Taking It

Taking It

I met Jade when I started working as a bar tender at Venue 2. Just like any restaurant, rumors go around and gossip spreads like wildfire and the Venue is a small establishment. It has a slow lunch business, but we have live music almost every night and that’s when the crowd pours in. Our uniforms are made to be suggestive and quaint all at once. Management prefers miniskirts and we girls are given spaghetti strap tank tops in shades of pink or solid black. I think Jade stood out because she always preferred the black shirts. Sometimes she’d even defy management and wear a simple black wife-beater tank top and jeans. She always looked great. Her short black hair was gelled sleekly away from her face and fluffed a little in the back and quite stylish without being fussy. She was a fan of large silver hoop earrings and a deep red lipstick. Her skin was naturally dark and she was tall. At first I thought it strange that I was always seeking her out in the crowd, always wanting to see what she was wearing, if she was smiling. Then I learned I was not the only one compelled to look at her.

From the bits and pieces that came to me I learned that she was gay and that over half the girls who worked there had made out with her at one time or another. Some had gone a little further. By all accounts, Jade didn’t mind being the first “girl kiss” for whoever was interested. Men at the bar hit on her as well. Apparently men see a challenge in gay women and they mistakenly think that they have what it takes to set her straight, no pun intended.

The bar stays open pretty late and depending on the music and mood of the crowd, things can get a little wild. Sometimes some of the girls would jump up on the bar and dance. They have a unique way of putting ass to crotch and moving as one even if two or three or even four of them are in a line together. Once I saw Jade pour a bit of grenadine down the exposed part of another girl’s chest and lick it off. I felt a tightening sensation between my legs when I saw that, but nothing got to me half so bad as when I saw her kiss someone out on the floor. She was behind the bar one minute and the next she was in front of a well shaped brunette, holding her face and kissing her in the most extraordinary way. My God, I remember thinking. It was intense just to watch, I could not imagine being the recipient of such attention.

I was confused by my curiosity. I’ve never been attracted to girls and I’ve been married for eleven years. She is nine years younger than me. I’m used to men trying to pick me up when I wait on them or work behind the bar, but I was unsure of myself when it came to Jade. Was she really smiling at me a little more than usual? Were her eyes lingering on mine? Was she looking at my legs? I began to wonder and doubt. Soon I was thinking of her as I got dressed to go to work. Would this shade of lipstick get her attention or that one? Would she notice these earrings or those?

It went on like this for some time. I was too shy to do anything outright about my girl crush, but I wanted her. I knew it. Then everything seemed to crash in on me one day and I got more than I bargained for.

