawn mowd, and I'd finally gotten my junker to roar to life. I nicknamed it the Phantom. Cause sometimes it was alive, and other times it was dead.

It had been a week since May had surprised me with a quick garage-fuck, and I still hadn't stopped thinking about it.

As it turns out, May was moving into a nearby house about ten miles away. She'd given me her name and a promise to come and visit me soon. Thank God I was the only one home. That reminded me, my cousin was coming to visit that week. My annoying, short, nosy cousin who never left me alone. She was a pain, which was probably why her parents were unloading her for two weeks. How would I survive?

I quickly switched my thoughts back to May. She was out of this world for sure, but what did she want with me? I was tan, thin, and had a handsome face. My hair was a curly brown/blonde, and I grew unruly sideburns that my mother complained about constantly. I laughed to myself,

"It's because of the horsecock."

July 12.
Three Days Later

I watched through the window as my dad pulled up in front of the house in his pickup. He stopped, and my cousin got out. As she got closer, my mouth went dry. She was nearly as tall as I, even though she was fifteen. Her hair was long and wavy, a mix of blonde and brown like my own, and fell to her waste. She was thin and curvy, puberty taking hold in a big way. Her breasts were easliy B-cup, and on their way to C. Her face was full of laughter, the picture of vibrant beauty. She was wearing a tight tank top and painted-on lowrider jeans. She was hott, no way around it.

I snapped out of it and chided myself. That's sick, get a grip. I couldn't believe I was checking my cousin out! Suddenly I had an image of me at a chalkboard, writing.

"I will not see my cousin in a lewd manner,
I will not see my cousin in a lewd manner,
I will not see my cousin in a lewd manner. . . . . . " A thousand times.

My first hint of arousal gone as I laughed at the metal picture, I gave her a hug, greeted her warmly, and left, shouting to my dad about going out w/ my friends. The afternoon sun was still hot, and I was glad I'd chosen the wife beater. My "Phantom" choked into life, and I sped off down the gravel road.

It was now night time, and May was with me, walking through the woods. It was easy to get her to come out, and with the bright moon and my knowledge of the land all around, we were having a good time, talking quietly.

"So, what did you think when I jumped you?" She asked, her light country accent audible. I laughed.

"I felt like the luckiest guy in the world." I slipped my hand in hers.

She squeezed my hand and asked, "Wanna get lucky again?"

Before I even had time to answer, she sat on the wet grass below us and pulled me down with her. Here it was dark and I could barely see her. She pulled me down on top of her so I was laying between her open thighs. We began to kiss and I immediately got hard, poking through my shorts and against her crotch. She broke off the kiss and I assumed she was looking into my eyes,

"Wanna taste?" She asked in a sultry voice. I could barely wait. I slid down her body, nuzzling her breasts through her halter-top and eventually squirming my down to her thin white skirt. I hiked it up over her hips and smelled the sharp tangy scent of her crotch, wet with desire. I began to lick her through her soaked panties and she started to moan. She loved making noise, that much I knew. I pressed my tongue harder against her until her hips began to buck. I pulled her panties to the side and immediately buried two fingers inside her wet quim. I pumped them in and out as she squirmed and I took her clit into my mouth, sucking lightly and flicking it with my tongue.

"Oh, oh, God! Fuck me honey. . . . . . .uhhhhh!!" She screamed inside her throat, gasping for breath. As she recovered from her short orgasm, I fumbled with my pants to get them open, rolling off of her. She did something I couldn't be sure of untill I looked closely. She was bent over on her hands and knees. And from the moaning she was emitting, she was rubbing her cunt. I positioned myself at her pink opening and felt the heat and wetness beckon me to come inside. I hesitated.

"Now, Seth. Do me. . . . . . . .oh!! Yes!!" I thrust all of my thick dick inside her, clutching her her hips hard. The moonlight sprinkled through the trees and played shadows on her bare ass. She was coming in a matter of second, arching her back and screwing her cunt up against me. I continued to fuck her in a steady rhythm when she reached behind her ass and grabbed my dick, pulling it out. I almost died.

She turned her head to look at me and said quietly, "Do you want to try something new?" Her breath was ragged and her body was burning up. Sweat slicked her thighs and ass. What wouldn't I try with her?

"Yeah." I answered. She moved my slick hard dick up till it rested against her tight asshole.

"I love it there." She whispered. I closed my eyes, said my thankyou's to God and flexed my hips forward, peircing her deliciously tight ass with my hard tool. It was so tight, I knew she had to be in pain, but she began to groan like it was the most pleasurable thing ever done to her. I pushed my entire length inside her butt and pulled out just as slowly, spit a big glob of spit onto my hand. I lubed up my shaft and stuck it back inside her, recieving another moan for my efforts. Now i reached around her quivering thigh and slipped my wet fingers down over her clit. She cried out in ecstasy as I rubbed it hard, now letting all my strength loose, pounding her ass like a piledriver. She came just before I did, screaming loudly,

"Oh My God I'm CUUUUUMMMMINNNNGGG!!! OH. . . .OH. . . . OH. . . .uhhhhh!!" she shrieked, moaning as fast as she could suck in breath. I let out a guttural groan as I began to shoot my cum inside her sweet ass, filling her up with the slick white sperm.

We walked back to her house on shaky legs. We kissed passionately goodbye and she sneaked up the back steps of her home. I looked after her retreating figure with confusion. Did I feel something else amidst the burning embers of lust? Somthing that was a little more special? Who knew? And I was beat. I went home.

I awoke with the sun in my eyes, shining through my smudged bedroom window. It was nine. My parents were long gone to work. I smiled and remembered the night before, wishing May was there to wake me up properly. As I envisioned what took place the night before, my dick began to rise. I threw off my blanket and pulled my boxers down, letting my hard dick spring free. Not wasting anytime, I spit in my hand, got it slick, and began to jack off, imagining that it was May's hand, not my own. I put my left arm behind my head and shut my eyes, remembering her sweet-tasting pussy and tight asshole. I became more excited as my rhythm grew quicker, bringing me closer to orgasm with every stroke. I was almost there when I heard a noise. It sounded like someone clearing their throat!

My eyes snapped open and I suddenly remembered my cousin, now staying with us. She stood there in the doorway, midriff shirt and silky pajamas clinging to her curvy body. She was watching my cock with an odd look on her face. She moved her eyes to me and ignored my outraged expression, asking,

"Need some help?"

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