Sunshine And Moonlight

Sunshine And Moonlight

“I'm not sure that you're going to have time to get dry before we get to the service station.”

"Yea and as soon as I get out of the car I will be wet again anyway, and not in a good way." The young woman pulled her shirt up over her head and wrung it out the window, laid it over the dash, then wriggled out of her jeans. "You know, I think this is a torrential downpour."

"I think you just may be right. It might not be safe to keep driving in this rain. I live just a few miles away. We could go there and wait the storm out." Gabriel couldn’t help glancing at her from the corner of his eye. She was very attractive. He was glad that he had stopped to pick her up, especially since it seemed that he was the only other car on the highway. Besides, she could have ended up with some pervert that would take advantage of her and… He suddenly jerked the wheel hard to the right. "Sorry about that,” he stammered. “I don't usually drift like that."

She laughed. "No problem. It happens to me a lot when I am not paying attention.” She smirked, keeping her eyes forward, staring out the front windshield. “You know, I could just make a call from your place and get a tow truck." Gabriel nodded, noticing she was sitting in nothing but a black bra and panties with thigh highs and a dog collar. He realized he was staring again and turned back to the road in front of him, the tips of his ears turning pink. There was something about this girl that he just couldn’t put his finger on and it wasn’t that she was pretty. He startled, realizing he had left a long pause in their conversation.

"It’s the damndest thing.” He thought quickly of some reason to keep her with him. “My phone went out for some reason today. That's why I was heading to town in the first place. You could probably use my neighbor's phone.” He paused again, knowing full well what his next action would be. He feigned shock. “No, wait, he's gone on vacation. Looks like you're going to have to wait it out at my place." He took this opportunity to get a good look at the girl sitting beside him. His eyes lingered from her dark hair to a thin black collar around her neck. "If you don't mind my asking, why are you wearing a dog collar?"

"It’s just a collar. I like the way they look." She laughed softly. "Like the black clothes and lipstick wasn't enough?" She turned her attention out the window and watched the rain pelt against the window, commenting offhandedly. "I love the rain, especially when it’s a warm rain."

"Me too. I love to go out and play in it, like a little kid." Gabriel shyly glanced over at her. "I know this place. No one ever goes there except for me. It's perfect if you just want to go and play in the rain.” He had never had a chance like this before in his life. She was beautiful and Gabriel had a fetish for Goth girls. Granted he was just some guy in a car that she had never even met before. She could be thinking that he was some kind of predator. He choked down indecision and the lump in his throat, forcing the next word. “Interested?"

She flashed a big grin, turning toward him. "Yea! Let's go!"

"I though you'd say that." He hadn’t been sure at all, but he was all too glad she had agreed. He had no idea who this girl was and yet he didn’t want to be free from her. It was as if she needed him somehow. He took a left turn down an old country road. "It's not far. We'll be there soon.” His voice sounded too casual. Hopefully his nerves didn’t betray him. He sought something to say to her to bring the conversation back up and his thoughts to something more platonic. “If you don't mind my asking, where were you going when your car broke down?"

“This is kind of ironic, but, actually, for a drive in the rain. To get away. To think…." She looked forlornly out the window again, the bright smile gone from her face. Gabriel’s heart gave a lurch. She seemed so sad. Gabriel turned right down a service road.

"I do that too sometimes. It’s probably not the best way to spend my money. Gas is really expensive." He slowed his car to a stop just off of the service road and parked close enough to the trees that his car wouldn’t easily be spotted by any passers by. Gabriel stepped out of the car and opened her door. She smiled up at him as he offered her his hand and stood in her lack of clothing. Their eyes made contact for just a few moments, but it was all that was needed. Gabriel dropped his eyes quickly, hoping she hadn’t seen the faint stain of pink across his cheeks. He watched her without watching as she turned her face to the sky and began spinning in circles until she fell down. Gabriel ran over to her laughing. "Are you okay?" He offered her his hand. She smiled up at him.

"Yea, just fine." She took his hand and stood, letting the rain wash the dirt and grass from her body. "You know, you would be a little better off without those clothes." She yanked at his shirt and actually succeeding in getting it off of him, then ran full tilt across the field. Gabriel gave in and chased after her.

"Hey, come back with my shirt! It's my favorite!" He easily caught her and they both fell on ground, the girl pinned under him. He looked down at her. "Look at what you've done. You've gotten my favorite shirt dirty. What am I to do with you?" His voice was soft and warm. He kissed her gently. She looked shocked for a moment. Gabriel paused, afraid he had read her wrong. He thought she was playing.

"Hopefully nothing too terrible, you know? I have to be somewhere tomorrow." She ran her fingers through Gabriel’s wet hair and tentatively kissed him back. He returned her soft kiss and relaxed. She at least wasn’t going to call rape.

"I'm sure we can come up with something suitable. And I promise that you'll get wherever you need to go tomorrow just as soon as we eat breakfast." He rolled into grass beside her. "I wonder what I did to be lucky enough to meet you?" He asked, pushing a stray strand of wet hair from her face. She rolled over to face him.

