Teacher's Pet_(3)

Teacher's Pet_(3)

“It was Nicholas Copernicus who first proposed, in 1543, that the earth moved around the sun. His book, De Revolutionibus Orbium Caelestium or in English, On the Revolution of the Celestial Orbs, created a revolution in science that brought scientists such as Galileo into conflict with the Catholic Church. Even Kepler believed the heavens a mystical realm that obeyed a mathematical order unlike anything on earth. His three laws of planetary motion were based on the synthesis of a huge amount of observational data, compiled over many centuries. However, although fundamentally correct, Kepler's Laws were purely empirical; they facilitated prediction of planetary motion but did not explain why the planets should move in the way they did.
“It was Sir Isaac Newton who not only provided this explanation in his famous inverse square law of gravitation, but managed to "synthesize" the explanation of motion on earth and motion in the heavens. This had profound philosophical and scientific consequences. The unification into what became the laws of gravitation became a symbol of the predictive and quantitative power of science. The fact that a single law could explain the motion of a cannonball and the motion of Mars revolutionized our understanding of our place in the universe.”
“In the centuries after Newton, scientists and mathematicians created powerful techniques and concepts for understanding complex phenomena such as tides and perturbations. In 1915 Albert Einstein published a new theory of gravitation, The General Theory of Relativity, that conceived of gravitational effects as caused by curvature in a four-dimensional space-time surface. Although Einstein's theory explains some observations that Newton's cannot, the inverse square law has remained an important tool in modern astrophysics and cosmology. Moreover, Newton's and Kepler's laws of gravitation can explain almost all the phenomena of orbits and terrestrial motion with which we will be concerned here.”

Mr. Holdman dragged on and on with his monotone lecture while Sandy found it unbearable to stay awake. Britt, just as bored, would poke Sandy from behind whenever her head would drop. She knew that Sandy had no more warnings reserved. They both wanted to get out of school as soon as possible on a Friday.They had a double date with a couple of guys of a neighboring school tonight.
“As we shall see, because potential energy is a scalar and not a vector, it can greatly simplify the calculation of the potential inherent in a large number of… is there a problem ladies?” Mr. Holdman looked down at Britt and Sandy in irritation. Britt poked Sandy too hard in her side and she jumped up. together they started giggling which interrupted their physics teacher.
“No, no problem at all, Sir.” She was still laughing. Mr. Holdman looked down at Britt through his glasses. His arms were folded over his chest, he sloushed and hunched over a bit. Mr. Holdman was a young teacher which made him the most attractive at St. Guenivere School, not to say he wasn't attractive otherwise. He was a new teacher and so that made him a nervous teacher. A consensus among the girls in the class decided he would be more comfortable if he wasn't so boring.
“And you, Sandy?” Mr. Holdman stood over her. Wow, the front row sucked. From where she was sitting he looked like a giant.
“I’m find, Mr. H. You can go back to enlightening me with…aww, what where we learning?” Sandy looked up with begging eyes.
“Well, I’m sure if you’ve missed what I am teaching, you could stay after today, and I can explain it all again.”
“I could…” Sandy started to chat with her teacher, but he interrupted right away.
“I’m sorry, I didn't mean to make it seem like you had a choice.” He looked over Sandy’s head to Britt. “You too, Ms. O’Neal.”
Mr. Holdman walked back to the podium by the chalkboard to find where he was in his notes after a pause of standing over the girls. There was no time to start where he left off because the dismissal bell rang. All girls gathered their things and rushed out of the class as a heard, all the girls except for Sandy and Britt.
Mr. Holdman sat at his desk organizing his notes and grades. After about fifteen minutes he excused Britt without even looking up. By now he had moved on to grading pop quizzes. After Britt pack the homework she was working on, she left. “Call me, Hun,” she whispered to her friend as she past.
Sandy was quick to inquire after Britt left, “Can I go now, Danny?” He ignored her. “Dan-NY!!”
“StOP.” He emphasized his word. He still never looked up.
In her most innocent school girl voice she spoke. “May I please be excused, Mr. Hold-on, Sir?”