Jade was always fun and ready with a joke, but she was very quiet about life outside of work. One Tuesday I had to go in and cover for a server who was ill. It was very slow and Jade was working a double that day. Her black tank top was tight on her chest and curved in alluringly at her waist. We were the only employees working the front of the house and one manager was on duty, a long time friend of Jade’s, Terri. I was at the bar picking up two Miller Lights when I heard Terri ask when Jade was leaving for Guatemala. My head turned immediately. What?! I openly stared at them, the beer and my customers forgotten. “In three days,” Jade replied.
While openly listening I learned that Jade was doing a six-week cross culture service project with the local university. She was fluent in Spanish and she was an integral part of the 12-person team that was heading there to help build an orphanage. That was great. I was not surprised that she was that kind of person: helpful, knowledgeable, and adventurous. However, all I could think about was my loss. What was I going to do without her? I loved coming to work to see her! I liked to inhale her perfume! I was lost, standing there, dumbstruck with this news. She saw me and apparently took it all in and realized what had happened to me. She grabbed the beer from my hands and took them to my table.
I thought I was going to cry. I felt ridiculous. I was thirty years old for Pete’s sake! Married! I walked to the back of the restaurant, back to the dry storage room. I had to pull it together! Emotions that I shouldn’t be having were coursing through me in waves.
I got to the room and shut the door behind me. Breathe in, breathe out. I was overwhelmed with a sense of loss and feeling stupid to boot! I had no claim on this girl–this girl–I reminded myself. I was married, had never cheated on my husband, had never had an inclination to be with a woman even for curiosities sake, but right now my heart was thudding in my chest and no rational thoughts could overcome that. I sat on a box of paper towels and put my head in my hands. Breathe, just breathe.
Within minutes I heard the door gently open. I knew who it was, I could feel her heat. It was a small area and her energy encircled me quickly. I could smell her perfume. I knew that if I looked at her, I was done in.
“Maria?” She called my name. Had there ever been such a sound in the world? I looked at her and my breath caught. She was standing with her back to the door and she had a look of ultimate concern on her face. Something else was there, but I could not name it.
I stood up and started apologizing for being so silly. I made my way to the door, to where she was standing. I was at least going to attempt to do the right thing, to get around her, to get back to work. She reached out as soon as I was near enough and she cupped my face in her hand. The touch was about enough to knock the wind out of me.
“You’re shaking,” she observed. She was so calm. I actually raised my hand to brace myself against the door and in an instant she had me turned around. My back was against the door, thankfully, and my head was spinning. She stood back a moment and looked at me.
Her eyes seemed to question me, but I had no answer. I shrugged my shoulders and tears fell down my cheeks. What a hopeless, ridiculous mess. I looked at her and watched her entire face change. Her eyes locked on mine and she had a slow smile on her lips. She moved to me as slowly as if she were under water. The closer she got, the harder my breath came, the worse I ached between my legs, the more I wanted her to touch me, the lighter my body felt.
The smile never leaving her face, she placed a hand on the door above my shoulder. With the other hand, she cupped my chin with her thumb and forefinger and she brought my face up to angle where she could tilt her head down and kiss me. I still marvel at the wonder of it all. Her mouth was the softest thing I had ever felt. My breath came in jagged, sharp starts and stops. Her tongue entered my mouth just enough to make me respond, seeking like for like. Our tongues touched and moved around. I felt her tongue ring on my own tongue and I thought my legs would buckle.
She sensed this, I suppose, because she pushed her body up against mine. One hand still trapping me with her arm against the door and the other hand holding my face, touching my hair. She moved her mouth to my ear and as she pulled my hair back, tilting my head even more and causing lightening to shoot down through my cunt, I heard her say, “I won’t let you fall.”
She kissed my ear and my neck and she sucked at my skin and where she seemed calm and deliberate, like predator to prey, I know that I seemed frenzied and caught, but I responded like I would never have thought possible.
She took her hand away from my face and brought it to my thigh. I gasped in her mouth even as she was kissing me. She pulled her head back slightly and looked at me through dark, lidded eyes. The smile was bigger now, burning with surety. I went to kiss her and she moved her head back just enough to be out of range. Her smile grew. She was taunting me and rubbing her hand up my inner thigh. It was cool on my flesh, and my flesh seemed to burn anyway. A predator indeed, she was teasing me before going for the kill.
When her mouth came back to mine, it was harder and almost furious. Her kisses were relentless and I sagged against her ample chest as she found my sodden panties. They were a small little number with string around the hips and up the crack of my ass. She felt them out with her fingers and pressed me harder against the wall as she tore them off my body.
I yelped, but her mouth covered mine and I wished to feel that tongue ring again. My upper thighs were wet with my own juices and I could feel my heart pounding and pulsing in my pussy. God help me if she didn’t bring me relief soon.