"Was it luck or a curse?" Her hair hung in wet little strands and dripped from the rain falling over them. He leaned in to kiss her again, pulling her against him possessively. He could tell she was smiling even as he kissed her. As they released the kiss, she climbed onto his lap and straddled him.

"I'd say I'm lucky. Or about to be." He tentatively reached for her bra clasp. She leaned closer and threw her hair over her shoulders, pressing kisses along the side of his neck and down his collarbone. He nibbled on her ear as he struggled with the bra clasp. "Damn it." Why exactly were these stupid clasps so damned difficult to unhook? He tore the bra strap in frustration.

"That was my favorite bra." She pouted as she shrugged it off. The pout was both cute and dangerously dark at the same time. He had been hard from the time she took his hand to step out of the car, but that look was like a drug. His erection pressed against his jeans. She wrapped her arms around Gabriel, pressing her breasts against his rain soaked chest.

“Sorry about the bra.” He murmured, kissing his way down her neck. His thick lips felt warm against her chilled flesh.

"It was too small anyway." She leaned her head back and ran her hands across his wet flesh. He kissed to the valley between her breasts.

"It seems a shame to hide such treasures away." He traced a circle around her breast to her nipple and began suckling gently. She moaned softly, digging her nails into the flesh of his shoulders where her hands rested.

"Mmmm… I don't even know your name." She pulled his head closer, running the fingers of one hand through his hair, the other still clutching his flesh.

"Maybe it's best that way." He traded his attention to her other breast and slowly worked his hands up her legs. He rolled her gently onto her back in the grass, looking over her adoring for a moment before covering her with his body. She shifted under him a little, whispering something unintelligible under her breath.

"Hmm…what was that?" He slid one hand between her legs and began rubbing her through the fabric of her panties.

"Hmm? Oh, nothing." She tried to sound offhanded, but her voice betrayed her. She lifted her hips and bit her lower lip.

"If you say so." This wasn’t the time to press the issue. He kissed his way lower down her belly, making sure to press a kiss directly on her belly button, licking it very gently with the tip of his tongue, and then trailed to where her panties met her belly. She moaned again and arched her back. Gabriel ran two fingers under the waistband, and then slid her panties down her legs slowly. His fingers brushed gently against her skin. She made a small noise that made Gabriel smile. He pulled her panties off and dropped them off to the side. "I'm glad you like this."

He kissed her pouty outer lips and slowly ran his tongue up and down her soft folds. She cringed out of pleasure and whimpered. The rain was still pouring and the ground was soft under Gabriel’s knees. He rose and gathered her into his arms. "Maybe we should go elsewhere to finish?" No words passed her lips. She slipped out of his arms, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. She looked up at him like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She touched the button of his jeans, running her finger around the gold lettering before she unbuttoned them. Her gaze focused on his pants as she unzipped them and slid her hand inside to fondle him gently.

He moaned softly, his voice deep with desire. "I thought that the mud might bother you, guess I was wrong." He pulled her closer and kissed her. She deepened the kiss and as it broke, she slid her tongue across his lip, sucking his full lower one into her mouth. She suckled it gently, looking up into his eyes with the same deceptive innocent look, then let it slide slowly from her mouth as she dropped to her knees before him. She tugged on the wet fabric, loosening it from his skin. She slipped his cock from his pants and took him into her mouth. He moaned deep in his throat and plunged his hands into her hair. "Praise the gods that brought you to me." He moaned again, more guttural than before. She looked up at him with a soft and sly smile, his cock still in her mouth, still keeping a slow slide in and out of her mouth. She slid her hand up to rub the little spot right behind his balls.

"Not too much of that. I don't want to finish like that." He dropped to his knees in front of her, pressing gently on her shoulders until she was sitting just in front of his erection. She smiled and leaned up to kiss him. "You're so beautiful." He admired her rain wet flesh and placed his hands on the back of her head to pull her toward him, beginning a passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. Gabriel felt a subtle shift deep inside, as if the last piece of a puzzle had slid into place. He broke the kiss suddenly. "You are my moon goddess." His voice was deep, profound and full of an unadulterated worship. He gently kissed her again, slowly deepening to something more primal than before.

She muttered against his lips. "Goddess?" Her voice was hoarse as she returned to the kiss, pulling Gabriel closer, rubbing her breasts against his chest. Her hand slipped between them and she rubbed her clit with her middle finger. Her hand brushed against his cock with each circle she made on her clit. He leaned against her, pressing her onto her back, his hard cock pressing against her hand where she still rubbed her clit.

"Yes, my goddess. And I have come to worship." Gabriel wasted no time. He wanted to feel how hot and wet she was. He wanted to probed between her inner lips with his tongue. "Bountiful is the goddess indeed. I hope that she will accept such offerings as I can give." His tongue was warm against the slick, rain wet flesh of her pussy. He loved her taste and her smell as it mixed with the rain and the smell of the earth. She was perfection. He wanted her so badly, but he didn’t just want to fuck her. He wanted to love her, to feel every part of her warm wet pussy as his cock slid in and out. He wanted to feel the tight constriction of her orgasm. He wanted each stroke to last and he was enjoying his self inflicted torture as he used his tongue as he wanted to use his dick. He pushed his tongue as deep inside of her as he could, swirling it, licking her depths with a hunger that grew inside of him. The desire gnawed in his belly, twisting, making him harder than he had ever been. He pulled back and looked down on her, the rain finally beginning to slow. The clouds broke, letting just enough light from the full moon through, causing the rain on her flesh to glisten and make her appear truly otherworldly.