“Are you trying to mock me.”
“No, I would never do that, Mr. Hold-on.” She was still speaking in an over innocent tone. Sandy batted her eye lashes right when her teacher looked up.
“I wanted to talk to you, have a serious conversation. I’ll give you a ride then.” He was now back to his grading, rushing though the papers.
“RIDE…? Your going to give me a ride? Anytime, Danny.” Sandy mocked in a western accent.
“I cant believe you…And don't call me Danny.” He was trying not to be amused even though he was.
“You’d just be taking advantage of me, you know.”
“Excuse me? I think you have things wrong. Lets have that talk now. This is exactly what I wanted to talk about.” Danny crossed the room and sat on the desk next to Sandy with his arms crossed again.
“About what? Your advantage taking?” Sandy was now packed, and moving about with an apathetic attitude.
“St-OP! You don't Listen to me like you should… And you know why you should?”
“…Because if we were to ‘rasle, yo’d win I’d reckon.” Sandy was back to her accent. Sandy was now across the room sitting at the teacher’s desk. She found his stash of candy.
“You fell asleep again,” he changed the subject. “I warned you what would happen. Didn't I.”
“Yeah, but I think you were really boring on purpose today. I think you just want to see me naked. You said it yourself, you were gonna ride me today. Can I eat this?” Sandy also wanted to change the subject. She was holding up a candy bar. Danny nodded and stood up to approach Sandy.When he got to behind the desk he motioned her off the chair. Picking up a ruler from the desk he rolled the chair to a more open area in front of the room. Danny took a seat and made himself comfortable. Finally he cleared his throat. Sandy just watched in amazement. After a second she started to laugh out loud.
“Danny! You cant possible be serious!”
He cleared his throat again and patted his lap. Danny did nothing more than try to be confident, or at least, look it. They only thought between how funny he looked sitting there expecting her and the endless feeling in her stomach when she realizes that he is not going to back down, is how cute he looked.
“Put the candy down now, and you can have it later.” Mesmerized, Sandy walked towards her teacher but stood at least an arm’s length away. “Come her, sweetness. I’m not going to hurt you.” He was trying to be sympathetic.
“Then what's the ruler for?” Sandy was always on top of things, trying not to seem scared. Her sarcasm shown through to protect her from outside things. With no reply, Danny just took her by the wrist and led her over his lap. Sandy just followed. A part of her existed that wanted to be close to him. She loved affection, but this wasn't what she had in mind.
When Danny had Sandy over his lap, he felt sick from his nerve. It took only a moment for him to pull up the black regulation school uniform skirt. to his surprise, Sandy was wearing a pink thong. She had no protection from his hand or ruler. He now thought to maybe take it a little easier than he was already planing to do. Danny secured the hem of Sandy’s skirt in its waste band. He lightly ran his hand over the length of her backside and cautiously raised his right hand. It came down with a hard force. Sandy's cheeks danced with his hand for a minute or so. Her ass displayed a light pink color. There wasn't any red yet. Sandy wasn't crying, but she was flailing about.
After another pause, Sandy tried to stand up. She thought she was done and wanted to leave. Danny just kept her down with his left arm and weight. The sting surprised her. It was rhythmatic and everlasting. The ruler started right under the small of her back and slowly declined down to Sandy’s thighs. The system then started over. After four cycles of this, Danny ceased. Sandy was crying and kicking. It was a struggle to keep her on his lap.
After a short while Danny let her go and she jumped up and around rubbing herself. Danny affected his eyes, and kicked him self off from the floor so him and the chair glided back to the desk. Grabbing his bag and her candy bar, Danny stood up and headed for the door, and out. He seemed to be in a hurry. He poked his head back in. “You comin’, Dy?”

****Teachers Lecture is almost directly copy/paste from sparknotes.com***

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