Her mouth went to my ear again, “Spread your legs.” I did so. She was even taller than me now, but my legs were open and waiting for her. My whole body was yearning for her next move. Suddenly two fingers slid into me as if they were made to be there. “Damn.” She said. “You are dripping.”
I nodded.
“Dripping for me?” She asked, her voice all husky with her own desire. Her perfume simply intoxicating. My hips rocked against the door and her hand.
“Say it. Say that your are dripping for me.” Her voice was calm, but her command sent shock waves through my body. Her hand above my shoulder came down to my hair and she entangled her fingers in my locks and pulled, harder this time than before. “Say it or I’m through.”
That pushed the words right out of me. “I’m dripping for you, Jade. I’m wet all for you.”
“That’s right baby girl.” She said, giving me a smile. She was pleased and she shoved her fingers deeper to let me know this. I could feel my juice flowing out of my pussy and on to her hand. “I know what you need.”
I believed her. If anyone knew, it was Jade. I knew this more than anything else.
Slowly she dragged the weight of her body down the length of mine until she was on her knees before me, her beautiful face in front of my hot and throbbing crotch.
I was just trying to breathe and remain standing.
“Hold onto the shelf,” she said. So I did, gathering only a little equilibrium. She took my right leg and propped it over her left shoulder. This open my gash to her, exposed me for the wet, lustful, nearly crazed woman I had become. I thought I would die if she didn’t do something and do it fast.
She kissed my clit and circled it with her tongue. It was unlike any kiss I had ever had there. Her tongue traveled down my nether lips, first one side, then the other. Exposing me and tasting me. And while she was doing this gentle exploration, she slid three fingers deep inside me. It was no problem at all because I was so damn wet. I was gasping for breath. I had one hand on the shelf and one hand on her gorgeous hair. She pumped the hand in and out of me while I squirmed like a virgin, and in essence perhaps I was.
“Have you had enough?” Came her voice from below.
“No. “ I said. It was all I could get out.
As soon as I uttered the one syllable, I felt four fingers and her thumb press up and into me, gliding in gracefully. Stretching me so that I wanted to yell out in pleasure. “Oh my God!” I said. “Oh my God!”
“You can pray,” Jade teased, “but it won’t do you any good now.” And with that she clamped her mouth over my clit and worked it round and round and side to side, all the while she kept pumping her hand into me. Her knuckles were hitting bone and I felt that I would be deliciously, satisfyingly bruised later because if she stopped now, I would surely go out of my mind. She slowed the rhythm of her pumping after a few minutes and simple pressed harder against my stretched opening. I was so wet I couldn’t believe it. I looked down and the room swirled with the headiness of what my whole body was experiencing, but I saw that the back of her hand was positively gleaming with my juice.
I pressed down on her hand and she moved her mouth and sucked lips, legs, and hip bone. It didn’t matter, wherever her kisses landed, her tongue left a trail of heat. She twisted her hand a little this way and then that and when I pressed down again–hard–I felt the sting of my pussy as it opened for her and I breathed in in shock. She pushed up and without anything more her whole fist was buried in my body. God it was tight. I wanted to faint and scream and cry and fuck her hand all at once.
I tightened my grip on the shelf and she used her other hand to pull my body towards her, towards her mouth, towards her fist that was now moving gently from side to side.
My breath quickened. I knew I was about to cum explosively, but so did she. She stopped everything and looked up with her dark eyes and that teasing smile. “Do not cum yet.”
How could she do this to me? I didn’t want her to stop so I tried to reign back on the tidal wave that was about crash into her. It was hard. Too hard.
“Please.” I said, my voice plaintive and weak. I couldn’t believe I was so entranced by this girl.
She ignored me as she lapped up the juice that flowed like a free pour all down my legs and her hand.
“Please, Jade.” I said again.
Her mouth worked my clit and I felt that there would be no stopping the next wave when it came.
“Please what?” she asked me.
“Please, Jade. Let me come.” I was tearful, frightened, in need. I needed her to pull this cum right out of me. I needed this like nothing else I could remember. Her whole hand was in my body! She was an exquisite fuck!
“Pull my hair when you cum, Marie. Just pull my hair.”
I was more than happy to oblige. This time when her tongue worked me over and her fist moved in tiny circles inside my body, I I could feel that sliver tongue ring on my flesh. I felt her push deeper into me and her sucking increased three fold. I came like I have never done before in my whole life. I pulled her hair and pulled her face right into my cunt. Pressure was everywhere and I fucking exploded all over her hand and face. My pussy gripped her with an almighty spasm and I heard her moan as she lapped me up.
When I was done, I virtually slumped against the door and she eased her hand out of my body. She stood the same way she went down, she rubbed my body with hers the whole way up and put that hand against the door again. When she was at her full height, she brought her sopping wet hand to my mouth and like a greedy little bitch, I sucked them all, tasting myself all over her.
When I was done she looked down at me with that knowing smile and she said the most beautiful thing. She said, “We’ll do this again before I leave, and when I get back I’ll make up for lost time.”

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