"Never have I seen such beauty, even the moon in her infinite glory pales by comparison." He kissed her tenderly.

“That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." Her voice was soft and loving. She pressed kisses on his eyes, forehead, the tip of his nose, and then his lips.

"That my paltry words should be the sweetest to fall upon thine ears is a sign that all men are blind fools. For those with eyes to see your beauty shall follow you until the ends of their days singing your praises to the heavens." He nuzzled her neck and gently probed her soft folds with his hardness. She slid against him, pressing against him, welcoming him inside. He slowly slid inside, enjoying the feel of her silken softness. He murmured into her neck.

"My beloved." As badly as he wanted her he kept his movements slow, soft, and deep. He wanted to make love to her for as long as he could, enjoying her pussy, the wetness of her flesh, and the press of her breasts against his chest and he slid in and out. Each movement fanned the fire of want in his belly and he loved every minute, denying himself orgasm so he could experience her. She whimpered softly against him, nuzzling his neck softly, wrapping her arms and legs around him, pulling her wet, tangled hair from her face. He looked deep into her eyes and felt the surge beginning deep inside. She inhaled sharply and rocked against him, thrusting her hips upward and buried her head against his chest. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock. She was close. So close. He loved the way she dug her nails into his shoulders, the way she moved against him, the way she closed her eyes and turned her face to the sky. He thrust more urgently into her, the surge becoming more intense. He wouldn’t cum before she did. She whimpered and moaned, digging her nails into his back. He arched back and thrust powerfully into her, the surge nearly peaking. She bit her lip to keep from crying out, whimpering, softly urging him on. He slowed, gauging her readiness.

"Damn it, don't stop…." she whispered against his neck, sliding against him, rocking with his motion.

"I never plan on stopping." He began again, feeling the surge cresting more slowly this time. She pulled her hips closer to his body, feeling her own orgasm coming now. She wrapped her legs tightly against him and used the leverage to press her pussy tight against him, taking his entire length as deep as he could go. She whimpered, "Just don't stop."

Gabriel said nothing in reply only thrust more insistently. The clouds were gone leaving only the moon and the rising sun as witness. Her body tensed as she started to orgasm. She dug her nails into his back, clutching him close to her, shivering, breathing heavily, whimpering, moaning. He could feel the clutch and release of her pussy as she came, and he bit hard into his lip. He wanted her to finish before he came. She shivered against him, making quiet noises, completely lost in the electricity as she came. He thrust into her, keeping a steady pace and loving the feel of her. He moaned deeply, spurting his seed as his own orgasm overcame him.

She shuddered and panted, gripping his shoulders, loosening her death-grip on him, relaxing slowly and nuzzling against him again. He melted into her and took her into his arms. He kissed her and pulled back to gaze into her eyes, looking down at her, looking as though he was about to speak but said nothing. She blinked slowly and pulled him close to her, pressing soft kisses across all of his body she could reach and gave a contented sigh.


"I don't even know your name. And I just met you tonight, but…."

"I want to know what name you want to know."

"Um, maybe we should get dressed before some farmer comes along and sees us."

"Well, mine are in the car." She smiled a sheepish grin. "So, um, what about that breakfast you promised me?"

He stood and helped her to her feet. "Let's get dressed first. Then maybe we should go clean up at my place before breakfast. And I'll even give you a choice. We can go out or I can cook for you."

"I love home made breakfasts." She blushed bright pink from head to foot.

"Maybe we should eat first then shower."

"Yea. I'd like that."

He took her hand into his and walked back to the car. "Me too. But what about your appointment? You said you had to be somewhere today?"

"Oh, yea.” Her expression was vacant for a moment. “You know, for some reason it isn't important anymore." She grinned as she leaped into his arms. He caught her effortlessly and brought her close to kiss her. She relaxed into his arms as he carried her to the car, opened the door and placed her on the seat. Before closing the door, she dazzled him with a passionate kiss. She pulled on her shirt as he walked around to the driver’s side. As soon as he was in the car, she jumped on him to tickle him.

"Ambush!" He tickled her back. She giggled and squirmed trying to avoid his tickles as she fought to get into her wet clothes. Gabriel tried to fumble keys out of his pants pocket while fending off her kisses. She giggled, fondling him as unobtrusively as possible.

“You like it and you know it.”

“So what if I do?”

“You’ll get more of the same.”

"I'm counting on it. Otherwise I just might be tempted to drop you off back at your car." He finally retrieved his keys and started the car. Her face fell. She was suddenly serious.

“Why would you say that?”

Gabriel turned and looked into her eyes. "Forget your past.” He kissed her until the sad smile was replaced. “The future is ours, and we'll make it bright enough to light up all the shadows that follow behind and try to drag us to ruin."

He put the car into gear and headed back toward the highway.


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